When an ordinary person hears a penny board, it isn’t easy to imagine what exactly it is and what it is for. It’s a small plastic skateboard. This article will tell you about the best penny board models that you can order online.

What is a penny board?

Despite the obvious simplicity of the design, the penny board consists of several parts: the base (the board itself), the suspension and the wheels.

  1. Basis. As mentioned in the description of the models, the base is made of plastic. The specific material provides ease of use, as well as strength and reliability. You can find many tests on youtube where users check the board’s resistance to bending and impact and pass the tests completed successfully. To prevent the user from slipping during use, the base has a rough surface. Some users stick a piece of sandpaper that helps grip, but this doesn’t affect the board’s look.
  2. Suspension. Its load-bearing elements are most often made of aluminium, which simultaneously provides lightness and durability. The suspension is imperceptible, standard – two parts are connected by rubber seals and tightened with a bolt. Such a system is easy to adjust – for firmer control, and the bolt must be tightened for softer loose.
  3. Wheels. For better rolling, they are made of polyurethane, with a metal or plastic core. The manufacturer has chosen such a balance of stiffness so that the wheels rotate freely while the board does not bounce on small bumps.

Why choose the Penny brand?

You may find it challenging to choose a colour; there are bright colours, pastels, prints, etc. The company even offers customization options. You can order your Penny skateboard online. The brand is always trying to update its equipment to keep up with trends.

The fact is that the base is made of plastic, which makes the product easy to transport. Penny skateboards are also very flexible and impact resistant.

From a design standpoint, penny boards make you look cooler. Women, as well as men, prefer this brand. There are models specially made for women.

The Penny brand has become one of the most famous in the field of skateboarding! Mixing history, culture and passion, this has inspired a large number of enthusiasts. You can carry it in your backpack, go wherever you want, ride it and have fun!

Buying guide

Sports activities are always useful. Regardless of age, riding a penny board will have a positive impact on the health of consumers. The right choice of model guarantees not only comfort but also safety in its use. Remember to pay attention to the length of the board, the width of the axles, and the wheels’ diameter.


The board can be between 56 and 69 cm in size. A shorter version is convenient for high-speed movement, can be used by children up to 140 cm in height with a skateboard experience. A longer base is suitable for adults and users with longer legs. But it should be noted that these models have less manoeuvrability.

Maximum maintained weight

Like skateboards, penny models have a load limit. Although they are much lighter, they are made of solid plastic, which makes them very durable.

Standard size models can withstand up to 100 kg, making them ideal for children, teenagers and even adults. Also, many brands have proven their ability to bear much more weight.

Product weight

Plastic boards are lighter than wooden ones, which makes them much more portable. Their weight varies depending on the size of the base and the brand. The average weight of a skateboard is from two to five kilograms. The penny model you choose should be a little lighter than that.

Height, suspension and axles

Suspension and axles affect agility and stability. The low position provides stability when stepping on board, the middle position is for comfortable riding, and the high position allows more effective tricks. When tightening the bolt, the hardness increases, and when loosening it decreases.

Wheels diameter

The wheels are made of polyurethane with a diameter of 60 mm and a width of 45 mm. Hardness on most 78A models, which absorbs bumps in the road and ensures a smooth ride. The type of bearings affects the speed and handling, and it can be: ABEC 5 – common on cheaper models, ABEC 7 and ABEC 9 – are recommended for good speed, ABEC 11 is considered the fastest, but with excessive load spoils quickly.


The variety of colours and their combinations is a definite advantage. There are special models with stickers and prints for girls: bright, with different colours and patterns. For boys, most are simpler, minimal patterns. You can also find models with a transparent base on the market, which creates a special effect when performing tricks, as it is not visible from a distance, and it seems that the user is flying.

boy rides white penny board

How to ride a penny board?

  • To ride a penny board, you need to learn how to keep your balance and push with your foot.
  • Make sure you place it on a flat surface so it doesn’t move while standing on it.
  • Place one foot on the board just behind the first bolts. Then use your other leg to push.

To be safe, consider buying a good helmet to protect yourself at all times. For more detailed tutorials that will cover manoeuvring and tricks, you can find many videos on youtube.

Which penny board is the best?

When choosing a penny board, you need to start with your desires. It is essential to take into account the purpose of its use, the age and experience of the user, and his financial capabilities. Here are some models and a purchase guide.

1. Modern Penny Board Skateboard 22 Inch with Flashing LED

The elegant Mad Cruiser is small in size and ideal for all users, just starting to learn and those who already have experience.

The green plastic base is made of impact-resistant polypropylene with dimensions 55.7 x 15.2 cm. The product is equipped with bright polyurethane wheels with a diameter of 60 millimetres, which minimize vibration during use.

Aluminium axles and high precision bearings ABEC 7 for good, free rotation and acceleration. Available in different colours and a grooved surface that prevents slipping when riding.

There are models with LED bulbs built not only into the wheels but also into the board. However, this one is only on wheels.

Thanks to the product’s compact size, it is easy to store and transport. Its maximum load is 100 kg.

2. Penny board Shownicer

The bright penny board Shownicer is ideal for beginners and advanced users. The base is made of quality materials with increased strength and elasticity and is curved at the back.

It features quality aluminium axles and mounted lightweight silicone wheels for smoother turning.

Bearings – Abec 11 with sealed design. The yellow and sparkling base makes the model especially popular among those who prefer shiny models.

The embossed surface ensures a stable step on the board, and the waterproof construction maintains full performance when riding, even in wet weather.

Product weight – 1.7 kg, maximum load – 100 kg.

3. WeSkate Skateboard Complete Mini Cruiser 22inch

This model has an aluminium frame and is 56 cm long. The product is also suitable for adolescents and adults weighing up to 100 kg. It is equipped with smooth, silicone, transparent wheels with a diameter of 50 mm.

ABEC 9 bearing and aluminium axles provide strength and smoothness while riding to ride without feeling bumps on the road.

A graffiti print is applied to the painting. The base’s fish shape has very good manoeuvrability even on crowded city streets, while the silicone wheels of the model provide reliable traction on the road surface. And the rough surface helps maintain good traction even in wet weather.

4. Gelory Cruiser Skateboard, 22 Inch Penny Board

A model with a great design, perfectly suitable for adults and children. The solid and impact-resistant plastic base measures 57 x 15 cm.

The soft polyurethane wheels with a diameter of 60 mm, a width of 45 mm and a hardness of 82A offer excellent vibration absorption. The model is equipped with silicone cells holding the ABEC 7 bearings. This ensures smooth turns while maintaining optimal axle deflection and protects wheel friction.

5. DUANYU Penny Board, 22 Inch

The model we are considering here is also a standard size. Despite the fact that a large number of new products from the world’s best manufacturers can be found on sale, many consumers prefer the models of this manufacturer. It is suitable for both, women and men. A wide range of colours will allow you to choose exactly the one you like best. Buyers note the quality of the materials, exemplary handling, soft suspension and compact size. It is also perfectly suitable for transport, as long as your route allows it.

6. Black Penny board Shownicer with LED Lights

Whether you are a beginner or an expert,Shownicer is safe to use. This 22-inch board has a flexible base and smooth PU wheels. It has a maximum recommended load of 100 kg. In general, this is a model that has all the essential and necessary features.


It is not easy to choose which penny board is best to buy as the market offers excellent variety. In speciality stores, consultants seek to sell a more expensive model, as they will receive a bonus or a higher salary.

Since the original brand is over-promoted, part of the high price is advertising, which promotes the product. Today in stores you can find many cheap but high-quality products that do not differ from the original.

It is best to focus on your appearance and functionality preferences, not forgetting to touch and check in the store. If you decide to buy it online, you should not rush, but research before ordering, as you may be disappointed by the board’s poor quality.

We hope that our guide will help you understand the variety of models available on the market and make the right choice!


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