5 Best lint removers that make your clothes look like new without mistreating its

If you are already tired of those annoying little balls of fabric that are formed in your clothes and sheets with every wash and with daily use, then what you need is the best remover available to eliminate those unwanted balls of fabrics that you use.

These devices are very useful to remove the annoying lint that appears in cotton fabrics, coats, bedding and all kinds of fabrics after several washes.

At the time of purchase it is useful to see which are the most popular removers and with better features and features so that you can make an informed purchase and you can get what best suits your budget and your requirements.

What is the best lint remover?

Before taking one of these devices to your home, it is convenient that you know its qualities and be clear about the use you will give it. It is appropriate that you do a test to determine which of its characteristics are most convenient for you.

It will be very useful if you analyze the offers, you make comparisons between them and finally you decide on the most suitable one for you. We reviewed the available offer and made this list of suggestions where you will surely find what you are looking for.

1. Philips GC026 / 00 lint remover

Powerful and efficient

Philips GC026/00 Fabric Shaver, Blue
1838 Reviews
Philips GC026/00 Fabric Shaver, Blue
  • Large blade surface for covering a large...
  • Height adjustment cap for the most...
  • Up to 8800 rounds/min blade rotation for...

Equipped with a blade that brings an engine of 8800 revolutions per minute, this remover ensures complete cleaning of the garment and at the same time takes care of delicate fabrics with a practical protector whose function is that the clothes are not mistreated with the cut.

It is an equiptment with elegant design, easy to use and light, that comes with a device that is regulated in three sizes according to the amount and magnitude of fluff to be removed.

The Philips product is affordable and ergonomic, it also has a deposit that is easy to remove and empty, where the lint falls as it is removed from the fabrics.

It uses AA batteries that comes included in the package, comes with a brush to clean the device after use and is available in white with blue.

2. Solac H101 lint remover

Ergonomic and easy to handle

Solac Quita – Pelusas H101A4 Lint Shaver
3 Reviews
Solac Quita – Pelusas H101A4 Lint Shaver
  • solac, h101, lint shaver, Lint remover...

With a robust, ergonomic design and a slightly higher weight than similar ones, this lint shaver is suitable for any garment since it is equipped with a wide power that allows you to work on all types of fabric.

One of its most striking qualities is that it not only works with batteries, but also brings power cable for frequent use.

The product of Solac is an ally for your wardrobe, it is equipped with a head for three levels of cut according to the type of ball of your clothes and, in addition, it has a removable tank for easy cleaning.

Its price is considerably, the highest of our selection, however, in the opinion of its users, it is a worthwhile investment.

3. Aibesser Rechargeable lint remover

Versatile and effective

Aibesser Rechargeable Portable Fabric Shaver and...
51 Reviews
Aibesser Rechargeable Portable Fabric Shaver and...
  • ★ Durable and Sharp - It uses...
  • ★ Safe & Efficient - Equipped with...
  • ★Battery Powered Device - Allows you...

The model of the manufacturer Aibeser brings a blade to which you can regulate the height to avoid damage to the fabrics of the clothes while removing the balls of fluff.

Its comb shape facilitates its use and makes it easier to work on fabrics.

It comes with a button on and off and comes with rechargeable batteries with which you can have half an hour of use and then about two hours of recharging.

It’s an economic model, so if you have a tight budget, this would be good for you. It is available in assorted colors.

4. Severin 7976 Lint Remover

With nozzle for carpets

Severin Handy Fluff Razor/Fabric Wool Lint Shaver...
15 Reviews

Severin brand brings this versatile device suitable not only for all types of fabrics, but also brings a nozzle for carpets and a spacer for thicker wool surfaces. It also has a grid for various types of lint and a removable tank.

It is a lightweight device, made with good quality materials capable of easily removing lint from your clothes without damaging it.

It works with batteries and is equipped with an on / off switch. It has a low price and you get it exclusively in white.

5. Cadrim Electric Lint Remover

Practical and effective

Cadrim Electric Lint Remover Clothes Bobble...
75 Reviews
Cadrim Electric Lint Remover Clothes Bobble...
  • Multi Function: clothe lint shaver /...
  • Efficient Design: unique honeycomb holes...
  • High Speed Shaving: 6 stainless steel...

Made with stainless steel blades, this remover removes easily the balls and chafing of your clothes without damaging it. It is an accessory for high level shaving.

It is a portable device, lightweight, compact, with removable and easy to empty lint container. Brings stainless steel grid and works with batteries.

The model Cadrim is the least expensive of our list and you get a combination of purple and white. It comes with a handy cleaning brush.

What is a lint remover?

It is a device used to remove lint, cotton balls and even animal hairs that accumulate in textiles, especially in thick fabrics such as sweaters, wool and coats, as well as cotton clothing, which, After several washings begin to appear.

They are apparatuses usually equipped with blades that literally “shave” the clothes or fabrics in a very delicate way without tearing or damaging it, but with enough power to remove those annoying fluffs.

Before the electric and battery models appeared, this function was associated with the so-called magic brushes or rollers, made with adhesive materials that adhered the fluff and cleaned the garments. Today, although they still exist, they have been replaced by practical electric varieties.

Criteria when choosing the best quitapelusas

There are certain criteria that will help you choose the best lint removers for the house, which add value to the device, selected, these are:

Eliminates lint without damaging the tissues

This feature is very important because the idea is to remove the annoying balls of textiles that you have at home and not stay in rags. Look for devices that have different levels of blades and protective grids to not expose so much the fabrics of your clothes


You do not want to have a device that you should throw away every time you use it, it’s a waste of money and, besides, it’s not ecological at all. We know that fluff free cloth are not eternal, but you would do well to select one that endures for constant use. The models of batteries and those that come powered with current are made to last you, at least, a year of constant use.

Does a good job without much effort

Of course, if the lint remover takes too much time to do its job, it would take time to use it. Here the essential thing is to clean the fabric well without much effort. The electrical devices and batteries make a quick and easy work. An older variety that are called magic brushes do not require excessive hours and efforts.

Easy to clean and maintain

Along with the idea that a good lint remover should not need a lot of effort for its use, it should not need a lot of work to be cleaned and kept adequate for the next garment. Ideally, a tool that is ready to use immediately. The newer models have practical lint containers and containers that only disassemble and empty, some devices also include small brushes that make the cleaning of these devices, a matter of a few minutes and even seconds.

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