The milk frother is used to effortlessly produce milk froth. This device makes it possible to obtain a smooth and generous emulsion more efficiently and more quickly than with the hand.

This foam can garnish various drinks and make them even tastier, such as coffee, milk, chocolate, cappuccino and many more. It is a pure delicacy.

The milk frother is available in manual and electric versions. You will find a wide range of models on the market: light, compact, silent.

To help you choose the accessory you need, we give you our opinion on the best milk frothers of the moment. After a comparison table of the most interesting models, you will discover our ranking. This part reveals the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of each device presented.

Then, we share our tips for choosing the right milk frother. Among other things, you will take into account the design and capacity of the tank. We will also share with you the pros and cons of this device. At the end of the article, you will have the right to use the manual model and the automatic model.

The best milk frothers in comparison

VAVA Detachable Milk Frother

Milk Frother, VAVA Detachable Milk Frother, Electric Liquid Heater for Hot and Cold Milk (Stainless...
  • Detachable base: the milk jug lifts off the power base for easier pouring while the classic spout allows you to pour the milk out...
  • Perfect foam in one touch: 3 different settings that let you indulge in cafe-style coffee drinks with hot and cold froth, or hot...
  • Metallic finish: scratch-resistant, brushed stainless steel design and Non-Stick interior for easy cleaning
  • Large capacity: Holds 5.1 oz/ 150 ml of hot and cold froths for a perfect cup of cappuccinos or 10.2 oz/ 300 ml of hot milk for...
  • Safer by design: ETL-listed Frothier offers Non-Slip rubber feet and an auto shutoff feature when the milk/ foam is ready. If you...

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We want to start with a milk frother of excellent quality, hand in hand with the VAVA brand. With this model, you will have an excellent power of 550W so, in a very short time, you will have milk or any other liquid at the desired temperature. It is a fairly compact model, which you can store anywhere in the kitchen, although it has a very nice design that you can leave on the countertop without looking out of place.

It will turn off automatically when you see that there is no liquid inside, also helping to make safety a strong point in this product.

Godmorn Milk Frother

Godmorn Milk Frother Electric Automatic 3 in1 Milk Steamer, Heat Milk, Cold and Hot Milk Froth,...
  • ✅ 【3in1 Function】--This milk frother have 3 function, heat milk only, heat & froth milk, froth milk only. One machine can...
  • ✅ 【Non-stick Coating&Double Walled】--We use non-stick coating inner wall for godmorn milk frother and make it easy to clean....
  • ✅ 【Noiseless & Quick】-The sound is very low (64-74dbA) when you use milk frother and will not disturb your family and...
  • ✅ 【Premium Strix Thermostat】--Strix temperature controller of milk frother meet international safety standards. Machine stop...
  • ✅ 【Smart Design】--We install non-slip pads on the bottom of both base and cup, to prevent from colliding machine or table...

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A product of confidence that we present below and with which you can, in addition to heat milk, make it with other liquids, such as chocolate, remaining thick and at a perfect temperature to enjoy when it is cold.

It has much lower power than the previous one, so you’ll have to wait a little longer for it to warm up since it only has 400W, however, it has certain advantages, as it has an antinata filter that will prevent whole milk from producing this layer of cream, as well as a bucket that will be non-stick so that it can be cleaned much more easily.

VonShef Milk Frother Electric

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Another Milk Frother of the brands that you can trust with peace of mind is VonShef. Since their appliances are resistant and of good quality. We find a milk boiler that can keep the temperature of milk stable at about 65 degrees so that it is always hot at the time of intake. It is ideal to create chocolate, making it very thick.

To prevent the milk from sticking, it has a non-stick coating that is also very easy to clean. Do not worry about the outside temperature, then, even if there is heat inside, on the outside, it will be cold.

MANZOKU – Electric Liquid Heater

Milk Frother Electric Automatic Induction 200ml Milk Steamer and Warmer 450 W, Dual-Wall Non-Stick...
  • Manzoku Milk Frother! - Froth up to 100 ml milk or warm 200 ml milk for cappuccino or iced drinks, latte or other hot drinks....
  • Efficient and Safe - 450W super power. Get more delicate milk foam by magnetic foaming at ideal temperature and speed in just 120...
  • Induction Frother - The foaming stirring assembly is connected with lid, preventing the loss of important parts. Magnetic...
  • Easy Clean Non-stick Coating - The milk frother is very easy to clean under running water. Just rinse and wipe it with a soft...
  • 3 Mode Foaming - One-Touch easy operation (long press for cold foaming /short press for warm foaming). Caution: Do not open the...

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One of the most recommended milk frothers in this list because it is a product of a large company that has made the price-quality ratio a personal hallmark. With this model, you will have up to a half litre and a half capacity to heat, or what can be equal to about 6 cups of coffee.

You will have an excellent power of 450W so in a matter of seconds you will have milk, water or any hot liquid. It has a steam detector to detect when the water starts to boil, warning you that it is already hot, having a base in 360 degrees that can be placed anywhere.

Aicok – Electric Milk Warmer

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This model is designed especially for couples or people who live alone and who want to enjoy the quality of these small appliances by heating milk. What you will love most about this product is that in addition to heating the milk, you can enjoy the best foam thanks to its former function, making it ready in just 100 seconds.

You will forget the odious noises that are usually heard in these products, having a very quiet model and an impressive quality, which will facilitate cleaning by its non-stick interior. You can modify the temperature to adjust it to the one you prefer to warm up.

Russell Hobbs Chester Compact Kettle 20190

Russell Hobbs Chester Compact Kettle 20190, 1 L, 2200 W - Polished Stainless Steel
  • Compact Kettle - 1.0 L capacity
  • Polished stainless steel
  • Rapid boil zone feature
  • Denoting 1/2/3 cup volumes
  • Boil one cup of water in 55 seconds

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We really liked this model, both for its cheap price, as for the capacity it has, and its design. It should be noted that it has the acceptance of hundreds of customers and their opinions are very positive, so you will undoubtedly be the best milk boiler on the market.

On the one hand, you will know the amount of milk you have entered thanks to its indicator, as well as get a cup of milk or water in less than a minute of time. It’s that simple The capacity is 1 litre with a very precise nozzle so you do not spill a single drop when pouring the hot liquid.

Andrew James Electric Milk Frother

Andrew James Multi-Functional Electric Milk Frother Hot Chocolate Heater Warm Jug, 2 Attachments...
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL MILK WARMER FOAMER AND FROTHER -- Mix up a variety of delicious hot drinks by choosing to heat only, froth milk...
  • DELICIOUS HOT DRINKS & HOT CHOCOLATE LARGE 300ML CAPACITY MILK WARMER -- Heat milk for a couple of mugs of coffee or indulge in a...
  • FROTH ANY TYPE OF MILK -- Dairy, Oat, Nut or Soy milks can all be frothed to make delicious drinks. Simply add the milk of your...
  • EASY CLEAN NON-STICK COATING -- The PTFE coating makes this milk frother and heater easy to keep clean. Simply wipe clean between...
  • SIMPLE ONE TOUCH OPERATION -- This milk frother uses one button for all functions and comes with an automatic shut-off. Press to...

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As the last product to review, we present this model that, although it has clear differences, is very similar to one of the ones that we have analyzed previously of the Aicok brand. One of the most interesting sections is that it has three different modes of use, from the fact of heating the milk, as well as the creation of cold or hot foam, depending on what you prefer.

One of the advantages that counts is that it has a security system that helps you not overheat, just like it will turn off automatically after a while without using or when there is no liquid inside.

What is milk frother?

The milk frother, also known as a milk frother or aerator, is a mini household appliance that heats milk evenly and also turns it into a foam. There are two main families on the market, namely automatic milk frothers and manual ones which can be electric or not.

Such accessories are used to obtain a thick and creamy milk froth that can be combined with coffees, cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolates and even milkshakes. Some machines actually allow you to prepare hot milk, but also to froth cold milk to accompany different cold drinks.

Advantages and disadvantages of a milk frother

Speed ​​of use

Creating foam takes a total of 5 minutes of your time. The first three are reserved for the actual preparation while the last two are dedicated to setting up and decorating.

The capacity

The majority of automatic milk frothers sold on the market generally have acapacity of 300 ml (at the maximum). Which is comfortable for one or two people

The manual models, meanwhile, are equipped with a small mixer that is unsuitable for preparing a large quantity of milk.

It then becomes complicated to prepare foam for several people, whether it is a manual or automatic model.

The noise

A manual or automatic milk frother makes a loud noise when it is running. The sound may disturb more than one. Ask your retailer about the debit to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

However, the aerator is a very fast device, the inconvenience will, therefore, be temporary.

milk frother

How to choose best milk frother?


In general, like any other household appliance, the more powerful a milk frother, the faster it will be. The power only concerns models that run on electricity.

For fully manual models, the speed of the process only depends on the strength of your arms. Therefore, if you are one of those who favour above all the speed of heating or frothing your milk, we advise you to bet on a machine with very high power.

You can, therefore, opt for the 400 watts milk frother although some models can reach 500 watts. These types of accessories can prepare your milk in just a few seconds, but watch out for the noise they can generate. In addition, if you can wait a minute and there is usually no rush, you can very well take an aerator with a minimum power of 300 watts.


On the capacity side, you will generally have to check two essential points, namely the maximum quantity of milk to be heated and that of the milk to be whipped that the container can contain.

The reason is that once the milk is whipped, it increases considerably in volume and can double or even triple its initial volume, which is not the case when it suffices to heat it.

So, if you have three to four people wanting to taste good hot milk for breakfast, Comparatif-Multicuiseur recommends that you choose a high capacity frother. Therefore, choose the models that can contain up to 750 ml of milk to heat and 350 ml of milk to froth.

The models with small capacity mean that they can only prepare 200 ml of milk for heating against 100 ml of milk for frothing. A quantity of foam which is only ideal for making a single cappuccino.

Ease of use

The choice of your future milk frother may also depend on its design and the various characteristics that contribute to its ease of use. Families are often attracted to devices designed in a nesting structure, because of their large capacity.

However, these are generally more imposing and we rather suggest a rotating base model for those who do not have a large space in the kitchen, because these are more compact and therefore less bulky.

And unlike young people who are easily seduced by the modern design of cylindrical pitchers grabbing directly on the body, older people prefer to stick to the handle models that are close to the traditional carafe. Don’t worry, there is something for everyone.

The best milk frothers are especially those with non-slip feet which guarantee good stability in use. Our site also advises you to favour a non-stick container and if possible removable and washable in the dishwasher to benefit from great ease of maintenance. On the program launch side, you can opt for a device equipped with a single button to press in different ways or with several buttons with different functions.

Different types of milk forthers

Electric milk frother

Operating on an electric basis, it is a motor device with more or less high power, ranging from 300 to 500 watts. It is designed in a modern and elegant design, with a removable milk container that can be washed in the dishwasher or not. The latter has one or more buttons that allow you to start a hot or cold preparation.

It is the most used model because of its practicality and its versatility because the machine allows not only to heat milk but also to transform it into the foam. On some models, the machine automatically adjusts the temperature of the heated milk, while on others you can set the desired temperature yourself.

Manual milk frother

The manual milk frother does not need electricity to operate. It closely resembles a coffee press, with a glass or metal container and a hole cover through which passes a piston.

The end of the piston is inside the container and has a fine mesh screen which, once the piston is pumped, agitates the milk to froth it.

The whole process is done by hand and requires user effort. Some models can be placed on electric, ceramic hob or even a gas fire, while others do not allow this function and require the milk to be heated separately.