It seems incredible that maca increases vitality and energy, improves the feeling of well-being, sexual desire, strength and sports performance and also balances hormones; but it’s that: we’re talking about a superfood!

This root absorbs its powerful nutrients from the Andean mountain range, and its recognized value has increased the supply and demand, so we scrutinized, tested and shared with you the 10 best Peruvian maca root supplements to save the selection.

What is the best maca root?

It is preferable to choose an organic product that we can incorporate into breakfast, the best time to consume this superfood and take advantage during the day the great amount of energy it gives us.

It values ​​the ethical origin of the supplement to buy and the possibility of adapting its different presentations to your lifestyle, your need for health or your personal taste.

Here we present a comparative selection with the best-valued products in the market, beneficial for nutrition, well-being and the integral health of the body.

1. Nukraft – Organic Maca Powder

Organic Raw Maca Root Powder

The powder is great for stimulating energy before physical activity. Rich in Vitamins B1, B2, B, C, D and E, it is ideal for vegans and celiacs.

2. Naturya – Peruvian Organic Raw Maca Powder Supplement

Naturya Peruvian Organic Maca

    Perfect for baked or stewed recipes, also in tea or creamy smoothies with milk, fruit and ice cream, blended in a blender are delicious on the palate.

    3. Supplement Organic Maca Powder from Sevenhills Wholefoods

    Sevenhills Wholefoods Organic Maca

      It is free of starch and is easy to absorb. Made with the stem of Lepidium meyenii, it is concentrated and enhances its benefits.

      4. Gelatinized Maca Powder supplement from Navitas Naturals

      Navitas Naturals Powder

      Raw goes well with a wide repertoire that includes drinks, soups, dressings, stews, energy bars and more.

      5. Gaia Herbs Maca Root 60 vcaps

      Gaia Herbs Maca Root 60 vcaps

      Pure energy from the volcanic soils of the Andes to enhance physical and mental performance without caffeine. Concentrated and rich in amino acids.

      6. Maca Root Tablets 500mg by ProNutriWorld

      Maca Root Tablets 500mg by ProNutriWorld

      The capsules serve to dose consumption, especially to improve fertility or as a supplement of protein, fibre, calcium, magnesium and zinc.

      7. Vida Supplements Maca Extract

      Maca Extract

      A cheap alternative that guarantees high effectiveness to improve hormone levels, reduce stress, improve libido, through exclusive processing in dry extract.

      8. Indigo Herbs Organic

      Indigo Herbs Organic Maca Powder

      High in dietary fibre, vitamins, potassium, calcium, zinc, iron, copper, manganese and iodine; This presentation guarantees the best quality.

      9.Maca Root Extract Capsules from Rite-Flex

        Ideal if you are looking for a natural high and prefer provisions for 6 months. With a stamp of guarantee in the United Kingdom. Recommended for vegetarians and vegans.

        10. Love Life Supplements

        Love Life Supplements Maca Root

          Enriched with L-Arginine, Zinc, Ginkgo and Vitamin B6; This brand offers a high dose of amino acids to make you super strong.

          What is the maca root?

          Ascends about 4,000 meters from sea level and locate yourself in the land of the Incas, where the root has been cultivated for millennia for medicinal and gastronomic uses.

          It grows in conditions of cold, height and extreme winds; It has a unique absorption system to feed on that rocky soil and extract its incredible nutrients.

          This super powerful root is dried and ground, and raw, gelatinized or cooked in a recipe is great to improve our lives.

          Benefits of Maca root

          All its benefits have not yet been proven, but the consensus that recognizes its high nutritional value and the positive effect of habitual consumption of maca is very broad, so we are going to share only some already proven:

          • Eliminates fatigue
          • Improves memory, the ability to learn; the arrival of menopause, fertility and libido in men and women.
          • Balances blood glucose, endocrine system and hormones

          With a high contribution of amino acids, iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, zinc and vitamins C and B complex, the magic of this superfood is explained.

          The 3 Colors

          The skin colour of Peruvian maca roots determines the properties of each variety. Learn to differentiate its use:

          • Roots with white and yellow tones: They provide energy, vitality and hormonal balance, improve fertility, mood and symptoms of menopause.
          • Roots with light pink to dark purple tones: They reduce the size of the prostate, is anti-tumour, increases bone density and is useful against depression and stress. It is a mega-dose of antioxidants and phytonutrients.
          • Roots with light grey to black tones: Increase libido, energy, strength and endurance, bone density and sperm count. Improve memory and concentration skills. They strengthen the immune system.

          Buying guide

          Type of supplement

          Maca exists in different forms: root, powder, tablets, capsules, etc. Then you should start by choosing the way that suits you best:


          Knowing that the export of maca root is prohibited, it is the closest form to the original form, and it is clearly my preferred use.

          Advantages: it is the least processed product and the closest to the original state of the product, therefore, if it is of quality, it is the purest form, because it is the form that has suffered the least from a transformation.

          In this way, maca can be used and consumed in many different ways: cooking, drinking, therapeutic preparations, cosmetic preparations, etc. Protected from air, light and humidity, it keeps up very well over time. Keep in mind that its flavor is delicious, unlike many food supplements, so it is pleasant to consume.

          Disadvantage: some don’t appreciate its flavor between caramel and hazelnut.

          In capsules

          It is usually maca powder wrapped in gelatin.

          Advantages: avoid the characteristic flavour if you don’t like it, because it has almost no flavour. It is convenient to consume.

          Disadvantages: the price! Compared to powder, capsules are more expensive. Wrapped in gelatin, whose weight can represent 20 to 25% of the total weight of the product, the true proportion is reduced and most contain additives. The capsules only allow internal use.

          In tablets

          These are tablets made with binders.

          Advantages: the tablets allow their internal and external use, they allow to avoid the taste and they can be practical since it is enough to crush a tablet if you want to obtain a powder. They are convenient to consume.

          Disadvantages: the price! They are much more expensive than powder and are made with the use of binders, sometimes of low quality according to manufacturers, so they are not 100% maca, especially since most contain additives.

          Standardized concentrates and extracts.

          Suddenly, we are moving away from maca as a food, we are entering therapeutic products that must be used under the supervision of a healthcare professional, but we had to cite them. These are standardized extracts that allow for strong titration.

          Advantage: the concentration of active ingredient.

          Disadvantages: the concentration of active ingredient! In fact, it is advisable to use these products with caution, since the product is not without danger. Also, these drugs are often too expensive and usually contain other ingredients like bulking agents, anti-caking agents, coating agents, etc.

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