It does not matter if you are an amateur or professional, you need a mouth guard to get into the protected and comfortable ring to focus on what is important. In combat sports like boxing, shots are assured, not occasional or accidental, as in other sports. A poor choice and/or use of this protection can be as dangerous or more than not using anything to protect yourself.

In this article, you will discover the different types of mouth guards with their advantages and disadvantages, the best-selling brands and models, how to use them correctly and even the care it needs.

The best mouth guards in comparison

Before you go out and buy the first one that you see because you thought it was the coolest, you’d better check the characteristics you should have. You could lose a few pounds by going in a hurry or by looking only at the aesthetic.

I have made me a comparative list with several very good quality that could serve as a guide. But first, I suggest you check the following before investing:

  • Simple or double:there are two types of mouth guards, the simple ones and the double ones. The first ones are usually located on the upper teeth only. There are those who prefer them because they find them more comfortable and allow them to breathe better. The doubles protect both, upper and lower teeth, even if they are one piece. Deceiving for one or the other depends on your preferences.
  • Safety: it is what is just sought. The design of the device should cover the teeth well and turn the mouth and jaw into a block capable of resisting impacts. In addition, they should be able to sustain themselves when their mouths are open.
  • Comfort: Do not forget that a little discomfort can make you lose concentration and therefore the combat or the game. This subject is very subjective and it will depend on how you find each model until you find the one that best suits your needs.
  • Material: There are silicone, plastic, etc. The important thing when choosing is that they are the freest of harmful chemicals, flavours or odours and that they are resistant to contact.

That said, here I leave you then with the best mouthguards that currently exist.

1. Venum Mouthguard – Teeth Protector

Those who prefer a dual design to protect the upper and lower jaw, can be done with this model. It is made with high density rubber frame and thermo-formable gel to mold to the dentition and prevent injuries to teeth, lips and gums.

2. Self-Fit OPRO Adult Mouthguard

Those who seek total comfort and fit have a good option in this that brings 13 anatomical and moldable fins to fit well to the teeth. They are specially deformed to adapt to each person’s teeth. They are ideal for rugby, basketball, hockey, karate, taekwondo, etc.

3. Aero mouth guard for adults Aero 1.6 SISU

It is ideal for handball players, soccer, Floorball, Hockey, and Roller Derby. It is made of plastic, free of BPA and very comfortable. It allows to talk, breathe and even drink liquids without difficulty. It is available in beautiful and eye-catching colours.

4. Dual MMA MMA Boxing Mouthguard

It is very convenient because it is available in sizes for adults and young people. Practical for MMA, Muay-Thai, Boxing, Rugby, Soccer and other sports. It is perfectly aligned against the teeth to the molars. It comes in several colours to choose the one you like the most.

5. Mouthguard of martial arts Shock Doctor

It is an excellent alternative not only for those who practice contact sports but also for those who have just finished an orthodontic treatment to fix their teeth. It is double design so it covers both rows of teeth, up and down.

What is mouth guard?

It is common to associate this type of protection with contact sports. Surely we have all seen the typical image of “the fight begins” and the coach places the mouth guard in the boxer’s mouth.

But make no mistake. The athlete, in general, is becoming more aware every day and what started as a protection for fighting has spread to many disciplines. Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Rugby, Hockey and many more sports have this add-on to offer greater physical security to their fans and practitioners.

The mouth guard the basic function of protecting teeth, gums and lips from any type of impact.

The most common materials used for its manufacture are gels and silicones. They are materials that easily absorb the energy of blows and impacts that we receive throughout the mandibular area.

In the same way, we will protect our teeth by preventing shocks and strong friction from occurring between themselves. Failure to use them could hit the lower teeth with the upper ones causing painful and costly injuries.

Types of mouth guards

In order to classify the types of mouth guards that we can find in the market, we must attend to two different criteria: size and morphology.

Depending on the size of the protectors, we can classify them as adult mouth guards and children’s mouth guards. The sizes are generally unique and differ little from one manufacturer to another.

Despite this, there are manufacturers that make specific models for children, generally under 12 years old. And it is that today there are more and more boys and girls who train in sports, especially martial arts. And as we always defend, security is a priority factor.

On the other hand, according to the morphology of the buccal, we have them double and single.

Single mouth guard

The superior single mouth is the most widespread in the world of boxing and sports in general since its use is simple, it provides quite high protection and it is comfortable. The biggest downside is that they can accidentally slip out and protect less than doubles.

You can buy it moldable at very affordable prices or made to measure with a much higher price. There are brands that are specialized in combat sports, but it is not strictly necessary to choose one of them.

Double mouth guard

It consists of a single piece that fits into both jaws, providing greater protection than the simple ones. Its shape and its placement prevent it from falling accidentally. Like the simple ones, they can be bought thermoformable or made to measure.

Although it may seem that it is the best option due to its greater security, it has some disadvantages and is less used. Many boxers are uncomfortable and have difficulty breathing normally due to the small central opening, and also complain of saliva accumulation and difficulty removing it in an emergency.