5 Best Petrol and Electrical Brushcutters

If you have a patio in your house or you have a plot with vegetation, you are probably tired of those bad herbs that you can not eliminate with your normal mower. To end those annoying bushes and brambles in complicated places, the best brushcutter will be able to offer you the best convenience, the power you need for the time you need and the best durability and safety.

You can choose between different models of handlebars, petrol or electric or even with batteries. They also come with varied designs and systems that make them easier to use and adaptable for any type of vegetation you want to eliminate. With the right model you can cut whatever comes between you, from the softest grass to the hardest trunks and that bad grass that grows in the most complicated corners.

If you want to buy one to revive your garden, we will explain how to do it and what to look for.

What is the best brushcutter?

Think about the type of vegetation you want to cut, if they are places that are difficult to access and if you have access to an electrical outlet or gas and oil. The best models are the ones that adapt best to your needs and offer you the features you need at a good price.

The following is a comparative list with the best 5 models of brushcutters in the market. In it you can find the perfect model for you.

1. Bosch ART 23 SL lawn mower

The most affordable

Bosch ART 23 SL Electric Grass Trimmer with...
1232 Reviews
Bosch ART 23 SL Electric Grass Trimmer with...
  • The Bosch Art 23 SL has an high power...
  • With its extra strong line and 'pro-tap'...
  • Its 23 cm cutting width delivers...

This is the least expensive model on our list and has a Click system that is easy to assemble. It is a rope cutter with convenient and convenient semi-automatic coil feed system and 23 cm cutting diameter.

It comes equipped with a double grip system to facilitate work and is light and ergonomic, as it only weighs 1.7 kg and the design is comfortable and easy to handle. Its engine is electric 280 W power and has a metal shaft that contributes to greater durability and life.

It is electric motor and is available at the best price.

2. BLACK & DECKER ST4525-GB edge trimmer

Powerful and with disks

Black & Decker ST4525-QS ST4525-GB 450W Corded...
3 Reviews
Black & Decker ST4525-QS ST4525-GB 450W Corded...
  • Black & Decker st4525-gb 450W corded...
  • St4525-gb

The most powerful electric model on the list is Black & Decker, a brand known for its high quality tools and appliances. It has 450 W power and E-Drive technology with discs and gears for faster and more efficient transmission.

It has a wide cutting diameter of 25 cm that makes it the ideal brushcutter to cut medium grass. It comes equipped with the most convenient automatic and single-wire feeding system. It also has quick-change cutting heads.

It is electric and has a weight of 3 kg. It has a simple handling and we recommend it for jobs of little difficulty.

3. Greencut GGT650 brushcutter

Complete and powerful

Greencut GGT650 Divisible bar with Petrol Engine,...
  • Powerful petrol engine in 2 times at...
  • Dual element air filter which reduces...
  • Dual-grip handlebars for added stability...

And so we went to the first model driven by petrol. It is a powerful brush cutter of 65cc capable of performing complicated jobs in lands with soft shrubs, brambles and much more. It has mechanical transmission steel for durability.

This model comes with varied discs included. It has one of 2 tips, 3, 8, 40 and widia of 40 points. It also includes other accessories to ensure your comfort and safety, such as gloves, acoustic protectors to protect against noise, safety glasses, tool kit to maintain the device, container for mixing gasoline and oil, as well as protective leggings.

It is important to take into account that it comes with a 2-stroke engine and weighs 15 kg.

4. Einhell GH-BC 43 AS professional petrol brush cutter

Powerful and durable

Einhell GH-BC 43 AS 43 cc Dual Purpose Petrol...
64 Reviews
Einhell GH-BC 43 AS 43 cc Dual Purpose Petrol...
  • Low vibrating two stroke 43 cc engine...
  • Auto choke and electronic ignition for...
  • Split shaft for easy assembling,...

This complete petrol model comes with an excellent 2-stroke engine and power of 1.25 kW, which equals 1.7 horsepower. Likewise, the engine avoids vibrations thanks to the double-running crankshaft and anti-vibration technology.

It has a long handle of robust aluminum tube and adjustable for two hands with a convenient control to use the device. This model can be equipped with a 4-tooth blade or with double-line reel and automatic feeding system for maximum comfort. It comes equipped with the transport belt and a detachable shaft to store and transport easily.

It weighs only 9 kg and offers all the power and convenience of gasoline models to cut thick bushes, hard stems and even some trunks.

5. Alpina Brushcutter TB420

Refined and complete

ALPINA B32 32.6cc Petrol Brushcutter
  • Absorbs Impacts
  • For Use in Large Gardens
  • 32.6cc Engine

It is not the most economical model of our comparative list, but at first glance it is noted that it is one of the most durable and best quality due to its excellent finish, compact size and good design. It is the type of rope cutter that uses two-wire nylon head.

This brush cutter works on gasoline, has a 2-stroke engine, double handlebar for greater ease of use and comes with a steel disc of good quality and great durability. It also ensures your safety and convenience with the hanging harness.

Its power is 1.25 kW, has a displacement of 32.6cc and weighs 8.3 kg, making it a fairly light model to be petrol.

What is a brushcutter?

Also known as rammers, line trimmers or cutters, brush cutters are handheld devices that use a monofilament line instead of cutting blades and plants near objects.

They consist of a cutting head at the end of an axis, with one or two handlebars and, sometimes, a shoulder strap. There are models that come with an internal combustion engine, which is located on the axle but at the opposite end of the cutting edge. On the other hand, electric models usually have the motor on the side of the same head.

What you should look for in a brushcutter

To find the perfect model for you and the grass of your yard or house, we recommend that you pay attention to several things that distinguish good quality products from lower range ones.

  • Power: how much power do you need for your routine tasks? The idea is that you always look for a tool with a little more power than you need for your day-to-day tasks. If you are going to cut bushes, plants and trunks in a forest, you will need a product of great power, while, if it is to cut the lawn in your house, with one of less power it will be enough.
  • Ease of use: look for a model that is easy to light, easy to use and easy to maintain in good condition.
  • Reliability: get a reliable brushcutter, with few moving parts, replaceable cutting heads, high quality and durability.
  • Price: ask yourself if you do the job well for the price it costs. The ideal is always to buy products for a fair amount in relation to their power and capacity. Remember that gasoline prices are more expensive than electric ones.
  • Weight: keep in mind that you are going to load the brushcutter all over your property, with some sloping surfaces and complicated access. Make sure it is easy to handle and that you can have it charged for a long time without getting tired.
  • Engine type: there are 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. The first is the most popular and lightweight, but it needs a mixture of oil and gasoline. The 4-stroke ones are more powerful and have fewer moving parts that make them more reliable. They only need gasoline and are friendly to the environment. However, they vibrate more and are noisier, more expensive and heavier.
  • Different axes: there are two kinds of axes: curved or straight. The curved tend to be more comfortable to wear for a long time and are lighter. However, the straight ones are more popular because they give more flexibility and precision,
  • Quick-change heads: easy-to-replace cutting heads have become fashionable, but it’s better to avoid them. It is preferable to change the cutting element for one of 3 or 4 blades.
  • Of one or two hands: the brushcutter come with one or two handlebars. The designs of two handlebars are called bullhorns and resemble those of bicycles. They are made to be used with a harness. Brushcutters with one hand are easier to use, but have certain safety problems, since it is more complicated to move them from side to side with precision.

Types of brush cutters and strimmers

There are two types of brush cutters, which depend on the type of shaft with which they are equipped. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • Curved axis or swan neck: these machines have the motor of one end and the cutting element of the other. When using it at a 45 degree angle, the cutting head should be parallel to the grass. For this a curved shaft and a mechanism with a flexible disk are added. However, they are not so good for heavy work.
  • Straight axis: it is the most popular and has good quality gears that move the disc at the correct angle. Before the gears, there is a steel shaft that rotates at high speed to transfer great energy without adding weight to the tool. They can have violent vibrations, so the handles must be firm.

Characteristics of the brush cutters

Now that you know the types of brushcutter that exist and the things that can make a model your best option, we will explain the most important features of these useful tools:

  • Shaft: regardless of whether it is curved or straight, it must be strong and of steel. The curved ones offer greater precision and are better for detailed work but have some mechanical problems and are not as reliable as the straight ones.
  • Quick-change heads: They are not a good option and it is recommended to avoid them. If you want to change the heads of your machine, make sure they are not fast changing.
  • Handlebars and handling: it is preferable to opt for the models of two handlebars and harness. These are safer and easier to operate than those with a single handlebar.
  • Vibration: a good quality brush cutter will have a good reduction of vibrations and you will notice it when you cut thick thickets or even trunks. That’s why it’s important that you come with anti-vibration technology.

Other features

There are other characteristics that you also have to take into account and that will facilitate your life and the use of your brushcutter:

  • Driving force: the brushcutter with 2-stroke engines are lighter but were considered more difficult to light. This is not so true, but you still have to mix the exact amounts of oil and unleaded gasoline to make it work.

Electric motors are easier to light, more economical and easier to maintain. However, they have the cable problem. For that, it is ideal one with batteries and wireless charging.

  • The cutting element:
    • Nylon line: it is the softest and causes less damage. This element cuts grass and hard grasses but not the most complicated brambles. Look for lines with more than 2.4 mm thick and with an automatic or semi-automatic feeding system.
    • Steel blades: they are quite dangerous and should be used with care. There are 3 to 80 teeth, which adds more cutting power. Place them only on machines whose original blades are the same size.
    • Plastic blades: they are safer but do not work well with trunks or hard stems. They are ideal for pastures and soft bushes, although remember that they can damage your walls.
  • Judging quality: the model must have a good finish and give a feeling of solidity and durability. Looking c sharp abezales hard, nylon more than 2.4 mm thick, straight shafts, antivibration measures, quality harness, padded waist and shoulders, as well as safety glasses, included.
  • Maintenance: cleaning it once a year is usually enough. Electric models, on the other hand, require almost zero maintenance. But if it’s gasoline, be sure to mix the ingredients well, clean the air filter and avoid stagnating old petrol.
  • Other uses: when using accessories you can adapt your brushcutter and turn it into a pole mower or a short-range hedgerow.

Advantages and disadvantages of the brush cutters

Now, you can ask yourself what you can use them for and what advantages they offer. You also want to know the negative aspects of using these machines. Here we tell you:

  • Ease of use: in and of itself, using a brushcutter is not easy. Avoid injury or damage to the machine. You must also move from right to left to cut the grass and place the cutting element correctly. Zoom into the grass slowly and cut carefully. Look for a model that does not add more complications.
  • Versatility and durability: you can use several types of cutting heads to adapt to any job. In addition, they offer a good durability if you keep them in good condition. You should always check that the blades have the necessary edge before starting to work.
  • Power and convenience: the model you choose must have the necessary power to cut what a mower can not and to reach the most complicated areas. Look for a convenient model with harness, anti-vibration and straight shaft.
  • Security: you must use it with care to avoid damages and injuries. Always use the handlebar correctly and use the harness. Use protective goggles or a protective shield with mesh.
  • Brush cutter vs rope cutter: rope cutters use nylon to cut vegetation and are designed for that material. You can add steel blades for heavier jobs but it will not be as efficient. They are also perfect if you want to cut grass and grass of small or medium size in complicated places such as bars, corners, walls, etc. Brush cutters often use steel blades for thick grass or trunks plots and are heavier and more powerful.
  • Electric or petrol: the first have plugs and cables for electricity or come equipped with batteries. The truth is that they are not as powerful and are not capable of giving the same performance for extended periods.

The petrol ones come in more variety and you can use them anywhere without needing a plug, so they are more portable. They also have the power to cut large and thick grasses, as well as heavy logs.