A mini fridge can be very useful to avoid the incessant movement between bedroom and kitchen, to avoid walking down where the fridge is located or even in the office to have drinks always fresh!

However, sometimes is difficult to navigate among the manufacturer’s offers, there are indeed few types of a mini fridge, some are designed for a car, others are not. Some keep very low temperature but are a bit noisy, others descend not very low temperature but are completely silent.

What is the best mini fridge?

Surely you already walked through many options, but you keep wondering which is the best. Thanks to our comparative list with the best mini refrigerators you will make an intelligent purchase with which you will obtain a product of excellent quality at the lowest cost of the market because we will also show you everything you need to know about mini fridge, their characteristics and benefits.

Inventor Compact Mini Fridge 66L

Reversible door

Inventor Mini Fridge 66L, Silver, Eco-Friendly A+, Ideal for kitchen, bedroom or office area...
  • Luxury Design small fridge in an elegant Silver colouring
  • Advanced sealings, easy reversible door and fully adjustable legs
  • Low frost technology
  • Energy Class A+ with very low Noise Levels 42dB(A) Ideal for office, bedrooms, kitchen
  • 2- year manufacturer warranty

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It has the energy class A +, which means low energy use and only emits 39 dB, which makes it very quiet and convenient to use in rooms.

This model has a capacity of 66 litres and an ideal drawer for vegetables. It is so compact that it serves to camp. In addition, it comes with a new reversible door included, so it can be opened to the right or left.

Klarstein MKS-6 – Mini Bar

Specially designed for wines and drinks

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Its sleek design features a translucent glass door with included touch controller and internal blue LED lighting. This wine bar-style model allows you to store up to 16 bottles separated by four chrome shelves. It has a capacity of 66 L.

In turn, it is available in several models with different sizes and storage capacities. It is excellent to use in hotel rooms, in your room or simply as an extra refrigerator in almost any situation.

Russell Hobbs RHTTF67W 66 Litre

Low energy consumption with high performance

Russell Hobbs RHTTF67W 65 Litre
  • Energy Efficiency performance rating: F
  • 2 removable wire shelf
  • Adjustable thermostat and feet
  • Dimensions (cm) - H63.0 x W44.5 x D51.0
  • Metal Backed Rear Panel

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This presentation has a standard noise level and a very low annual energy consumption of 118 kWh, making it environmentally friendly. However, this does not affect its performance because it is a very powerful model.

Its classic design has measures of 445 mm wide by 630 mm high and 510 mm deep that includes a special compartment for freezing. Its capacity is 66 L.

VonShef 47L Mini Fridge with Freezer

Very well equipped!

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It has a grid tray, a drip tray and an ice cube mould at no additional cost. It has a space for freezing 4L at the top and interchangeable hinges that make it possible that this model can be placed almost anywhere optimally.

This VonShelf brand mini fridge is not noisy, so there will be no noise disturbing your office. In addition, its energy consumption is quite low.

Severin KS 9827 Fridge

The best price you’ll find

Severin KS 9827- fridges (Freestanding, White, Right, A+, 113 kWh, 44 cm)
  • Severin KS 9827. Design: stand-alone.
  • Colour: white.
  • Door hinge: on right-hand side. Net refrigerator capacity: 47L.
  • Noise level: 42dB. Energy efficiency classification: A+.
  • Annual energy consumption: 113kWh. Width: 44cm.

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It is the least expensive model on the list and, in addition, its measurements are 53 cm wide by 46.5 cm high and 51 cm deep that allows you to store up to 47 litres inside. It has a small space for freezing food.

It is part of the energy efficiency class: A +, that is, high energy efficiency. In addition, it includes an ice cube tray without additional charges.

Should I buy a mini-fridge?

The best reason to buy one is that you can find the benefits of a conventional fridge at a more practical size, ideal for spaces like university dormitories. It is even ideal to complement the usual cooling system of our home.

In large houses, more than one floor, these mini fridges are ideal because instead of going up and down whenever you want a cold drink or snack, you will have it in the comfort of your room, right in the palm of your hand, what are ideal for rooms.

In addition, these small refrigerators come in multiple capacities and sizes. They range from small enough to place on your desk to some larger ones, such as half the normal refrigerators. Some even include compartments for frozen foods.

Most of these use cooling systems that are mainly driven by compressors. This means that they keep their contents cool while removing the heat with the help of a circulating gas that runs along the pipes behind the storage unit.

There are also models with a thermoelectric cooling system. It is a heat sink with a motorized fan embedded behind the storage section. Although it is quieter than compressors, it can be noisier.

Types of mini fridge

The variety is great when it comes to mini-refrigerators and it is that more and more models are being included in the market, thus varying in size, benefits, colours and, of course, in price. These are some of the ones you can find in online and physical stores:

  • Bucket cooler: it is one of the most used and the reason is that it is not only very economical but also the most compact and portable compared to other models. However, there are newer models that have been surpassing it.
  • Medium size: its size allows you to have a freezer and several compartments to separate foods and drinks of different sizes. They provide additional storage for food.
  • Ideal for kitchen table: this model is one of the most expensive, but also the most optimal in terms of energy. It is designed with the same size as the kitchen tables.
  • Mini fridge for drinks: as the name implies, it is designed especially for drinks. This is because of its size and the compartments it has.
  • Mini fridge for car: this excellent model is probably one of the most recent, but also one of the great favourites by those who love long family trips because it guarantees that the food will stay refrigerated no matter where you go.
  • Mini high refrigerators: it can be one of the most practical for its size that allows storing a good amount of things, characteristic that makes it belong to the range of mini large refrigerators. Because your thermostat is in the refrigerator, that zone has a reliable temperature, more than the freezer part.
  • Two-door models: consists of two doors that separate the refrigeration sector with the freezer. It is like a smaller replica of traditional refrigerators. They are very good for the storage of fresh meats because, thanks to their design, they allow the odours of these foods to be separated from the drinks. In this case, your thermostats are in the freezer part. In turn, this translates into better performance in that area than in cooling.

How to buy best mini fridge?

The first thing you should know is that thanks to its size, the mini fridge has the portability that allows them to reach where the conventional can not, making them ideal for keeping in bedrooms and road trips.

Only you can know what is the use you will give and what are the needs you want to solve with your mini fridge, so keep that in mind to choose the one that best suits you. However, we offer you some features that you can not lose sight of when making your purchase:


Mini Fridge Portable

Although most models have portability as their main feature, some are less so than others because of their weight.

If you need one that moves where you need it, the key is to look for the lightest. The lower your weight, the easier it will be to take it with you to your family trips or move it from one corner to another inside your home.


Take into account that the variety of its sizes is given to its storage space. Even many of the wider or taller models usually have separators to keep food and drinks sectioned and organized.

In turn, the storage space can vary between 6 cubic feet and less than 1 cubic foot. In this sense, it will be important to determine what foods we will store in it so as not to choose a bigger or very small one, look for a size that really suits your needs.


mini fridge with freezer

Precisely because of their portability, many models are really compact and sacrifice specially reserved spaces for freezing. Even some do not have adequate temperatures to offer this service.

Therefore, if you need to store some frozen drinks and snacks, you should make sure that your mini-fridge has a small freezer or you should buy a separate mini-freezer.

It is important to take into account that, normally, the freezers that are in mini fridges are too small or not cold enough.

Energy consumption

Most of these models, although they can vary between them, consume less energy than conventional refrigerators. There are some specially designed for lower energy consumption that does not sacrifice its power.

The different cooling systems

We will now look at the different cooling systems, we will see that each of these systems has its advantages and disadvantages, you choose the one that seems to best suit your needs.

  • Mini compressor refrigerators: This is the same system as most conventional refrigerators. They are therefore particularly effective for cooling, in just a few hours your drinks will be refreshed. However, this system tends to be rather noisy and it is therefore annoying when you want to place the fridge in your bedroom for example.
  • Mini-fridges fitted with Peltier modules: Peltier modules have the advantage of cooling and also heating the interior of your fridge. So you can use your mini fridge to cool or keep your drinks warm. This type of fridge has the advantage of being very quiet but rather energy-intensive, which forces manufacturers to produce fridges with very small capacity.
  • Cold absorption refrigerators: This type of fridge has a big advantage: the total absence of noise. So-called “perfectly silent” mini fridges are therefore generally equipped with a cold absorption system. However, this cooling method has its limits and generally does not allow it to drop below 10 degrees.

Those are the three main cooling systems for your mini fridge, for a summary:

  • Do you want a perfectly silent fridge? Opt for a fridge with cold absorption but beware the temperature will not drop below 10 °!
  • Do you want a fridge that can heat, cool and easily transportable by car? Opt for a mini fridge equipped with a Peltier system!
  • You want an extra fridge going down to around 0 ° but which will still make a little noise? Opt for a mini fridge equipped with a compressor.

Adjustable shelves

mini fridge with adjustable shelves

This model will allow you to take better advantage of the size of your mini fridge because you can move the shelves according to your needs. It may also be important to have ventilation in the back.

Noise level

This is, without a doubt, one of the most important characteristics. It is very unpleasant to have to deal with noisy devices and much more if we plan to place it in our bedroom. So make sure you get a silent one for your comfort and that of those who accompany you.

Compressor driven or absorption power units

This is completely related to its efficiency in terms of cooling and energy. In this sense, it is a vital feature to avoid running the risk of poor refrigeration of our food.


Have you already selected the mini fridge of your dreams? Before making the last decision, check that you have the necessary guarantee.

Check and read all the details that should be taken into account when returning the product and everything related to the repair policy that the company has.


mini fridge for car

Make sure that the measurements of your refrigerator are ideal for the space in which you will place it. Measure the space and make sure your mini snow falls on it.