Using the best massage stick is a practice that is becoming increasingly popular among many athletes. After an exercise routine, legs, arms and back usually end up being a bit sore and cramped. A session with this simple device is usually enough to relieve tension in the muscles.

Going to massage with a professional, although it is very relaxing and effective, is not usually very cheap. Also, some immediacy is sometimes needed to relieve muscle cramp or fatigue after training. An appointment with the expert takes, however fast, at least a couple of hours to schedule.

What is the best massage stick?

Later we will explain a little more in-depth of what these massage sticks are and several of the things that you should keep in mind when choosing one to make sure you make a conscious choice. However, we know that sometimes that process of searching through the market options, hoping to find a good, nice and cheap one, can be tedious, especially if you do not have too much time to investigate what is necessary.

To give you the ease of getting an excellent one quickly, we have created a comparative list that you will love, since it contains high-quality models, at low prices and, of course, with the best opinions of its consumers. So go ahead and enjoy the most affordable prices and all the quality you deserve to achieve the relief and well-being you need so much in your entire body.

1. Tiger Tail Massage Stick

Also known as “The Stick”, this model is smooth, with a length of 43 cm and comes equipped with 8 rollers. It will help you greatly reduce inflammation, pain and tension, making it perfect for restoring mobility and flexibility.

2. Rubber Massage roller

You will feel all the good quality of this smooth roller massage stick in your muscles. It is 45 cm long and is not flexible, so it is perfect for those high-performance athletes looking to relieve tension and stress. It is used for therapy, warm-ups and more.

3. Trigger Point Performance Stick

This model has two different surfaces, one part comes with relief that you will love because it feels like the hands of a true professional masseuse and the other is tubular, imitating the fingers of a therapist. It is 53 cm long and is an excellent brand.

4. Bar with weight for fitness by Sklz Massage

We are talking about another excellent model with a smooth surface but also comes with added weight so you can easily reach the tensest muscles. It is 50 cm long and it is recommended to use before and after exercise to achieve the best results.

5. Physix Gear Sport Muscle Massage Stick

This model has 7 independent rollers, each with a relief surface that is ideal for the recovery of plantar fasciitis and to massage almost any part of the body, softening accumulations of lactic acid and relieving any tension or deep pain that you suffer.

6. Balance1 Massage Stick

massage stick

What is Massage stick?

Knit therapy and the advantages of myofascial release have become well known and used, so massage stick is essential for muscle recovery and are perfect for gymnasts, athletes, athletes and people who practice yoga or pilates. The massage stick is simply flexible or solid bars with handles on each end and independent rollers with each other in the centre. Thus, the person only passes the stick through the affected muscles and receives a relaxing massage.

Benefits of self massage

Excess sports can cause muscle pain. Likewise, lack of sport can have negative effects on well-being. Fortunately, a few massage techniques can be enough to soothe your pain, give you more energy and preserve your health.

Self-massage not only has benefits for back pain, but also for various ailments, such as muscle fatigue and general fatigue. It has soothing effects on all body pain, including chronic joint pain. Self-massage, a practice regularly used by yourself with suitable tools, allows you to benefit from a more relaxed and relaxed body. To do this, it promotes the relaxation of muscle tension. People affected by problems with heavy legs and cellulite can enjoy the benefits of self-massage. Some massage techniques are used to achieve an improvement in blood and lymphatic circulation.

The practice of self-massage is recommended against stress. More and more sports enthusiasts from different disciplines are interested in self-massage and equipment such as roller, stick, cane and massage balls. The use of these tools allows the prevention of sports injuries and improves recovery. Your stretches will have more effects on your body. The muscular nodes, that is to say, the adhesions of the tissues and trigger point, decrease thanks to the effects of self-massage.

Different parts of the body, such as muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia relax more easily and become more reactive over time spent practising adequate exercises regularly.

Being able to practice self-massage sessions in different places is a significant advantage. Indeed, you do not need any assistance or to go to a gym. You can exercise at home, in a hotel room or in a second home, at any time. The equipment required is inexpensive. On the other hand, to make the most of the benefits of your equipment, you must give yourself time and spend energy.

massage roller

Things to look for when choosing a massage stick

When getting a new massage stick you have to take into account some of these characteristics:

The surface

Although all include wheels or spindles, some have a smooth surface. Others possess are pointed or with channels. Choosing any of these surfaces depends on the user’s preferences and how deep the massage wants to feel. Of course, those with textures exert more pressure and rub on the massaged parts.

Number of rollers

Experts recommend 2 to 8 for an effective massage without being overdone or invasive. However, it is possible to find massage sticks with only one or up to 14 rollers.

Rigid or flexible

This, of course, will depend on the material with which it is made. There is the foam roller, bamboo, other kinds of wood.

The flexible ones are made in this way so that they can cover more areas of the body at the same time, working them specifically. With the rigid, several parts are also touched but not with the simultaneous depth of the flexible.

The length

If the intention is to use it alone or mainly on the back, it is recommended to purchase it longer. But if its use is specific to the legs, you can buy a standard one.

How to use a massage stick

The massage stick is first of all very compact and easily fits in a travel or sports bag which can make it a tool to take everywhere. Other massage tools (especially the rollers used in physiotherapy are much larger and therefore less practical).

The massage with this massage stick is very easy to do:just apply the stick on the chosen muscle like a rolling pin. The internal structure of the stick is semi-rigid which allows it to be applied in a fairly practical and flexible way to all the leg muscles (the stick twists slightly when pressed). The external structure composed of mini rollers, on the other hand, is very rigid, which makes it possible to go deep and massage the muscle far enough subcutaneously.

Thus, the massage has a double effect: that of soliciting the fascias at the surface level fairly easily on the whole leg, but also of going to seek the muscular tensions very far in-depth (the first passages will be moreover quite painful because you will discover areas of a deep tension that you may not have suspected). After several uses and when the muscles begin to untie, the pains become rarer and rarer. This means that the first effects are felt. It only takes a few passes to create fairly quick effects.

Be careful not to press too much, the pain must be largely bearable. Passage of two or three minutes on each muscle group is sufficient. Unless you prefer the method used by the Japanese track cycling teams who train their thigh muscles with their trainers after each race for better recover?

Where to buy massage stick?

You can buy a massage stick everywhere. There are usually in sports stores and specialized stores for runners, in the shops such as Argos and Sports Direct or by online from Amazon or eBay. There are several models available, smaller, larger, some with embossed spikes, others softer, etc. 

In short, these tools are very practical, because they allow you to massage sore muscles, facilitate recovery and are an excellent tool for relaxation for the rest of the day. The most important thing to remember is the frequency more than the intensity (pressure) of the self-massage.