The luggage straps are very important accessories to make your suitcase secured. They constitute a device necessary for securing the belongings contained in your luggage.

Use the straps to make sure your suitcase won’t open. They are ideal for improving the security of the suitcase because a simple zipper cannot guarantee the total protection of the contents of your suitcase.

Made from a generally hard and very resistant material, the luggage straps offer a preventive measure against the risks of the forced opening of the case. Find out now the best luggage strap.

What is the best luggage strap?

If you have not gone through the experience, then I do not recommend it. It is very unpleasant to have to see your belongings collected reluctantly and forced into the suitcase by a cranky airline employee when it has fallen and opened. Sometimes it happens. It can be due to a failure in the zipper, bad handling of the suitcases by the airport staff, etc.

Better to have a good tape that is resistant and provides the necessary security to your things. If you look between the different alternatives, you will find what there is:

  • Water-resistant: it is a very good feature when the weather is unfavourable.
  • With padlock: ideal to reinforce protection even if some friends of others want to check your things without authorization
  • Multifunction: those of this type also have an economic price and serve to secure the suitcase and also weigh before the flight (not going to be charged more for excess weight)

The ideal is to have one with all these characteristics and, in addition, allow you to identify your belongings to prevent loss or to make the recovery work faster, in any case. Considering this it is easier to opt for one or the other.

As promised, here is a list of the 5 best luggage straps that are currently available.

Luggage strap with lock and scale OPUL

With 3 in 1 function

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Those who require a tool not only to secure their clothes and valuables but also to weigh them before embarking on any trip, this is an excellent option. It has a secure padlock with 3-digit combination, an integrated scale with lithium battery and 40 kg capacity, water-resistance and bright colour to identify it.

Safe Us 3 Samsonite Luggage Strap

With TSA closure

Samsonite Luggage Strap, 25 cm, Black 61595/1041
  • Limited 2 year global warranty
  • Protect, secure and identify your luggage
  • Available in several colours

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For those who have managed to put many things in the suitcase, there will be no danger of surprise openings with this very resistant version. It is very appropriate to secure bags and suitcases with a lot of cargo. It includes insurance with three-digit combination and is available in several colours to choose from.

Packing belt with combination lock TSA SMING

A convenient duo

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Those who carry not one but two suitcases for the trip will have the necessary accessories to protect all their possessions with this pack of two tapes. Its length is adjustable from 115 cm to 200 cm and also bring a removable name card and the indispensable lock with opening by a combination of numbers.

Luggage Strap Continuous (100 CM) Luxebell

For comfortable transfers in stations and terminals

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Boarding an airplane, train or boat can be very uncomfortable with several suitcases in tow and without help. This tape helps to move through terminals, ports, and stations with greater comfort because they serve to join two suitcases and move more easily. Its clip is resistant and quick release.

Adjustable Belt Bag Bungee 

To load more with less effort

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If you do not want to carry a suitcase in one hand, the coat on one shoulder and the carry-on baggage on the other, without being able to carry the boarding ticket within reach, this tape is a very practical solution. It allows you to attach small bags to the larger suitcases and thus load all the weight with one hand, but easily and comfortably.

Usually, we forget to buy this type of accessories for travel but what essentials are done once you get used to them! Do not forget that to keep them for longer, it is best not to overload the bags and open and close the safety gently.

Even if your tapes say to be resistant to water, do not forget to protect them from it as much as possible so that they last longer.

Luggage Strap Swify Suitcase belt

Luggage Straps Swify Suitcase Baggage Travel Belts Adjustable Hand Luggage Case Packing Accessories...
  • 【Heavy Duty Straps】Package comes with 4 pieces(2 pairs) of luggage belts that you can cross the straps with secure buckle...
  • 【Adjustable Straps Length】Horizontal and vertical belts both can be adjusted to 100-190cm to fit for 10"-32" suitcase. Strap...
  • 【Stand Out in Crowd or Night】The baggage belts are designed in bright color and materials, that makes your suitcase stand out...
  • 【Name Tags Slot】There’s a name tag slot on each pair of belts, you can put your name and phone number on name card to avoid...
  • 【Quality Guarantee】The suitcase belts are washable and can be used for many times. All of our products are under quality...

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Why buy a luggage strap?

The suitcase strap provides many benefits.

  1. It is a device intended to reinforce the security of your travel suitcase. Whatever the handling by the airport staff, the bag will remain closed thanks to the strap. Be aware that the risk of opening a suitcase not “strapped” is high.
  2. The use of a suitcase strap is likely to reduce the size of your suitcase. And for good reason, the strap will help compress your suitcase which will be easily admitted in the cabin. In other words, the strap plays a very important role once your cabin baggage slightly exceeds the dimensions accepted by your airline. The strap for the suitcase, therefore, allows you to compress the suitcase without reducing its content. This means that your suitcase now becomes less bulky and respects the dimensions required under the effect of the strap. This saves you the payment of exceeding your baggage.
  3. The use of a suitcase strap is also beneficial because it allows you to quickly spot your suitcase among dozens at the airport. I advise you, as indicated above, to choose a bright colour for your strap. Also, make sure that the strap and the case have different colours.
  4. The suitcase strap will help you to assemble several pieces of luggage, especially when travelling with your family with more than one suitcase. This will make the transport of all assembled suitcases fluid while promoting the optimization of their safety.
luggage strap

Luggage strap – Buying guide

Not all we see in the market are equally good. That is why it is important to pay attention to the elements that distinguish the good ones.

And if we really want to take care of our luggage, tie a baby seat in the car or fasten a sleeping ball on a backpacking bag, it is best to have good quality straps.


The strips that hug the entire suitcase must be firm and elastic at the same time. The secret is that the fibre is woven and provides fair strength. This way it won’t slip or break.

The same goes for the buckle that buckles the strap. For greater security, it must be strong and stable.


There are different sizes and lengths of straps. This is because there are also several sizes of luggage.

A handbag needs a compact belt, the same that could be used for children’s luggage, large airplane luggage requires a strong belt and if we are going to use the belts to tie suitcases simultaneously we require a double extension.


It is not an electronic device or a block that is proof of everything, but it is not a decorative object either. What I want to tell you is that a suitcase run requires an adequate but affordable budget.

The key is not to go for the cheapest and not spend more than what we put into buying the luggage itself.

How to use it?

Knowing when and how to place the straps is what allows them to fulfil their protection function well.

Soft suitcases

Bags made of woven fabric are usually resistant but the problem comes when we return from our vacation and fill them with souvenirs and shopping to the point that we can hardly close it.

And forcing the capacity of a suitcase with zip closure puts the seams at risk and therefore the things we transport.

That is why it is very important to use straps as reinforcement for softcover luggage.

Hard suitcases

Rigid shells have no problem with seams but with the lock. It doesn’t matter if we buy a prestigious or expensive brand, the possibility that the closure will be released will always be.

With the hardcovers this opening, product of abrupt handling of the suitcase, is even worse. Once you release the suitcase, they open in two and release everything. Can you imagine all your things exposed or lost?

Tubular bags

Not only in suitcases with wheels can the straps be used. The truth is that they are very useful and easy to use for tubular bags.

Having these suitcases vertically adjusted to our back helps save space in crowded places and pass airport security controls.


The idea of ​​this trick is to secure small bags or take advantage of large belts. To tie in this way it is necessary that on elastic fabric.

Placing a buckle next to the clasp allows once the bag is wrapped horizontally the excess tape passes through the hole of the buckle and can also reinforce vertically.


Having a belt is essential for luggage that will be registered on air travel. This is because once we deliver our luggage we separate from it and the company makes baggage check out of our site that can end in an unwanted and uncontrolled opening of our belongings.

Public transport

Although this is an alternate use it can be very useful. Many people travel as backpackers or with low budgets to distant destinations that can be dangerous. There, they decide to take public transport leaving the airport on the way to the hotel.

And on trains or buses, it is important to keep ourselves protected from the crowd. In the middle of the pressure and rubbing our suitcase can open or be the target of a robbery. A belt keeps us safe that nothing will come from where we have kept it.

Purpose of luggage straps

Having too many bags can be complicated, on a family trip a few years ago my husband and I carried the luggage of my two daughters and ours. Getting eight suitcases of different sizes to get them in the band was a nightmare, but the worst thing was that we were left with one and we didn’t realize until we arrived at the hotel.

The suitcase at the end appeared, but I assure you that my fear was terrible. To prevent it from happening again every time we travel with a set of generic bags we use straps to identify them.

The manufacturers have already realized this use and now offer great designs to improve the attractiveness of the bag. It can even be customized with embroidery if we want to stay with a less expensive strap.

As for security, there are sophisticated models that include a TSA lock, valid for airports and with lock codes. This can be a good advantage if we carry expensive and delicate belongings.