The ovulation test is the most reliable alternative that a couple can use to maximize their chance of having a baby. However, you have to turn to the best ovulation test if you want to have a reliable result.

The ovulation test saves you from the improbable calculation that you do every month on your cycles, especially if you have an irregular cycle. Indeed, the use of this device enjoys an efficiency as well as more concrete reliability according to several couples.

Therefore, being the most effective method in detecting the peak of woman’s ovum, the ovulation test is recommended for all those who wish to put on their side all the chances of getting pregnant. Discover in this guide all the points to know about the device as well as a selection of the best products.

What is the best ovulation test?

The best ovulation test is one that can be used where you want without leaving you all day thinking about whether you ovulated or not. It is important that you get rid of contraceptives in time so you can increase your chances of conceiving.

Therefore, choose one whose error rate is minimal. Also, it is important to select the one that is easiest to use, interpret and that can be applied anywhere. The most common are urine tests because they determine hormone levels.

According to your fertility index, you can set the number of strips you could use. When buying I advise you not to look for the cheapest one but the one with the highest performance because it is a simple process but it has a high connotation in all the different phases to achieve or detect a pregnancy.

Following these tips, I assure you that you will be able to become pregnant naturally.

Clearblue digital early ovulation test

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In stores, there are many options but this brand offers a high-quality test to measure the time of ovulation early and accurate. The best thing is that it is a reliable digital method. The package has 10 strips so that there are no difficulties in the measurement process.

FertilFocus Ovulation Microscope Babystart

Babystart FertilFocus Ovulation Microscope
  • Reusable ovulation predictor device
  • Complete instructions and an ovulation fertility chart for tracking results
  • Powerful glass lens with 60X magnification, just focus the eyepiece to view your test result
  • View unique saliva patterns that indicate infertile, fertile, and transitional periods of your cycle
  • CE marked for self-test use

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It is a great device with which you can measure and monitor the days of ovulation. It involves putting some saliva into a small microscope that will process the result quickly. It is easy to use and interpret and its buyers consider that they are better than the traditional ones.

Ovulation test in Wondfo strips

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It allows identifying the ovulation period easily, quickly and safely. There are 50 units that can be used at any time to detect the beginning of the period in which you can become pregnant. They are highly recommended by those who have irregular cycles because it allows averaging with the history you build.

Simple ovulation test with Surearly reader and strips

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It is one of the most traditional methods because it involves putting only a few drops of urine on the rod and placing it on the digital reader to determine the ovulation index. With the symbol of a heart, the most suitable moment to start the fertilization process is revealed.

Ovulation test with Clearblue monitor and rods

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It’s great because you can measure and save your fertility and pregnancy process. You have the possibility to record the behaviour of two important hormones in the fertilization process: estrogen and luteinizing. After its use, it can be recycled if it is the buyer’s wish. It is economical and very functional.

positive ovulation test

What is an ovulation test?

Unfortunately, we are not all equal when it comes to the best ovulation test procreation: some women expect a baby very easily, while others will need a little boost to know when fertility is at its peak.

We have an average of 3 to 5 days per cycle in which we are fertile, and it can sometimes be difficult or impractical to have sex in this small phase of time, especially when we do not know the exact dates.

The ovulation test allows you to better understand your reproductive cycle, and to establish the days when you will be most fertile. This test will, therefore, help you know when to redouble your efforts to wait for a child, by measuring your hormonal surges using your urine. The hormone monitored by this measuring instrument is the luteinizing hormone, a surge of this being noticed just before ovulation (one to two days before). This method is therefore quite trustworthy and gives you the best chance of knowing the best time to procreate.

However, there are a few factors to consider before resting all your conception hopes on an ovulation test:

  • Although these tests can detect a peak in luteinizing hormone, it does not 100% confirm that ovulation will occur the next day or the next day. In some cases, women may experience a hormone spike without an egg being released.
  • Ovulation tests are only effective if they are used around the ovulation phase. In the ovulation pack box, you will usually find the equivalent of a week of testing, which may not be enough for your cycle. It can be difficult to know when to test, especially for women with an irregular period. It is, therefore, preferable to combine the technique of the cervical gland in order to know when to start ovulation tests.
  • Some women may experience hormonal peaks preceding the largest peak, which can be difficult to determine.

When should I use an ovulation test?

They are very sought after to determine the duration of the ovulation cycle, which can last from 20 to 45 days, in normal menstrual period. If the duration of the cycle is different and unstable in each month, it is necessary to make an average with the start and end records of the menstrual period of the last three months.

What to look for when choosing an ovulation kit?

When you are choosing your ovulation test, you will be interested in the value for money, and you will also question yourself about the brands available. Indeed, we often provide good quality tests from FertilFocus or Clearblue.

In addition to these characteristics, which can be described as superficial, you must make a choice in accordance with a few important technical points. We will see in the following sections what it is.

Are your menstrual cycles regular?

Depending on your answer, choose the one that best suits your needs. Some come in packages of 7, 20 and up to 50 units to perform the process with greater accuracy. For women who have normal cycles with seven rods or registers is sufficient, but, if they are unstable with some difficulty in the ovaries, they will require more time and measurement material.

The most explicit product

You should always take the test that has the most explicit instructions for use. So opt for a package that comes with a detailed user guide as much as possible. In fact, if you don’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely, you could compromise your test results.

Check the expiration dates

Before paying for your ovulation test, check the expiration date on the package. Be aware that expired test strips cannot give reliable results. Therefore, pay close attention to the expiration date before your purchase.

Always follow the instructions

Many times mistakes are consequences of not following instructions or having interpreted the results incorrectly. It is necessary that you follow the recommendations of the manufacturer or the treating specialist or it could be a frustrating experience. You can also guide you by those who have already used the selected test.

Does the packaging correspond to one cycle or to several cycles?

You must check the packaging. If the test strips are packaged in the same package, they should be used in the same cycle. Otherwise, you will be able to use the packages for several cycles.

The possibilities of use

Some ovulation tests are to be used only in the morning while others can be used during the day. So you have to determine your possibilities of use before making your purchase.

If you are one of those who need quick confirmation at any time of the day, choose the tests that you can use within 24 hours.

If not, you can opt for morning tests. You will find a very good quality in pharmacies.

What to do if it affects fertility?

If you are prone to stress, an ovarian cyst problem or a thyroid problem, you should rely on a schedule to determine your cycle.

Then, prioritize the purchase of a digital ovulation test with refills. These tests are more precise and free you from stress during reading, which is very easy.

Talk to a doctor if you have doubts

You need to understand that ovulation tests can not diagnose fertility problems, but they can help create an alert if there is a problem. It is best to carry out the process with the recommendation and guidance of an expert.

Ovulation tests are not foolproof

Be aware that the ovulation tests are not 100% reliable. To overcome disappointment, plan to purchase a kit or a pack that has several test strips.