We have a garden on the outside of our house very nice, which we like to keep impeccable. We used to use a motor-driven lawn mower before, but you had to buy extra petrol which was a big expense. Since then, we have kept the lawn manicured thanks to an efficient manual lawn mower without a motor.

In addition to avoiding polluting the environment, we get in touch directly with nature, having a really nice experience. Below you will find a comparative list with affordable, economical, and good quality options so that you can make an uncluttered and flush cut.

What is the best manual lawn mower?

Without a doubt, one of the biggest concerns when purchasing this type of lawnmower is the performance it presents when cutting grass efficiently. There are many considerations that must be taken into consideration to make a convenient purchase, and beneficial to the short, medium and long term.

One of the reasons why many consumers prefer to get this equipment is due to its zero fuel consumption that can result in a costly investment over time, beyond the final benefits that can be granted. It is also preferred for not being polluting and having a clean performance on the ground.

In the market, you will find models that vary in size, from the smallest to the largest. However, each one is made for different tasks. Therefore, before buying this article you should look at some essential considerations.

One of these specifications is the height cut that the equipment has. These cutters come with a specific height of cut, some are very reduced and others really versatile allowing you to leave cuts of up to 4 inches.

manual lawn mower

However, there are models that allow you to adjust the height that is most convenient for you. A key aspect is the length of the cut you want to make. The wider the cutter, you can cover more quickly, however, due to the weight of these models, you will most likely end up tired ahead of time.

The type of grass is also decisive when choosing the best option. In general, the thicker the grass, the thicker the cutting saw should be, and the lighter the grass, the lighter the blade also.

If the land where you will work has no inclination, you can buy any model you want. However, if the garden where you will use the cutter has slopes or slopes, it is vital that you acquire a product that can cut at any angle without having to go through the same side multiple times.

The durability of the blade to cut is a key factor. Keep in mind that after continuous use these blades will end up wearing out, but finding an option that has a durable cutting saw, will allow you to work more comfortably without feeling pressured by changing the blade constantly.

Do not forget to take a look at the weight of the equipment you will acquire, which can undoubtedly become a headache if the area where you will work is extensive. For this type of places, it is recommended to find a model of light or medium weight.

The products that come with a bag, will avoid that sticky and uncomfortable feeling to feel like the lawn is positioned on your legs, causing itching. So take a look at this point.

However, in our list you will find products that provide optimal performance and an ergonomic design to facilitate the task of cleaning, cutting and embellishing our exteriors.

Bosch AHM 38 manual grass cutter

Bosch Lawn and Garden Lawn Mower AHM 38 G (for Small Areas; Environmentally Friendly, Petrol-Free...
  • Effortless lawn maintenance: Enjoy simple, quick, and easy mowing of small areas without the need for petrol or electricity
  • Tool-free click-adjustable cutting adjustment: Customize the cutting height with ease for a perfectly manicured lawn
  • Efficient cutting system: Features a cylinder with 5 helical blades made of hardened steel, ensuring precise and clean cuts
  • Stepless cutting height adjustment: Achieve your desired height of cut ranging from 12 to 40 mm for optimal results
  • Compact and versatile: With a 38 cm cutting width, this mower is designed for small areas, making it ideal for urban gardens and...

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This equipment of the popular Bosch brand will help you to keep the grass of your exterior carefully and always with a beautiful cut. It is designed to not fatigue you with the weight, as it is compact and lightweight of only 6.8 kilograms.

It has helicoidal blades that will allow a more optimal and fast work, in addition to a locking system to adjust the lower blade. It covers a lateral extension of 30 centimetres, and its height is adjustable.

Manual Garden Lawn Mower by Coopers of Stortford

Coopers of Stortford Hand Push Manual Garden Lawn Mower
  • This classic lawn mower is for those who take pride in their lawn and are mindful of the environment.
  • The revolving cylinder with its five cutting blades and following roller is gentler on your grass – that’s why the design is...
  • It’s safer and cheaper to run too as there are no hot motors, fuel or expensive components to go wrong.
  • You can use the collection bag for the grass clippings or you can just leave them on the lawn as free fertiliser!
  • Measures H114cm xW43.5cm xD69cm (39¼in x17¼in x27¼in) and blade 30cm (11¾).

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Now, doing routine maintenance tasks will be much more pleasant. This fantastic product offers a comfortable displacement thanks to its frictionless cutting technique generating a silent movement with traction.

Do not worry about locating an appropriate place to store this equipment, it has a simple folding system that makes it really convenient to store, making it ideal to store it anywhere. Its saw is non-stick preventing the blade from getting stuck with wet grass. Garden grass cutter Coopers of Stortford
Super convenient to use.

Manual Garden Lawn Mower

Garden Gear Manual Lawnmower Hand Push Mower Grass Cutter with Rear Roller & 17 Litre Grass...
  • Wide cutting width; 30 centimetre cutting width
  • Large collection bag; 17 litre bag capacity
  • Adjustable cutting height; Adjust the mower cutting height from 12 to 45 millimetres
  • Eco-friendly; Hand push lawnmower, no need for petrol, electricity costs or trailing wires
  • Guarantee; 12-month guarantee

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It will be love at first sight. Its attractive exterior design makes it unique and unparalleled, providing a fantastic harmony with the garden of your home. Its handle is made with soft foam, to avoid those nasty blisters on the hand.

It has a really lightweight, 6.1 kilograms, which will make the manoeuvrability less exhaustive. It can cut to a height of 30 centimetres, and a versatility that makes it convenient to work on different types of grass, without having to apply brute force.

GC-HM 40 Einhell hand push lawn mower

Einhell GC-HM 30 Manual Hand Push Lawnmower with 30 cm Cutting Width
  • Wide cutting width (30 cm) for a speedier finish when cutting the lawn
  • Strong and light weight hand mower
  • Large 16 L collection bag for grass cuttings
  • Generous range of cutting height settings: 15-42 mm
  • Five robust steel blades for effective cutting

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This roller mower is a convenient tool for those looking for an economical product with good performance. It is equipped with a collection bag with a storage capacity of 27 litres.

It is ideal for surfaces with long extensions, as it provides adequate performance up to 250 square meters. It has a roller made of 50 mm plastic, with wheels that are not intrusive and do not hurt the grass.

Soft Touch manual lawnmower 380 HM Premium AL-KO

AL-KO Soft Touch 380 HM Premium 38cm Hand Lawnmower
  • Easy to use, lightweight and manoeuvrable cylinder push hand mower with a cutting width of 38 cm and additional quick lock system...
  • The cutting height can be set as low as 14 mm making the AL-KO 380 HM Premium hand mower a great mower to use when a very low cut...
  • The high-quality 5-blade mowing cylinder made of hardened special steel ensures a perfect cut.
  • The mowing cylinder and the lower blade do not come into contact, which means the mower is particularly gentle on the lawn
  • Light, uncomplicated and fast lawn mowing is no longer a dream with a hand mower from AL-KO. With this handy equipment you can mow...

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Now the cuts will be made with much fewer friction thanks to its silent short system, where the spindles are without contact, allowing a perfect and smooth cut. These features will make the lawn look uniform and bright.

Using it is a marvel, thanks to the ideal design for ergonomic handling, thanks to its strong plastic grip handle so you can have a better displacement of the equipment. The mast is deployed without mishap thanks to its quick release, with a really cheap price.

WEBB H18 46cm Hand Mower

Webb WEH18 Contact Free Manual Cylinder Lawnmower with Rear Roller, 9 Cutting Heights, 46cm Cutting...
  • WIDE, CONTACTLESS PUSH MOWER WITH ROLLER TO MAKE STRIPES FOR LARGE LAWNS - creating a beautiful striped finish 46cm wide this...
  • 9 CUTTING HEIGHTS - simply move the single lever to quicky and easily raise or lower the blades to adjust the cutting heights from...
  • SILENT, ECO FRIENDLY AND RELIABLE - this traditional design hand-push lawnmower is an enviromentally-friendly way to cut the...
  • USE WITH OR WITHOUT THE LARGE 22L FRONT-FACING BOX - grass clippings are small and fine so can be left on the grass to restore...
  • PEACE OF MIND – All Webb Machinery comes with a 3-year guarantee – as well as a dedicated UK-based customer service team ready...

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Why buy a manual lawn mower?

In contrast to a conventional lawn mower, the manual mower is not motorized. In other words, by pushing it, the blades will activate and cut the grass below. But then what is the point of choosing such a model when you can enjoy a motorized device?

In reality, it all depends on the lawn area of ​​your garden and your mowing rate. More precisely, a manual mower is not suitable for medium and large terrains, because you will spend a lot of time there. In which case, it is better to turn to an electric mower or a thermal mower. On the other hand, for a small lawn area, that is to say, less than 100 m², the manual mower is the most advantageous. It is recommended for a maximum surface of 500 m².

If it is a holiday home that you go to a few times a year, it is better to opt for a motorized mower, because the manual model is not really suitable when the grass is already high. Conversely, the manual mower is perfectly suited for a regular, almost weekly mowing rhythm.

hand pushed mower

Advantages of the manual mower

For land with a small area of ​​lawn that will be maintained regularly, the manual mower has several advantages:

  • Cheap: when buying a manual mower, it costs considerably less than a motorized mower or a robotic mower. There are devices for less than £100, and a good quality manual helical mower is available between £200 and £300 (when it costs more than £600 for a good quality petrol lawnmower). Then, for a model with the engine, it will be necessary to buy gasoline or to use electric energy, entailing additional costs. The manual mower only uses completely free elbow grease.
  • Ecological: as we have just seen, the manual mower does not consume any electricity. Which makes it a completely ecological machine.
  • Quality of the cut: thanks to its helical blades, a manual mower makes it possible to obtain a cleaner cut compared to the conventional mower which tends to tear off part of the grass. In addition, this method also makes it possible to obtain a healthier and more resistant lawn against diseases and against weeds.
  • Maintenance: the manual mower is very easy to maintain. Just make sure to clean the blades after each mowing. It is also necessary to check their setting from time to time. In winter, we recommend applying oil or anti-humidity penetrating oil.
  • Aesthetics: a lawn mowed manually will always look better than a lawn mowed more brutally with a motorized machine.
  • Pleasure and mowing comfort: in addition to all these advantages, the manual mower is also less bulky, lighter, immediately ready for use (no need to plug it in or fill it with petrol, start the engine, etc. .), silent, relaxing, and it even allows you to practice regular physical activity.

Disadvantages of the hand lawn mower

In the past, manual mower was one of the gardening tools that were quite heavy and impractical. It took a major push for efficiency to be there. In short, the manual mower was tiring and the arrival of motorized models was welcome.

Today, these once valid claims no longer hold true. Indeed, a lot of progress has been made regarding the design of manual mowers. The current models are not only significantly lighter, but they are also very handy and easy to use. The efforts required for their use are considerably reduced.

However, the manual mower still has some drawbacks or rather some limitations:

  • It is not suitable for large areas for which a motorized mower must be chosen, which is faster and less tiring.
  • It is not suitable for fallow land, but rather for weekly mowing.
  • The mowing is longer, even if on a small plot the difference is tiny, and the manual mower is even faster if we take into account the installation time.
  • It does not allow mulching, that is, mowing without collecting the grass (the pieces of grass are crushed to go unnoticed in the lawn).

Buying Tips

We have listed the main brands of manual mowers, but you can also find a model from another brand, as long as it meets the criteria that interest you. A manual mower does not require the advice of a specialist. It is a relatively simple choice compared to a thermal or electric mower.

To make your purchase, you can simply go to a DIY store or a garden centre: Homebase, B&Q etc. Some large stores also offer hand mowers. The advantage of a physical store is that you will be able to precisely visualize the mower and test its manoeuvrability.

But you can also make your purchase online if you do not have stores near you or if you find a better price there. The advantage of buying online is that it often allows you to take advantage of a better price. In all cases, before making your purchase whether online or in-store, check the price of the same model on different sites.

Pay attention to second-hand models, the real quality of which is never known, especially as a new manual mower remains relatively affordable.

Things to consider when choosing your model

Through the different brands we have mentioned, to choose the hand mower that best suits your needs, here are the criteria to take into account:

  • The price: normally, it must enter the budget that you set for yourself, knowing that there are cheap and expensive models.
  • Cutting: you must take into account the cutting width proposed by the mower, as well as the cutting height. The larger the width, the faster the mowing, but the more difficult it is to reach places and obstacles to be overcome.
  • The grass collector: not all models are delivered with a grass collector. This is very handy for recovering the bulk of cut grass and preventing it from lying on the lawn. However, if you regularly mow your lawn (every week), such a bin is not necessary since the debris will be very small and will disperse in the lawn.
  • Fluidity: this element must be tested, and it consists in measuring the thrust necessary to advance the mower. The more fluid the mower, the easier it is to handle. The weight of the hand mower also plays an important role.