6 Best Shiatsu Massage Seats to Relax Totally

Many of us have suffered from mild, moderate and even chronic muscle pain, but we do not have enough time to go to a spa or a massage clinic and eliminate the tensions of the muscles. If that is your case, having the best massage seat can be your best solution, since you can use them whenever and wherever you want, like in your car while going to the office or home.

These massagers have excellent benefits for the body, as they can relax not only your muscles but give you a relaxing moment in general, improve your concentration, your blood circulation and even serve to eliminate toxins.

If you are looking for professional massages in the comfort of your home or car, relax your muscles and feel better, then we recommend you buy one of these excellent massage chairs already. Here we will explain more about them and we will even help you choose the best model for you according to your needs and budget.

What is the best shiatsu massage seat?

When you go to review the options that are available in the market, you usually find a lot of variety of products but often you do not know how to distinguish which one is the best and, therefore, you do not know how to buy the best one for you.

Do not worry, because in this article we have prepared for you a complete comparative list with the best 6 relax armchairs available today. In it you will know what makes each one stand out and what advantages each one offers.

Apart from that, we’ll talk more about the benefits and characteristics of these incredible products later on.

1. Massage seat Medisana 88930 MCN

Everyone opts for this model

Medisana Massage Seat Cover/Luxury Full Feature
15 Reviews
Medisana Massage Seat Cover/Luxury Full Feature
  • High-definition massage: for a...
  • Genuine shiatsu massage for the back
  • Three massage zones to choose from:...

We are talking about a model of massager that offers professional massage of selective and intense high definition so that you can adjust it just to what you need. It also offers the true Shiatsu massage that experts do to relax your back in any of its three areas that this model gives you to choose from: high, medium and low.

It also comes equipped with a separate neck massager so you can attack that area independently and the possibility to choose infrared or heat light functions, depending on your preferences and to achieve the effect that you have looked for in your messages. Apart from that, it also has a separate vibrating massage for the seat. Finally, it has the icing on the cake: it is really economical is made of imitation leather of good quality, so be confident that it is of good quality and that it will be easy to clean.

2. Massage Seat Naipo MGBK-C12C

High-tech 3D shiatsu

Naipo Massage seat Back Massager with Three...
  • 【3D Shiatsu Tiefe Kneten】Knetmassage...
  • 【Acht Massageköpfe】Acht...
  • 【Regulierbare Nackenmassage】Seperate...

This model you can use in the car is from the Naipo brand and offers the deepest 3D Shiatsu treatment because it has a seat backrest with intense massage heads that relieve almost any stiffness and muscle tension. At the same time, it also comes with vibration and heat therapy with 3 adjustable intensity levels that allow you to improve your relaxation and even blood circulation.

On the other hand, thanks to its construction, this massage chair has 8 rolling nodes that pass through the entire back, from the low to the high. You can also adjust which of those nodes will work to stimulate both sides of your spine and you can adjust the massage heads for the neck. Remember that Shiatsu massage offers great advantages for your body, reducing stress levels, your tensions and discomfort.

3. Back massage AEG MM 5568

The best price you can find

AEG MM5568 Seat Heat Massage Mat
18 Reviews
AEG MM5568 Seat Heat Massage Mat
  • Massage mat with warming function for...
  • 6 Massage zones with adjustable speeds...
  • 8 different programs to activate the...

We are talking about a seat backrest that you can use both at home and in your car, as it comes with the shape to fit your seat. Apart from that, the model comes with 6 massage zones, which you can choose according to your physical needs at the moment. It also offers 8 massage program options to activate the different areas of the device.

It has 10 vibratory points throughout its construction that manage to stimulate the lumbar area and the vertebrae. Another advantageous point is that, despite being the least expensive model of our comparative list, it is also quite complete and versatile because it includes the adapter for the car cigarette lighter. This way you can use it while you are driving.

Even, your remote control has LCD screen for your convenience.

4. Massage Seat HoMedics

With manual control and massage Shiatsu

HoMedics Gel Back Massager Massage Chair Pad Seat...
28 Reviews
HoMedics Gel Back Massager Massage Chair Pad Seat...
  • THE HOME OF WELLNESS: Originally founded...
  • GEL TECHNOLOGY: By recreating the...

If you want to achieve a high level of relaxation for your muscles, elimination of toxins and all the benefits that the massage seats offer, this model of Technogel nodes can be one of the best solutions. We speak of a product that uses relaxing heat to eliminate tensions in the muscles, reduce stiffness, relieve chronic pain, tension and more.

It also offers 4 Shiatsu massage programs for a variety of back areas: high, low or full, or with a focus point where you choose. It also offers adjustable speeds between 3 different levels. Keep in mind that you can give yourself vibratory massage and massage at the same time, so you will feel quite relaxed in a very short time.

5. INTEY Shiatsu Massage Seat 

Total relaxation

INTEY Shiatsu Massage Chair Pad Acupressure...
93 Reviews
INTEY Shiatsu Massage Chair Pad Acupressure...
  • ★The massager uses infrared heat...
  • ★Raised back area, it's 31.5 inches(...
  • ★The shiatsu rotation function applies...

Although it is the least affordable model on our list, this Intey relax armchair has excellent quality, great durability and an incredible level of relaxation. It offers 3D Shiatsu massage with 3 intensity levels adjustable to the user’s needs, which can be in the back or neck. Apart from that, massage can be done in three different ways, to give you more versatility.

It has a heat treatment system, vibration and pressure massage, so you can have the confidence that you will have many options to choose from since it manages to imitate the pressure of the fingers at the level you want. Apart from that, remember that it has two rotating nodes for the back part of the neck and they are adjustable in height, while it also has 3 modes of vibratory massage for the buttocks.

6. Massage seat Medisana MC-825

Quality, relaxation and versatility

Medisana Thai Shiatsu Acupressure Massage Seat...
4 Reviews
Medisana Thai Shiatsu Acupressure Massage Seat...
  • Intensive shiatsu massage in the back...
  • 3 selectable massage shiatsu massage...
  • Novel acupressure massage at the waist...

If you are looking for a seat massager that not only treats the common areas but also can treat your waist and thighs, this relax chair has exactly what you need, since it has treatment by acupressure precisely in those specific points. At the same time, it offers professional Shiatsu massage in the lower back, for the entire back or in its upper area.

It also comes equipped with an adjustable head for the neck, infrared function for a deeper and more effective treatment and automatic shutdown capacity after 15 minutes of inactivity. Apart from that, it has 3 massage intensities, it comes with its practical remote control and the head cover is removable and easy to wash, so it also offers convenience on that side.

What are massage seats?

These massage chairs can relieve stress by eliminating tensions in the muscles of the back, shoulders, thighs and almost the entire body. In fact, there are many types but all tend to have quite similar functions.

These cushions or seats can be placed in almost any type of chair and are filled with small massage nodules that amass, so to speak, various areas of the user’s body and also generate heat. The good thing about this whole process is that it relaxes the user’s muscles and can effectively relieve chronic muscle pain and other similar health conditions. In addition, they are portable.

Benefits of massage seat

The massage seat can help with sciatica and can give even more relaxation to the user with TENS and EMS units for the nerve pains that cause the sciatica condition.

  • They are able to accelerate muscle recovery after injuries, accidents or pain through massages and constant applications that can relax the muscles and the user in general.
  • They can relieve muscle pain, as they have effects similar to those of professional massage clinics and spas that cost a lot of money.
  • With these relax chairs you can reduce your heart rate and, therefore, concentrate and feel better through a first level relaxation process.
  • All of this can also improve your flexibility. Is that when you have healthier, more relaxed and relaxed muscles, you can stretch better and you can have greater flexibility, which allows you to perform better in the sports you practice and even to do daily tasks at home like stretching to reach something, as well as to do yoga.
  • The massage chairs allow you to increase blood circulation through the constant stimulation of the muscles and blood vessels that irrigate each area treated in the message.
  • Has it happened that the night comes, you are very tired and sleepy, but you can not sleep because you have chronic pain, sciatica, shoulders or even in the legs? It turns out that with a good massager you can relieve all those pains and feel much better, so you can sleep much more quietly and for more hours.
  • With these armchairs, you can relax all the areas of your back, both high, medium and low, and all at the same time. Because they cover the entire length and width of your torso, they do all that in a single massage session, so you save time and receive a full treatment.
  • Athletes can benefit from these treatments because by relaxing the muscles, they have a greater resistance to training, they can perform stronger and longer exercises and also protect against muscle cramps and injuries.

Features to look for in massage seats

These devices can have several functions that serve better for certain ailments or that have greater versatility to attack the discomfort in different ways. Therefore, we recommend you look for a relaxing chair that has all the functions you need to feel better and relax your body.

You can find the following:

  • Compression of air to tighten and relax the lumbar area: with this, you can relieve tensions, pains or back discomfort that can cause so much discomfort.
  • Compression of air to tighten and relax the thighs: these devices not only help with the back but also are very good for the thighs because they also use that air system to treat your legs.
  • Shiatsu massage of kneading, rolling, pressing and touching: thanks to their Shiatsu massage system, these portable machines can offer a complete treatment with various types of movement to relax, soothe pain, relieve stress and eliminate tensions in the muscles.
  • Only vibration: this mode offers you a simpler alternative in case you just want a relaxing massage but do not suffer from injuries, chronic pain or serious conditions. You can also use it if you do not like to receive heat with your messages and if you are not a fan of the most complete treatments.
  • Vibration with heat: this vibration allows you to use slightly higher temperatures to give you another level of relaxation and to relax your muscles more easily. In addition, it can be an excellent way to start your day during the winter or on a cold morning when your muscles become tense and less flexible.
  • Heat and infrared heat: infrared heat can add greater effectiveness and penetration that help to alleviate those pains more quickly and deeply without giving much heat sensation.
  • Adapter for use in vehicles: this type of adapter allows you to connect the seat to the cigarette lighter of the car and so you can use it in your car without problems. This way you can go to work or look for your children in the most comfortable and relaxing way possible.
  • Body massages and in specific areas: it is always good that you look for a model that offers the option of massages throughout the body and in specific areas. So you can adjust your messages to the level and area you want.
  • Manual control unit: it can always be convenient to buy one with a hand control so you can adjust the settings and massage modes from the comfort of the palm of your hand.
  • Automatic shutdown: it is normal that, among so many concerns, we sometimes forget to turn off the electrical appliances that we use every day. The same thing can happen with your relax chair, since you can get to the house, get out of the car and forget completely that you left it on. This function will prevent this and turn off the device after several minutes.