5 Best Medicine Balls to Renew Your Exercise Routine

If you are looking for a tool that will help you to give another dimension to your training session, you have come to the right place, today we tell you everything you need to know about the best medicine ball, the ideal instrument that will help you optimize your coordination, strength and physical performance.

This type of ball has been present in our lives for at least 3000 years, the first records of history transport us to the great Persian Empire and ancient Greece, where the athletes of the time engineered rudimentary versions of the medicine ball that we know today. , using animal skins and sand to fill it, thus obtaining the desired weight.

Currently this popular tool is considered an essential equipment in gyms, sports centers and training halls both collective and personal, this is because it offers the user alternative exercises to incorporate into the routine, working integrally a large muscular group, perfecting your sense of balance, motor coordination and joint mobility.

The versatile and healthy spheres, vary their weight to adapt to all types of individuals, handling a range that goes from 900gr. Up to 15kg. of load, thus becoming the perfect instrument for light and intense routines. Ideal also for therapeutic use, since they stimulate your muscles precisely after an injury.

What is the best medicine ball?

Decipher what is the right instrument to add to your training team, can prove to be a task a bit overwhelming or confusing, we understand you perfectly, the current market overflows with options and among so much information, it is often complex to make the precise decision.

Do not despair! For that we are here, to help you explore the options of brands, prices, designs and features that each model presents, we will take into account the general opinion of the user community, an excellent guide when buying.

Stay here and check our comparative list of the day, discover in it exactly what you are looking for and what you need.

1. Medicine ball #DoYourFitness Medicus

Medicine ball 100% rubber »Medicus« / 1kg 2kg...
  • BRAND QUALITY: the »Medicus« medicine...
  • ADVANTAGES: the »Medicus« weight ball...
  • WEIGHT: 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, 4 kg, 5 kg, 6...

It is a set of medical balls of good quality and low price, the set includes 10 balls of different weights and colors, you can buy that with the weight of your preference individually or choose to buy the complete set.

These balloons are made in durable plastic, have an ergonomic and phenomenal design, with 3 anti-slip grip surfaces. They will be ideal for Gymnastics, Pilates, Crossfit and rehabilitation sports.

2. Medicine ball with handles TRENAS

TRENAS Double Handle Medicine Ball PRO - 5 kg
45 Reviews
TRENAS Double Handle Medicine Ball PRO - 5 kg
  • This professional Double Handle Medicine...
  • It is made for professional use and also...
  • Two handles make this ball an...

The renowned Trenas brand presents an affordable medicine ball, a 6kg professional hand weights. The diameter of this tool is only 27 cm, therefore, it will be super easy to store.

It is manufactured with materials of excellent quality, a flexible rubber, durable and resistant to impacts, which gives it a long life. Its wonderful design has 2 ergonomic handles to facilitate the grip during the training routine, perfect to strengthen the triceps, dorsal and abdominal.

3. POWRX medicinine ball

Powrx Medicine Ball Wall Ball 2kg-10kg (2kg/...
  • PRODUCT: Medicine ball Wall ball. Ideal...
  • VERSATILE FITNESS TOOL: There is a lot...
  • HOW TO USE IT: POWRX Wall Ball provides...

If you are looking for an excellent relationship between price and quality, this is the model for you! Powrx offers us a resistant and flexible medicine ball, made with synthetic leather and a mixture of high-density foam.

It will be a safe tool to use while working on the central core, shoulders, legs and lower back. You can choose between 3 different colors: blue, green and red; plus a variety of 6 load levels.

4. Capital Sports Aartificial leather Medicine Ball

Capital Sports Wallba (Medicine Ball Set of 5 6kg...
  • Robust processed Medicine Ball for Wall...
  • Suitable for exercises in Core Training,...
  • Classic design of sewn leatherette...

It is a flexible, durable and economic medical ball, it has a weight of 4kg, being the lightest in the series, added to this there are 6 more models that vary between 6 and 14kg. so you can choose the load that best suits your routine and needs.

All models have been manufactured in synthetic leather with strong seams. It will be the ideal tool to work the strength in the central core and the muscular strength, obtaining as a result a great corporal control.

5.  BodyRip medicine ball

BodyRip No Bounce Slam Ball 12kg
4 Reviews
BodyRip No Bounce Slam Ball 12kg
  • Textured Vinyl Cover for Extra Grip &...
  • No Bounce Design - Designed for Slamming...
  • Excellent for Increasing Total Core...

This brand presents us with a 12kg medicine ball. For those who are looking for an intense workout, it is a model of great durability, which offers the user an excellent relationship between weight and volume.

In relation to its load condition is the least expensive model of our selection, its surface presents a rough and textured vinyl to provide more grip, is filled with sand and does not bounce during training.

Benefits of using a medicine ball

Including a medicine ball in your exercise routine will bring great benefits to your life and your physical condition, it will be the ideal tool to increase the intensity of your sessions and get started in the weight lifting.

When training with the medicine ball you will be performing complex exercises, which translates into an integral work in a large muscular group, optimizing your strength, your agility, your coordination and the sense of balance.

If what you are looking for is to vary your routine, this hand weights will be perfect to make your fitness session more dynamic and entertaining, it is a safe tool, since by using it you will be reducing the risk of injuries, allowing you to even integrate multiple and novel movements to your practice.


If you are looking to achieve a high level of strength and muscle power with the frequent practice of this exercise you will achieve it.

The throws can be made in many different ways to work different muscle groups on each occasion, you can try the side throws, those on the head or even some while sitting or lying down; If you are starting in practice, remember to ask your coach for help, to guide your movements properly.

With throws you will be working the abdominal strength, the chest, the shoulders, the legs, the back and of course the arms.


The purpose of this movement is to direct the medicine ball directly to the ground, it seems to be a simple task and in a certain sense it is, but not being simple will be less effective, while you perform it you will be working your shoulders, back, arms and the central nucleus of your body, leaving as a result of frequent practice a defined and firm abdomen.


Nothing like the oscillations to put you at the level of the most outstanding athletes, this movement will help you to build and improve the strength of the central core of your body, you can carry them out with those medical balls that have integrated a rope, in this way you can play rotating movements, such as diagonal oscillations, on the head, from side to side and with legs rotation included.

One more advantage that bridge the practice of oscillations is that you can improve your grip strength and work the muscles of the forearms.


These types of movements are ideal to work the coordination between your eyes and hands, in addition the quality of rebound that have certain medical balls allow a smooth transition between one movement and another.

By incorporating this movement into your routine, you will be strengthening the central area of ​​your body and fast-twitch muscle fibers.

Remember that medicine balls are the only weight instrument that bounce characteristics.

Multi-movement circuits

The medicine balls are a tremendously versatile tool, they adapt and complement a myriad of movements, if you are working a circuit, it will be good to incorporate the ball to each exercise in this way you guarantee a full body workout.

Disregarding the change of equipment while completing the circuit, results in maintaining a stable rhythm during training and therefore, an integral and effective result.

Types of medicine balls

There is a wide variety of medical balls, each of them designed with a purpose to complement certain types of movements and exercises, although the diversity of models is very broad there are certain defined categories, here and now we explain what they are and what they are for kind.

Rebound medicinal balls

This type of balls are usually the lightest model, since a significant weight in a bouncing ball could cause injuries to the hands and wrists, the design is designed to provide great ability to grip the athlete, as they usually have a rough or textured surface.

They are designed to bounce and with them you can play a wide variety of movements, from dribbling the ball as if it were a basketball to bouncing it against a wall in consecutive movements, they are ideal for teamwork with a teammate, making bounce passes so that each one catches the ball in his turn.

When training with this type of balls you will be fortifying the coordination of the muscles and the central nucleus of your body.

Impact medicine balls

This type of medicine ball is designed for a high intensity training, are the models that offer the highest level of available load, adapting to the physical condition and demands of professional athletes.

The impact balloons have been designed to withstand high intensity blows, they are ultra durable and when you buy them you can be sure that you will take home, a product with a long life, usually filled with sand and even steel and of course this model do not possess any bounce quality.

Medicine balls with handles

Undoubtedly the most versatile and adaptable version of all medical balls, they are the spheres with handles, this model is coupled and complement a countless number of exercises, they will be ideal for multi-movement circuits and interval sessions, they give you all the benefits of a medicine ball and at the same time benefits that a kettlebell could offer you.

Rope balls

It is the latest innovation in medical balls, a design that allows you to renew training sessions with dynamic exercises, perfect to invigorate, tone and strengthen your abdominal area, this type of ball will allow you to include in your routine rotary and oscillation movements.

It is a ball that will accompany you in high intensity routines and interval sessions.

Its design is precisely as you imagine it, a rope that crosses the entire body of the sphere, giving you an external grip and greater freedom of movement.

Choose the best medicine ball for you

Before deciding on an option, it will be necessary to consider the characteristics offered by each type of ball, remember also to choose a weight that you feel comfortable working with but which still represents a challenge when including it in your training, in this way you guarantee the Strengthening your physical condition.

What movements will you be practicing?

This is the first question that should go through your mind once you have decided to buy a medicine ball, the answer will give you the necessary clues to discard options and find the tool that best suits your needs and your training style.

Remember that each type of ball is designed with a specific purpose, if you are a high intensity athlete you probably decide to work with impact balls or rope, for light, dynamic and group workouts you can count on the bouncing balls and if you are looking for a Most versatile tool a ball with handles can be exactly what you need.

How often will you use a medicine ball in your training routine?

The frequency of use determines the useful life of any tool, if your intention is to fully incorporate the medicine ball to your exercise session, the most conscious decision will be to invest your budget in a durable, resistant and reliable tool.

You will not be able to consult the opinion of users and trust in recognized brands, those that have a track record in the market, thus guaranteeing a quality product and a successful investment.