7 Best Neck and Shoulder Massagers that Relieve Body Stress and Revitalize Your Energy

On many occasions, after exhausting days of work, study or any other activity, getting the best neck and shoulder massager that relaxes you and provides relief from pain and muscle tension, is practically a gift from heaven.

With a society so hectic and full of pressures, and in the absence of a whirlpool, these devices have become more popular both at home and in the office to relax muscles.

Massagers come with different qualities, it is important that you know exactly what use you will give to take home the one that best suits your needs and the budget you have set for him.

Buying one is always a great decision, but for you to make the best investment in this device, it is useful to review the offer in the market. Do a test between products and qualities and decide from there.

What is the best neck and shoulder massagers?

We made a comparison of the available models and developed a guide for you where you will surely find what you are looking for:

1. Donnerberg Cervical Shiatsu Massager

For intensive massage

Back and Neck Donnerberg ® Shiatsu massager –...
12 Reviews
Back and Neck Donnerberg ® Shiatsu massager –...
  • EXCLUSIVE RELAXATION - Based on the...
  • VERSATILE -Adaptable to any height and...

Endowed with multiple functions, this shoulder massager can provide relief in minutes by applying an active and intensive massage of the neck, shoulders, back, feet, hips, legs, scapulae and stomach.

It is portable and has infrared heating function that stimulates blood circulation, ideal for those who suffer from chronic pain or spend a lot of time sitting or driving.

It is also a good product for allergy sufferers because it is anti mite, ecological, antibacterial and biodegradable.

Its price is high, however, those who already have it claim that it is a worthwhile investment because it is a quality product, resistant and durable.

This German-made device will give you a lot of relief, if money is not a problem for you, this is a good option to consider. The manufacturer gives you three years of warranty.

2. Naipo MGS-321

Wireless and relaxing

Shiatsu Neck Shoulder Massgaer Rechargeable...
190 Reviews
Shiatsu Neck Shoulder Massgaer Rechargeable...
  • 【Long shoulder straps】Long shoulder...
  • 【Hand-free design 】For more...
  • 【Adjustable intensity & Bi-directional...

The neck and shoulder massager that Naipo manufacturer puts at your disposal is ideal to have at home, take to the office or load in the car.

It is a rechargeable cervical massager that provides deep kneading with 4 nodes, perfect for relieving tiredness and aching muscles.

It is wireless, it provides a professional massage sensation and, in the opinion of those who already have it, it is ideal not only for shoulders and neck, but also for other parts of the body.

For all the functions and qualities that it brings is a product with a reasonable cost, the manufacturer gives you two years warranty and, if you are not satisfied with the product, you return your money in 30 days.

It comes with travel bag to take it everywhere, a charger, a car charging adapter and a user manual.

3. InvoSpa – Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massager

Lightweight and portable

Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat...
517 Reviews
Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat...
  • 8 MASSAGE ROLLER BALLS - This shoulder...
  • 2 MASSAGE DIRECTIONS - built in a...

It is an electric shoulder massager that works only with power when it is plugged in. It is portable and lightweight so you can take it everywhere.

It has 8 rollers and two massage directions, specially designed to provide relief and warmth to the most difficult muscles to reach.

It comes equipped with a simple control panel that will allow you to make the adjustments you want. It turns off automatically after 10 minutes to avoid overheating and injuries caused by excessive massage.

It is affordable, has a two year warranty and is not rechargeable, but comes with an adapter so you can give yourself a warm massage at home, in the car and in the office.

4. ElleSye Shiatsu wireless massager 

Comfortable and relaxing

Manufactured with an automatic shut-off system after 15 minutes of use to provide you with greater security, this SunlitLife brand back massager has 12 heads that mimic the way a professional masseur works, so by using it you will feel at home. the massage table.

It is portable, you can take it wherever you want because it works without cable, has extensible velcro laces that reach better to places of difficult access and hold more firmly giving you a better feeling of massage on the buttocks, back, neck and shoulders. It is expensive, but it is made with solid materials, certified by the manufacturer.

5. Amzdeal Neck Shoulder Massager

Adjustable and heat treated

AMZDEAL Neck Shoulder Massage Kneading Electric...
317 Reviews
AMZDEAL Neck Shoulder Massage Kneading Electric...

With four rotating heads that direct a gentle heat and pulsating massage, this device from the manufacturer Amzdeal is ideal against tired muscles when you get home providing an extraordinary sense of relief and relaxation.

Equipped with the percussion system, this device relieves pain, fatigue and provides great relaxation to the shoulders, neck, arms, hips, waist, back and almost the entire body, it is even a foot massager.

It has a heat system that gives you a soft and relaxing massage, with automatic shut-off function to provide safety and avoid overheating.

It is economical, lightweight, portable, comes with an adapter for the car and works with a power of 24 volts. It comes with instruction manual.

6. Massage Pillow Klarfit – Neck and Shouder 

For massage therapy

Klarfit Neckmaster Neck Massage Pad (Shiatsu...
  • Massage Pillow for neck, shoulders and...
  • Practical fixing band on the back for...
  • Also suitable for the belly, back, calf...

Specially designed to relieve muscle tension, spasms, pain and fatigue, this device provides excellent therapy at home and can be used on the neck, shoulders, arms, waist, back, legs and feet.

Those who already have it affirm that it is a device of good quality, indispensable in the home for those moments of fatigue and stress. Its users praise the good finishes of the product and its function of heat that provides security and a pleasant sensation of relaxation and revitalization

It has a low price and you get it in a sober brown and beige color, it comes with instruction manual and the corresponding adapters.

7. MaxKare Nech and Shoulder

With infrared thermotherapy

Shiatsu Neck Shoulder Massager Electric Back...
581 Reviews
Shiatsu Neck Shoulder Massager Electric Back...
  • Care for Mom: Concerned about the...
  • Simulated Hand Kneading Massage: 8...
  • Car and Home Use: With the AC and DC...

To provide relief in various parts of the body and, especially the areas of ligaments, tendons and joints, this device is made with a thermotherapy system that provides heat through an infrared system generating relief in those who are in constant movement or have suffered injuries.

It has two directions of rotation that provides relief to the stressed area and make it ideal for a deep cervical massage.

Its heat function with off at 15 minutes also make it suitable for relieving areas such as the back, neck, hips and stomach.

It is the least expensive of our entire selection and those who have it claim that it is a product with good characteristics and durability.

Unexpected benefits of a neck massage

People often carry an enormous amount of pressure and stress, which usually leads to wear and tear. It is precisely the neck and shoulders that are most affected by this situation, so a massage in that area never comes bad.

There are very few people who can say that they do not love to have a relaxing massage on the neck and shoulders, however much you like it, it might surprise you to know that this relaxing act not only provides relief, but also, In addition, it brings a series of unexpected benefits to your health and quality of life, among which are located:

  • Your mental abilities will reach ceiling: A good massage in the neck is translated in liberation of stress, tension and pressure, to that you must add an enormous mental clarity of which you will enjoy as soon as you receive the massage. Although you do not believe it, stress tends to block the mind from logical reasoning and tensions cause distraction due to pain. That’s why a neck massage is the perfect tool!
  • An important release of endorphins will flood your body: Although massage works especially the neck and shoulders not only releases tension from that area, but welfare extends to your entire body, this is due to the amount of endorphins that your body releases to the bloodstream during, and immediately after. You will feel better than ever and that feeling will spread to your body.
  • Your energy levels will also pump: As a logical consequence of the release of endorphins, which we already talked about, the massage of the neck and shoulders also frees the tension of the muscles, which will give your body energy and complete revitalization.
  • You will sleep like a baby: If you are one of those people who have trouble sleeping, especially if it is chronic problems, a good massage in the neck helps you relax enough to sleep peacefully without needing the help of pills or tranquilizers .
  • Neck massages allow you to meditate effectively: One of the most unexpected benefits of massage is that you will achieve such a state of relaxation that you will have the ability to readjust and recalibrate your mind, facilitating the process of meditation. When you receive a massage you fall into a kind of trance that allows you to meditate more easily.

What are the different types?

There are several types of neck and shoulder massager available, there are for all tastes and needs, they provide great benefits and are a great alternative to relieve pain and reduce medication costs. Among the most popular are:

  • Laptops: They are the smallest, they are held with only one hand and you can use it without help. They come in manual models that move around the neck, some of these vibrate and are operated by batteries.
  • Neck and shoulder: Made from a firm material with a soft cover, it is placed around the neck and shoulders. They work with batteries, knead, vibrate and can even warm up to provide additional relief.
  • All in one: Not only used in the neck, but also in other parts of the body, including the back. These massagers can come with multiple accessories that provide different degrees of pressure and different relaxation techniques
  • Pillow: They have massage units placed inside the cover to provide you with a feeling of total relaxation. You get them with the shape of the traditional or U-shaped pillow to wrap around the back of the neck.

What you should look for in a neck massager

Although there are a lot of these devices, many of them vary in characteristics and qualities, when you take one home there are a number of factors that you should consider, including:

  • Percussion vs. Vibration: Some send vibration to the muscles. Others are made up of a kind of small hammers that massage the neck and muscles superficially. Both are useful for massage and to cover specific areas in tension, here the opportune thing is to choose according to the device that provides you greater comfort and relaxation.
  • Power: Varies depending on the device. Percussion massages usually require more power to penetrate the muscles, generally have 25 to 45 watts. Some even come with infrared lights.
  • Size: There are very small that fit the base of the neck or even larger products that cover more muscle space.
  • Heating: This is an additional function that these products often bring. Warms the muscles and improves circulation, giving you a sensation similar to a massage with hot stones.
  • Adjustments: Many of these devices come with configurations to give them multiple uses that provide greater versatility to the device. That is, you can not only massage the neck but also other painful parts of the body. They are very useful for different types and intensity of pain.