For people starting to lose part of their mobility, one of the first questions that come comes to mind: What mobility scooter should I buy?

To be able to answer it, it is necessary to ask several questions, what use will I make of it? Based on this answer, how much autonomy do I want? How fast? Will I have to transport it by car? On their answers, will depend your choice of an electric mobility scooter.

The price changes according to the speed, autonomy and comfort that the mobility scooters bring.

What is the best mobility scooter?

These teams are an effective transport and mobility solution for the elderly, disabled or seriously ill.

Before buying a scooter for mobility, we must carefully consider the options available in the market.

There are many makes, models and sizes of scooters. Understanding the features and benefits they offer, as well as how they are classified can help us reduce the number of options, making the entire purchase process a quick and positive experience.

We invite you to take into account the following factors before choosing the final equipment:

  • Speed
  • The climbing angle
  • The comfort
  • The battery life
  • The total load capacity

Knowing this data will give you the necessary information to conscientiously choose a quality product. With the purpose of making your life easier and more productive, we prepare our comparative list, a special selection where we review the most estimable products of the market.

Consult it and find in it exactly what you need.

EMOGA Foldable 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter

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If you want a light, foldable and therefore easy to store mobility scooter, the model offered by the EMOGA brand is for you. Its practicality of storage makes it possible to put it in a car trunk, but also to consider travelling because it can board a plane. It works in two modes. Electric mode, which can then switch to manual mode when the battery discharges. A big plus when you are away from home!

Whatever the nature of the terrain, this EMOGA mobility scooter for the elderly and disabled can adapt to it. It even keeps its stability on gentle slopes. It has an electromagnetic braking system. If you hit an obstacle, this 4-wheel vehicle has a front bumper. Impossible to find yourself on the ground, thanks to the rear wheel which has an anti-rollover system.

With this device, no starting which can surprise the driver, everything is done smoothly and the speed is controlled ( around 20km / hour ). The seat turns 360 ° to get out without hurting you. The entire seat is comfortable and positionable. The entire frame is made of steel and made to last. The autonomy is long-lasting. This machine is delivered with a transport basket.

VELECO 4 Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter

VELECO FASTER - 4 Wheeled Mobility Device - Fully Assembled and Ready to use - Safe and Stable -...
  • Adult Device UK - Convenient and ready-to-ride devices for adults.
  • Blue, Red, Grey, and Black Device - Sleek and stylish design available in a variety of eye-catching colors.
  • Device Light - Equipped with a powerful LED headlight for enhanced safety during night rides.
  • Mobility Device Cover Waterproof Outdoor - Keep your device protected from the elements with a waterproof cover.
  • 4 Wheel Bike - Reliable 4-wheel design with strong brakes for ultimate safety.

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If there was a roll of mobility scooters, it would certainly be this model. With 1000 watts of power, it can go up to 50 km/hour, but its cruising speed is 25 km / h. At first glance, its design suggests that it is extremely stable. This can reassure an elderly person or a person with reduced mobility. It is very robust since a person up to 160 kilos can climb on it.

In the mobility scooter category, it is one of the models that most closely resembles a classic scooter. The LED lighting is located in the middle of the steering bar and ensures good visibility. You will find other headlights at the back. The seat is adjustable in height, as are the armrests and the set is comfortable.

This Veleco mobility scooter is equipped with a USB charger, but also with a bottle holder, located at the rear, resembling a classic motorcycle top case and having an LED. The autonomy on this product is excellent since it allows you to drive 50 km before full 8-hour recharge. Finally, the elegant anthracite dress finishes seducing us.

Drive Devilbiss Mobility Scooter Envoy 4

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The manufacturer brand Envoy has launched this economic and great mobility scooter. It is provided with a wonderful cushioning system to always guarantee a pleasant trip.

The control handle is adjustable, adapting to the user’s preferred position. The vehicle is equipped with a “Delta” steering system, easy to handle for those individuals who have grip or weakness problems in their hands.

In addition, it has electromagnetic brakes, flameproof tires, a rotating seat and a powerful LED front light. It reaches a maximum speed of 4km / h and is able to travel up to 20 continuous miles before the battery runs out.

Scooter Leo Invacare

Scooter Leo - Invacare silver
  • - Can be easily dismantled. -

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It is a perfect mobility scooter for the elderly and people with disabilities, this equipment will allow you to recover your autonomy and fully enjoy the pleasures of life.

The vehicle has an elegant and sporty design, is equipped with a swivel seat, flashing and brake lights, two powerful batteries that allow you to travel up to 36 km continuous and a motor with protection against corrosion and water.

It is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 8km/h. The total weight is 136 Kg. It is super easy to handle and its compact size represents a great advantage when it comes to walking in public places.

Elite Care Mobility Scooter

Boot scooter - ST1 travel mobility scooter Disassembles into 5 manageable parts - 2 Colours
  • Maximum range of 6 miles on full battery charge. Top speed of 4 mph.
  • Comfortable and lightweight. On board and in-house charging as standard. Removable 12ah battery pack.
  • Height adjustable 360° swivel seat. Adjustable angle tiller. Solid puncture proof tyres. Useful storage basket on the front.

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It is a cheap, efficient and advantageous vehicle. It is equipped with a 24-volt motor and a mini-sealed transmission system. The brakes are electromechanical, a feature that offers the user great performance and safety.

This model is designed to give the user exceptional durability, it is the ideal equipment to keep at home or in the geriatric. Tolerates a maximum weight of 125 Kg. And is able to reach a total speed of 6.4Km/h

The padded armchair allows to adjust the height to offer a maximum level of comfort, in addition, it is equipped with an armrest and a frontal basket. You can choose it in red or blue.

Luffie Eco mobility scooter

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We present you a great mobility scooter, this vehicle is foldable, lightweight, compact and super functional.

Its structure has been made of aluminium, which is why it only weighs 32 kg. It is the ideal vehicle for outdoor and indoor, do not be fooled by its size, this device offers a range of 10 km away, to go and come at your leisure.

It is provided with 4 sturdy wheels, an ergonomic handlebar and a comfortable adjustable seat to provide the user with an excellent level of comfort. It is an ideal vehicle for rides, fast shopping at the supermarket or for light travel luggage.

What is mobility scooter?

The mobility scooters are a practical solution to move independently and above all safely, without risk of falling. The 4 wheels guarantee great stability for the scooter.
Electric scooters are intended to simplify the movement of the disabled, the elderly and people with reduced mobility. They allow you to regain your autonomy and move around without outside help. You can choose your own activities.
With 4-wheel scooters, you can use it indoors or outdoors, on the road or on rough roads. Each scooter is fitted with an electric motor.

The 4-wheel mobility scooter is authorized to drive on sidewalks. On the road, it is imperative to respect the highway code.
In addition, you must have your mobility scooter insured because damage to third parties may be caused with the scooter. To do this, contact your insurer directly.

Types of mobility scooters

Electric mobility scooters fall into three groups.

The first brings together all the indoor scooters. These devices are used to move easily in places of residence. Their power and autonomy are moderate but amply sufficient for everyday life. Space-saving, an indoor scooter can circulate everywhere and easily passes the doorway. A handlebar or a remote control allows you to steer it. The front and rear wheels are powered by two different motors.

The second group includes transportable mobility scooters. These are motorized vehicles that users can use over a maximum distance of 10 kilometres. With this type of scooter, they can circulate freely at home but also do their shopping near their home provided the road is flat. Removable, the device becomes compact and can be loaded in the trunk of the vehicle or transported by train or plane. On vacation, users can accompany all family members to do collective activities.

The third category concerns road mobility scooters. They can travel on the road more than 30 kilometres in one go. All the elements that make them up to contribute user comfort and safety: the padded and adjustable seat, reclining backrest, movable armrests, headrest, horn, lighting system, shock absorbers, flashing light, etc. Its large wheels can travel on uneven and steep roads.

What to take into account when buying an electric scooter?

The first thing is the use of the mobility scooter. Where does the user want to go? What kind of journey will he take with it? How often is it used? What is the budget for a mobility scooter? The answers to all these questions will help define the type of scooter to buy.

The second is the comfort of use of the mobility scooter. The best model must be both stable, handy and equipped with a long-lasting battery. The steering should not require significant physical effort. The interior must be spacious enough for the feet to be comfortable.

The last point to see when buying concerns the wheels of the scooter. The model with three wheels is more manoeuvrable and therefore perfectly suited for indoor use. Its use is recommended for small areas. It performs well on flat terrain. The model including 4 wheels offers good stability. It is perfect for people with a large build. It can roll on all types of soil.

Maintenance tips

For cleaning the mobility scooter, don’t wash it directly with a garden hose or water, prefer a damp cloth.
Before each use of the mobility scooter, check the battery level. If you are not using the scooter for a long time, recharge it every 3 months.
Before each use, check that the various lights on the scooter are working properly. Also, don’t forget to check the tire pressure regularly.