Do you need electrotherapy for your rehabilitation? Are you looking for something to accelerate the result of your training? Or maybe you need to relax your muscles after hard work? If you answer yes to any of these questions, what you need is a muscle stimulator.

What is the best muscle stimulator?

Going out and buying a muscle stimulator may not seem like such a simple and easy thing to do. After all, it’s about your health and sending electricity to your body. However, do not worry, since you already know what things you should look for and what features are important to make sure that the model you choose is the best one for your body.

There are various intensities, sizes, weights and designs, ideal to gain muscle or to lose weight, aimed at certain muscles or even for other purposes such as physiotherapy or to improve the performance of athletes and athletes.

And, although there is a good variety of models and brands in the market that may seem overwhelming, we have prepared a comparative list for you with the aim that you can compare several of the available models and choose the one that suits you best.

1. Med-Fit TENS Machine Muscle Stimulator

This electrostimulation device not only has the basic function of EMS but is also a massager. This muscle stimulator offers 30 clinically approved programmes! Among them, you have the massage mode. So now you know, if in addition to exercising your muscles you also want to add a good slimming massage, this product is for you.

You will also like this product a lot if you want to get accompanied, because it has a dual-channel output, allowing the device to be used by 2 people at the same time.

2. TENScare Sports Tens2 Muscle stimulator

This model has the possibility of activating 10 TENS programs to relieve muscle pain, in addition to 27 EMS technology programs to create more muscles, 10 options for simple massages and 8 manual programs.

Thanks to its multiple options, it is ideal for recreational, sports use or for therapies that seek to eliminate body aches. This compact device is yellow with grey edges, with a screen that has a blue backlight and allows you to easily see all the options.

It is operated with 4 reusable 50 x 50mm electrodes, its battery is rechargeable (using a 1-lithium Ion that is included in the purchase) and the system is very simple to use. It includes in the purchase of an instruction manual that makes it easy to learn to handle it correctly without any problem.

In the box, you will find the muscle stimulator device, two cables, 4 patches, the rechargeable battery necessary for its operation, a battery adapter with a plug, a bag to store the product.

3. Compex FIT 1.0 Muscle Stimulator

It may be the least expensive of the list, but it is a machine that combines EMS and TENS functions, making it ideal for athletes and professional athletes, as well as people who seek to relieve pain effectively and quickly. The device sculpts the body, tones the abdominals and relieves chronic and intense pains.

It has 4 electrodes and 10 programs: 1 antipain, 1 relaxing massage for recovery and 8 for training and fitness life. The latter include muscle toner, strengthening and definition of the abdomen, gluteal, pectoral, biceps and quadriceps work.

Some users say it is ideal for contractures, increase muscle tone and volume and more.

4. Beurer EM-41 electrical muscle stimulator

The most sought-after muscle stimulator by users is this 3-in-1 model since it includes EMS, TENS and massage function in the same device and that can work individually or in combination. It comes with 2 channels that can be controlled separately in 4 pads but you can use up to 6, as well as 50 training programs: 20 EMS, 20 TENS and 10 messages.

It also has the useful doctor function, which allows creating and accessing a program configured by the user to coordinate electrostimulation therapies and combine them with the individual therapeutic program of each user.

The electrodes of this device can be placed safely on various areas of the body such as arms and buttocksand send low and safe voltages for the muscles. It is a safe, convenient and ideal device to help your muscles and relieve pain.

5. Electric Stimulator Flexistim from Tenscare

This model has TENS therapy that helps relieve pain from the neck to the feet and twelve pads that can be used in various areas of the body.

It is good at treating acute and chronic pain, so it does a good job on issues of muscle rehabilitation, joints, sprains and more. In turn, it has 10 programs to relieve pain that is controlled by the device manually. It also has an adjustable intensity of several steps, as well as stimulation to treat not only the aching muscles but those that are around and cause pain.

The users assure that it is excellent for pains of the cervical spine and other parts of the body. It is undoubtedly a very good quality device.

6. Professional TENS machine EMS electrostimulation Device

This compact apparatus for muscle electrostimulation is white, with two adjustable channels. It has 24 programs. Its LCD screen has a blue backlight that allows you to view all the selected options.

The stimuli released by this product are completely healthy and practically painless, passing only through a sensation of soft vibration, working with TENS technology (which consists of stimulating the neural pathways to eliminate concentrated pain in a specific area) and EMS ( technology with electrostimulation to relax the muscles of the body).

7. Muscle Stimulator Prorelax TENS + EMS DUO

The Prorelax brand brings us this comfortable muscle stimulator combined with EMS and TENS functions that have gained excellent opinions from its users. It has effective therapy against pain and tension in the muscles, as well as programs for training and gain muscles.

The device has a rather modern and neat design, perhaps one of the best on our list. In addition, it has 2 channels of action in which you can connect the 4 pads that are included, has 8 action programs, a timer of 12 levels and individual adjustment of the intensity and duration of the therapy.

Its EMS function is responsible for eliminating muscle spasms, avoiding atrophy due to disuse, increasing blood circulation in the area of ​​application and exercising the muscles. While TENS relieves chronic persistent pain.

8. Med-Fit TENS Machine

It is one of the least expensive models and has a large screen and clear, 2 channels of action and 4 electrodes for a good distribution of impulses in the body. It is an ideal TENS device to relieve chronic and acute pain since it has 5 modes of pain relief: bursts, constant, modulation, SD1 / SD2 and anti-accommodation.

These are perfect for relieving pains in the lower back, leg, sciatica, arthritis, tendonitis, lower back, joints and more. At the same time, it is a convenient product that comes with self-adhesive pads, 2 cables, 1 non-rechargeable 9V battery, the instruction manual and a guide for using the TENS function.

If you are looking for a comfortable and convenient device that relieves your pain and does not mean a large expense, this is the model indicated for you.

9. Electro Stimulator – Beurer EM49

For everything it offers, its price is a real bargain. It is a combined TENS and EMS device with a touch screen to facilitate interaction, as well as two massage modes for the rehabilitation of muscles, as well as 8 self-adhesive pads included.

It has 18 massage modes ideal for treating back pain, inflammation of discs and joints and arthritis, and it is a therapy with FDA and CE permits, which certifies that it has no side effects. In turn, it has 20 adjustable resistance levels for the selected muscle group, intensity settings, timer and rechargeable lithium battery with 10 hours of autonomy.

If you want power, convenience, high customization capacity, good quality and a low price, the Beurer EM49 is the ideal device for you and your muscles.

10. HoMedics Sport HST-100-EU Muscle stimulator

This EMS device is at the top of our list in the least expensive category. However, it does not stop being one of excellent quality. In fact, it is a machine with 4 contact pads that can be attached to any part of the body and great ease of use.

Includes 6 programs with multiple impulses and configurations to achieve different muscle toning levels and levels, as well as 10 intensity levels to optimize muscle tone.

Users have reported that this equipment operated by 2 AAA alkaline batteries is excellent for toning and relaxing muscles.

What is a muscle stimulator?

Also known as TENS machines or EMS units, muscle electro stimulators are electronic devices that send electrical impulses to the body in order to contract the muscles. This results in the release of endorphins and the reduction of pain after exercising so that the athlete can relax.

These impulses are sent from the device to several electrodes in the form of pads or adhesive patches that are placed on the skin and on the muscles that one wants to work on. These impulses imitate the action that comes from the central nervous system, which causes the desired muscular contraction.

Another benefit of these devices is that they improve blood circulation, are portable and can be used anywhere. They are even useful for physiotherapy.

TENS machine Muscle stimulator

Differences between TENS and EMS

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators (TENS) are devices that, like EMS, send low voltage electrical impulses to stimulate certain natural actions of the body. The main difference is that TENS stimulates the nerves to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. On the other hand, muscle electro stimulators are used to contract the muscles of the body, as explained above.

Both devices have totally different uses. If you are looking to improve your training, gain muscle and improve your performance, what you need is a muscle stimulator; but if your goal is, for example, to alleviate chronic back pain, the device you need is a TENS.

It is that the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators have as main objective the treatment of chronic and acute pain such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, foot pain, sclerosis, among others.

Uses of the muscle stimulator

EMS is used for various purposes such as strengthening muscles, preventing muscle atrophy due to disuse, improving blood circulation, relaxing the athlete, helping to tone muscles and giving them a more aesthetic and attractive appearance, and others such as the following:


They allow to improve the circulation and to remove lactic acid that causes fatigue.


The training is your main objective. Improves performance, strength endurance and allows you to gain muscle mass by increasing the size and density of muscles as if you lift weights. Include this device in your exercise routine and you will see great results.


Patients who have suffered muscle or skeletal injuries also use EMS. It allows them to strengthen and gain muscles safely and effectively.


They are excellent for efficient warm-ups before starting training.

Improve blood circulation

This machine can help patients recover quickly. This is achieved by improving circulation and removing lactic acid to heal more quickly.

Prevent atrophy

In other words, it prevents the muscles from weakening after an injury or while recovering from neurological injuries.

best muscle stimulator

Things to look for when choosing muscle stimulator

You must take into account certain criteria before buying a muscle stimulator, among them, we find among others: intensity levels, programs, number of channels, battery or rechargeable, wireless technology or not, compliance with standards in force. So take what suits you and seems to you the most judicious.

Intensity levels

All electrostimulation devices offer several intensity levels. The more there is, the better because it allows you to truly adjust the device to your body. It is up to you to choose the intensity according to your feelings. The more possibilities, the more you will have an intensity that suits you.


The number of programs is obviously important as well as the categories to which they belong (health/sport/well-being, etc.) The more varied the programs and categories, the more versatile the electrostimulation devices. Preferably choose a device with several programs in the category you want to use.

Available Channels

The number of channels determines the number of muscle areas that can be stimulated at the same time. Therefore, the more channels, the more zones you can stimulate simultaneously! For those who wish to stimulate only one muscle area at a time, no need to choose a device with several channels (sometimes more complicated to connect if they are wired).


Some electrodes are disposable which must be replaced from time to time. Other electrodes are made of carbon with anti-wear contact and cannot be replaced. Some work with the addition of a gel or cream while others do not. ;It is up to you to see what you prefer, but count all this consumable in the costs and expenses related to the muscle stimulator.

Wireless models

We recommend buying a device that benefits from wireless technology to have greater freedom of movement. The muscle stimulator (TENS Machine) is easier to use and put into operation since there is no need to connect the wires. More practical and therefore easier to use, we prefer. However, some wired stimulators are fairly easy to use and may still interest you (a little cheaper in general than wireless).

Types of the used batteries

It is important, for economic and ecological reasons, to take into account the means of operation: battery or rechargeable battery. We recommend buying a device using a rechargeable battery, which is easier to use: the indicator light alerts you that you need to recharge, and you don’t have to buy batteries (in addition to the device)! Batteries are not always supplied with the stimulator!