Check the selection of electric shavers Philips below. Our great experts have reviewed the best Philips shavers available in the market. They are presented below, so you can find the one that best suits what you are looking for. If you want to find a razor of first quality we present you the best models.

Philips Electric Shavers Bestsellers

1. Philips OneBlade Pro Hybrid Trimmer

The Philips shaver that we have chosen for you in the first place is the ideal device to use in the shower. With this shaver, you will be able to cut, shape and shave all kinds of hairs. Also, you can use it both dry and wet and also under the shower. It is a shaver that comes with a practical precision cutter and a long-lasting battery. It has blades that last up to four months without having to change them.

2. Philips Series 7000 Wet and Dry Shaver

Then our experts present a Philips shaver that has five efficient heads that move in different directions to offer you much more efficient results. It is a Philips premium shaver that is coated with different microparticles. With what is undoubtedly easier to avoid friction and get a very smooth glide. Also with this shaver, you will enjoy fifty minutes of optimal shaving without cable.

3. Philips OneBlade Hybrid Shaver

In the third place, we have selected a model of Philips razor perfect for trimming, shaping and shaving all types of hair. It is the best quality device that you can use both wet and dry, being a great option to use it under the shower. This shaver has three guide combs with which you can trim your beard to one, three and five and also includes a spare blade of first quality.

4. Philips AquaTouch Shaver AT899

If you are looking for an electric shaver Philips that protects your skin and offers a very smooth shave without a doubt this device is just what you need. It is a shaver that incorporates an efficient CloseCut head. You can use with both foam and shaving gel and will offer you the best shaving results quickly and efficiently.

5. Philips Shaver Series 5000

We present you a Philips shaver with dynamic contours that will adapt perfectly to all types of collars and faces. This shaver has an efficient DualPrecision cutting system that shaves all types of beards, even the shortest ones. In addition, this shaver also has fifty minutes of use for you to use it without cables and will allow you to shave both dry and wet. It should also be noted that it is a shaver that can be washed and incorporates the QuickRinse system, which can be done easily under the tap.

6. Philips Series 5000 Turbo Plus S5530/06

Read on to find a very efficient and accurate electric shaver Philips for wet use under the shower or fresh out of the shower as well as dry. It is an ideal device to shave with the best possible protection compared to traditional blades. Thanks to this Philips shaver you will be able to enjoy a really close shave without damaging your skin or receiving any type of scratch. You will be able to use this shaver effectively for at least 45 minutes at a time without having to charge your battery.

7. Philips Body Groomer – Skin Comfort System

Our great professionals have chosen for you a Philips shaver whose battery lasts up to fifty minutes, so you can shave your entire body quickly and efficiently. In addition, this shaver incorporates a practical guide comb ideal to shave your beard or moustache. It should be noted that this shaver also incorporates a trimmer comb and has eighteen adjustable positions in total.

8. Philips S7530/50 Electric Shaver

Finally, our experts have selected an electric shaver Philips that incorporates flex heads that can be moved in five different directions to achieve a very fast and close shave. It is a high-quality device that you can clean under the tap and whose battery will last an hour without using cables. It is also very easy to assemble shaver that you can also use as a trimmer for the sideburns and moustache.


Check our tips to choose the best electric shaver Philips at the moment. The offer of shaving devices on the market is really wide. That is why you probably want to follow our advice. Find the best Philips shaver to meet your needs and achieve optimal beauty and hygiene results.

The first thing that we recommend when selecting Philips shavers is that it values ​​the type of cut that will allow you to make the device. Undoubtedly the best blades are those that work at two times. The shavers have a V shape because they will offer the best results and the highest possible safety.

Second, you must take into account the power of the Philips shaver you choose. Think that the higher the power, the faster you will finish using the device. You will save time and energy and you will not damage your skin.

Third, also check the battery. Think that the more independent the device is and the longer the battery lasts. The better and more convenient you will be able to use it in many different circumstances. For example when you go on a trip or when you are on vacation.

Likewise, the head must be as versatile as possible and we hope that you can configure it optimally. Always bearing in mind that it is very important that you can adapt it to all types of faces and bodies to obtain the best possible use of these machines.

Also, consider choosing electric shavers Philips that are made with top quality materials. That has a protection system that guarantees the best results and the absence of irritation for your skin.

Also, always choose shavers that adapt well to your needs in terms of size and finishes. Think that if you choose a Philips shaver that is too big, it will be uncomfortable for you, while if it is light, you can use it comfortably to obtain the best possible results.

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