6 Best MMA Gloves with Excellent Fit and Ventilation

Many of us know that, in spite of buying the gloves of our size, by causing so much sweat in the hand, they get loose very easily and feel uncomfortable. This situation can really play against you in the middle of training or combat. If it has already happened, I bring you good news: you are about to find the best MMA gloves and change the story. But, if this is your first purchase, even better: you will not have to go through the thorns to enjoy the flowers.

If you have taken a look at the market you will see that the search can be somewhat extensive and that it may be difficult to know where to start, but do not guess that you are safe. My plan has been to avoid this and dedicate myself to do a search and test of many of the models that are sold out there and finally, in addition to getting my ideal pair, I have left a comparison that I have been very cool with five models that They do not waste any. Are you gonna miss it? Well, I do not think so.

TOP MMA gloves


With beautiful blue details

Hayabusa T3 MMA 4oz Gloves (Small, Black/Blue)
3 Reviews
Hayabusa T3 MMA 4oz Gloves (Small, Black/Blue)
  • The pre-curved design helps reduce hand...
  • Hayabusa's patented wrist support...
  • The attention to detail and...

Ideal for athletes of all levels as its pre-curved design helps reduce hand fatigue during combat or competition. It is also designed to offer hand and wrist stabilization. The anti-microbial lining XT2 prevents odors.

2. Mum Gloves Undisputed 2.0 from Venum

In very cool colors

Venum Unisex's Undisputed 2.0 MMA Gloves-Black,...
4 Reviews
Venum Unisex's Undisputed 2.0 MMA Gloves-Black,...
  • High quality Nappa leather offering the...
  • High density threading
  • Layered foam for better protection and...

Made of Skintex leather and layered foam for better protection and shock absorption. At the same time offers a great fit thanks to its strap and great comfort.

3. Everlast MMA gloves

High quality

Everlast MMA Gloves (Red, L/XL)
  • Size S/M or L/XL.
  • Fastens with adjustable velcro strap.
  • Padding extends down to the phalanges.

Its design is unisex and leaves the fingers free, also they come well also for kick boxing, muay thai and more, they are really comfortable to use and their quality is beaten by one of the renowned brands of the sport, what more do you want? For them!

4. MMA Gloves by RingMasterUK


RingMasterUK Adults Synthetic Leather MMA UFC...
2 Reviews
RingMasterUK Adults Synthetic Leather MMA UFC...
  • RingMasterUK MMA UFC Gloves are perfect...
  • Made of Synthetic Leather for longevity...
  • Open palm design for maximum control in...

They are genuine leather and that is seen and felt. The male and female users love them equally for their comfort and durability, ideal for boxing, mixed martial arts, wrestling and other sports promoted by the UFC. Its protective lining eliminates the sweat of the hands.

5. RDX MMA Gloves

One last

RDX Maya Hide Leather Grappling MMA Gloves UFC...
385 Reviews
RDX Maya Hide Leather Grappling MMA Gloves UFC...
  • 【Resilient Maya Hide Synthetic...
  • 【Polymax Contoured Tri-Slab PC3...
  • 【Improved Quick-EZ Hook-and-Loop...

They have been created by hand with genuine full grain leather, taking care of the details very well for maximum durability. They include padded protections on wrists and knuckles for the toughest impacts and ventilation technology with thermal regulation and moisture removal.

6. MMA gloves Valour Strike Pro

Combination of leather and waterproof nylon

Valour Strike Pro MMA Gloves ★ Sparring...
38 Reviews
Valour Strike Pro MMA Gloves ★ Sparring...
  • Open Palm Design Enables The Easy...
  • V-IMPACT Gel Infused Foam Protection:...
  • Easy To Adjust & Flexiable 2 Inch Wide...

Ventilation and comfort ensured with these bare palm and thumb gloves, as well as the fingers are separated for better dexterity, in addition to having additional knuckle protection with a three-layer contoured pad that absorbs shock like none.

What to consider when choosing MMA gloves?

If you are about to buy your first MMA glove, pay attention to this:

Type of gloves

Mainly there are three:

  • Competition: They have a minimum filling and usually weigh less than about 113g, according to the rules of the competition. It allows the movement of the fingers because they are separated and open to allow movement and the ability to cling to the opponent.
  • Training: It has several names, but all refer to the same. Your fingers and hands will have enough movement and protection because the fingers are segmented with filling that cover up to the second knuckle.
  • Combat: They weigh about 198g and have more padding around the top and front to protect your hands, they have a grab bar that helps form a tight fist to pierce.


The material dictates some variables such as the price of gloves, durability and comfort.

  • Leather: They are the most recommended in terms of durability and breathability, for all categories.
  • Synthetic leather: It is a cheaper alternative and can be found in three different ways:
    • Polyurethane: The most economical of the three, is the material with which the best MMA gloves are made for beginners and professionals who are not interested in gloves for mixed martial arts.
    • Vinyl: Something more resistant than polyurethane, but not as much as the real leather that can come from cowhide, for example.
    • Maya: It is the closest imitation of genuine leather and maintains its softness and flexibility for a long time.


To fill this type of gloves, foam is often used, some use layered foam and others use regular foam. The cheaper, the less durability time.

Wrist strap

The strap helps keep the gloves secure and tight around your fist, so it should be a solid Velcro.


They come in different sizes and are classified as regular, medium, large and XL. They refer to the circumference around the 4 knuckles of a closed fist. To know which one suits you best, squeeze a fist with your strongest hand and measure with a tape measure, the distance along the four knuckles and over the knuckle of the thumb, and just below the curve of the fist. If you use wraps, measure it with the wraps on.


If you weigh about 54kg or less you can go for gloves of 340 to 396 grams, but if you go above, up to 68kg you can go for a 453g, now that if your weight goes from there to about 81kg you can go straight to about 510g, while if your weight goes from 81kg onwards it is better that you go directly to gloves that exceed 510g. Although if you train it is better that you go for some of greater weight, that offer greater padding and general protection.


For a better comfort, the gloves need an ideal ventilation for the elimination of the humidity and so that these remain free of odors and bacteria.


Always use the circumference of the palm of your hand to obtain the best estimate.

Characteristics of the palm

If there is something to pay attention to, it is precisely to the palm of the glove, that can make a great difference between a good and an excellent one.

  • Open-Palm construction: This feature is more than ideal for combating wet palms and hot hands, although many say it negatively affects the glove’s fit in the user’s hand. Because to make up for this, they often have adjustable wrist guards and tight finger guards to make sure the glove stays in the correct position.
  • Perforated palms: The palm is perforated to allow for the luxury of air without sacrificing the fit of complete glove design.
  • Mesh ventilation panels: They are common in many styles of martial arts gloves, while in MMA gloves they are usually located so that the cold palms are maintained at a similar level to the gloves with an open palm design without sacrificing any of the adjustments.

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