Indispensable to fight against sinusitis or for a regular nose wash, the Neti pot is your best daily health ally. Indeed, the nasal purification has beneficial effects on all the sensory organs of the head, which makes it possible to prevent or reduce the risks of colds, sinusitis, allergies. This small plastic, ceramic or copper pots, which has the particularity of resembling an elephant whose trunk makes use of a spout, allows, among other things, to:

  • strengthen vision.
  • reduce eye strain.
  • relieve headaches.
  • stimulate memory and concentration.
hand holding neti pot

What is the best neti pot?

If you establish a comparison between models of this product you will find something cheap that is worthwhile and that lasts a lot of time.

You must take into account the durability, cost and comfort of use.

1. Neti Pot Nosebuddy – Yoga-Mad

Lightweight and durable

Equipped with a long curved peak that makes the nose easier to clean, this container made of light plastic helps to eliminate, with its treatment, the nasal symptoms of flu and colds.

2. Neti Pot Himalayan Chandra Sinus Cleansing Kit

Simple and effective

Made of ceramic, this container is the most recommended to treat sinus irritations. It is a practical way to clean the nose and relieve nasal problems associated with colds and allergies.

3. SinuCleanse Neti pot

Practical and efficient

Clinically proven, this container comes with pharmaceutical grade saline and is ideal for relieving nasal allergies and dryness. It is quite effective.

4. Blomideal Copper Neti Pot

Durable and resistant

Made of copper, this class I medical device is designed to eliminate secretions, pus, scabs or dust. It is durable and very easy to use.

5. Amazing Health Ceramic Neti Pot

Strong and comfortable

If you need a nasal home treatment to promote the disinfection of the paranasal sinuses, this container of the brand Amazing Health will help you Mogollon. It is delicate but resistant.

neti pot

What is a neti pot?

A neti pot is an instrument for washing the nose. The nasal irrigation allows very effective cleaning of the nose. A nose wash is optimal prevention and treatment of several diseases of the nose and respiratory tract. Rhino Horn is easy and refreshing for washing the nasal passages. Use lukewarm water and add salt.


If you look well you will find lots of benefits in the use of these devices, here we mention some:

Congested sinuses

Irrigating some warm saline solution in the sinuses will provide immediate relief if you have sinus congestion. With one of these pots, you can do this treatment to expel impurities, keep the inside of the nose clean and avoid irritations.


When you are cold the feeling of heaviness in the nose and pain in the nasal passages is usually a real nuisance that turns into a headache and general malaise because the congestion does not leave you alone. Draining with one of these pots will give you immediate relief.

Sinus infections

These types of treatments are precise to give relief to infections in the paranasal sinuses and have been a great ally of chronic sinusitis. You will notice less pain and more decongestion.


Those who are allergic to certain elements when the seasons in which their problem gets worse are armed with one of these to avoid greater evils.

Sinus problems related to pregnancy

As a safe home remedy, a nasal treatment made with neti pot will help pregnant women whose hormonal disorders cause sinusitis and allergies.


If you are worse than a locomotive every night and even the couple tormenting noise of your snoring treatment neti pot you can save you marriage. Whenever your problem is for nasal disorders.

Types of neti pots

In the market you will find a great variety of these products, the most popular are:

Stainless steel

It is one of the most common and durable, not fragile. They are easy to clean and very hygienic. They are a great option.


They are heavy and quite fragile, but even if they lie to you they are also very popular. They are soft and durable.


Due to their construction, they are really durable and good for travellers, but they stain and retain bad odour over time. Plastic can hurt your nostrils.


It is very likely that you will find in the market a pot of Neti larger than the traditional ones, they are usually very good and effective however some believe that, at certain temperatures, the saline solution can react with copper.

how to use neti pots

How to use a Neti pot safely

You know what type of water to use in your neti pot, but what about the solution? You can buy rinses for ready-made sinuses or you can make your own by simply combining a cup of purified water (using the water options mentioned above) with a teaspoon of iodized salt from a quarter to half a teaspoon. Adding a pinch of baking soda is optional.

Do not use salt that contains additional ingredients in your neti pot: the ingredient list should include the only salt. The solution is intended to mimic the salt to the water balance of body tissues. You can use table salt, sea salt or kosher salt.

When the solution is in the kettle, wash and dry your hands thoroughly before using it to prevent the spread of germs. The whole process takes only about 5 minutes.

  • You will need a good location to use your neti pot, it can be done over a sink, bowl, in the shower or outdoors. Just keep in mind that a splash of water will come out of your nose, so you don’t want to do it on the couch. You may also want to wear some type of protective clothing. After doing it a couple of times, you probably won’t get your clothes wet, but when you start, it’s easy to finish with at least a few water stains. Fortunately, they tend to dry quickly and do not stain.
  • Once in the desired place, lean forward and tilt your head sideways at an angle of approximately 45 degrees and place the neti pot’s outlet tube in the upper nostril. Make sure the outlet tube is fully inserted so that water cannot flow through that nostril, open your mouth and breathe through it while pouring gently, with the goal of using approximately half of the solution. Try to relax. The solution will immediately start coming out of your lower nostril, which is what you want to happen.
  • Repeat on the other side.

That’s all there is, risk No. 1 is to use a dangerous water source, so by following the advice here and carefully reading the instructions that come with your neti pot, you will be able to relieve the symptoms without risking injury. or something worse.

What to look for when choosing the best neti pot

Before buying, there are a number of factors that you should consider to choose wisely:

copper neti pot


The larger the capacity of the pot, the greater the pressure of the flow of saline in your nostrils.


Saline solution is something so simple that you can do it with simple homemade recipes, but if the discomfort does not let you be for the work you can always have available the envelopes that come with these containers at the time of purchase.


It is essential that you bear in mind that this treatment will be applied to the nose, it should be small enough to fit without hurting you and so that you can hold it without falling.

Watch out

You must remember that this is a delicate use tool. What I always recommend is that you do the replacement to avoid bacteria or the spread of germs.

Construction and design

Although it is similar to a teapot, it has its differences, the main one is the conical peak that facilitates placing the treatment in the holes of the nose.

Performance and ease of use

You do not need to be a genius to use one of these, it is a matter of filling the pot and using the long nozzle to pour it into the nose.