Not always a missed pill is a serious problem. However, if you have a chronic illness for which you need to take different pills, or if you take care of someone who needs several doses of different medications a day, you know that this can be more than a drawback. At a minimum, this error implies not administering a treatment effectively. In the worst case, forgetting or administering a medicine incorrectly can have serious health consequences or even fatal effects. A weekly pill box can be your answer to keep track of what medications you have taken and at what time of day. Thus, you will avoid taking the same pill twice or knowing if you have forgotten your medicine.

What is the best pill box?

Yes, they give you many benefits such as greater comfort, order and protection for your medications. But it is also true that the market is full of options in a variety of brands and models.

So, when buying, it is important to take a look at some features that should be indicated for you. For example, will you need to store pills for a week or for a monthly treatment? Then, you will have to see the storage capacity that the organizer has that you are about to choose. Take into account that weekly tend to have less volume.

There we go into portability and, if it is a model that you want to take with you, it is important that it has a convenient size and that it is lightweight. There are also others that go unnoticed with similar designs wallets or with little studs.

And, come on, that, if you’re forgetful, it’s best to go for the digital with those that have integrated alarm.

1. Weekly Pill Organiser – MEDca

It includes 21 large compartments that allow you to store many medications to plan the intake of medications for 21 or 7 days. It is multicoloured, light and small to travel!

2. PuTwo digital pill box

It is an electronic pillbox that will allow you to organize your weekly treatment, it has a sound alarm that will serve as a functional reminder of medication. It’s transparent.

3. Wallet Pill Organiser M15617 from NRS Healthcare

Very discreet thanks to its portable design with a carpet effect case that covers the transparent medicine box with compartments for day-to-day pills.

4. PuTwo Pill Box 7 Days – Pill Wallet

This dispenser is convenient to strictly follow a medication regimen because it is an easy and safe way to store your pills per day and time.

5. DDPP Weekly pillbox tower

It has great durability. Its tower design facilitates daily use by the simple removal of the modules. Its rounded and compact shape makes it portable.

6. Weekly pillbox organiser – DOSIFARMA

Its loose boxes of three colours have the right space for the pills of the day.

7. PuTwo PillBOX 7-Day Pillbox

If you want a pillbox for daily use, this is ideal. Its removable compartments allow you to take only the days you will need in case of travel.

8. Anabox MOB0077 Weekly Organiser

To facilitate its use, they have included the use of sliding covers. It is recommended for people with weekly medication. Its dispensers are removable, replaceable and coloured.

9. Acu-Life – Pill Organiser

Its large capacity compartments allow you to carry more than 30 small pills, plus you can include medication information inside the planner. Safe for children

10. Balvi Weekly Pill Box

Each day of the week has a compartment that is divided into 4 parts; morning, noon, afternoon and night. It is very practical and easy to clean.

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Different types of pill boxes

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Daily pill organiser

The main function of a daily pill box is to help you take your medication better on a daily basis without forgetting and without risk of overdose. For the elderly, the intake of a dietary supplement such as vitamins is sometimes essential for the body. In addition, they must respect the doses of medication prescribed by the doctor to treat an infectious condition.

Compliance with the dosage is then compulsory, but this is not always the case. People of advanced age tend to forget their medication or to forget if they took it at the indicated time or not. The daily pill box is subdivided into four compartments which correspond to the usual medication intake: morning, noon, evening and night.

The daily dosage will then be filled with the help of the pharmacist or doctor and the patient will only have to respect the intakes without making a mistake. As the catches during the day, a box will be empty and he will easily know the number of catches remaining.

7 day pill box

The weekly pill organizers work on the same principle as the daily pill dispensers except that here it is a question of following his treatment on a weekly basis. The weekly pill boxes are recommended when following a home treatment. The pill organizers are classified according to the days of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Each day itself subdivided into four boxes, which makes a total of 28 boxes for 7 days of treatment.

There are several models on the market but prefer those with easy access to easily insert your medications. With this type of pill box, you have good visibility of the dosage to be adhered to during the week.

For seniors, this sequenced taking of medication makes it possible to be independent without the need for the presence of a loved one. It is a guarantee of safety for the elderly who will no longer have to read the instructions for use of the drugs to remember the dosage.

Different materials

Metal pill box

The metal pill box is very nostalgic. Looks like you were saved from grandma’s age. But the outward appearance is misleading.

The metal pill boxes may seem old-fashioned, but they are quite modern. The metal is painted or galvanized, then coated with a powder coating. In both versions, the boxes resist rust for many years, even in humid environments such as bathrooms.

Aluminium pill box

Aluminium pill boxes offer a much more modern look. These compact medical boxes are also used by healthcare professionals. Due to the use of aluminium for the case, these medical boxes are relatively light and transportable. Almost all models are equipped with a handle and a shoulder strap. To prevent unauthorized access to the contents of the box, these pill boxes can be locked.

Plastic pill box

It is not necessarily necessary to purchase a metal medicine box to store the medicine in your own home in an orderly fashion. Modern plastic medicine boxes are generally better suited for this task. The plastic case makes these medical boxes lighter and more robust than metal boxes. Most plastic boxes are also equipped with a better interior partition and are sold under metal and aluminium boxes.

best pill organiser

How to use pill box?

To avoid the risks of contamination, it is necessary to know how to use the different pill organisers. Also, every time you fill a pill box, cleaning it is of crucial importance. If you opt for the home delivery services of your pill organizer, you don’t have to worry since they are renewed every week. Another precaution to take is to fall back on electronic pill boxes equipped with alert systems capable of alerting you when your patient is not taking his medication. So you can watch it even for miles. These pill organizers are available and you can connect them to your devices, wherever you are.

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How to choose pill box?

As with any purchase, there are certain factors that, from my point of view, must be considered before purchasing a weekly pillbox.

Therefore, here I tell you all the aspects that you should take into account before buying a weekly pillbox:

  • Take daily: it is the first thing you should consider and it is what determines the type of pillbox that is needed because depending on the number of pills that the grandfather must take, there will be a model that fits his needs; You will find pill boxes that allow you to supply from 1 to 4 doses daily, and some with a large capacity for those who must take several pills in each dose.
  • Size: depending on the number of pills you must take in each dose, the size of each box may vary, so it is important that you make sure that the dimensions of the compartments are sufficient to protect all the pills that correspond to each of the shots that the grandfather must take.
  • Simple or electronic: this is a question you should ask yourself and the answer will depend on how rigorous the ingestion of the treatment must be. In general, electronic pill boxes are recommended for people receiving delicate medications, who cannot exceed the prescribed dose under any circumstances.
  • Closing the lids: it is very important, especially for those who often leave the house or travel frequently, that the pillbox has a hermetic closure of its lids, to prevent a capsule from falling out of the box.
  • Identification: Most weekly pill boxes come with engraved labels or letters that allow the corresponding shot to be identified at each hour of the day. These can be in the form of icons or letters, and they come in different languages, so you should be careful that your grandfather can understand it and will not cause confusion.
  • Transfer: many times there are those who leave the house daily and would not want to have to take the entire weekly pillbox to each place they go, for which there are models – the vast majority, in fact – that allow each daily compartment to be removed so that so the grandfather can carry only the necessary treatment with him.
  • Alarm: some electronic pillboxes have an alarm system so that grandparents take their medicine daily and at the exact time, in this way, there is a guarantee that they will comply with the treatment fully, of course, this considerably increases the price of the pillbox, but boy can it be useful.
  • With cutter: some pill boxes incorporate a pill cutter, which allows you to cut it in half or the size necessary to consume the dose indicated by the doctor, they are not usually the most used, but they exist and this aspect may be useful to you.
  • Colours: among all the variety of pillbox models there are different colours, some more serious and others more striking and colourful; At this point, the important thing is to buy the one that Grandpa likes, so that taking the pills can even be something entertaining.
  • On the go or at home: There are larger, roomier pill organizer models that are probably not useful for getting from one place to another; while there are also compact ones, with removable compartments and hermetic lids to prevent spills. That is why you must define what type you are looking for and thus ensure that the purchase is successful.
  • Budget: weekly pill boxes are usually not very expensive, except that you opt for an electronic one that can cost a little more, that is why you must define your budget from the beginning so that you know in advance which one you may have for yourself.

Considering all these aspects before getting the pillbox you are looking for, you will surely have in your hands the ideal purchase to cover the needs of the person who requires the pillbox, guaranteeing the autonomy and independence necessary for them to comply with their treatment and giving you the peace of mind that it does well.