If you don’t know what exactly looking for, choosing the best MP3 player can be a difficult task. You can choose from different types of portable music players: MP3 players with internal memory, models based on micro-hard drives and others based on flash memory drives.

The Bluetooth MP3 players have become very popular over the years. They are compact, capable of storing a large number of songs and other multimedia files and provide good audio output.

Just like an MP4 player, the device plays or digitally plays audio files. Its name is closely linked to the famous audio format. There are many models on the market, ranging from the famous Apple iPod to lesser-known but still good quality brands.

The best MP3 players in a detailed comparison

1. AGPEK MP3 player with 8 gigabytes and mini-clip

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The AGPEK MP3 playeris a great choice for you if you want to have a multifunctional device in a timeless design for little money, which is not least characterized by its compactness. For example, the black MP3 player can be securely fastened to your belt with its practical clip. With the reflective wristband and the silicone case, the player is suitable for all sorts of outdoor sports. A 1.5-inch display with high brightness shows you reliably what is currently playing. A separate power button and volume button ensure uncomplicated and self-explanatory operation.

The following music formats are supported by this MP3 player:

  • MP3
  • WMA
  • OGG
  • APE
  • FLAC
  • WAV
  • AAC-LC

Enjoy your music all day, wherever you go, because this MP3 player offers you up to 24 hours of audio playback at full charge. The device weighs only 25 grams. As a multi-functional player, it can not only play music files but also be used as a radio and voice recorder. Up to 64 gigabytes of MicroSD cards are supported. Your AGPEK G05 MP3 player was equipped with a 3,000 mAh strong battery. In addition to the player, the package includes a USB cable, a headphone, a silicone case, a reflective wristband and the user manual.

2. AGPTEK A02 MP3 player with 8 gigabytes and sleep timer

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At a very reasonable price, the AGPTEK A02 MP3 player is yours. In classic black, the device is an elegant and timeless appearance. In addition, the model is characterized by an exceptionally long playback time. This MP3 player gives you lossless sound quality and is capable of playing the following formats: MP3, WMA, OGG and WAV.

When fully charged, up to 70 hours of audio playback is possible, outperforming some comparable players. Within just 2 hours, the battery is recharged to 80 percent. For a complete charge, it takes about 3 to 4 hours.

The MP3 player not only has a function for playing music files but also an FM radio and a clock are integrated. You can also view e-books and pictures, or use the voice recorder feature to save your ideas. With the free MediaMonkey, you can easily synchronize your playlists – without having trouble with iTunes or Windows Media Player. A sleep timer has also been integrated. With only 30 grams of weight, this model is almost feather-light. It is therefore perfect for sports activities.

The package includes not only the AGPTEK A02 MP3 player itself but also a USB cable, headphones and the user manual.

3. Bluetooth MP3 player including sports bracelet

MP3 Player - HonTaseng Portable Sport Bluetooth 4.1 Metal Music Player With Touch Button, 60 Hours...
  • ♬ BLUETOOTH 4.1 & UP TO 60 HOURS PLAYBACK TIME: With this Bluetooth mp3 player, you can enjoy music without insert the...
  • ♬ PEDOMETER AND ARMBAND: With the sports armbands included in package, will give your hands free when running and will make...
  • ♬ METAL CASE & TOUCH BUTTON & LOCK SCREEN KEY: All-metal case and high-gloss spray paint, with a full-glass touch button that...
  • ♬ HiFi & SUPPORT 64GB TF CARD: The mature HiFi technology brings you the original lossless music. If you want to store much more...
  • ♬ RECORDER & FM RADIO & SLEEP TIMER: Not only MP3, one button recording technology can help you record fast by one step, when...

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For humane conditions, you can buy this Bluetooth MP3 player for sale. The device not only comes in a modern look but also convinces by a variety of functions and ease of use. Here is an overview of the most important product features for you:

  • Integrated speaker– enjoy music even without headphones
  • Up to 55 hours full-charge playback time
  • With FM radio, voice recorder and video playback function
  • Memory expandable up to 64 gigabytes
  • 4.6 cm HD screen
  • 9 touch buttons for a particularly easy operation

If you do not like headphones, you can easily listen to your favourite songs through the built-in speakers. The battery is charged quickly and you can then play up to 55 hours of music. The built-in FM tuner supports manual settings and autotune. While the internal memory is 8 gigabytes, you have the ability to upgrade to a maximum of 64 gigabytes using a micro TF card. The MP3 player was made of high-quality material and is considered particularly robust.

The device is compatible with a variety of Windows versions and even Mac OS 10. You can not only play various audio formats like MP3, WAV, WMA or APE, but also videos in AMV format. Functions like stopwatch or pedometer are supported. The Bluetooth MP3 player comes with a USB cable, a headset, a sports wristband and the user manual. If the device crashes once, you only need to insert the needle into the reset hole to restart it.

4. Sony NWA45N.CEW Walkman MP3 player

Sony NW-A45 3.1 Inch Touch Display High Resolution Audio Walkman 16 GB, 45 Hours Battery Life - Gold
  • Eye catching design and portability for music on the go
  • 3.1 Inch touch screen for an intuitive operation, 16 GB internal memory that can also be extended via micro SD slot
  • Studio-quality sound in higher than CD quality with high-resolution audio
  • Up to 45 hours of playback (MP3 128 kbps); charging time is 4 hours approximately
  • Easy bluetooth connectivity with NFC one-touch and expandable SD slot

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The Sony NWA45N.CEW Walkman MP3 player is more in the high-priced range. For this, you get here an excellent device in brand quality, which knows not only to set accents by its elegant design but also offers you an excellent sound. The highlight of this MP3 player is the 3.1-inch touch screen. This display ensures intuitive handling and you will always have the perfect overview.

High-Resolution Audio delivers crystal clear, studio-quality sound – better than a CD. Look forward to particularly long listening pleasure, because fully charged the battery offers you up to 45 hours of music playback. You can noticeably optimize compressed music files such as MP3 or WMA with the help of the DSEE HX technology. Thanks to NFC One-touch and Bluetooth, you can easily and simply connect to your MP3 player and transfer your desired files to the device.

If you would like to have more music on the Sony NWA45N.CEW Walkman MP3 player, you have the opportunity to expand the internal memory of 16 gigabytes individually. Just use the SD card slot to insert a memory card of your choice. The playback, pause, music selection, and volume control buttons positioned on the side have been shaped to be particularly comfortable to use.

5. Sony NW-E394 Walkman MP3 player

Sony NW-E394 8 GB Walkman MP3 Player with FM Radio - Black
  • Easy drag and drop file transfer on PC and Mac
  • Up to 35 hours of battery life
  • 8 GB on-board storage
  • Plays PCM, AAC, WMA and MP3 files
  • Display Resolution:128x160 (QQVGA). System requirements: Mac OS X (v10.6 or later), Microsoft Windows 8, Windows Vista (SP2 or...

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With the Sony NW-E394 Walkman MP3 player, you get an elegant model of this popular manufacturer for a comparatively low price. Who is the sonorous name “Walkman” not even from the 90s a term? Held in timeless black, the MP3 player is also visually appealing. We have listed the most important facts about the product in a clear way for you:

  • Music playback, photo storage and FM radio function
  • 8 gigabytes of internal memory
  • High-quality aluminium front panel
  • The battery life of up to 35 hours with MP3 playback
  • 1.77-inch display
  • Only 39 grams easily

Thanks to Clear Audio +, you can play your music at the push of a button with this MP3 player – and with excellent sound quality. The simple drag-and-drop transfer from your PC or Mac makes it easy for you to update your playlist at regular intervals. With the MP3 player, you can play MP3 files as well as WMA, AAC and PCM files.

In addition to a stereo mini-jack, the device also has a USB high-speed connection (USB 2.0). The MP3 player is pleasantly light and compact and so it fits great, for example, in your jacket or trouser pocket. The resolution of the display is 128 x 160. The package includes the Sony NW-E394 Walkman MP3 player, a quick start guide and a detailed user guide, a headphone and a USB cable.

6. Apple iPod touch MP3 Player

Apple iPod touch (32GB) - Space Grey (Latest Model)
  • 4-inch Retina display
  • Your favourite music, gaming, and AR apps in your pocket
  • A10 Fusion chip for up to 2x faster performance, up to 3x faster graphics
  • Group FaceTime with family and friends
  • Connect using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

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Before the advent of the iPhone, the iPod Touch was one of the coolest things you can have in your pocket. Well, they are still as strong today as it is basically an iPhone 6 that lacks a bit of functionality and has no cellular capabilities.

If you’ve used an iPhone before, you’ll feel right at home with the 6th generation iPod Touch. It runs on the same operating system and comes with a set of similar features, including a FaceTime HD camera and a Retina display. With a resolution of 1.136 x 640, you can play on it to a certain extent. It has the fast 64-bit A8 processor, but only 1GB of RAM although you buy this one for music, not games.

One obvious attraction of the iPod is the fact that you have access to iTunes and its huge music catalogue. It is fully audio capabilities as well with support for a full range of formats, including WAV, AC-3, and AAC among others. The 6th generation iPod Touch also has a built-in speaker as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth 4.1 technology and Wi-Fi.

Although the iPod Touch is at the top of our list, the device is starting to show its age although you will never know it by its audio prowess. The touch screen is a huge plus with the battery life which can give you around 40 hours of audio or 8 hours of video playback. The 6th generation Touch available with 32 or 128 GB of storage and available in several different colours.

7. BERTRONIC BC01 Royal MP3 player

BERTRONIC Made in Germany BC01 Royal MP3-Player - Music/Video Player - Up to 100 hour battery,...
  • ✅ BEST SOUNDQUALITY: Accurate sound control through integrated equalizer | Highest sound quality through playback of...
  • ✅ TOP FEATURES: MP3 player with pedometer for more fun in sports & fitness | Shuffle mode for random music playback | Convenient...
  • ✅ EXTERNAL STORAGE: Up to 128 GB with optional micro SD card | Easy music transfer from PC via included USB cable
  • ✅ LONG ENDURANCE: Quick charging of media player | In max. 2-3 hours fully charged | Up to 100 hours audio playback of your...
  • ✅ PRODUCT DETAILS: Music formats = MP3, WMA, FLAC, APE, WAV | Video format = AMV | Functions = Shuffle Mode, Equalizer, FM...

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If you opt for the BERTRONIC BC01 Royal MP3 player, you will get a high-quality music player, which knows how to surprise by its variety of functions and the long playback time. Let’s take a closer look at the MP3 player here. Good sound quality is ensured in this model by the built-in equalizer.

You can achieve the highest sound quality by playing uncompressed WAV files. But other music formats such as MP3, WMA, FLAC and APE are played reliably. The same applies to your videos in AMV format. The reception of FM radio stations is also possible. You are welcome to play the music through the integrated speaker.

Practical is also the following functions:

  • Shuffle mode
  • Sleep Timer
  • alarm clock

The device can be used not only as an MP3 player, but even a pedometer has been incorporated, so you can do in sports and in the gym, not only your favourite music on the ears but also can measure your performance. Within a maximum of two to three hours, the player is fully charged. Up to 100 hours of audio playback is possible.

All important information can be found on the BERTRONIC BC01 Royal MP3 player in the clear colour display. Internal memory is unfortunately not available with this model. For this, you can dock with the help of a MicroSD card up to 128 gigabytes of external storage space. The included USB cable helps you to transfer music and other files from your computer.

8. Victure Bluetooth MP3 player with many features

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The Victure Bluetooth MP3 Player is a sleek and compact music player that offers you one or more other features beyond its core features. We have compiled the most important short facts about the device for you here:

  • Up to 30 hours of music enjoyment
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and low power consumption
  • Practical clip-on design
  • 8 gigabytes of internal memory – expandable
  • FM radio
  • Pedometer function
  • Display e-books in txt format

The 30 hours of play refer to listening through headphones at moderate volume. In Bluetooth mode, the device will last for about eight hours. The MP3 player was equipped with a 3000 mAh strong battery, which is fully recharged within about one and a half hours. The jagged clip design ensures that you can securely attach the MP3 player to your sportswear anytime. Extends the 8 gigabytes of internal storage space by up to 64 gigabytes of external storage, if required – a corresponding MicroSD card is sufficient.

Music formats support MP3, APE, FLAC, AAC and WMA. You can even see the lyrics of the songs on the display. As a special extra, the Victure Bluetooth MP3 player comes with a pedometer function. Not only can you keep track of your steps, distances and speed, but also time and calories burned. This presents this affordable MP3 player as a true multifunction device.

9. AGPTEK A12 Bluetooth MP3 player with many features

Bluetooth MP3 Player 8GB Mini Clip Mp3 Player, 30 Hours Playback Sport Music Player with FM
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0: Hi-Speed and stable wireless transmission with high anti-interference capability – allows you to enjoy...

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The AGPTEK A12 Bluetooth MP3 player has a lot to offer in relation to its rather low retail price. The device is small and handy and you can not only listen to your favourite MP3s but do a lot more with it. The mini MP3 player supports Bluetooth 2.1 to 4.0. You can use it to play file formats like MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC and many more. In addition, the device also serves as a portable FM radio. Also for voice recording and as a file browser you can use it.

The small MP3 player weighs only 22.5 grams and has a small clip on the back, so you can attach it to your clothes, for example. Thus, the player is a reliable companion in all your sporting activities, whether cycling, jogging or hiking. Also in the gym, he provides you with valuable services.

The built-in memory is 8 gigabytes in size and offers space for a maximum of about 2,000 songs. Feel free to connect an additional 64 gigabyte MicroSD card at any time for even more storage space. The battery life of this device is about 30 hours. It takes about an hour and a half to fully charge the AGPTEK A12 Bluetooth MP3 player.

10. Sony NWZX300S.CEW 64 GB Hi-Resolution Audio

Sony NWZX300S.CEW 64 GB Hi-Resolution Audio Walkman (3.1-inch Touch Display, MicroSD, DSD Native...
  • High quality Sound with the 4.4mm balanced output and portable design.
  • Large touch screen and side keys for intuitive operation.
  • 64GB built-in memory with expandable memory card slot.
  • 30 hours battery life.
  • DSD native playback (11.2MHz). 384kHz/32bit LPCM playback.

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If you liked our first Walkman but are looking for something better, the NW-ZX300S may be the model for you. This music player has a higher audio resolution, several additional functions and much more output power.

At first glance, the NW-A445 and the NW-ZX300 look similar. They have the same button layout on one side although the NW-XZ300 has a much more refined style and larger buttons. The screens are also the same size and resolution, but the flagship is slightly larger and heavier at 5.53 ounces due to a milled aluminium frame. It also has a balanced 4.4 mm headphone jack and a USB 2.0 port to accompany the 3.5 mm jack and the WM port.

The similarities continue under the glass and you will get the S-Master HX, DSEE HX, MQA, and USB DAC digital amplifier on the NWZZX300 / S. It has Direct Stream Digital and covers the same formats, but has a range of 384kHz with FLAC and ALAC. Support for 1-bit DSD playback up to 11.2 MHz as well. Other improvements include Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP and increased output with 50mW unbalanced and 200mW balanced.

The Sony NWZX300 / S is a step forward compared to their mid-ranger, but it is not a giant step considering the price. This music player has 64 GB of storage (expandable) out of the box with a rechargeable battery which provides approximately 30 hours per charge and a 1-year warranty.

11. FiiO M7 Music player

FiiO M7 Music player bluetooth SILVER
  • Features
  • ES9018Q2C DAC combines a high-performance DAC and headphone amp into one tiny package.
  • SI4705 chip dedicated to FM radio performance FM range: 76MHz - 108 MHz
  • 20 hours play time 40 days standby time
  • 2GB built in storage expandable by 512GB

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FiiO has a bunch of music players, and we’ve already taken a look at the very powerful X7 Mark II. If you appreciate the audio efficiency of the company but need something more affordable, the FiiO M7 is worth the detour.

Although elegant, this MP3 player is easy to use and pleasing to the eye thanks to its sleek design. You can’t pop the bottom of it, but the M7 looks like the rest of the company’s lineup and has a 3.2-inch touchscreen. The resolution is 480 x 800, with 768 MB of RAM and 2 GB of built-in memory.

A microSD card slot allows you to extend your range, and that’s a good thing considering the sound quality of this player. It has an ES9018Q2C 32 bit DAC and processes with APTE-FAST, Lossless, AIFF, AIFF, FLAC, WAV and more with ease. It can also do 24-bit PCM up to 192 kHz and native 1-bit DSD at 2.822MHz. We like the fact that it has a USB Type-C port and is fast thanks to a quad-core Exynos 7270 processor.

The FiiO M7 has 30 hours of battery life per charge, and although you won’t get Wi-Fi or Android on it, it does have Bluetooth 4.2 and an FM tuner. It comes with a case and a screen protector and is available in several colours: blue, red, silver or black.

12. AGPTEK A20S 16 Gigabyte Lossless MP3 Player

Music Player AGPTEK A20S,16 GB MP3 Player Lossless Sound 70 Hours Playback with Radio FM and...
  • 【BREAKTHROUGH UPGRADE】One key to lock/unlock screen. Also designed with Independent Volume Control, giving you much more...
  • 【MULTI- FUNCTION &LARGE MEMORY】16GB Internal Capacity for up to 4000 songs, supporting up to 64 GB Micro SD Card! (To avoid...
  • 【70 HOURS AUDIO PLAYBACK】Only need to charge it for 3-4 hours. You can charge it in computer or with the general charger which...
  • 【EASY OPREATION】Just drag and drop the music file or folder directly when connecting to computer, Shuffle favorite songs in...
  • 【HiFi-CLASS BIG SOUND】Loss-less Sound quality with Latest upgrade chip, supporting most popular audio...

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A very special eye-catcher is the AGPTEK A20S Lossless in shiny rose gold, which enjoys great popularity, especially among fashion-conscious ladies. But this device not only looks chic and stylish but is also high-quality processed and handy – and at a more than humane price. This model is not only an MP3 player but also serves as FM radio and with its recording function valuable services.

The supported music formats are pleasingly diverse: So you can play with the player not only MP3 files but also files in formats such as WMA, WAV, APE, OGG, FLAC, AAC-LC and ACELP. The operation is simple and intuitive. Not least the back button and the menu button ensure this. Practical is also the ability to lock the screen so that you do not accidentally misalign something during sports.

A 1.8-inch TFT display ensures that you keep the full overview at all times. 8 gigabytes of internal memory can accommodate up to 2,000 different songs. Of course, you can also insert up to 64 gigabytes of MicroSD card to expand the storage space. At 32 grams, the MP3 player is extremely lightweight. The AGPTEK A20S comes with a USB cable, headphones, a lanyard and the user manual. You can listen to up to 70 hours of music on your MP3 player while the battery is fully charged – or alternatively, listen to FM radio for up to 12 hours.

13. AGPTEK G02 8 Gigabyte MP3 Player with Mini Clip

AGPTEK G02 8GB Mini Clip MP3 Player with FM Radio for Jogging Running Gym, (sweatproof cover added),...
  • ONE CLICK TO SHUFFLE. The player designed with FM / Music switch slider and repeat / shuffle mode switch slider. Intuitive and...
  • SWEATPROOF COVER. Sweatproof cover added to protect the device, perfect for exercise and gym use.
  • MUCH LIGHTER FOR TAKING. Only 13.8g! No burden to clip on your cloth while doing sport.
  • MEETING YOUR NEED. 8GB internal memory capacity, support music formats: MP3 and WAV; support FM Radio, FM Frequency Range:...
  • GOOD BATTERY PERFORMANCE. Built-in 160mAh rechargeable battery with up to 10 hours music playback.

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If you enjoy sports, you will find a true companion with the AGPTEK G02 8GB. For little money, you get here a model that is both robust and handy, which also sets the tone in terms of colour. Black and blue are the colours of this fancy device that you can easily attach to your clothes or on your belt thanks to the mini clip in your activities. If you can do without a display, this mini MP3 player offers you virtually everything that is really essential.

8 gigabytes of internal memory is enough for thousands of songs, so it should not be too dramatic that this storage space can not be upgraded by external storage media. Via USB 2.0 you connect the MP3 player with your computer and can transfer the desired files such as music.

Even an FM radio has been built into the tiny player so you have the choice of listening to your own music files or listening to your favourite radio station. Supported music formats include MP3, WMA and WAV. Also included with your AGPTEK G02 are a micro USB cable, headphones and the user guide. The device is designed for temperatures from -5 to 40 degrees Celcius.

What is an MP3 player?

Under an MP3 player in the narrower sense, one understands, first of all, a player for playing music files in MP3 format. These devices gradually replaced portable CD players and tape players in the late 1990s. The novel player was characterized by special compactness and manageability since no bulky external data carrier such as a CD or music cassette had to be inserted here. Instead, everything ran completely digitally from now on.

But you can not only use MP3 players to listen to music in the form of MP3s. Today’s models not only dominate this widespread format, but also others such as WAV or WMA, just to name a few. You can also watch videos on most new models.

In terms of sound quality, there are quite audible differences. Most of the time the player is connected to headphones, but some devices also have built-in speakers with more or less convincing quality. FM radio is a common feature. There are models with and without their own display.

Even looking at pictures or e-books is possible with a modern MP3 player in a comfortable way, which is why it is now often proper multi-function devices. This, of course, has its reasons, because, over time, more and more other devices such as smartphones were equipped with an integrated MP3 player function, the manufacturers of the classic MP3 player had to come up with something to survive in the market.

Although you may not immediately associate this device with this term, the Apple iPodis still considered the most popular MP3 player of all time. Even today there is a market for these devices. Especially for sports and outdoor use, they are ideal. Because they are much more robust than, for example, a smartphone, handier and the battery usually lasts longer.

mp3 player uk

Which mp3 player to buy?

Have you ever wondered: Which MP3 player is the best choice? Unfortunately, there is by no means the one true answer. Rather, you should consider which device best suits your personal needs and ideas. We’ve put together a couple of points for you to help you choose your future MP3 player. Ask yourself the following questions before making a buying decision:

  • Should the MP3 player have ascreen?
  • How much internal memorydo I want?
  • Do I want to expand the storage space of external storage media?
  • How long should the batterylast when fully charged?
  • Do I have special wishes regarding the connections(Bluetooth, USB)?
  • Do I want to have a built-in FM radio?
  • Are there certain file formatsthat the device should definitely be able to play?
  • Do I want to be able to play videos, pictures or e-books inaddition to music playback?
  • Should the MP3 player have built-in speakers?
  • Which accessoriesshould be included?

In addition to the above points will certainly play the price-performance ratio in your research a role. After all, you certainly do not want to spend more money than necessary on the new device. The colour could also play a role. Maybe you prefer a cheerful, colourful one instead of classic black? And of course, not least the manufacturer is a factor. Under certain circumstances, you are already a fan of a certain brand and would like to remain true to it without any ifs or buts.

How does an MP3 player work?

As such, the MP3 player is based on technology, which has revolutionized the storage of music. Developed by scientists at the renowned Fraunhofer Institute, this novel file format was characterized by the fact that the music trackswere stored in a particularly compressed form– but without the human hearing perceiving a loss in terms of sound quality. Thus, a song as an MP3 file took only about a tenth of the space it needed on a conventional CD.

If you compare the speed of data transfer in CD players and MP3 players together, this is much higher in the latter devices. In general, the higher the bitrate of an MP3 file, the better the sound quality. MP3s should, therefore, be stored at least with abit rateof 128 kilobytes per second, in case of doubt, more. The so-called sampling rate also plays a role in your sound experience. The higher it is, the better. The usual sampling rate for an MP3 player is between eight and 48 kHz.

In order to hear music through your MP3 player, you must first download the corresponding songs in the form of MP3 files to the device. This can be done for example via Bluetooth or with the help of a USB cable that connects to your computer or laptop. Some models also allow you to directly download songs from the internet. Thousands of songs are usually stored in the internal memory of your player, so you are equipped with music for many days and in contrast to a portable CD player does not have to constantly change the silver pieces. About 2,000 songs can be found on an MP3 player with an internal memory of 8 gigabytes – depending on the song length and bit rate of each file.

What are the pros and cons of an MP3 player?

In the event that you would like to get a quick overview of the pros and cons in terms of MP3 players, we have created for you the following list of the biggest advantages and disadvantages of these devices. Maybe the arguments for your purchase decision can be useful.

How is an MP3 player structured?

Those devices can justifiably be called little marvels of technology. Because in the most compact space here is a lot of sensitive elements installed. Finally, the players are characterized first and foremost by their handiness and compactness. So a typical MP3 player is small, light and as flat as possible. Most devices are made of plastic, but there are also some models with housing made of high quality and durable aluminium.

Many models have a screen. In most cases, this is acolour display, which can be either an OLED display or LCD display. Depending on the model, the operation takes place either directly via the screen in the form of a touch screen or via corresponding buttons. Some very small MP3 players are also produced completely without a display.

Other components of an MP3 player include the memory. Internal memory can either be built in the form of a hard disk – or as flash memory. Most devices allow you to expand your internal storage space with external storage media such as an SD card. For the transmission of the tones, a Tonchip is responsible.

So that you can use the MP3 player always and everywhere, abattery mustnot be missing. Of course, this will mean that you have to recharge it from time to time. The more modern the device is, the greater the likelihood that it will be a Bluetooth MP3 player that you can wirelessly connect to other devices. Often a speaker is already integrated.

bluethooth music player

What can the handy players do?

If you think that an MP3 player is just for playing songs in MP3 format, then this is no longer true for most of the devices available today. Because compact companions can do a lot more. Here is a small overview of the typical features of an MP3 player:

  1. Play music of various formats – whether MP3, WAV, WMA, etc., your MP3 player plays your favourite songs reliably again
  2. Watch videos and pictures – enjoy on the way, for example, your holiday memories
  3. Listen to the radio – usually, an FM radio is also installed
  4. Listening to audiobooks and reading e-books – no problem for many MP3 players
  5. Connect speakers – if you want to enjoy the even better sound, simply pair your player via Bluetooth with appropriate speakers

With the handy size and handy clips found on most MP3 players, these compact gadgets also prove to be ideal companions for sports and other activities.

Can MP4 players be an alternative?


In a sense, as a successor to the MP3 player MP4 player and MP5 player can be called. For example, MP4 is the higher-level form of the MP3 format. It differs from MP3 essentially in that it can containnot only music and speech but also videos, pictures, graphics and text. It’s based on Apple’s QuickTime. With an MP4 player, you can of course also continue to play MP3 files. So, if you care about playing video files and other content in compressed form, then an MP4 player could be an alternative to the MP3 player for you.

How much storage does an mp3 player have?

How much gigabytes an MP3 player should have on the internal memory can not be answered flat-rate. Even the simplest models usually have an internal memory of 8 GB, which corresponds to about 2,000 songs. Already with that, you should be able to cope well for a while – especially since most devices also offer the possibility to increase the storage space, for example by an external SD card. If you still want to be on the safe side, you can, of course, opt directly for a model with 16 gigabytes or more internal memory.

Which manufacturers offer MP3 players?

That kind of devices is offered by a variety of well-known manufacturers. On this page, we have already introduced some models, but of course, the market offers a lot more options. Some of the major brands in the field of MP3 players are the following companies:

  • Apple (with the iPod)
  • Sony
  • Intenso
  • FiiO
  • Trekstor
  • sound Master

If you want to have a very affordable MP3 player, it may be worthwhile to look for special, mostly time-limited promotional offers at supermarkets or discounters. Also on the Internet, there is a large variety of different models of different makes at very reasonable prices.

How much does it cost?

You can buy a cheap model for less than 30 pounds. Many of the devices are in aprice range between about 20 and 50 pounds. Of course, there are also much more expensive models, which are characterized for example by particularly high-quality workmanship or special features and features. Thus, for a high-priced MP3 player, sometimes up to 200 pounds are due.

The epitome of the MP3 player: The Apple iPod

When the keyword MP3 player falls, many people think directly of the iPod from Apple. Maybe you are the same? The first model of this legendary music player was introduced in 2001 and an unprecedented success story took its course, which manifested not least the cult status of the Apple brand. The iPod quickly became a true fashion item, and technically it was areal innovation.

Instead of CDs or cassettes, the iPod played digital media content, which not least made the compact design possible. Inextricably linked to the rise of this player is also Apple’s own, free software iTunes, with which you can fill the device with music and other files. The iPod is available in different generations and variants. Compared to a branded MP3 player, you’ll need to budget a bit more here.

Whare you can buy an MP3 player?

In the search for a suitable MP3 player, you can proceed in various ways. On the one hand, you can follow the traditional path and go to a shop of your trust on the ground. On the other hand, the possibilities of the Internet are open to you with a huge variety of devices.

If you buy your MP3 player in-store, you not only support local retailers and secure jobs, but you can also get comprehensive advice from an expert who will explain the pros and cons of each model White. You also have the opportunity to test the players in the hand and to test directly, whether you can handle the operation.

One downside to retail shopping is that you have to go to the relevant store in a hassle. If you’re travelling by car, you’ll also need to find aparking space or pay alot for a car park. If there is a lot going on in the shop, waiting times at the cash register are added. For many consumers, these circumstances are reason enough nowadays to choose variant B. Order your MP3 player over the Internet and rummage around in a huge variety of products without having to leave your own four walls.

The order in the online shop has the great advantage that you are completely independent of the regular store opening hours. If you want, you can look around after work or even at the weekend in peace on the net. The model you order will eventually be delivered to your doorstep and if something is wrong with it, you simply take the legal right of return.