Be it in the Canary Islands, Ibiza or some tropical Caribbean, going to the beach is one of the main attractions when the holidays begin. And of course, those who enjoy the incredible way are our little children who love to bathe with saltwater and play between the indisputable beauty of the sand.

However, our curious little ones look for more peculiar forms of attraction, such as making sandcastles with their buckets and shovels or playing ping-pong on the seashore. We are sure that you are already preparing your next summer vacation, and you want to buy the best outdoor games to equip your bags.

What is the best outdoor games?

In this interesting comparative list, we have made an effort to collect ten good quality products, at an affordable and economical price that will fascinate you as much as our children.

When choosing the best option, it is essential to determine if they are ideal for sharing with the family, or are only a hobby for the little ones. It would be interesting to choose one of each style to strengthen the family ties within our core further.

Always try to acquire a recognized brand, or have products made with water-resistant materials and excellent durability. Do not forget to make sure they are portable so you can take them in your suitcase to any destination without taking up valuable space inside your bag.

1. GoSports Cornhole Bean Bag Toss Game Set

This game will give you a fun and incredible experience during your stay at the beach, with a high-quality aluminium frame, and bags of fillings with a superior finish than other brands on the market.

2. Horseshoe Indoor and Outdoor Game

Enjoy the company of your children with this set where you will have to “dunk” as many hoops as possible, and show your rivals which is the best.

3. Bocce Ball Set with Carrying Case

The traditional game of balls where you avoid that your rivals are close to the Mingo crashing his balls, and positioning yours right next to him.

4. Kan Jam Portable Disc Slam Outdoor Game

This fun hobby is a super favourite on all the beaches around the world, throw your disk to your friends, preventing them from falling and making perfect shots.

5. Wild Sports NCAA Alabama Crimson Tide Washer Toss Game

Show them to your children and friends who have the most aim, by placing exactly all the possible discs in the hole. Challenge yourself, achieving the best shot.

6. Spikeball 3 Ball Game Set

Let the ball bounce to the net, doing great tricks with your partner avoiding that the rivals take the ball to the net. There are no limits!

7. Urban Pop Up Badminton Set

Easily take this folding mesh anywhere you go and recreate your tennis, volleyball or badminton court by adjusting the size and height.

8. Tumbling Tower Stacking Game with 56 pieces

Create a tower as high as you can, avoiding being responsible for the fall of it. A game of tension and lots of outdoor fun.

9. TOSSO,INC Ladder Golf Brand – Red Bolas – Set of 3

Equip your ladder golf set with these softballs that will not hurt anyone around you. Take them to your opponent’s field, and win by beating.

10. two46 Premium Beach-Bat Set

Show your skills of Rafael Nadal on the sandbox with these good quality rackets, with which you can get amazing swings and win the prize.