The nebuliser inhaler is a device that allows people suffering from asthma or any other respiratory pathology to inhale treatment. Thanks to this device, the medication is administered directly to the lungs so that they are able to reveal instant efficacy and very few side effects.

The nebuliser inhaler transforms a medication in the liquid state into a multitude of fine particles which can then be sent directly into the lungs. This is how people with asthma can relieve their seizures. But this device is also effective in administering treatments intended to relieve certain respiratory pathologies such as rhinitis or even bronchitis.

What is the best nebuliser?

One of the most important features that this unit should present is durability; that is why it is important to acquire a recognised brand in the area that works with quality materials to make compact equipment.

Also, they must be lightweight equipment to make transportation easier. Another aspect is important is the source of energy; The more, the better. That is, look for one that is powered by an adapter, electric current and battery. If you use batteries, it is important that it charges quickly and efficiently.

Versatility is another important aspect; It should work for both pediatric, adult and geriatric use, so you do not have to buy one for each stage of life. And the guarantee must always examine it, that will give us a sample of how much the manufacturing company trusts in its product. Do not forget to look for one that does not emit as much noise, the quieter, the better.

Promedix PR-810 Nebuliser

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The speciality of this unit, with an aesthetic design of a very friendly vaquita, is a children’s nebuliser with high ease of use and with high quality in the inhalation and vaporization of medicines. The structure of the machine allows your child to associate the concept of nebulization with fun, and not as a traumatic aspect.

The advanced technology applied in this tool converts any liquid medication into a fine mist of easy pulmonary inhalation. In addition, it does not emit as much noise as others, so it is a very useful and silent element.

Beurer IH21 Nebuliser

Beurer IH21 Home-Use Nebuliser, Electric Inhaler for Nebulising Liquid Medication for Colds, Asthma...
  • MEDICINAL INHALATION: Nebulise liquid medication and inhale for effective home treatment of airway conditions such as colds,...
  • FAST AND EFFECTIVE RELIEF: Delivers your medication directly to the site of illness resulting in reduced side-effects
  • COMPRESSED AIR TECHNOLOGY: Performs a high nebulisation rate (0.3mlmin) for easier inhalation; great for chronic conditions and...
  • CERTIFIED MEDICAL DEVICE: The Beurer IH21 is medically certified so you can be confident in effecting home treatment
  • ACCESSORIES: Includes adult mask, childs mask, mouth piece and nose piece - all are suitable for disinfecting

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With the new Beurer equipment, you will have a tool available for the whole family, including your children, in which you can transform any medically prescribed medication into a fine mist that facilitates your inhalation into the lungs. Special to cure prophylactic and pulmonary diseases, such as asthma, allergy, or pneumonia.

The operation emits less than 58 dBa*, which means that it is rather silent equipment that will make the treatment of fogging easier. The maximum airflow that this equipment emits is 0.2 ml per minute. The weight is quite light, making it an inhaler with a compact compressor of just 1.8 kilograms.

The dimensions are 280 x 178 x 100* millimetres. The prolongation of continuous use of this tool can extend up to 30 minutes without any inconvenience with an alternating current power supply of 230V at 50 Hz.

Omron A3 Complete

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This nebuliser is designed to be fast enough, with an effective setting so you can deliver the medication completely in less than 5 minutes. It has a 3 in 1 nebulization kit that can be used in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract such as colds, rhinitis or bronchitis and even asthma.

It can also be used in a variety of medical prescriptions including isotonic or hypertonic saline solutions to cure respiratory infections. It has 3 positions for the delivery address of the medication and is ideal for use in children. The package includes the mask for children, adults, nosepiece, tube, air, 3 filters and a briefcase.

It has a power supply of 230 volts at 50 Hz. And it can be cleaned with boiling water, as easy as that.

Omron C801 Nebuliser

OMRON C801 CompAir Compressor Nebuliser - Very silent Compressor Nebuliser to Treat at Home Cough...
  • Nebulise liquid medication and inhale for effective home treatment of airway conditions such as colds, asthma and bronchitis
  • Fast and effective: Delivers medication directly to the site of illness resulting in reduced side-effects
  • High nebulisation rate and good particle size for easier inhalation; great for chronic conditions and young children
  • Light, very silent (46db), compact and easy to clean device with adult and child mask

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Knowing the importance of durability in these types of medical devices, this company has opted for the construction of a team that can provide reliable applications for many years. This nebuliser is powered by standard electric current, something simple and fast.

It has a two-in-one cup for easy cleaning, assembly and disassembly. Create particles of fine and consistent size for effective and efficient application. Includes the pediatric and adult mask parts inside the packaging. The design is quite economical and resistant. It is incredibly perfect for use in sprays!

Philips InnoSpire Essence Nebuliser

Philips Respironics InnoSpire Essence Nebuliser (UK 3-pin Plug) with SideStream Technology,...
  • Provides fast, efficient and reliable aerosol therapy, designed for home use
  • Can be used with a wide variety of medications to treat various respiratory conditions
  • Compact home-use device delivering treatment in 6-8 minutes
  • Comes with 1-month use handset (dark blue) and an additional 1-year handset can be purchased separately (light blue)
  • Its stylish design incorporates effortlessly into the home environment

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Let’s start by noting that this unit is made without any grams of latex, which makes it a fairly safe product. Its weight is just 1.5 kilograms, which combines with the characteristics of a portable light model for transportation and use.

The sound it emits when operating is only 50dBa* and is designed for the application in the cure of diseases such as asthma, pneumoconiosis, chronic obstructive pathologies, tracheitis and others. The storage capacity of medication is 6ml*. And the prolonged flow without interruption is 5 to 8* litres per minute.

What is a nebuliser?

A nebuliser turns liquid medication into a spray, allowing you to inhale the medication directly into your airways. Nebulisers are generally used by children or adults suffering from a cold, asthma or respiratory illness.

Asthmatics don’t necessarily need a nebuliser, as they can use a dry powder inhaler for their medication. A dry powder inhaler is generally as effective as a nebuliser, but the latter requires less effort for drug delivery. We recommend that you consult your doctor who will tell you if a nebuliser is an easiest and most effective way to get the medicine you need.


Different types of nebulisers

Nebulisers are abundant on the market. It is however possible to classify the latter into three main categories.

  • Ultrasonic nebuliser: this nebuliser uses a crystal. This crystal transforms the electrical impulse into vibrations. And these vibrations will make the drug clouds of particles which will be inhaled by the patient. This model is at the cutting edge of technology. However, its price is not within the reach of everyone.
  • Membrane nebuliser: this device includes a vibrating membrane. The drug substance is filtered through the membrane and passes through microscopic holes. Which creates the aerosol. It has the disadvantage of being quite noisy and slow but is very economical.
  • Nozzle nebuliser: this model contains a pump or a compressor. The latter pushes air into the compartment containing the drug solution. The interaction between air and liquid will generate particles which will settle on the respiratory tract. Powerful and fast, the pneumatic nebuliser is however expensive.

It is important to note that there are no standards for nebulizing drugs. Some drugs are more suited to a certain model. For example, solutions containing cortisone are better absorbed with an ultrasonic nebuliser. The choice of the medical nebuliser must then be made according to the drug which will be used. Other elements are also to be taken into account when choosing a nebuliser, such as the profile of the user (baby, child or adult).

Benefits of using a nebuliser


As we mentioned the nebuliser is responsible for converting liquid medication into vapour. The inhalation of these substances is linked to a more effective administration because the vapour goes directly into the lungs, increasing its effectiveness and its action.

Without its use, the drug would have to be processed by the body and would take longer to reach the respiratory system. In cases of asthma or bronchitis, for example, it is important that there is this speed in the treatment and in the results.

Prevention and well-being

The use of the nebuliser a few times a day promotes relief of the vocal cords during hoarseness because it hydrates them. This helps prevent possible wear and tear on the throat, which is reflected in the voice. It is widely used, including by professionals such as singers and teachers who use voice continuously.

In addition, by living daily with the pollution of large urban centres, the use of the nebuliser can prevent respiratory diseases and the feeling of a dry throat. In other words, the nebuliser is not only used to treat diseases, but it is also a preventive device.

Ease of use

One of the best benefits of the nebuliser is the ease of handling and use of the device. As it works continuously, it is not necessary to take care of breaks during breathing and inhalation of drugs. In addition, they can be used without age criteria, they are perfectly adaptable.

Reduction of side effects

Taking medication by mouth is a common act, but it should be emphasized that this administration can generate side effects which are reduced by the use of the nebuliser.

Headache, tachycardia, increased blood pressure, and susceptibility to infection are some of the side effects, the risks of which are reduced by inhalation.

Omron nebuliser

How to use a nebuliser?

A nebuliser is a treatment in which substances are administered to the body via an aerosol.

Many people think that an inhaler is exactly the same as a nebuliser and that is, although it is true that in some cases they have the same function, there is a more than noticeable difference.

-An inhaler is a device that turns solid particles into aerosols so that they can reach the body by inhalation.

-On the other hand, nebulisers are used to generate an aerosol from particles which are liquid and which have the right size to be assimilated by the lower respiratory tract.

Although nebulisers can be used throughout our lives, it is much more common to use them in children or the elderly. They can be used both in hospital and privately (but they should always be recommended by a doctor).

To know how to use a nebuliser, the first thing to know is in which cases it can be used, which are basically summarized in three:

  • They will only be used in medicines that are presented in liquid form.
  • We will use a nebuliser when we need to administer high dose medication through the airways.
  • Patients who cannot take the medicine in a conventional way will also be able to use it.

To use a nebuliser, the patient must be seated and have their back straight. You must be calm, breathe normally, and do not speak when you inhale.

For children, nebulisers are usually the best option for treating asthma. In this case, the child, as well as the family, will have to know exactly all the indications to use it without producing any type of accident. The doctor will only prescribe an inhaler or nebuliser if the family already knows how to use it.

How to choose the best nebuliser?

As with any product, the nebuliser inhaler is not chosen by simple recommendation of Internet users or based on its unique popularity. It is ideally recommended by a doctor, but in practice, its acquisition becomes more personal.

It is, therefore, necessary to refer to some predefined parameters, which will allow you to use optimization in all circumstances. Here are the 3 main criteria:

It’s aerosol

The quality/price ratio is largely based on this criterion. All qualities are not equal and do not necessarily correspond to what is suitable for a device.

These are the fine particles which are generated by the structure, and which act during transformations.

In addition to smoothing the absorption of the products used, they limit the irritations that the process can cause in the respiratory tract. A quality aerosol will also help evacuate the mucous membranes gently.

It can consist of gas, a solid, a liquid, or a drug product. The so-called “standard” versions are to be preferred to ensure compatibility with all the other components.

Its ease of maintenance

A good nebuliser inhaler will be one that will not be difficult for you to maintain. The detachable elements should be easy to disassemble and should be strong enough to last you a few years.

The components that accompany it must be just as resistant, to limit the risk of breakage during use or cleaning.

It is preferably advisable to turn to models whose supplements do not degrade over time or in contact with certain liquids.

Its accessories

The number of accessories is also important because it increases the capabilities of the device. This also allows you to always have the necessary elements at your disposal, and not to have to search for new tips or other masks in an emergency.

Good accessories will not require any particular effort to be maintained and will limit the time spent on a session. They must also ensure the correct administration of doses, reducing losses and wastage.