During construction and installation work, it is often necessary to use nails. This operation is a monotonous routine and can be dangerous. To make the job much easier and quicker, the use of a nail gun is necessary. It has recently become fairly widespread. Such a device acts quickly and very effectively.

Thanks to its help, it will be possible to install the frame for drywall systems almost instantly. To install fencing, decking, skirting boards and to perform many other works.

A large assortment of these devices is presented in DIY stores. In this regard, many users, especially those who have never encountered such products, are lost. To avoid this problem, we decided to evaluate the best nail guns of the year. In this review, we have not only analyzed the useful features of each of the models, but we have also taken the liberty of giving advice on the choice and acquisition of this tool.

Our list for best nail guns in the UK

To begin, we offer you the following list comparative with the best nail gun models in the market. In it, you can find the most popular products prefered by many users. You can choose between corded, cordless, high power models, with advanced settings and much more. In turn, we will also show you the most convenient prices so you can save more.

1. Makita DPT353Z nail Gun

Makita DPT353Z 18V Li-Ion LXT Pin Nailer - Batteries And Charger Not Included
  • Tool-less depth adjustment
  • Anti-dirty fire mechanism
  • Contact arm mechanism for continuous nailing and drag nailing
  • Trigger lock
  • Nail gauge 23 glass

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This model is a cordless nail gun with an 18 volts rechargeable lithium-ion battery and an excellent capacity of work. Use 0.6 headless nails up to 3 cm.

One of the great advantages of this nail gun is that you can take it out and work on the fence without cables or bulky accessories. Also, the battery is really durable, with efficient consumption. It is also lightweight with a weight of 1.8 kg.

2. Makita AF506 Brad Nailer

Makita AF506 2-inch 18g Brad Nailer Complete with Nose Protector/ Oil/ Carrying Case, Blue
  • Multi-directional exhaust port directs exhaust air away from operator. rotatable 360 degrees by hand
  • Rubber bumpers protect the surface of work piece from scratches / damages
  • Rubberized grip
  • Tool hook
  • Toolless clearing of jams enables quick removal of jammed nails

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This nail gun uses nails from 12 to 125 mm. Its wights 1.4 kg, which is not the lightest in our list but is not excessively heavy either. A good quality nail gun for fencing.

Your charger can carry up to 330 nails, comes with depth adjustment and the coil comes with an inclination of 16 degrees. It is the most expensive of the list.

3. Nail gun DeWalt DEWALT DEWDPN1850PP

Dewalt DEWDPN1850PP Brad Nailers & Pinners
  • DPN1850PP Pneumatic Oil-Free 18 Gauge Brad Nailer
  • Dewalt
  • Accessories
  • Model number: DEWDPN1850PP
  • Item height: 34.0106 centimeters

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The least expensive of the list is of the brad mail gun. It uses 18 gauge nails, although it has the advantage that it does not require oiling to keep it in good condition.

The DeWalt nail gun has a case to protect the tool and to equip it with a three-level depth selector. In turn, it offers excellent finishes, good performance and a weight of just 2.56 kg. Requires Allen key for adjustments.

4. Tacwise Coil Air Nail Gun

Tacwise FCN55V Air Coil Nail Gun, Uses Flat and Conical Top Coil Nails, 25 - 57 mm
  • PROFESSIONAL 2-IN-1 COIL NAIL GUN - Heavy-duty flat-top and conical top coil nailer supplied in a durable carry case, designed for...
  • 2.4KG LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN - Ergonomic, well-balanced magnesium alloy body with a cylindrical magazine drum, soft rubber grip and a...
  • FEATURES - Offers sequential (single shot) and contact trip (bump) firing modes, depth control countersinking adjuster for precise...
  • COMPATIBILITY - Efficient high-capacity magazine drum, enables firing of up to 400 x 2.1 diameter 25-50mm flat/conical top coil...
  • VARIETY OF APPLICATIONS - Professional coil nail gun for a range of industrial applications including pallet, case and crate...

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This air nail gun uses flat head nails, and also uses a coil to load them. They can be 2.5 to 3.3 mm in diameter and a maximum of 83 mm in length.

With this nail gun, you can place 200 to 300 units without having to reload. Has a comfortable rubber grip, a high capacity loader and also comes with a good engine and adjustable exhaust.

5. Stanley TRE550 Heavy Duty Electric Staple Nail Gun

Stanley 0-TRE550 Heavy Duty Electric Staple/Nail Gun, YELLOW
  • Heavy duty design delivers outstanding driving power
  • Hi/Lo power for hard and soft materials
  • Flush-nose design assists with stapling in tight spots
  • Contoured grip for extra comfort anti-jam mechanism saves time on the job
  • Low-brad indicator window for ability to see when to reload

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This staple nail gun is produced by one of the most famous professional construction and decoration equipment manufacturers in the world. This pistol is not equipped with batteries, it is fully networked. With its help, it will be possible to instantly fix the material on the base. For this, special nails are used and, on the surface, they leave no trace. Similar products can work with different sizes of fasteners – 15, 19, 25, 30 and 32 mm. The supply store is characterized by a decent capacity. If necessary, the pins can be replaced with a special window.

The length of the power cable is 2.5 meters. Enough for any room, but the masters must periodically use extension cords. The control of the tool is completely safe, the trigger is carefully protected against accidental pulling. A practical adjustment of the impact force is provided so that the master can always adapt to a specific material. The handle is rubberized, it will not slip between the hands. It is very convenient to hold the tool with one hand. Productivity is very high, even large volumes of work are done in a short time. The pistol works quite quietly, it is reliable, the brushes wear out very long, even under intensive use.

6. Salki pneumatic nail gun

Salki 86900050 Nailer Pneumatic CSK12 | Brad AX/10 – 50 mm
  • DESIGN: This pneumatic nailer features a trigger with safety system, a nose with easy opening device for when jamming occurs, a...
  • USE: Insert up to 100 nails into the side magazine of the tool, remove the safety system and fire the brads onto the work surface.
  • QUALITY: The charger is made of special anti-corrosion and anti-wear aluminum. The carrying case includes a pack with protective...
  • VERSATILITY: It is suitable for carpentry, joinery and DIY work, for projects with wood, in the construction of furniture, in the...
  • TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Compressed air stapler compatible with BRAD (nails with head) of 1.2 mm thickness and 10 to 50 mm in...

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We arrived at a very affordable product that works as a pin-type pistol from 21 to 40 mm or brad 0.8, also from 21 to 44 mm. Weighs only 2 kg, one of the best in our list.

It is a pneumatic model that also treats its users very well. Comes with the necessary documentation to order the necessary spare parts for any repair or maintenance.

7. Einhell Power X-Change Cordless Nail Gun

Einhell Power X-Change Cordless Nail Gun - 18V, 2-In-1 Brad Nailer & Stapler, 20 Shots Per Minute,...
  • CORDLESS FREEDOM - Annoying power cords are a thing of the past! The 20 shots per minute of this 18v battery powered 2-in-1 Nail...
  • VERSATILE NAILING AND STAPLJING - There is a depth setting facility for variable penetration depth whilst the magazine has a fill...
  • GERMAN DESIGN - The firing lock prevents unpremeditated stapling/nailing and ensures safe working whilst the slimline profile...
  • ONE BATTERY FOR OVER 300 TOOLS - Our intelligent ABS Battery Electronics and high-performance Li-Ion Cells makes our Rechargeable...
  • CORDLESS NAIL GUN ONLY - This is the battery powered Nailer / Electric Stapler body only supplied with 300 Brand Nails and 300...

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Who needs cumbersome power cords when you can have the ease of cordless? Say goodbye to tangles and restrictions. With a robust 18V capacity powering 20 shots per minute, this nail gun provides you the true essence of unhindered work.

Whether you’re nailing or stapling, choose your desired penetration depth with the thoughtful depth setting facility. Plus, with a magazine fill-level feature, you’re always in the know, ensuring seamless operations.

Crafted with German finesse, the nail gun’s slimline profile isn’t just about looks. The in-built firing lock ensures your safety, preventing accidental firings while emphasizing efficiency and ergonomics.

What if we told you one battery can be the heartbeat of over 300 tools? With superior ABS Battery Electronics and high-octane Li-Ion Cells, our rechargeable powerhouse offers unmatched longevity and strength. (Battery sold separately.)

This package doesn’t just stop at the nail gun. Dive into your tasks with 300 premium-grade nails and 300 staples included, ensuring you’re equipped and ready for any project on your list.

Crafted for those who seek both performance and style, the Einhell Power X-Change Cordless Nail Gun is not just a tool, it’s a statement.

8. Bosch Professional 18V System GNH 18V-64 M Battery Nailer Gun

Bosch Professional 18V System GNH 18V-64 M Battery Nailer Gun (max. Nail Dia. 1.6 mm, Nail Length 64...
  • Maximum freedom: no air hose, compressor or expensive gas cartridge needed
  • Enhanced material protection: by preventing empty nail magazine from firing blanks
  • Easy to control the various operating modes via user interface
  • Professional 18V System. Ultimate performance. Maximum freedom. All of our batteries are compatible with new and existing Bosch...
  • Items included: GNH 18V-64 M, L-BOXX 136

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Dive into your projects without the constraints of an air hose, the hum of a compressor, or the recurring costs of gas cartridges. The future of nail guns is cordless, and the future is here.

This Bosch marvel safeguards your materials with a feature that prevents the empty nail magazine from shooting blanks, ensuring that every shot counts and your work remains unblemished.

Simplify your tasks with a user-friendly interface, allowing you to seamlessly switch between different operating modes. A perfect blend of sophistication and ease, meant for the modern artisan.

The Bosch Professional 18V System – a realm where ultimate performance meets maximum freedom. Relish in the fact that our batteries aren’t just durable, they’re versatile. Whether you’re getting a brand-new tool or dusting off an old favorite, the batteries effortlessly fit Bosch Professional tools across the same voltage class.

Unpack your GNH 18V-64 M and store it securely in the provided L-BOXX 136. Ready to tackle anything, anytime.

Built with passion and precision, the Bosch Professional 18V System GNH 18V-64 M Battery Nailer Gun is a testament to engineering excellence and craftsmanship, awaiting the touch of professionals who demand nothing but the best.

best nail guns

The types of nail guns

You will have to choose your nail gun depending on the work you will do. There are many different models that work in different ways and also handle nails of various sizes, which makes each of these variants ideal for a certain type of work.

If you still do not know which can be the ideal type of nailer for the project that you have in mind, be it for carpentry, decorations, remodelling or even special for rugs, you should review this section of the article completely.

Framing nailer

If you are going to do heavy work, you will need a gun of this style, since they have great power and also work with nails of 2.8 mm, which work for any type of wood, posts, beams and more. So you already know what your choice should be if you have a complicated job.

In turn, we can also talk about two variants within this category, which serve for nails with rounded heads and cut heads. It should be noted that the rounded ones have become more used in construction.

We recommend this style of nailing for terraces, adding rooms, making the marquetry of the houses, wood coatings, fences and more.

Brad nail gun

These models are a little more specialized and are used mostly for very delicate woodwork.

They use high calibre nails, between 18 and 23, which are very difficult to place without a good gun. If you plan to carry out small projects such as making a dollhouse, or even renovating the home or arranging furniture, then this model is the right one.

Finish nail gun

dewalt nail gun

Image credit: DeWalt

Like the previous variant, these nail guns only use high-calibre nails, although they are a little larger. In this sense, we refer to nails of 16 gauge and up to 15, which are the two that can handle this type of nailer.

At the same time, it is a type of indispensable tool to be able to carry out home remodelling projects with parquet, for example, base tables, or even furnished or white carpentry. It is that they have the robustness and the size necessary to handle large pieces of wood, but in the same way, they are nails that can be hidden easily when finishing the work.

Palm nailer

They are so compact and small that they fit in the palm of your hand, as their name suggests. Lighter models can handle nails from 1.5 to 3.5 inches, while the most powerful handle from 2 to 6 inches from the palm of the hand.

Their popularity has grown a lot because they fit in unconventional places where it is very difficult to reach with a common hammer. That’s why they are ideal for ceilings, metal connector strips and remodelling in general. In turn, they can use conventional nails, although you must load them one at a time.

Pin nail gun

This is the least used type of nail gun, which uses very light nails with almost imperceptible heads or even without them. This is why they are very good for delicate jobs where you do not want the presence of nails to be noticed.

Skirting nail gun

As you can infer, this variety is used to install skirtings efficiently and come in manual or pneumatic mode. With the first model, it is necessary for the user to do the action of pushing the nail manually, while the tires use air pressure.

It does not hurt to clarify that pneumatic guns are more popular and that with them you can enjoy more strength to nail. That’s why they are excellent even for thick and hardwoods.

Remember that they are different from floor stitchers.

Nail gun for cladding

This type of nail gun uses nails of 1.25 inches to 2.5, and can even be used with aluminium nails or for aluminium coatings, although you must have a model specially designed for it.

As a general recommendation, it is better to use them to connect small pieces of wood or other materials to wooden surfaces.

Roofing nailer

If your project involves the installation of tiles, then this is the kind of nail gun you will need. However, you should know that it is a very specialized model, so you will not need it if your projects do not have to do with tiles. They are able to work with fibreglass and even asphalt.

nail gun

How to choose a nail gun?

You already know the different types of nail guns. Now it’s time to know what makes each model more or less convenient depending on its characteristics, functions and design.

Remember that, although you choose the type of gun that you need for the project you have ahead, not all products are equally convenient and efficient, so you have to do a little research taking into account the following aspects:

Power source

The source of energy is essential since much of the convenience of the product will depend on the type of work you will do.

With gas

These models come without cables since they use the combustion to nail. That is why they need replaceable gas cartridges and batteries that give the necessary spark to the fuel.

Clearly, they are one of the most powerful and powerful models, so they are good and even necessary for heavy work. In turn, they have excellent mobility because they are cordless, but always remember that you must have both cartridges full for the product to work properly.


These models are great and come with rechargeable lithium batteries of 18 or up to 20 volts. There are even models that come with pressure cylinders that generate a force similar to the pneumatic models.

They are quite silent, they do not need more than a charger and nails, they are cordless and suitable for small spaces, although they may not have the necessary power for heavy work.


The nailers use compressed air, so, as you may have inferred, they require an air compressor. Although it is one of the most economical models, it is also true that you should consider the price of the compressor. However, it is a multipurpose product that you can then use with other tools that you have at home, such as dust cleaners, vacuum cleaners and more.

In turn, the maintenance of these models is greater, since they need oil, are noisy and, although they need to be connected to the compressor with a hose, it is true that if it is fully loaded you will not need more cables or anything like that.

They are very durable, powerful and convenient models.

Dewalt Nail Gun

Configurations and loading styles

  • Wire:with this type of nail gun you will need special nails joined together by a strip of wire. These are rolled into a kind of cartridge and can carry more nails than strip models. They can also reach sites that those cannot access.
  • Strip: these are models that use long strips of nails joined by paper, plastic or even cable. These slide into an elongated cartridge until they are fired. The good thing about these models is that they are a bit easier to handle since they keep the nails well balanced.

Nailing method

Any nail gun comes with two basic controls: the trigger and a contact safety tip that goes over the nose of the product.

The trigger mechanisms vary according to a couple of aspects of the gun, which have to do with whether you can keep the trigger pressed to shoot several nails at once or if you need to press it each time. You also have to consider the way in which controls are activated.

With this in mind, you are going to be able to find several modalities:

Contact trigger

these models release the nails when the trigger is pulled and the safety contact is activated without a specific order. If you keep the trigger pressed, the gun will trigger nails as long as the contact is activated.

If you release the trigger, nothing will happen even if the contact is activated.

Sequential trigger

 with this model, you will have to activate each control in a certain order to make it work. Basically, you will have to activate the contact surface before pressing the trigger. Once you do, the gun will only shoot a nail. Then you will have to release the trigger, take off the safety contact and repeat the process again.

It goes without saying that it is the safest mechanism of all.

  • Simple acting trigger:it resembles the contact model, but in this case, the order of activation of the controls does not matter. The difference is that with this mechanism you will have to move the product to be able to shoot more nails.
  • Simple sequential trigger:they look a lot like full sequential models, but only trigger when the safety contact is activated and then the trigger is pulled. To shoot another nail you will only have to reactivate the trigger, but the contact can stay in place.

Easily remove jams

Like any other gun or almost all power tools, these guns can be locked, so we recommend buying a model with a system to eliminate jams easily.

So you can have your gun well maintained and in good condition for longer.

Depth adjustment

With this, you can decide the depth with which the nail will penetrate the wall or any material that you are nailing.

Some models require some tool to adjust the depth, but we recommend that you look for a product whose depth can be adjusted manually.

Nail size adjustment

If you felt that you would have to buy a nail gun for each of your projects after reading the previous sections, do not worry so much, since there are models that can use several sizes, which gives them a lot of versatility. So you will have a single model that works for many different purposes.

Case for transport

You will need a good case if you plan to take the product out of your home as you will want to protect your investment and avoid any accidental hit or fall that could damage it. It can also be useful even if you leave it at home since it will protect it from dust and any other element of the environment.

Replaceable protectors

The protectors are placed on the guns to prevent pieces of wood or any other material from jumping into your eyes or face. However, it is better that they are replaceable, as they can be easily damaged.

Mobile air connectors

This applies nothing more to pneumatic guns and is used so that the air hose is not entangled. This way you will have a product that is easier to move and take anywhere.

Directional exhaust

With this function, you can place the exhaust of your gun in a direction that does not affect you or is uncomfortable. For some models, you will require a tool to adjust the exhaust, while others are manual.


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