It is understandable that you would want to purchase a plasma lighter, as they are known to be high-quality and can be charged via USB. However, it is common to be disappointed with the purchase, as many users have had similar experiences.

We have listened to and experienced everything with plasma burners, from those that are too cheap to be discharged excessively fast and take hours to reload, to others that are complicated to use and you almost need three hands to light a cigarette. Oh and not to mention those who sell you as if they were windproof and turn off with the slightest breeze.

Attending to the requests of many users, we decided to look for the most economical and good quality models of the market, without inadequate arches and with durable materials.

What is the best plasma lighter?

In case you are still not very aware of how they work or what are their advantages, we tell you that they are excellent for the environment because they work without gas and do not use any type of flammable liquid. That’s why you do not have to change them as soon as they’re over, so they’re also cheaper. Besides, they are perfect for lighting cigars, candles, gas stoves and more.

Apart from that, they can come in models of a single arch or double arch. If you want to light large cigars or candles, the most recommended is to choose one of two arches located at the top and thin design. That way they are much easier to use.

It is worth noting that the rechargeable battery will last longer in single-arc models. Anyway, in our comparative list you will find variety and the best models, and even lighters classified as wind resistant.

1. AngLink Electric Arc Lighter

The AngLink electric lighter is perfect for lighting cigarettes, burners, barbecues and grills, whatever you want and within reach of its double electric arc.

The coolest thing about this USB lighter is the shape of the electric arc, instead of being two electrodes on each side that generate the arc, it is generated by four electrodes placed as a square on the piece, this generates an electric arc that sticks up.

It is a great advantage since instead of having to go through the object you want to light inside the lateral arc, with the AngLink you only have to approach it from above and voila, instant fire.

The design is not something outstanding; it is a square-shaped lighter, quite light and with avery minimalist design in metallic black. It is a very discreet option to look good on any occasion.

With the purchase, the manufacturer includes the MicroUSB cable and a small box with decoration, which makes it perfect to offer a nice and elegant gift.

2. VVAY Electronic Double Arc Lighter

This electric lighter with two arches at the top is windproof and emits little noise. It is used by pressing the button on the right side, which causes the lid to open and the arches to light. It is loaded with USB 2.0.

3. VVAY Electric Arc Plasma Lighter

This lighter of the brand VVAY is available in bronze or rainbow. Double bow at the top, windproof and is rechargeable. A full charge can last approximately 80+ uses and serves to light candles, cigarettes, paper and more.

4. Arcland Double Arc Electronic Lighter

It is the turn of a lighter with a sliding mechanism so discreet that it fits inside the cigarette box and can light 3 to 5 boxes with a single full charge. It is light, of quality and comes in gold, black or multicolour.

5. Electric Candle Lighter Long Reach

Being so elongated, it is ideal for any type of use, from lighting candles and small papers to turning on gas stoves without burning. A full load gives for 100 uses, comes equipped with safety switch, is a windproof and double arc.

6. Tesla Coil Lighter

This is another model of two arches, without gas or flame and with wind resistance that is perfect to take care of the environment. It is of the Tesla brand and is available only in black. It is charged via USB and the battery lasts several days.

7. Cigarette Electric Lighter Dual Arc USB Rechargeable

The last lighter on our list follows the phrase “the best for last” very well; the Yangerslighter is the most psychedelic of all. Its design has pronounced shapes offering a very cool and innovative style.

You can find it in its classic fantasy purple colour, but it also comes in electric blue-black or metallic black. It is made of high-quality metal and a tactile switch.

The most outstanding feature of this lighter is its intelligent ignition. Once you open the lid after 3 seconds adouble electric arc that protrudes upwards automatically ignites, perfect for lighting cigarettes, candles, stoves and everything you can think of, you just have to put it close enough and go.

Advantages of Plasma Lighter

A plasma lighter is an item that is very often used to light cigarettes, these modern lighters have an activation technology, which consists of an electric arc, also known as plasma.

What makes plasma lighters so special?

  • Thanks to the casing made of zinc alloy, which provides a soft grip on the body, it prevents it from rusting over time.
  • It has a polymer battery that provides protection by preventing leaks.
  • The performance of the battery is optimal, it is only necessary to charge it 2 hours by USB. Its charging capacity allows you to light cigarettes approximately 200 times.
  • If there is any doubt, the plasma arc lighter is ideal for men who like innovation or for personal use.
  • To give you more confidence with us, we provide you with a 1-year warranty and we deliver it with a gift box.

How does a plasma lighter work?

The plasma lighters are electronic devices that generate an electrical arc strong enough to burn anything it touches, including your skin, so you should be very careful and keep it away from children.

The lighters plasmausing the principle of Teslato operate, they use a battery art that is rechargeable, and two or four electrodes that are located at a safe distance, with pressing the power button the released electric battery and this is conducted by the electrodes, thus showing the small luminous electric arc that replaces the fire.

  • Depending on the number of electrodes, the number of arcs can be shown, since the electrical charge is connected from one electrode to another if there are two electrodes you can only have one electrical arc, if there are four electrodes you will get two electrical arcs and so on. Currently, only four-electrode double arc electric igniters are used.