Although they are often overlooked, makeup mirrors with LED lighting are crucial for anyone who wants to do their makeup properly. LED lighting provides the best possible visibility so that you can avoid making any mistakes with your makeup.

What is the best makeup mirror?

When taking a first look at the market, we can notice that the diversity is wide and will vary of characteristics such as those extensible mirrors, or those of touch screen and more, but they will also vary in prices; from the cheapest to those that cost more than they are worth.

Therefore, in this purchase, it is worth having a clinical eye to avoid bad times. So I have given myself the task of trying several models and I have left you a comparison with the cheapest and highest quality.

1. Ott-Lite Natural Daylight Makeup Mirror

It looks like any cosmetic mirror, but without a doubt, it is more than that. Well, you can use it with natural light or the illuminated LED it has and it does not produce shadows. At the same time, it has 10 extensions available. It is compact, lightweight and foldable to save space.

2. Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

It is one of the most requested mirrors by experts in aesthetics and beauty, occupies the third place in sales in the market, and is specially designed for cosmetic use. It is a three folding parts, each of them has a different function, for example, the middle one has 21 lights around it for powerful lighting.

The side mirrors work as a zoom, to detail more complex areas of the face, such as the lips and eyes. It also has a small magnifying glass effect x10 to cover the most complex needs, such as waxing, placing contact lenses, delineating the eyes, etc.

Its base is firm and can be rotated up to 180 ° to reach difficult angles. It has two power sources, on the one hand you can charge it directly with the USB cable, which is included, or you can also put four AA batteries. This second option is perfect for when for some reason there is no energy current at home.

3. Illuminated Makeup Mirror With Light

It has an advanced lighting system that closely simulates natural sunlight and adjustable brightness at two levels to choose from. Not only elegant but light and portable, ready to take on a trip. It has magnification from 1X to 7X. It is powered by batteries or USB cable.

4. Aesfee LED Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror

This fantastic model is in the Top 3 of the best sellers on the market, it comes in an extremely beautiful and elegant metallic pink color to place it on any table in your bedroom or in the bathroom. It has a double sided design, one 1x and the other 5x for makeup or cleaning in greater detail.

It has a digital button with three adjustable levels of brightness, so that you get lighting according to the needs of the moment. The light is LED and is located around the entire circle for better illumination, without shadow effects.

Also, it has a free 360 ​​° rotation so you can place it at the angle you like best. In addition, it has a rechargeable lithium battery through a USB cable with a long duration of more than 5 continuous hours of use.

5. Fancii LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

This makeup mirror with daytime LED lighting gives you details with the real colours of your skin and makeup tones. It leaves you at your disposal 10 increases to go from the macro to the micro in seconds, which will allow you to even see black spots.

6. Medisana CM 850 round makeup mirror

It is a high quality product, with a metal base and support, a round model with a continuous LED light system around, which will allow you to carry out your beauty treatments with ease. The illumination ring is made up of 18 continuous LED lights that are easy on the eyes.

It works by means of AA batteries, and can be placed anywhere in the house. It has a 360 ° rotating system and another mirror with a 5x magnification capacity. You can regulate the level of shine to your liking, and it has a width of 13cm in diameter to make up effortlessly.

7. Hyper – Pearl LED Ring Compact Mirror

Pocket mirror, fully compact and foldable. It is fully recommended for being discreet, but also very elegant. It has an integrated battery that can charge through any mobile or smart device through its USB port. It has 1X to X3 magnification with circular LED light.

8. BESTOPE Makeup Mirror

It is an excellent quality cosmetic mirror, it comes in two presentations, one in white and the other in rose gold, has a 100% functional state-of-the-art lighting system, and is foldable in three parts, all with x1 magnifying mirrors, x2 and x3.

As for the light system, it is made up of 4 continuous straps with LED lights around the entire central mirror, which perfectly simulates natural light so that you can put on makeup with great detail and without errors.

You can place it on any table or countertop in your room or bathroom, and it also has a rotation of up to 180 ° to achieve a much wider view. The base is removable, therefore, you can take it anywhere you want, such as your work, office, or travel.

9. Powerbank with LED Mirror – Perfect gift

This marvel is not only a compact powerbank with LED light, ideal for daily makeup or take off one or another hair with eyebrow tweezers because it can be increased up to 3x, but it is also a portable external battery for your mobile with a capacity of 3000mAh.

10. Nestling Makeup Mirror with LED Lights

It is an elegant and eye-catching makeup mirror with LED light system, which can be placed on any countertop and table both in the bathroom and in the bedroom. It is 100% multifunctional, since you can use it for different activities, such as makeup, waxing, facial cleansing, etc.

This model has 21 small LED-type lights that illuminate with great clarity without disturbing your vision. It can be rotated up to 180 ° to achieve even the most difficult angles, and has four mirrors, a central one, a long side one on the right side, and two on the left side with 2x and 3x magnifying glass functions for a better vision.

The product is made with 100% ecological ABS materials, has several levels of illumination or brightness, and works both by USB cable or by 4pcs AAA batteries, so in this way you can count on the light for much longer.

Types of makeup mirrors

You must determine which type is the one that fits what you need.

Table mirrors

They usually have a base or support and can be adjusted to tables or desks. They can include one or more mirrors of different magnifications.

Mirrors mounted on the wall

They adhere to the wall through multiple mechanisms, freeing up the space on the desk. They can move closer or farther from the face.


They are complete desks that have a large mirror lined with bright lights. They usually have storage space for different beauty products.

Makeup mirrors for travel

They are small and compact ideal to store in your bag or luggage.

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Buying guide

Beyond the brand, looking at these considerations will greatly help you to know what you need.

Size, Dimensions and Weight

As these mirrors are used mainly to enlarge and clarify the vision, you should choose one with a dimension wide enough so that you can reflect yourself comfortably. There are some mirrors that are very large in terms of base and accessories, but the width of the glass itself is small.

On the other hand, its weight should also be an aspect to consider, and it is best to opt for a lightweight one with a removable base so that it can be carried anywhere in any bag.

Magnification of mirror

A 1x magnification is what you are using normaly, while a 3x mirror will enlarge your image three times, a 5x will do it five times and so on. It helps to have a 1x extension as a baseline, so it’s a good idea to be included in the product you choose.

LED lights

This is one of the fundamental aspects that you should take into account, since it is what differentiates good quality mirrors from low quality ones. In this sense, always look for those that have LED lighting, since those with incandescent light usually do not provide enough clarity.

LED light, on the other hand, is a type of clear and pleasant lighting, ideal for seeing all the details of your face and putting on makeup without difficulty. In addition, it is preferable to choose mirrors that have a light leveling system, so that you achieve the correct brightness depending on the time and need you require.

Batteries or USB powered mirrors?

Mirrors with batteries are easier to move, but batteries need to be replaced occasionally. The plug-in mirrors have a cable that limits mobility, but you will not have to worry about running out of power.