All biker know that space is counted on a motorcycle. And, when it comes to a road trip or a ride, you must always take a living minimum with you. So you have to find a solution, which often comes down to saddlebags on the side, a top case or, if you have a roadster: a backpack. In the world of backpacks, there is everything. Difficult to choose. This is why this guide gives you the keys to make the right choice before proceeding to checkout. So that you can make the best choice and the price you pay is not expensive. The way you buy it will undoubtedly allow you to save money through a promo or sales on certain items.

The best Motorcycle backpacks in comparison

If you have already decided to buy and you need it urgently, the best thing you can do is analyse the available offer, review the backpacks that the manufacturers put on sale, establish a comparison and choose the one that suits you best.

We made a brief test with the characteristics of all the products and, as a guide, we elaborated a list of suggestions that can be useful when choosing.

1. JDC Frontier – Motorcycle backpack

JDC Motorcycle Waterproof Rucksack with Helmet Holder/Carrier - 24L Expandable to 36L - Frontier
  • Colour - Dark Grey and Black. Fits a Laptop up to 17 Inches even when carrying a helmet.
  • Heavy duty material and construction with 3 re-enforced adjustable front straps
  • 24 Litre capacity, can expand the main body to 36 Litres
  • Made from heavy duty Waterproof rubberised lined material, can carry a helmet and luggage
  • Hydration pack compartment with hydration tube outlet, High visibility strip on the rear

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The JDC brand Frontier backpack is characterized by its large capacity. You can carry almost anything you want when you go on a ride. This is a significant advantage which suggests an all-terrain use: both for excursions and in everyday life to get to work. In total, the capacity is 24 litres, with the possibility of enlarging it (via extensions) up to 36 litres. In addition, the materials used are resistant to rain, so your belongings are protected. Even big drops. The materials used are lined with rubber. Its dimensions are 30 cm in width, 53 cm in height, 15-30 cm in depth.

2. Motorcycle backpack Dainese 1980070 W01

Dainese - D-Throttle Backpack, Motorbike Backpack Waterproof 27.9L, Practical Motorcycle Backpack...
  • COMPOSITION AND STYLE: 100% cotton material for excellent skin feel and comfort. Short sleeve cut and classic stretch fit, with...
  • DAINESE - A HISTORY OF PASSION: Born in Italy in 1972, the Dainese brand has always been committed to excellence on the safety...

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With a combination of straps and fasteners, velcro and hooks, the Dainese sports backpack offer multiple compartments placed in an organised way ideal for the transfer of personal effects and clothing.

It is made with durable materials, padded handles, rain hood and also has two front thermal pockets where you can place beverages or small items that you want to keep under certain special conditions.

It also comes with front fastening straps to ensure the fit, grip and safety while driving. It is not among the cheapest group on our list, but it is a durable product with good features that are well worth the investment. You get it in black with red.

3. Alpinestars City Hunter Motorcycle Backpack

Alpinestars 3517-0402 Black/Red 25 Liter City Hunter Backpack
  • Multi-material outer shell: Lightweight 420D Nylon/420D Rip stop Nylon to reinforce the bottom part
  • 25L Capacity (approximately)
  • 2 external waterproof pockets on front
  • Computer compartment with full length zip featuring 15" laptop protective fleece sleeve
  • Large main compartment with internal organizer featuring a smartphone protective fleece sleeve

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The Alpinestars City Hunter backpack is a backpack made from multi-material panels that contain polyester and tear-resistant nylon reinforcements on the base. The combination of these two materials allows the bag to last longer, as well as abrasion and water resistance. With an aerodynamic profile, it will appeal to a large segment of the biker population. In addition, we can highlight all the technical parts that make the backpack both more resistant and more comfortable. We can cite ergonomic shoulder straps, removable straps, retro-reflective inserts for better visibility, semi-self-locking zip closures, etc.

4. Motorcycle backpack Ogio OES Genuine

OES Genuine OGIO 123006,36 No Drag Mach 5–Stealth Rear, Number 1
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Multi-Purpose Abteiltasche for each type of equipment
  • Fitted with compartments for better Organisation of the most demanding users
  • Item Package Dimension: 20.0 cm L x 37.0 cm W x 55.2 cm H

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Manufactured with a compact design, organised and suitable for the protection and transfer of various types of materials, the backpack of the manufacturer Ogio is one of the favourites of our users. It is equipped with multiple pockets and compartments where you can place all kinds of personal effects and office items. Its finishes are soft and resistant to water.

Those who already have affirmed that, due to its dimensions, it is an ideal product for tall people who, surely, will feel more comfortable with this backpack on top. Its price is the highest of our selection, however, users say that due to the excellent quality of the product is a worthwhile investment. It is available in black colour.

5. Aqua Quest Sport 25 Pro

Aqua Quest SPORT 25 PRO Backpack - 100% Waterproof Reflective Dry Bag 25L with Padded Straps, Waist...
  • 100% WATERPROOF - From extreme adventure to daily urban use, the Aqua Quest Sport 25 Pro keeps your valuables safe from rain,...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT + DURABLE - Only 1.7 lbs (770 grams) + Abrasion resistant 420D RipStop fabric + TPU Lamination and DWR coating +...
  • COMFORTABLE - Designed to stay high on your back and out of the way during activity. The waist and shoulder straps are fully...
  • VERSATILE + SAFE - Featuring two water bottle pockets with elastic drawstrings, two zip pockets on the waist straps, and a front...

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With a versatile design, lightweight, durable, resistant to abrasions and sealed seams, the backpack that puts at your disposal the manufacturer Aqua Quest is one of the most complete of our list.

It is easy to use and easy to organise, it protects the contents that you transfer from the inclement rains, the sand, the dust, the dirt and is even designed to protect what you carry inside the temporary immersion.

It has fastenings on the chest and waist, as well as internal lining, adjustable elastic cords to carry quantities of objects and a couple of bottles for hydration.

The areas close to the restraint are soft, adjustable, padded and flexible that mould easily to your body to give you greater safety while driving.

The model is one of the least expensive of the selection. It is available in black and red. The best thing is that the manufacturer is so confident about the product that it gives you two years of warranty.


Dainese - D-Gambit Backpack, Dainese Motorbike Backpack 33.6L for Men & Women, Ergonomic, Practical...
  • ERGONOMICS: Semi-rigid high frame with adjustable Velcro belt and strip for comfortable lumbar support in mid- to long-term travel...
  • FEATURES: Comfortable, lightweight and breathable, this extended-height version of the lumbar band weighs only 160g (0,35 lb) and...
  • DAINESE - A HISTORY OF PASSION: Born in Italy in 1972, the Dainese brand has always been committed to excellence on the safety...

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Crushproof the Dainese-D-GAMBIT motorcycle backpack is durable and ideal for short trips. It is equipped with soft and padded compartments that give you a greater sense of comfort while you drive and carry the backpack on your back.

It has multiple pockets where you can store almost anything and strong restraint straps that will give you more adjustment and grip when driving. Those who already have it affirm that it is a product of good appearance and quality and they claim that it is comfortable and functional. It is low cost and available exclusively in black.

7. Motorcycle backpack Seibertron 37L

Seibertron Motorbike backpack Motorcycle bag Outdoor Sports Riding Package black 37L
  • Main materials: 900D waterproof, Note: Zipper and sewing pinhole doesn't water resistant
  • 37L,External dimensions:19"(H) x 11"(W) x 11"(D),waist belt MAX:55 Inch,chest belt MAX:60 Inch
  • Molle design

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This backpack is the most economical model of our selection. It is equipped with numerous compartments for you to store different types of objects, from the smartphone to a change of clothes and the computer. It has adjustable straps that provide greater security to the pockets and greater support when carrying the backpack. It even has room to place hydration.

Double fastenings complement the grip on the chest and waist, which will allow you to drive practically without remembering that you wear it on your back. According to the opinion of those who already have it, it is a resistant article, with good seams and finishes, and with a solid appearance. You get it in black and khaki. All models have Velcro attached to a US flag, which you can remove if you wish.

8. Motorcycle Backpack Aprilia Atlantic Givi

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Equipped with fasteners and different fastening mechanisms, the backpack that Givi brand has for sale, is resistant to rain and is made of high-quality tarpaulin PVC.

It is a large, lightweight product, made with internal and external zippers that provide higher speed when storing the contents in the backpack.

It has a shoulder, chest and waist fastenings, as well as soft finishes that will give you great comfort while you drive and carry the backpack on your back.

Includes handle and reflective inserts for safety at the time of driving, is affordable, and you get it in lead grey.

9. Backpack Givi XS317 Xstream 30 Liters

GIVI XS317 Xstream Bag-Backpack
  • Large frontal compartment is equipped with mesh pockets for carrying clothes or other objects, The rear compartment is intended...
  • Ample compression straps on the STERNUM and the waist evenly distribute weight so as not to tire the shoulders
  • Wide reflective inserts with a fluorescent and removable rain cover

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Made with a thick and padded back, the Givi backpack is ideal if you travel by motorcycle every day from one place to another.

The article is endowed with numerous pockets and compartments that serve different types of contents. One is thermal and allows you to store food. Another is spacious to store clothes, another, with compartments for supplies and computers.

It comes with safety restraints for the chest and waist that will give you more comfort, stability and grip while driving.

It is made with precise stitching and durable materials resistant to water. Its cost is reasonable, and you get it exclusively in black.

10. Motorcycle backpack Shad E83

X0se83bcn - backpack e83 barcelona
  • Semi-rigid backpack
  • High quality Product for motorcycles
  • Fittings SHAD

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Designed with resistant materials. The backpack of the manufacturer Shad stands out for being 100% waterproof. According to its users protects the contents of the backpack, even in the most intense rains

The model XOSE83 is divided into several compartments where you can store the computer, some office supplies and papers. It also has another pocket division where you can place clothes and other personal effects.

It is a sober product, robust appearance, with excellent finishes that also has a case to place the helmet and seat bags. It has a low price, and you get it exclusively in black.

Reasons to buy motorcycle backpack

Motorcyclists have different needs when travelling on motorcycles. The best from bike to bike They are constantly on the move, they need to carry their belongings with them in a simple way, so that they can enjoy maximum freedom at all times. On certain types of motorcycles, such as those with a more sporty look, you cannot simply attach any bag to the motorcycle: it’s a question of the image! It is not so easy to find the one that meets your needs and, at the same time, that fits perfectly with the aesthetics of the bike. Before making a reasoned purchase, we recommend in all cases to read and evaluate the purchase notices of other users, by comparing the different products.

Motorcycle backpack uk

Benefits of using motorcycle backpack

The motorcycle backpacks are of great benefit to comfortably transport your things in the back while you moths on your motorbike. They are accessories equipped with unique features that make them the favourite of motorcyclists.

These backpacks are usually equipped with several compartments, even to fill computers, have adjustable straps, are made of lightweight and durable material, and most of them are made with waterproof material, so they are handy at all times, even if you only drive the motorcycle to go to the office.

Generally, they are made with comfortable fabrics that fit your body and allow you to walk at high speeds without the unpleasant feeling that you can fall what you carry on your back.

Characteristics of motorcycle backpacks

The motorcycle backpacks are the ideal accessory if you drive and must carry loads on their backs, some qualities define them as the ideal product for these cases, here we mention some:

  • You can use them in any weather condition and condition.
  • They are manufactured in such a way that they can be able to expand or compress depending on the load they carry.
  • They are made of resistant and durable materials.
  • They easily adjust to the body regardless of height, weight and dimensions of the user.
  • They are specially designed to give you a better experience while driving and carrying a load.
  • The unique cushions and ventilation points make your ride more comfortable.
  • They are equipped with multiple compartments. You can even carry smartphones and computers.
  • They include integrated hydration reservoirs to keep your body hydrated during long walks.

How to choose a motorcycle backpack?

In this part of the article, we present to you all the criteria that you must take into account before buying a motorcycle backpack. In addition to objective criteria such as price, capacity, brand or materials used, there are completely subjective criteria. For example, design or a particular affinity with the brand. In any case, the purchase of a backpack is neither trivial nor to be taken lightly. He is a real travelling companion!


The materials used are often the first sign that allows us to judge the quality of a bag. In fact, it is one of the basic rules since it will determine its structure and robustness. And therefore its resistance to wear. Materials like plastic give you unique impact resistance. It does not deform, prevents the passage of shocks, etc. Materials like nylon will give you asmoother, more supple appearance.

The material used also determines:

  • whether the bag is waterproof or not
  • whether it is thermally insulated or not

Each material, nylon, leather, plastic, metal has its advantages and disadvantages.

What you carry

We do not necessarily realize what we carry every day. Put end to end, this can represent a certain volume. Besides, some objects have an incompressible volume (like laptops). This means that your bag will have to adapt to them and not vice versa. It is therefore always interesting to favour large or variable capacity motorcycle backpacks (with expandable pockets. This gives room for manoeuvre and some security).

The flexibility of the bag will also play a little on the volume. With a plastic shell, it will be impossible to fool the measurements, while the nylon or the fabric can deform somewhat.


The comfort of a bag is an important criterion. Just like a helmet, it is transported on each trip by motorbike. This means that it must suit the morphology perfectly. A motorcycle backpack that taps into the back of the helmet, a bag that slides to the left or the right or that does not attach properly becomes a real curse. The best thing: it should not be felt or seen. In short, it must be invisible and match your body type. To best meet this criterion, the bag must be light, flexible, with adjustable straps.

The arrangement of the exterior and interior pockets is not negligible either. This allows a good weight distribution, especially with the laptop placed along the spine. A well-distributed weight means more comfort and longer journeys before feeling tired.

The brand

The brand of a bag is asubjective criterion. It will not change anything in substance, but will rather give an indication of the quality of manufacturing and the knowledge of this niche. The brand is therefore not just a name, it is aguarantee of quality. And even if the offer is overwhelming, only a few manufacturers can really assure you of a foolproof seal, unparalleled comfort and properly thought out storage. We, therefore, advise you to favour motorcycle backpacks from major brands.

In addition, each brand has its own design, so it is likely that you will fall for several bags of the same brand because it has a racing side or a retro side. Often, loyalty is a criterion in its own right in this closed environment.