By using a pilates ring, you can strengthen all of your muscles, refine your body, but also learn to relax and better control your body as well as your mind.

One of the best pilates ring advantages is that you can build up your body, gradually and harmoniously. Whatever your level and your physical abilities, this method can adapt to you.

Thanks to pilates ring, you can also reduce back pain, you will improve your breath, your posture and you will effectively fight against stress.

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What is the best Pilates ring?

Your yoga training must have all the necessary elements to be completely effective.

The most advisable is that before buying a yoga ring, consult a physical trainer to see which model would suit you best, as well as what material would fit your routine.

In the following list, we will show you the best Pilates rings of the market so that you train with the highest safety, resistance, using a product with high-quality test and guarantee.

1. PhysioWorld Pilates Ring


PhysioWorld Pilates Ring | 15 inch Double Handle Magic Circle for Fitness | Thigh Toner
  • Pilates ring is ideal for floor and Pilates exercises
  • Squeezing the ring between your legs or hands will work your thigh, chest or upper arm muscles
  • Ring has an inner and outer padded area for comfort
  • 15 inch diameter with foam covered flexible plastic ring
  • Colour: Black with blue handles

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Practical magic ring 38 cm in diameter. It is made of plastic and has foam coverage. The model comes in black, with the handles in blue.

It is a light ring, with internal and external padding to provide greater comfort. The practicality of its use makes it ideal for exercises during pregnancy and to tone the arms, legs and back.

Its double handle allows more grip and adjustment for more precise exercises.

2. Sissel Core-Trainer Pilates Circle

For experienced

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This model is recommended for those who already have a physical condition worked and with strength and endurance.

Its production is fibrerglass, with padding on the inside and outside. The diameter is 36 cm, so you can place the legs and hold it with your hands comfortably.

A very efficient model, with which you will perform a wide range of exercises.

3. Pilates Elite PhysioRoom


PhysioRoom Elite Resistance Pilates Ring | Double Foam Padded Handle, Lightweight, Dual Grip | Magic...
  • FOAM GRIPS: The ring has padded foam grips to make it comfortable while exercising.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The lightweight ring features inner and outer grips for total comfort. Takes very little space so can be carried...
  • WORKOUT: Suited for leg exercises, pelvic floor routines, Yoga, Pilates and upper body work.
  • BENEFITS: The elite resistance is great for strengthening, flexibility and toning exercises.
  • DIMENSIONS: The diameter of the ring is 38cm (One Size).

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It has great flexibility, so it is ideal for those who start their yoga training. Its two foam-covered handles will give you more support.

It is definitely useful to start toning legs, pelvic muscles and arms.

You can have it at home or take it to the gym without any problem because it is extremely light.

4. Fitness Ring Stott Pilates

Better training

STOTT PILATES Fitness Circle Lite, Black, 14-Inch
  • Recommended for those 5'4" (162.5 cm) and taller
  • Maintain control of the Fitness Circle at all times while exercising
  • Do not use Fitness Circle if it appears worn, broken or damaged.
  • If necessary, clean fibreglass surfaces with a combination of tea tree oil and water on a lightly moistened cloth.
  • Never use corrosive cleaning products on foam grips.

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With a diameter of 35.5 cm, it is a very light product that you can comfortably carry while travelling, or if you prefer to use it at home.

Bring an Easy Start bonus poster, so you know how you can start your training.

5. Aeropilates Stamina 05-0020R

Economic price

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This aeropilates is 14.75 ” in diameter. It is a quilted model for professional use. Includes a DVD with instructions for training of at least 23 minutes.

It weighs only 905 g. For the effective use of this device, it is necessary that you generate resistance and strength with other exercises.

This model is of low price, but of excellent quality.

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What is a pilates ring?

Provides medium to moderate intensity resistance in an exercise. It also gives the body information about what muscles are being used and worked on.

With the use of this pilates ring, you can achieve the toning of internal and external muscles in legs and arms, it will also help you to concentrate all the control of the movements in the abdominal area so that you fight flaccidity with greater precision.

Some people often complain that yoga classes are a bit boring, so this device will make your exercise routines more entertaining and different.

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Benefits that you will achieve with the use of the Pilates magic ring

Of course, if you have decided to train, it is because you want to have a healthier body, with a better appearance, and ultimately feel attractive.

Using the magic ring will help you to have a complete training because with only one team you will be able to do different exercises that will mould specific areas and with super-fast results if you put effort.

Here we present some benefits:

  • Larger and stronger muscles: the ring intensifies the toning effect of the body. The additional resistance demands greater strength and work of the muscles, in comparison to if only the basic Pilates techniques are practiced.
  • Greater overall body tone: Because the resistance rings can be used in exercises for the upper body, lower body and core, you can also tone and shape each area independently. They are not like other fitness devices that only work for one or two muscle groups and that’s it.
  • A stronger heart: because it takes more effort to do Pilates with a resistance ring than without it, you’ll make your heart muscle work harder, which also strengthens it and makes it capable of supporting more.
  • Faster results: the use of magic rings allows you to perform slow and controlled movements that will bring faster results. It also makes it easier to isolate the exact muscles that you want to stretch and contract so that you are not wasting your time in movements that do not favour your progress.
  • Less injuries: the use of this device helps you to avoid injuries. Do exercises correctly and you will achieve your health and fitness goals with fewer setbacks.
  • Improved balance: yoga by itself strengthens the body to improve balance. Adding a magic hoop to your routine will require even more core strength to complete the exercises.

Characteristics that a pilates ring should have

girl exercise

A Pilates ring is an accessory that will help you perform a wide range of exercises with better and faster results. It is rumoured that Joseph Pilates, the inventor of this type of physical exercise, made his first ring with the idea of ​​the circle of a barrel.

Fortunately for current practitioners, there are more convenient options available.

If you are looking for the best Pilates hoop, take note of the following characteristics:


As the name implies, the Pilates ring, also informally called “magic ring” is a circle about 13 inches in diameter, usually made of metal or rubber. The ring has padded side pads that allow you to find a convenient solution to place your palms or other body parts on it.

Resistance of pilates ring

When you add resistance to your exercises it means that they will be more effective and you will spend less time developing muscles and strengthening your body. An interesting thing about the use of a Pilates ring is that it is not made for you to force it into submission, although you may be tempted to do so.

You basically have two options to choose from: a ring made of flexible metal or one made of rubber. The material will determine if the ring is less expensive, more economical and will even influence whether it is of good quality.

Some people think that rubber facts tend to be too soft and too quick to yield to any pressure, which basically means that you do not get much of them.

In comparison, they point out that rings made of metal offer an adequate amount of muscle challenge, to achieve the best results in the exercise. However, if you are a beginner who does not need so much challenge, a rubber ring will work well for your needs.


The magic ring is one of the best Pilates accessories, as it can be taken along on trips. In general, it weighs very little, it is quite easy to have it flat inside baggage and it does not bend or flex.

When it comes to portability, rubber rings are somehow a little better than metal rings, because they are not that heavy, and they are also easy to fit inside luggage. However, the metal rings are not heavy enough to justify a choice based on this single aspect.

where to buy


Extremely important when making a purchase, because you do not want to spend money on a product that will break in the short term. The obvious choice, if durability is what you are looking for, is that you choose a brand with a metal ring.

Magic rings are created by several manufacturers. If you prefer a rubber model it is better that you bet on a company with a good position in the manufacture of Pilates equipment.

Inside or outside pads?

We already mentioned that the pads are usually on the sides. Now, you should know that there are models that come with pads on the outside of the circle, while others have pads inside the circle, in addition to having the traditional ones from outside.

This double position of the cushions inside and outside will allow you to gain more versatility. Basically, you will be able to perform more complex exercises, at the same time achieving the same desired effect of muscle feedback, so you will know exactly how much pressure to apply.

In the opinion of yoga teachers, these are three exercises that you can perform with your magic hoop

For the thighs

Lie on one side and stretch your legs, keep your pelvis and spine in a neutral position. Place the hoop between your ankles. Now, breathe, and when you exhale you must squeeze the hoop with your legs. In case of working the external muscles, hold the hoop with the ankles from the inside. Repeat again, and as you exhale, push your legs outward.

For the buttocks

Lie on the floor, face down, and stretch your arms to the front holding the ring in your hands. Elevate the legs, but keep the thighs in contact with the floor. Every time you exhale, remove the thighs from the floor carefully without disturbing the lower back.

pilates ring for abs

For the abdominals

Lie on your back and place your legs facing the sky with your lower back. You can use a mat to be more comfortable. Place your hands behind your head, and keep your elbows pointing away. When you inhale, you must climb the: dorsal, cervical and head. As you exhale, lower your legs together without touching the ground, breathe again and raise your legs.

Not all yoga hoops are ideal for all people. There are models that require that the user already have a strengthened physical condition so that they can cope with higher levels of resistance.

The hoops made of metal are usually for yoga experts, or for those who have been training for a considerable time.