Today, cultivators are used not only on farms but also in small home gardens. This is not surprising given their affordable price and how easy they are to use.

Thanks to them, you can easily handle a lot of work with minimum time and effort. For example, cultivating a large area with hand tools is serious work, but with a cultivator, even with a cheap model with low power, such work will be done faster and more efficiently.

What are the best cultivators?

The supply of such equipment is quite large, so it is quite possible to get confused and not know exactly what to choose. That is why we have prepared a ranking of the best cultivators, listing the most successful models with different prices and power so that each reader can choose the option that suits him best.

Cobra T40B Garden Cultivator

Cobra T40B Garden Cultivator
  • POWERFUL ENGINE - The 500 series engine family provides the best-in-class performance in its category. It incorporates the latest engine design technologies ensuring optimal...
  • VERSATILE - The T40B Cultivator from Cobra is an extremely versatile tiller, great for a variety of gardening situations. With a 16" working width and 4 high quality steel...
  • ERGONOMICALLY POSITIONED OPERATOR CONTROLS - The Cobra T40B petrol cultivator has been designed to make cultivating your garden a simple and effortless task. The ergonomically...
  • WEIGHT - 30KG

This model will be suitable for consumers who want to buy a large and productive cultivator.

Cobra T40B offers excellent productivity. This allows for the treatment of even the most problematic areas with high quality. 

The maximum width of cultivation is quite large: 16″. Therefore, a large orchard will be cultivated as soon as possible. 

As for the depth of processing, 250mm is more than enough for most users. The blades break the soil not only quickly but also effectively. 

The tank is sufficient for long-term operation; you do not need to stop to refuel.

FSJD Petrol Cultivator

FSJD Petrol Cultivator
  • A cylindrical goggle allowing prescription wearers to benefit from the best of Bollé technologies: great ventilation with Flow Tech system, double density foam and Anti-Fog...
  • Lens: PC SUNRISE
  • Double lens

If you often have to cultivate a large area covered with grass, this model is sure to please. With its 68cc, it facilitates the cultivation of any soil, in which case the working width can be adjusted between 15 cm – 30 cm. You can carefully plough narrow spaces or quickly cultivate a large area, depending on the specific situation.

The reverse function makes work as comfortable as possible, and two gears (forward and reverse) simplify the tillage process. The petrol tank is quite spacious and holds up to 1.2 litres. This means that you will not have to interrupt work too often to refuel.

FSJD Petrol Cultivator has the necessary weight to deal with problem areas where a light cultivator will bounce will not help.

vidaXL Petrol Cultivator

  • Cultivate your flower beds, vegetable plots or smaller domestic gardens quickly and effortlessly with our powerful petrol tiller!
  • It is perfect for loosening soil, seedbed preparation, working with organic fertiliser or peat into the soil.The cultivator, equipped with a 196 cc petrol engine and with a...
  • The 12 metal blade provide maximum durability, performance and efficiency when in operation
  • The solid construction reduces vibration and increases durability

Another great mid-range cultivator. Its main advantage is the high power of 6.5 hp. For this category, this is an excellent indicator that ensures the excellent performance of the machine. 

Conveniently, the working width can be easily changed between 175 – 350 mm. It is possible to cultivate a large area quickly, but if necessary, you can easily adjust the width and work even in a greenhouse.

The depth of cultivation is 33 cm, which is enough for most users. Most crops can be planted at this depth.

Hyundai Petrol Cultivator

Hyundai Petrol Cultivator
  • The garden rotavator is powered by a powerful 150cc hp, 4-Stroke Hyundai OHV petrol engine.
  • Our garden cultivator is suitable for preparing seeding beds, and vegetable patches.
  • Provides an impressive tilling width of 560mm and tilling depth of 260mm & has a net weight of 29.5kg.
  • Self-propelled for easy maneuverability with a built in lifting transport wheel. This petrol tiller is designed with user on mind.

Hyundai is a perfect mid-range petrol cultivator. This model will do an excellent job for you, as it allows high-quality ploughing even on harder soil with grassroots and shrubs. 

The machine allows the processing of working width 560 mm, and You can use it as you wish. The depth of cultivation is 260 mm is sufficient for planting all kinds of crops, from carrots and radishes to potatoes and cucumbers.

Two gears, one forward and one reverse, make working with Total Industrial easier and more comfortable. The fuel tank volume is good enough, so you do not have to interrupt often to refuel.

BOUDECH cultivator

  • Ideal for any hobby enthusiast who wants to grow their own vegetable garden
  • Powerful 52cc
  • Motor power: 1.2 HP
  • Motor speed: 6500 min

This model is one of the most powerful in our classification. Not surprisingly, most consumers prefer just such models. Its power is enough for full-fledged work in a plot with dense grass or neglected, which has not been cultivated for some time. 

The working width is up to 300 mm, and the depth is 150 mm. For most owners, even for the most demanding, this may be enough. 

In addition, the engine’s operating speed is 6500 rpm, which can be called a good feature. It is also worth noting that the machine can easily use accessories, which expands work possibilities.

ZYYH Garden Petrol Soil Cultivator

ZYYH Garden Petrol Soil Cultivator
  • Efficient & Powerful : This 68cc gasoline commercial mini garden tillage machine rated speed: 6500rpm; fuel tank capacity: 1200ml; output power: 2.2kw; oil/gasoline mixture...
  • Safe & Reliable: All-steel protective cover of the power tillers to prevent small stones from splashing and hurting people. Petrol Rotovator Cultivator can easily remove the...
  • Easy to Operate: Petrol rotavator has 4 high-hardness manganese steel blades and a high-power engine. There are two wheels on the back. You don't need to control it all the...
  • High Performance : Cordless petrol tiller cultivator has a cordless function and can provide maximum power (up to 7500RPM), without having to deal with any extension cords,...

A model is an excellent option if you need to take care of large areas regularly. It weighs 30 kilograms, but the maximum working width is up to 410 mm.

Eight cutters effectively plough the soil to a depth of 150 to 300 mm. In addition to the useful reversing function, there are also wheels that allow you to easily drive the machine on soft and wet ground. 

It is worth noting the high quality of workmanship and the ability to use accessories.

Einhell Petrol Tiller GC-MT 2236

Einhell Petrol Tiller GC-MT 2236
  • PETROL TILLER - A Powerful Garden Tool For Effective Soil Cultivation Ideal For Every Garden Lover. With 2.2 kW Of Power The Hoe Reaches A Working Depth Of Up To 22cm.
  • 4-STROKE SINGLE CYLINDER ENGINE - Together With Its Crank Shaft With Bilateral Bearings Ensures High Performance, Smooth Running And Longevity. For User-Friendly, Effortless...
  • POWERS THROUGH FIRM SOIL - Speedy Progress Is Assured By The Tiller’s Robust Rotavator Blades Whilst The Height Adjustable Working Depth Can Be Adjusted To The Desired Level...
  • SAFE AND SIMPLE TO USE - This Powerful Soil Turner Comes With A Hoe Blade Stop Function So As Soon As You Let Go Of The Switch The Tool Will Immediately Shut Down The Blades

Economical and productive Einhell cultivator, easy to transport and operate. In developing it, the manufacturer has considered all the intricacies of work equipment in this class.

The location of the engine ensures optimal weight distribution for reduction for more stable use. An easy-to-manoeuvre wheel design makes it easier to move the machine and reduces the time required to put it into operation.

eSkde TI52-S8 52cc Petrol Cultivator

eSkde TI52-S8 52cc Petrol Cultivator
  • Powerful 52cc 2 Stroke Petrol Tiller ideal for Rotovating / Cultivating vegetable patches and garden beds.
  • Single Cylinder Air Cooled Engine with CDI Ignition System and Diaphragm Carburetor
  • Large 1200ml Fuel Tank enabling prolonged use without the need to refuel
  • 35cm Effective Tilling width making it great for beds and borders

Are you looking for equipment with good power? Then you will definitely like this model. The eSkde TI52-S8 may seem a bit heavy, but this is fully offset by the excellent power, which makes it easier to plough the ground. In addition, the maximum working width is up to 350 mm, which also saves working time. The depth of ploughing is quite large – 20 cm, enough for most plants.

Quality workmanship is another crucial advantage that will pleasantly surprise any user.

Advantages of buying a cultivator

If you are passionate about gardening, a cultivator will be very useful and will help you save time and money. In addition, you can plant different crops, regardless of the size of the land you have.

For working with small surfaces

Both electric and petrol cultivators are driven forward with the cutting blades that work the land. If you have a small garden, each type of cultivator will help you maintain and loosen the soil.

Many people think that the cultivator is designed for large fields, but this machine will also allow you to cultivate smaller areas faster and more efficiently.

There are different models and thanks to their description and specifications you will be able to learn the work surface, whether it is petrol or electric.

It saves time and money

With purchasing a cultivator, you will not have to work with different hand tools to cultivate the entire planting area. You will not need to remove weeds by hand, just cultivate the land with this machine. Plus, you won’t have to look for and hire other people to do it for you.

If you have a cultivator at home, you will prepare the whole land to sow whatever you want while saving time. There are different models that differ in the way they work, i.e. they have different sizes and working depths. The larger ones significantly reduce the working time.

So you can cultivate a small garden

If you have one of these machines, you will cultivate your small garden, regardless of the type. This will make your work easier before and during the sowing process. In addition, the time and effort you have to put in to cultivate the land are reduced.

One of the main aspects of increasing the production of home-grown vegetables is good land maintenance. The soil should be well ploughed and free of weeds scattered throughout the garden. With the cultivator, you can easily and conveniently achieve much better results with the next harvest.

Purchase guide

How to choose a cultivator?

You will find many types of cultivators on the market, but the important thing is to buy a machine that meets your needs and, above all, those of your garden. To find out which model is best, you will need to consider a few important features:


One of the most important things you will need to consider is the power that the machine has. The easy work depends on it, and the time it will take you to cultivate the land.

There are petrol or diesel models with power up to 20 hp. (horsepower) and engine capacity up to 500 cc. As for the electric models, you will find models from 750 W to 1400 W.

The number of blades

The cultivator can have different arms with teeth separated at equal distances. They are responsible for preparing the ground or removing weeds when you pass the machine.

You can find models with up to 37 arms. The choice will depend on the type of land and the area you want to cultivate.

Working depth

If they are not uprooted, the grass and weeds grow back very quickly. Also, if ploughing is not done properly or deep ditches are created, the planting process will not be correct.

The working depth will depend on the cultivator arm and the type of terrain. Most models have a working depth of 18 to 35 cm, but there are also machines that allow you to adjust the depth between 5 and 30 cm.

Maximum working width

One of the most important characteristics of the cultivator related to its efficiency is the maximum working width. This is directly related to the size of the equipment. You need to choose a working width according to the conditions of your garden.

If the right option is not chosen, you can buy equipment larger than what you can use or vice versa. The working width will affect the time required to cultivate the terrain and the price of the machine. Accordingly, the larger the model, the more expensive it will be. But in the end, you will need less working time. Think carefully about this aspect before buying one or another model.

Accessories included

Motor cultivators may require certain accessories that are specific to ploughing and sowing. There are models that include different parts and others that need to be purchased separately.

We recommend that you have at least a plough and cultivators for soil preparation. The cultivator arm will allow you to work at medium or shallow depths. While the plough makes it easier for you to work with harder soil.

Different types of cultivators

Cultivators can be divided into several types according to the method of the drive. Manual or motor-driven. Their main difference is that those with a motorcycle are more efficient.

Hand cultivator

In fact, a hand tool is one that is equipped with a comb or other tool that allows you to prepare or maintain a garden or plant, thus making your job easier.

There are various models on the market, some with short handles and others with long ones to facilitate their use. Some include wheels, while others do not.

With motor

Cultivators that work with an electric motor, with a petrol or diesel engine allow the gardening and agricultural work to be done in the shortest possible time in the simplest possible way.

You can find models powered by electricity, batteries, gasoline or diesel.

Tank capacity

When buying a cultivator, it is important to pay attention to the volume of the gas tank. It depends on how often you will have to stop processing large areas to refuel.

How to maintain your cultivator?

One aspect that most affects the productivity and useful life that a cultivator can have is its proper maintenance.

It is preferable to clean at the end of each use, thus avoiding corrosion and removing any residue on the machine’s rotating parts.

In general, there is nothing complicated in this, and you just need to follow a few easy steps:

  1. Unplug the machine if it is an electrical model to avoid an accident. For petrol, stop the engine.
  2. Position the machine so that you have better access and visibility to the rotating parts and blades.
  3. Use a brush to remove any remaining dirt.
  4. Add a lubricant that is suitable for this type of machine.
  5. Also, apply a little grease to the mechanical components. It will help prevent corrosion and prevent them from wearing out and help them function properly.
  6. Wait a few minutes before storing it. It is advisable to keep it indoors. This way, you will prevent ageing by exposing it directly to changing methodological conditions such as sun or rain.


Before choosing such a machine, you must first understand how much work you need to do. You should not buy a powerful model for small areas, as its potential will not be fully revealed. But buying a model with the lowest price is also not worth it because the quality is highly dependent on the price of the product.

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