The elastic shoelaces are used more and more by lovers of triathlon since they are really practical and they save time. Indeed we see them blooming at the feet of the runners and they are really nice in appearance. 

You can find elastic laces in different colours: red, black, yellow, orange, green. In short, you can follow your personal tastes and decide the color you like the most. In addition, elastic laces have a very important and very useful feature to save a little time during competitions: we do not need to tie them, but it is enough to pass them through the eyelets of the shoes. In short, they do not need a buckle to allow the shoe to be properly closed.

elastic shoelaces

Before using these elastic shoelaces must be installed and therefore you must find the tension and tightening that suit you. Personally I advise you to make a few tests to find the best conformation adapted to your requirements. It is true that the installation of these laces takes its time, but you can take the opportunity to train and frankly I think it is really worth it! If you are athletes and you know you have to have the tools to train well. You should not risk your own health to save a little money or a little time!

What are the best elastic shoelaces?

To get good cordless knots, you must have clear what you are looking for this product, for example, if you are athletes, as I would come with the flat models, in the offer you will find something economic that will surely solve your problems.

If it is your first time, it is important that you make a comparison between the available, price, manufacturer, durability, quality, adjustment system and closure, among other elements, that will help you decide.

If you still do not have very clear that you would like to buy maybe you should pay attention to the following list where you will surely find what you are looking for.

1. Lock Laces without knot elastic laces

Guaranteed comfort

LOCK LACES Unisex's FBA_Shoe Laces (Elastic Shoelace and Fastening System) (Black), 48-Inch
  • No-tie Lacing System: Turn any pair of lace-up tennis shoes into slip on sneakers. Lock Laces are the original, no tie shoelaces...

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Ideal to avoid the hassle of stakes stopping to tie the cords at all times, these knotless shoelaces offer you a comfortable fit.

2. Elastic Hickies Laces

Support and security

HICKIES Tie-Free Laces (2.0 New) Multipack Bundles - Black & White
  • Shop Multipack Bundles and save! 2nd Generation product launched in 2016, with new & improved strap and closure design for...
  • Each pack comes with 14 straps, enough for 1 pair of shoes
  • The only shoelaces with a fully customizable strap-by-strap fit
  • Fasten only once, then never again. Just slip on & go.
  • Made from a patented, flexible thermoplastic elastomer with bounce-back ability (No Latex).

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Made with comfortable material and great stability and support, these laces are recommended for runners, children with autism and people with ailments such as arthritis.

3. Elastic cords for adults from Coolnice

A compliment for footwear

Coolnice No Tie Shoe Laces Silicone Shoelaces for Adults Kids Sneakers Diagonal One
  • 1. Material:Silicone
  • 2. Stretchy
  • 3. Imported
  • 4. Size:Kid shoelaces have 6pcs of graduated lengths per side to choose.Adult have 8 pcs of graduated lengths per side to choose ....
  • 5. Convenience: No tie silicone shoelaces is very easy to install.With shoelaces,no need to tie and no need to worry your lace...

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Made of silicone, these colourful elastic cords come in sizes and are suitable for any type of shoes, as well as for people of any age.

4. Bertony Clever Elastic Shoelaces

Fast, safe and comfortable

BERTONY CLEVER LACES - Elastic Shoelaces with No-Tie Lacing System - Fast, Safe and Comfortable -...
  • ✅ QUALITY & PERFORMANCE: Materials designed for the HIGHEST PERFORMANCE provide a SECURE Fit and an outstanding...

  • ✅ FAST & SIMPLE: With the INNOVATIVE lock system, you can slip into your shoes LIGHTNING FAST and with outstanding...

  • ✅ IDEAL FOR EVERYONE: Perfect for SPORTS, Triathlon, Fitness and LEISURE. For any shoe with laces, no matter whether you are...

  • ✅ WARRANTY & SERVICE: We LOVE our CUSTOMERS and give you a 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. And to assure that you are AMAZED...

  • ✅ CHARITY: GIVING and HELPING are our core principles. We are convinced that the WORLD is ROUND, what goes around comes...

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Suitable for children and adults, these cords are worn by those who practice sports such as running and can not stop every now and then to tie themselves by tying their braids.

5. Adjustable tension flat cords Canwn Lacing System

Practical and useful

Canwn [2 Pairs] Elastic Laces, Reflective Elastic Shoe Laces 120cm No Tie Elastic Lock Shoelaces for...
  • Reflective & Never come undone: Say goodbye to undone laces, no more worries if laces coming undone. Much safer at night.
  • Easy to use: No more double knots and no more having to tie up your shoelaces. With the no tie elastic lace, one-handed operation...
  • Easy to adjust: Press, pull, release. The elastic lace system's ergonomic design & sliding toggle helps you adjust for the perfect...
  • Great for saving time: Taking only minutes to fit which makes leaving the house with you kids for school or getting out walking...
  • Perfect fit: It makes by trainers more comfortable, due the flexibility of the laces, whilst providing secure fitting. The laces...

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Equipped with an anchor that fixes the shoelaces through an easy fitting method, these laces adapt to the foot in a simple way.

6. Inmaker waxed elastic cords

Elegant and very comfortable

INMAKER No Tie Laces for Adult, Elastic Waxed Round Laces for Dress Shoes, Silicone Thin Shoe Laces...
  • Goodbye tie. Turn your lace-ups into slip-ons. When you feel heavy pressure from work, just take your shoes off for relief, for it...
  • No embarrassment caused by unexpected loosen shoelaces. Wearing a suit, and when you are meeting business partners or ready to...
  • Fabric simulated and exquisite texture. Sleek footwear strengthens your confidence and help you perform a better career.
  • Reliable elastic lock. They upgrade your dress shoes, securely wrap top of the shoe and lock in the heel. Feeling more...
  • 6*2 pcs make them fit more shoes on the market. Whether you have wide or narrow feet, these shoelaces will help you present shiny...

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Specially designed for dress shoes and shoes with small holes, these adjustable laces are ergonomic and easy to install. You will be comfortable and very elegant.

7. Neo+ Lock Shoelaces For Running

Quick and easy to install

Packs of Elastic Lock Shoelaces For Running & Triathlon - UK SELLER (THE NEON PACK)
  • Keeps your laces securely fastened
  • Quicker triathlon changeover
  • Easy setup instructions
  • Quick & easy one time set-up
  • For all your footwear!

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The sports cords of the Neo + brand are safe and very durable. Suitable for athletes and for those who always need to have their shoes well tied.

8. Elastic Laces for Sneakers by RJ-Sport

Easy to use

No products found.

With a tightening system that stretches and releases, the RJ Sport laces will never be untied, perfect for athletes in disciplines such as running, triathlon and others.

9. Flat shoes without knots Homar

Durable and easy to clean

Homar Adult Elastic Athletic Flat No Tie Shoelaces - Best in Sports Outdoors Fan Shop Footwear...
  • Fun Colorful Awesome Shoelaces - No tie silicone shoelaces, multi-color to choose,just changing out your regular silly laces and...
  • String Theory Versus Intelligent Design with A Good Stretch - Unique grip design, can bear amazing tension,and it can adjust the...
  • Turn Your Shoes into A Slip-on - Stretchy silicone allows for a flexible fit, providing a comfortable fit for any size footwear.
  • Easy to Install and Waterproof - Easy to install and the shoelace are waterproof and don't get wet in the rain or snow. When they...
  • Especially Perfect for Kids, Senior Parents or Someone Who has a hard time keeping his shoe laces tied.Used for Sneaker, Board...

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Made without knot style, these laces are waterproof and flexible. They come in different sizes and are ideal for putting different types of shoes.

10. Stretch shoelaces from Joyshare

For kids and adults

Joyshare No Tie Shoelaces for Kids and Adults Waterproof Silicon Flat Elastic Athletic Running Shoe...
  • Colorful no tie silicone shoelaces, add fashion to your shoes!
  • Made of high quality environmental silicone material, safe, non-toxic, tasteless!
  • Easy to lace, and needn't to tie once lacing on, once and for all!Easy to Install and Waterproof
  • Unique grip design, can bear greater tension, so that the hole in the shoe laces is difficult to separate.
  • 1 Set No Tie Silicon Shoelaces - Colorful,Different styles for a variety of people.

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Designed in different sizes for a personalized fit this model of laces is very easy to place and a great performance will last you a lot.

no tile laces

How to choose the best elastic shoelaces

These laces are a simple option to use with which you forget to be stopping to tie the braids of the shoes. They add style and some colour to your shoes, so when selecting the best ones you should consider some aspects:

Types of elastic shoelaces

They come in two main types that differ in some points among themselves, knowing their qualities will help you choose the most convenient, these are:

  • Round cords: Usually have an elegant appearance and are best suited for those who care about fashion and style. They offer a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Flat cords: They are the most common and provide a comfortable fit on the top of the foot, are not particularly cheap, but a great investment for athletes and, especially for runners.


This type of laces has lots of uses, but the most common is for sports functions, they are very popular among athletes, however, they are also appropriate for children, seniors, people with arthritis or rheumatism and those who are part of the autistic spectrum.


Although they are designed to be longer, most have a size that suits everyone, even some come by sizes. They are adjustable, versatile and convenient.

no tie elastic shoelaces


There is variety, however, the essential condition is that they are elastic, cloth and silicone have become very popular among users.


They come in flat and round shapes. The planes rest comfortably on your feet and serve for an active, moving and sporty style, while the round ones will give you an elegant style.


They come in a variety of colours and you can combine them with whatever your style is.

Construction and design

You must make sure to select and use the ones that suit your needs. You will find them in fabric or silicone, according to their ease to wash them. You can also select a shape that suits your foot and size and whose size is perfect for your shoes.

Performance and ease of use

You have to make sure to select according to your needs, the fabric laces are more durable but a nuisance to wash them, the life of the silicone is slightly shorter, but change them is a walk. Both are easy to use. Some bring closure system and just a simple pull to adjust.


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