10 Best Manual Breast Pump that will Help Feed Your Baby

If you are a new mother, like me, and you have a lot of doubts when choosing the accessories and equipment to take care of your baby, then surely you will ask for a breast pump.

That is necessary, which is the most appropriate and, truth, do not have to go around to find the best manual breast pump, because looking a bit and comparing some models, you will reach get the point.

What is the best manual breast pump?

When it comes to feeding our babies, breast milk will always be the best option, full of everything necessary for them to grow healthy and strong.

However, for reasons of work, time, inverted nipples or other factors, there are women who resort to a manual breast pump that always allows having a bottle prepared to feed the baby.

Finding the best one will depend on different factors, such as its size, ease of use, comfort and compatibility with bottles, as well as a padded mouthpiece that is comfortable for the mother.

1. Manual breast pump Philips Avent

With cushion massager

Philips Avent Natural Comfort Breast Pump and Bottle
952 Reviews
Philips Avent Natural Comfort Breast Pump and Bottle
  • Enhanced design allows you to sit in a more comfortable...
  • Soft massage cushion with warm feel gently stimulates...
  • Includes Philips Avent natural bottle and teat for...
  • Compact design for ease of use, storage and transport

It is a completely manual milk extractor that you can take everywhere and with a massage cushion that will make the procedure somewhat comfortable.

It is very easy to use, in addition to the brand Avent is known for its excellent quality.

2. Manual breast pump MAM

Includes 3 baby bottles

MAM Breastfeeding Starter Set
132 Reviews
MAM Breastfeeding Starter Set
  • Complete MAM breastfeeding set including Bottles,...
  • Includes award winning breast pump and self-sterilising...
  • Proven effect: 94% of babies accept the MAM Silk teat

We begin the comparison with a recommended model, this because of its high quality and how comfortable it is at the moment of expressing breast milk.

Very easy to clean and with extra-soft silicone surface bottles for the baby to feel familiar.

3. Manual breast pump Chicco

With silicone cup

Chicco Breast Pump with Silicone Cup and Ergonomic Handle Manual with...
535 Reviews
Chicco Breast Pump with Silicone Cup and Ergonomic Handle Manual with...
  • we do not ship to Jersey islands, Channel islands, Man...

If you want to start with a pump that is very practical and comfortable, this will be ideal, allowing a smooth and effective extraction, which will achieve a continuous flow of milk and prolonged breastfeeding to fill the baby’s bottle.

4. Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

Comfortable and very practical

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump Single Breastpump Breastfeeding Milk
454 Reviews
Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump Single Breastpump Breastfeeding Milk
  • Quiet and Comfortable: Our Manual Breast Pump has an...
  • Compact and Lightweight: Its lightweight and compact...
  • Discreet: Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump is the perfect...
  • Easy to Assemble and Clean: a simple design with a...

What you like most about this breast pump is not only its excellent price-quality ratio but also its ease of use and the possibility of choosing between two modes: one that will stimulate the breast and another to achieve manual removal in the most comfortable way.

5. Medela manual breast pump

Light and discreet

Medela Harmony breast pump - single manual hand breast pump
772 Reviews
Medela Harmony breast pump - single manual hand breast pump
  • Medela Harmony breast pump is a manual breastpump and...
  • This Medela single breast pump is light and discreet...
  • Manual breast pumps are operated by hand and require no...
  • Harmony manual breast pump uses 2 Phase expression...

This breast pump highlights its two modes of use, like the previous one, helps to stimulate the breast to achieve a better extraction.

By having a compact size, you can take it anywhere, being an excellent option for when you go on a trip.

6. Manual breast pump SONARIN

100% BPA free

SONARIN Single Manual Breast Pump Breastfeeding Pump,Cover Lid, BPA...
  • Material: Made from 100% BPA-free material, the bottle...
  • Comfort:100% food grade silicone, soft fit, ergonomic...
  • Design details:The pump's closed-system diaphragm...
  • Convenient:Manual operation, no battery or mains, it is...

This is another of the market’s great options, an economic breast pump made of resistant materials that will withstand high temperatures.

It has a completely ergonomic design, easy to hold while being used, at the same time that it stimulates the natural lowering of the milk.

7. Manual breast pump Beurer

Compatible with other brands

If you have bottles of different brands and need to buy a breast pump that can be adapted to them, this one from Beurer will be compatible with brands such as Avent and Nuk. It is a silent pump, easy to use and very comfortable for new mothers.

8. Manual Breast pump NUK

Very easy to clean

NUK Expressive Manual Breastpump
382 Reviews
NUK Expressive Manual Breastpump
  • Easy to use and control suction
  • Ergonomic handle is closer to bottle for better comfort
  • New simple design with fewer parts for easy assembly...
  • Comes with 50 Milk Storage Bags

It is an ergonomically designed breast pump that, thanks to its comfortable handle, allows a more comfortable extraction.

In addition, its soft silicone cushion stimulates the breast to achieve greater milk production, so that your little one can feed at any time.

9. Manual Breast Pump Tommee Tippee

Includes a bottle

Tommee Tippee Manual Breast Pump
540 Reviews
Tommee Tippee Manual Breast Pump
  • Discreet, Quick and Portable breast pump
  • Small and Lightweight perfect for on the go mums
  • Ideal for First time or occasional expressing
  • NEW Unique soft silicone cup for extra comfort

For a relaxed and comfortable extraction, this Tomee Tippee breast pump will be your best options, with a soft and flexible cup that adapts to the breast, offering waves of special massages that serve to achieve more milk in less time.

10. Manual breast pump BellaBaby

With 12 months warranty

manual Breast Pump, Bellababy Hand Suction Breastfeeding Pump Silicone
165 Reviews
manual Breast Pump, Bellababy Hand Suction Breastfeeding Pump Silicone
  • Bellababy Manual Breast Pump BLA8017 Silicone Milk Pum

This is a breast pump that you can easily sterilize with boiling water, to eliminate bacteria, mould and fungi.

It is also a breast pump made of safe and ecological materials, free of BPA, without having concerns about batteries or charging the equipment to be totally manual.

What to look for before buying Manual breast pump?

Type of manual breast pump

When looking for a manual model, you will find that there are two groups in which they are divided:

  • Hand pump: These have a lever that when pressed create suction in the breast, to extract milk from it and deposit it in a bottle that can be different brands, you will only need to be compatible.
  • Suction pump: This type of pump has a different design from an electric breast pump and a hand model, as it is a small glass that is positioned in the breast and is made mostly of silicone.


Will it be a breast pump to take on a trip or to use at home? The size is a factor that will influence your final decision since it will not be the same a portable model that you can take everywhere, that one of large size, as is the case of the electric.

Compatibility with other bottles

The vast majority of breast pumps include bottles that are compatible so you do not have to make another purchase, but these can also be compatible with other brands, you just have to read the product description.

It is recommended that the breast pump be compatible with different bottles, in this way you will have more place to store the milk.

Easy to use

A breast pump that is difficult to use or not comfortable would make the experience with these accessories something terrible, therefore, from the start, you should take into account that the system to operate the equipment is easy to use.


What you like most about a manual breast pump, besides being economical than an electric one, is that you can take it anywhere with no need to rely on electricity or a plug to charge your battery. Therefore, when choosing a model, look for a breast pump that has a compact size.


Another of the best things about manual breast pumps is that they are extremely quiet. From time to time you may hear some sound when performing the suction, but, in general, they will not make a big noise.

Easy to clean

You should look for a breast pump that is easy to disassemble, in this way you will be able to clean all the difficult spaces to arrive. In addition, if these can be cleaned in the dishwasher, it will be even easier to remove any remaining dirt and that they are made of materials that resist purifiers or high temperatures when boiled.


Unlike breast pumps that are electric, with the manuals you can control the level of suction, so they tend to be much more comfortable. Looking for a model with soft pads and manual massage function will also be very appropriate, will help you have more milk production.


A breast pump that is light will be much easier to transport, especially when you travel. Also, if you plan to carry it in your baby’s bag, it should not be too heavy equipment.

Open or closed system

It is advised that, when it comes to manual breast pumps, a closed pumping system is used, which has a barrier between the suction and the milk that is being collected in the bottles, in this way it is prevented that it could become contaminated.

Flange size

The flange or silicone pad of the breast pump can be of various sizes, everything will depend on the model you choose and that goes with the size of your breasts. There are also models of universal size.

Ergonomic grip

Many times the use of a manual pump can be complicated by not having a comfortable and ergonomic grip, making your hands can tire easily. For this reason, it is necessary that the equipment has an ergonomic grip that adapts to your hands.


These pumps can be fitted with silicone pads or pads that stimulate milk production by massaging the breast, some may even have textures and make removal more comfortable and easy.

Easy assembly

A pump that is easy to assemble and does not have a large number of pieces will be much more practical when traveling with your baby, making it much easier to transport.

6 Tips for using a manual breast pump

  1. Make sure the equipment is clean and well assembled.
  2. When starting to extract, milk may take a while to appear. Do not despair and be patient.
  3. When the milk comes out, adjust the pump level to one similar to when the baby is breastfeeding.
  4. Change your chest every 5 minutes. Remember that it can take up to 15 minutes to stimulate before starting the extraction.
  5. When you have finished, remove the bottle and cover it until it is time to feed the child. Remove the parts that can be disassembled from the breast pump and wash them thoroughly, leaving them to dry in the open air.
  6. Refrigerate the milk immediately. This can last up to five days and it is advisable to label the date of manufacture.

If you are not sure what manual breast pump you need, you can find more information and tips at momjunction