The television has lost none of its popularity since its launch in the 1930s and remains the number one media medium. Technically and optically, however, today’s high-tech devices have nothing in common with the bulky televisions of yesteryear. Today you can easily create a thrilling cinematic atmosphere at home with one of the best OLED TVs. In addition, most devices let you watch programs and movies online through streaming services. With high-quality LED or OLED TV, you feel so in the middle of the action.

Many technical features, such as Ultra-HD or LED are just a few terms that are associated with today’s televisions and which we then explain in more detail in the guide. The range of digital screens is now huge, whether online or in-store. Numerous manufacturers vie for your favour and want to convince you of the latest technical features of their products. To make it easier for you to find a new TV, we have compiled a product overview of the best televisions.

The best LED and OLED TVs in detail

Samsung Q90R – 65 inches Ultra HD 4K HDR QLED

Samsung QE55Q90R TV
  • Bluetooth: Y
  • Dimensions: 1230.6 x 791.9 x 230.8 mm
  • Display Type: QLED
  • Energy Rating: B
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)

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Samsung’s flagship 4K TV rewrites the rules of LCD TV. New innovative panel technology allows you to completely overcome the traditional limits of the viewing angle of the LCD screen. Direct backlighting from almost 500 dimming zones provides very deep black levels. QLED technology provides phenomenally rich colors, HDR compatible. And Tizen is there to make sure that almost any application can take advantage of the TV’s picture quality.

Tizen, Samsung’s smart TV system, has lagged its big rival LG in recent years. However, with its latest Tizen system, Samsung is finally able to compete with LG’s famous WebOS system.

The Tizen home screen has a banner at the bottom of the screen, so you can keep watching TV while you navigate the system. It also streamlines the content search process by displaying the second layer of icons that directly links to the recommended shows or features based on the service you selected in the bottom layer.

All of this happens quickly and skillfully on all Samsung smart TVs, and the amount of content Tizen TV offers is enormous.

The usual Netflix, Amazon and YouTube are all there, as well as on-demand TV services. We also find Google Play Movies and TV, Rakuten TV, and, above all, Apple TV, all available in 4K and HDR.

It’s a shame that even the best Samsung TVs can’t play Dolby Vision streams supported by some of the streaming platforms they offer and don’t offer them on demand in the Freeview Play app. Tizen TV is, for now, the cream of the crop for Smart TV.

LG OLED55B9PLA 55 inches OLED TV

LG Electronics OLED55B9PLA 55-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart OLED TV with Freeview Play - Black colour (2019...
  • Organic self emitting pixels achieve the deepest levels of black due to their unique ability to completely switch off - no light...
  • ULTRA HD 4K resolution is four times that of Full HD producing brilliant clarity and vivid details that amaze, even when viewed up...
  • The 2nd generation α7 Intelligent Processor allows for the premium image quality of OLED TV bringing a clearer and brighter...
  • LG TV's can recognise major High Dynamic Range formats such as HLG, HDR 10, Dolby Vision and Technicolor, so you get the HDR...
  • Find information and control smart home devices by speaking into your LG Magic Remote (purchased separately) or use your Alexa...

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As already mentioned, most manufacturers compete with all sorts of technical features for your favour. Even with the well-known and world-famous manufacturer, LG behaves no different. With the LG OLED55B9PLA, you have a TV with a55-inch screen and an image in Ultra-HD qualityand Dolby Surround. But the most important features of the LG for you at a glance:

  • Ultra-thin design that suits any interior
  • Perfect colours on the perfect black
  • Home theatre atmosphere with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos
  • HDR
  • webOS 3.5

With the webOS 3.5 feature,you have quick access to content from popular streaming providers. Thereby you imagine this function as a bar, which appears at the bottom of the screen and from which you can choose your respective program or your respective streaming provider, where you have an account.

What immediately stands out in the model is the particularly slim design. Here, the manufacturer has managed to radically reduce the “moisture” or the thickness of the display and make the TV an eye-catcher in the living room.

In addition, we would also like to emphasize once again the high image quality of the LG. This is possible due to the self-illuminated pixels, which are created by the so-called OLED technology. So when you watch TV, not only do you have a clear and crisp image, but rich colours.

Active HDR also lets you watch your favourite movies and series in full perfection. The LG model supports Dolby Vision as well as cinema HDR. Through the mentioned functions, it is suggested to you that you are in the middle of the action, that is, watching TV in a realistic manner.

The speaker system must also be mentioned in the LG. Here, the manufacturer has installed the so-called Atmos systemand a360-degree sound. So you see, it’s worth giving this LG a chance. When looking for a new TV you will not miss this model.
The connections of the LG are: 4 x HDMI, 2x USB, 1x ISB 3.0, 1xRJ45 (LAN). In addition, W-Lan is integrated and you have a digital audio output. The TV is delivered with a stand.

3. Philips 55POS9002 / 05(55 inches) LED TV

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With its model 55POS9002/05, Philips wants to convince you with a television picture that has a 4K resolution and with HDR offers an even wider range of contrast. However, as the highest quality footage is not yet widely used, the unit will rebuild all other video signals to 4K resolution.
But first, the most important features that distinguish the Philips model:

  • 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • HDR
  • DTS Premium Sound
  • Ambilight, which can be connected to the Philips HUE lighting system
  • Rear LED

In the model, the manufacturer is particularly proud of the 3-sided Ambilight system, which he describes as a unique selling point. Especially with dark or completely switched off light (room lighting), this function should really come to fruition. So it not only makes spectacular light according to Philips but also provides for a cinema atmosphere.

The Ambilight system can also be combined with Philips’ HUE lighting system. The effect: You experience once again an increase of your subjectively perceived contrast. By combining the system with the lighting system, the screen not only looks bigger, but the colours also appear more differentiated.

In addition, the model has rear LEDs that mimic the colour on the screen and continue the image on the wall. It is quite impressive when the football pitch in the picture continues on the wall. This is a real cinema flair. One important thing that may help you in your purchase decision: This Philips model is equipped with the so-called OLED technology.

OLED is the next generation of television technology and is currently a trend in the TV industry. The abbreviation stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes. Unlike conventional LED televisions, OLED does not require a backlight. This means that each pixel generates light and color. When the pixels are off, they are completely black, and with darker blacks, you get better colours and a spectacular contrast that lets you enjoy all the images in a realistic and, above all, high quality form.

As Philips himself says, these are the best pictures the manufacturer has ever made with a television. In addition, the television is characterized by very flat design. So the TV is a real eye-catcher in your living room. In general, the design of the Philips model is very special and does not need to hide behind those of other manufacturers. For some customers who bought the Philips, there were occasional audio distortions, especially if they looked over the antenna or cable. You should pay attention to this when buying, if you decide for this model.

49 inches Sony BRAVIA KD49XG70 LED 4K Ultra HD

Sony BRAVIA KD49XG70 49-inch LED 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart TV - Silver
  • Get the most out of what you watch in 4K HDR
  • Any Picture Upscale, beautifully
  • True-To-Life Colours On Screen
  • Smart TV - Popular Apps and Web browsing
  • Designed for Life - Connections & Cable Management

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As you know, Japanese manufacturers arefirmly established in the electronics market. In this context, we do not want to deprive you Sony. If you are interested in a new TV, take a look at the KD49XG70. With ascreen diagonal of 49 inches, this model joins the line of high-quality TVs from well-known manufacturers, who compete with numerous features for your favour and attention. But first the most important features that characterize this Sony model:

  • TRILUMINOS display
  • 4K X-Reality Pro
  • 4K HDR
  • Android TV
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • voice remote control

You see, Sony is not squeamish with this model and comes up with all sorts of technical gimmicks. But let’s start with the so-called TRILUMINOS display. With this screen, the manufacturer wants to provide you with more colours in the home four walls. In the course of the TRILUMINOS screen, Sony has developed a suitable backlight that does not saturate the colors .

So they do not look unnatural, but authentic and breathe life into every movie scene. Another feature you may be interested in is compatibility with the language assistant Alexa. You connect the TV to Alexa and control it, so change the channel, adjust the volume and much more. Keep in mind, however, that the Alexa control will also transfer data from you that can be used by third parties.

Another technical highlight that has already been mentioned is the voice remote control. You just say what you want to look at. In addition, the voice remote control offers an intuitive touchpad operation as well as a so-called NFC One-touch Mirroring. Since Sony does not give any further details, you can best advise you in detail in the shop, insofar as you are interested in this feature.
However, there are other technical features that we have summarized briefly and concisely for you:

  • Motionflow XR for sharp images
  • Integrated Chromecast compatible with your other devices
  • Content bar, with it all movies and series quickly finds

Although the Sony model has a lot of technical gadgets and makes TV and serial junkies happy all over the world, you should plan the necessary space for it in your home or in your home. Sony is very big and takes a lot of space, so that’s what you’re buying.

5. Hisense H65U7AUK 65 inches LED TV

Hisense H65U7AUK 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD ULED Smart TV with HDR and Freeview Play - Silver/Black (2018...
  • Hisense 65inch 4K TV featuring HDR (High Dynamic Range), HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) and a Quad Core processor for high speed Smart TV:...
  • Perfect Picture featuring Ultra HD 4K - 3840 x 2160 Pixels for Ultra High Definition realism and quality. Dimensions (without...
  • Easy to use - Smart TV with Quad Core processor giving access to Freeview Play plus Netflix, YouTube and Amazon streaming services
  • Ultra Motion Plus: perfect for sports and game lovers as each fast movement appears more smooth with 120Hz Panel and Sports Mode
  • The bezel-less and super slim design together with the pure metal elevate quality of the single-stand TV set

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One thing is clear: The television manufacturers outdo themselves with their models in terms of size and technical gimmicks themselves. This also applies to the HISENSE H65U7AUK. Even at the mere sight of the model you get an impression that the TV transports a gripping and authentic cinema atmosphere into the home living room. If you choose this model, a true eye-catcher is guaranteed. But to the essence. The highlights of HISENSE in a nutshell:

  • 4K Ultra HD
  • 4K upscaling
  • HDR
  • Gaming mode
  • Motion Picture Enhancer
  • Natural Color Enhancer
  • Pure Metal Design
  • USB recording
  • Remote Now app
  • Linear menu navigation and individual menus

You see: HISENSE has a lot in it, which does not only make technology freaks go crazy. We would like to introduce a few points to you in more detail: With the 4K, which offers you the model, you have a resolution four times as high as with Full HD devices with 1080p resolution. So you bring the cinema to your home through this 8 million pixel technology.

Characteristic of the image is also the higher pixel density. This creates a sharper picture and you can also sit close to the TV, without any loss of quality in the pictures. In addition, you get 4K upscaling at any time an impressive picture quality delivered to your home, which also shows you the benefits of 4K technology. Technically, this is possible through the so-called quad-core processor.

Outstanding and a unique feature is also the so-called gaming mode. This optimizes fast moving pictures and reduces the input lagto a few milliseconds. Without any time delay, your commands, which you input on your gamepad, are displayed on the TV. As you duel with your friends in online games, you will be less surprised by your opponent.

The gaming freaks among you will love this mode. Due to the integrated HDR, which stands for High Dynamic Range, you have a large contrast range. Through the HDR you see more drawings in both dark and light areas of the picture. As mentioned above, these are just a few technical highlights to be discussed at this point. If you are interested in this TV, it is best to seek detailed advice from the specialist shop. The HISENSE is a model that belongs to the category of smart TVs. So it has a personalized and fast VIDAA operating system. In addition, you will receive all known streaming services with this TV.

6. TCL F40D4012K 40 inches TV

TCL F40D4012K 40-Inch 1080p Full HD TV with Freeview HD - Black
  • Pure image and modern design, perfect fit for a medium size room
  • Freeview HD tuner: access all Freeview channels in standard or high definition
  • 2 HDMI, 1 USB and 1 headphone socket for easy connectivity
  • Extra scart socket for connection of legacy products (DVD, VCR, old game consoles)
  • Speaker type: Stereo downfiring

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Also, if some of you the manufacturer says nothing, so does not need to hide with its TVs behind the brand models. And even if the screen size of the TCL F40D4012K is only 101.6 centimeters, it offers all sorts of technical gimmicks that make every television heart happy.
The technical highlights for you at a glance:

  • intuitive operation
  • Clear menu navigation
  • Razor-sharp images thanks to the latest LED technology
  • Ability to process digital received signals as standard via antenna, high definition and satellite
  • has CI interface and thus saves you additional costs for a receiver

The model of TCL is perfect for the television novice among you and of course for those who like it small and fine. In addition, the model impresses with a slim look. In general, the TV does not need to hide from other models by design. By and large, this TCL is the interplay of design and sophisticated technology that turns television into a real experience.

The integrated triple tuner is responsible for the mentioned processing of the digital received signals. In addition, other customers rated the model positively. Regarding your purchase decision, the TCL TV should be given a chance. The television is supplied with a multilingual manual and remote control.

7. TCL 50DP648 50 inches TV

TCL 50DP648 50 Inch 4K Ultra HD HDR 10 Smart TV with Freeview Play (2018/2019 Model) - Silver
  • The Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution is 4 times greater than Full HD. Never miss a single detail, be part of the action!
  • Design: An ultra-thin body (9.9 mm) and ultra-thin frame (5 mm), gives full space to the image and will blend perfectly into your...
  • HDR PRO: unrivalled blacks, higher contrast and vivid colours - including HDR10 and HLG
  • Wide Colour Gamut combined with a 10 Bit Panel: Reproduces 30% purer and richer colours than traditional LED screens. Providing...
  • TCL SMART: Includes Netflix, Youtube and Freeview Play: Freeview Play provides 7 Day Catch Up through your programme guide and On...

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The manufacturer Grundig is well known for specializing in the production of TV sets. With its model, the 50 TCL 50DP648, it is firmly established in the market for flat-screen televisions. The model is one of the larger televisions with a screen diagonal of 50 inches and has all the technical features that other flat-panel TVs from well-known and lesser-known manufacturers also have.
We have compiled the technical highlights of the TV for you.

  • HDR
  • Micro dimming engine
  • DTS Premium Sound
  • Bluetooth
  • USB recording 3.0

If you watch TV with this Grundig model, you’ll see pictures at four times higher resolution than Full HD, so you’ll get superlative television home. With an image resolution of 8,294,400 pixels (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) you can see all the important details in the picture. In addition, the pictures are razor-sharp. Even if you are sitting in front of the TV, nothing is lost from the picture quality.

Because the model has HDR, you will clearly see light and shadow in this Grundig model. The picture contrasts are rendered very nice overall. If you’re more interested in the Grundig, at best, learn more about Micro Dimming Engine technology. Here the entire display is divided into 600 individual blocks.

Technically, the manufacturer manages to calculate the best possible black value for every single pixel, which leads to simultaneous optimization of the brightness. So you see all the details even in dark fields. Like other flat screen televisions, this Grundig is characterized by a sleek design and is an eye-catcher in your home or in your home. Pay attention when buying that the TCL does not support all streaming services. The delivery set includes a flat screen TV remote control and a multilingual user manual.

8. Panasonic TX-39FW334 39 inch LCD TV

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Even with flat screen TVs, there are large and small models. For example, the Panasonic TX-39FW334 is a smaller model than the 98-inch (39-inch) TV screen, unlike other manufacturers ‘ TVs. With the televisions of the FW334 series, you will receive the TV program in different ways. The models of this series also support the still new antenna television DVB-T2 HD (H.265).

An integrated media player allows you to view pictures and videos in high quality via the USB stick. We have compiled further technical highlights of the Panasonic shortly for you.

  • LED with 200 Hz
  • HD triple tuner
  • Media player
  • V-audio sound
  • Sleep Timer

This is a solid TV that you should include in your purchase if it is not a big new TV. For your information, if you run the Panasonic four hours a day, 365 days a year, it consumes 45 kWh per year. In addition to the television, the delivery set includes a remote control and a multilingual user manual.

9. TCL U49P6046 49 inches TV with 4K HDR technology

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This model from TCL belongs to the larger design. The U49P6046 has all the technical refinements that a flat-panel television on the market today has to bring. Thanks to the 4K HDR technology you can follow exciting, thrilling and emotional moments with this TV set close up in your living room. The minimalist design of the TCL is extremely user-friendly and at the same time still a real eye-catcher in the room. The image in HDR quality with stronger contrasts and sharper colors lets you immerse yourself in the action. So you are in the middle of your favorite movies and series instead of just being there.

Due to the Dolby Audio sound quality, you have a nearly perfect sound. In addition, the TCL has the so-called micro dimming. This function adjusts the brightness of the picture. As a result, the picture also clearly gains in quality. Another feature of the TV: the PPI 1200. PPI stands for Picture Performance Index (PPI) and rates image quality.

The TV automatically checks the picture resolution, contrast and color spectrum with this function. In addition, the flat-screen TV has the so-called TCL T-Cast. This is an app specially designed for smart TVs. With this application you control the functions of your TV via the smartphone and play them on the big screen.When switched on, the TV has a power of 70 watts. With daily, four-hour operation, the TV consumes 130 kWh per year.

10. Sharp LC-32CHG4041K 81 cm (32 inch) TV

Sharp LC-32CHG4041K 32-Inch LED TV HD Ready with Freeview HD [Energy Class a_plus], Black
  • This Sharp LED TV can be connected to an array devices using the 3 xHDMI, SCART, USB, Component, Composite and Digital Optical...
  • A compact unit with a multitude of features such as DTS TruSurround, Freeview HD and PVR recording. This unit is ideal for use in...
  • The super fast USB 2.0 port allows playback of any compatible video, music or photo files. When a USB memory stick is connected,...
  • Don't want to Miss you favourite programmes, you don't have to with this TV's built in PVR system that allows you to pause, play...
  • Slim, lightweight design is ideal for wall mounting and also comes with an easy fit stand, The built-in Freeview HD tuner means...

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The Sharp LC-32CHG4041Kis a smart TV that lets you watch movies and watch TV at home. With a screen diagonal of 32 inches, the Telefunken model is one of the smaller TVs. Due to the Full HD resolution and the LED technology, the images of the flat screen TV have very good sharpness. In addition, 600 Hz CMP ensures that you see fast movements and generally fast and dynamic scenes without blur.

Another characteristic feature of the TV is the integrated W-LAN. There are also many other connections, such as 3x HDMI (CEC + ARC), USB with Multimedia Player, SCART and VGA. A multimedia player built into the flat-screen TV that lets you play videos and music supports discs such as video cameras, USB flash drives, MP3 players, or hard drives.

In addition, the Sharp LC-32CHG4041K model has a built-in triple tuner, with which you can receive TV programs via satellite, cable or antenna directly on your TV, without any receiver. Finally, something for Netflix fans: With the streaming function, especially for this provider, you are always pursuing the latest blockbusters and successful series.

11. Blaupunkt BLA-32/138O-GB (32 inch) TV

Blaupunkt BLA-32/138O-GB-11B4-EGDP-UK 32-Inch, 720p HD Ready LED TV with Freeview HD, Built-in DVD...
  • This Blaupunkt LED TV can be connected to an array of devices using the 3 x HDMI, SCART, USB, Component, Composite and Digital...
  • A compact unit with a multitude of features such as JBL speakers, Freeview HD and PVR recording the BLA-32/138O-GB-11B4-EGDP-UK is...
  • The super fast USB 2.0 port allows playback of any compatible video, music or photo files. When a USB memory stick is connected,...
  • Don't want to miss you favourite programmes, you don't have to with this TV's built in PVR system that allows you to pause, play...
  • The slim, lightweight design is ideal for wall mounting and also comes with an easy fit stand. The built-in DVD player means less...

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Also, the Blaupunkt BLA-32/138O-GB is 32 inches to a smaller flat screen TV. We have compiled for you the most important features of the TV.

  • Integrated triple tuner
  • HD resolution and LED technology
  • Numerous connections (HDMI, USB, Scart)
  • DVB-T2 HD
  • Hotel mode
  • child lock

Striking at the Techwood is the sleek design, making your living room an eyecatcher richer. The images are crisp thanks to the HD resolution and the LED technology. In addition, you can not only listen to music and play videos with the multimedia player but also let your movies or music on the USB stick run. Furthermore, you can connect external hard drives to the TV.

Due to the integrated triple tuner DVB-C / T2 / S2you will receive TV programs via satellite, cable or antenna and does not need a receiver for it. In addition, the model has a CI + shaft, with which the new DVB-T2 in HD can be received and decrypted. So you see, there’s a lot in there on the flat-screen TV. On technical features and additional gimmicks, the manufacturer has not saved on this model.
The annual energy consumption of flat-screen TV is 45 kWh. However, this is only the case if the TV is in operation for four hours a day.

12. LG 55SK8000PLB 55 inches TV

LG 55SK8000PLB 55-Inch Super UHD 4K HDR Premium Smart LED TV with Freeview Play - Brilliant Titan...
  • IPS 4K Nano Cell Display - consistent pixel placement one nanometre apart, creating uniform colour volume and outstanding picture...
  • Alpha 7 processor; enhanced picture processing technology is plugged straight into LG super UHD hardware thanks to the α7 TV...
  • ThinQ AI; an intelligent television that brings convenience to your home: ThinQ AI TV can listen, think and give answers to your...
  • 4K cinema HDR; LG TV can recognise major high dynamic range formats such as HLG, HDR 10, Dolby Vision and Technicolor: So you get...
  • Dolby atmos; the next step in audio immersion: Atmos moves in three-dimensional space, allowing for a more realistic recreation of...

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At the end of our product descriptions, we would like to introduce you to a TV of a brand manufacturer. This is the LG 55SK8000PLB. The flat-screen TV is a TV with a screen size of 139 centimetres, which corresponds to a size of 55 inches. As with the other models, we would like to give you the most important features in this model as well.

  • Full HD
  • Colour Master Engine
  • 20 watts speaker system
  • DVR Ready (recording to external hard drive possible)
  • Virtual Surround Plus
  • USB interface
  • HDMI

So you see: The TV has it all. With its 20 watt-strong speakers you have the perfect volume in your living room and you are in the middle of film or television events. Also, the USB interface is a technical little gimmick, which is not special, yet convenient for you. So just plug in your USB stick or external hard drive to the TV and play all possible files on it.

If you decide to buy this flat-screen TV, get a piece of futurism in your living room. This is ensured by the futuristic design of the TV and complements the Full HD picture quality and the advanced features of the TV set. In addition, Wi-Fi is integrated into the TV. So you also have the opportunity to watch TV over the Internet and to take advantage of the services of different streaming services. The delivery set contains a TV stand, a remote control including batteries and a user manual.

What you have to consider when buying a TV

The TV market is huge. If you are interested in new TV sets, you will already have noticed that you are overwhelmed with awide and versatile range of flat-panel TVs with different inch sizes both in online shops and in speciality shops. Since you quickly lose track of the overview. For this reason, we would like to give you some tips in the following paragraphs, what you have to consider when buying a new flat-screen TV.

4K resolution versus Full HD

As you have seen in the product descriptions, there are flat-screen TVs with ultra-high resolution 4k resolution and TVs with full HD resolution. Most people do not notice the difference between 4K and Full HD. 4K has a higher resolution than Full HD. Currently, there are very few programs on television that broadcast in 4K.

For example, public service broadcasters broadcast football matches and other sports in Full HD. Most private channels are currently “limited” to Full HD. There are broadcasters who want to start 4K on a trial basis or have already started, but you can count them on one hand.

If, for example, you want to watch your pictures from your last summer vacation on your new TV, the 4K resolution may be worthwhile. Playing back photos is different than moving pictures. In the case of photos, every pixel counts and often you also get closer to the device to see all the details in the photos.

Size does not always matter

As you have already seen, there are TVs of different sizes. Decisive here is the customs indication, which indicates how many inches the screen diagonal has. There are 32-, 40-, 50- and 55-inch devices, the latter already being one of the big TV sets. But if you’re about to buy a new flat-screen TV, ask yourself if it fits your home or the rest of your interior. An oversized TV does not always have to be the best.

If you buy a large model, it can happen that the device does not fit in the desired location or it makes the room look unaesthetic. Also, one thing must be clear to you: A switched off TV in the room can look like a dark black dot. For this reason, there is a ratio between the viewing distance and the size of the television:

Screen size x 2.5 corresponds to the recommended seat distance to the device

A large device also offers many technical features and gimmicks, but before you buy, ask yourself if you really use all the features of the TV regularly or only sometimes or not at all. If you do not need some features right from the start, you’d better look for a device that’s smaller and has fewer features, but delivers crisp images and great sound. For flat-panel TVs, there is also a minimum size, which depends on the display resolution. The finer the pixels are, the tighter you can sit in front of the television without the image looking blurred or you can see the pixels.


The product descriptions often referred to OLED and LCD screens. Both displays have their pros and cons. Here it depends, for which purposes you want to use the television, except to watch movies and watch TV. First, you should know OLED TVs are TVs with the 4K resolution. These are of course more expensive than liquid crystal screens, so TV sets with Full HD. Between both display, types can already be a price difference of 1,000 pounds.

If you are interested in an OLED display, it is best to look carefully at the manufacturer’s information. For example, so far LG only leads the big OLED displays. The displays can differ greatly from each other and be different in image processing and equipment, which in turn depends on the manufacturer. Organic displays of the LCD screens usually display a saturated black. This has a particularly good effect on the in-picture contrasts. Specifically, this means that the pixels are turned off when a pixel is black.

Some LCD TVs specifically dim the backlight of individual image areas or switch them off completely. This is the micro dimming function. However, this feature still emits some light from adjacent areas into the dark segments. LCD TVs are brighter than OLED screens, making them more suitable than OLED screens, especially in bright rooms. By contrast, if the device is in a darker room, OLED is better suited for a perfect movie night. Let’s advise you in the specialist shop in detail about LCD and OLED displays. Here you should not rush the purchase.

Different price ranges depending on the equipment

If you’re looking for a new TV, you can buy anything from cheap TVs to expensive TVs. It all depends on what claims he should satisfy you. 32 “TVs are much cheaper than 40″ or 50 “or even 55” TVs. So if you want to buy your TV, not only the size but also the features the device should have been taken into account. Functions such as:

  1. Integrated triple tuner
  2. 3D technology
  3. OLED display
  4. HDMI connections and other connections

You do not need all the technical features and gimmicks offered by the manufacturer. If you only want to watch TV or streaming movies and TV shows, you do not need a Triple Tuner or an OLED display, for example.

3D TV – the revolution for the home

When films were first shown in 3D in the cinema a few years ago, film critics predicted a new age of film viewing. Nowadays movies in 3D are commonplace in the cinema and it almost goes without saying. And the major TV manufacturers have now discovered 3D technology for themselves and offer TVs with 3D technology. But what is behind there? For televisions, it initially differs between active and passive 3D.

For an active 3D experience you need special so-called shutter glasses, which are either supplied by the manufacturer or you also buy online or in the shop. Television sets, which want to shine with passive 3D technology, need their 3D glasses, which are often already supplied with the device. If you’ve already been to the cinema in a 3D movie, you can also pick up and use these glasses.

With shutter glasses, however, there is one major drawback, because when you watch 3D TV, the pictures are shown alternately for the right and left eyes. The 3D glasses fulfil the task of opening and closing their glasses in time with the image change. Thus, not every eyewear is suitable for every device. Our tip: If you order the glasses directly from the manufacturer, nothing can go wrong. Otherwise, you have to see that and the glasses are compatible with your own TV.

Smart TVs

Another phenomenon that has brought about digitization is Smart TV. By now, almost every TV on offer is a Smart TV. If you are interested in a new flat-screen TV, pay attention not only to the resolution, picture quality, sound system and condition of the display, but also to which apps the TV can access.

Most models today have access to many services from the Internet. With a Smart TV, you become interactive. It used to be Teletext only, today the various TV models offer you a whole range of services from the internet. The best example of this is Youtube.

If you want, you can fill entire evenings with music videos and other entertainment videos with the appropriate Youtube app. Plus, a Smart TV gives you the power to access streaming services, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. You can also surf the net, chat with friends or relatives, or post your current status on social networks like Facebook or Instagram. The possibilities are almost limitless with a Smart TV.

If you are interested in Smart TV, you should be careful that there is no single standard for smart TVs. Each manufacturer handles this differently and makes his own App offer available. The big apps, such as Facebook, Youtube or Netflix are now available on all new TVs from major manufacturers. However, it can happen that some apps are taken out of the media library by the manufacturer himself overnight. Examples are web radios, which are sometimes added by the manufacturer and taken out of the assortment after a short time.

In addition, you can access the Google Play store with almost any TV, provided the models are based on the Android operating system. TVs from Sony, Philips and Sharp offer their models with Android. Manufacturers, such as Samsung or LG offer their flat-panel TVs with other operating systems, such as Tizen or WebOS.

The control of smart TVs with smartphones

However, what makes Smart TV so special is that it can be connected to almost any smartphone. So it is possible that you can transfer your films, pictures and music on the smartphone to the TV. This is made possible by the apps of the manufacturer. For example, if you’re using an Android model, you can simply click on the Cast icon on the mobile app and start playing on the TV. If you are not satisfied with the manufacturer’s Smart TV offer, you can of course also connect a Smart TV stick to your device. The same goes for a streaming box, of course. In general, you should take some time before buying a Smart TV and do not make a rash purchase. It is best if you try your desired model in the shop and then buys it if you like it.

Triple tuner versus twin tuner

Some models we’ve introduced to you have abuilt-in triple tuner. With this you can receive in the following three ways:

  1. electric wire
  2. satellite
  3. Antenna (DVB-T2)

If your new flat screen TV has such a triple tuner, you will not need an external device to receive programs in these three ways. When you buy the TV you must make sure that the TV really supports DVB-T2 to receive antenna television. The old standard TVB-T is no longer available since the beginning of 2017. DVB-T2 is the extension.

For most flat-screen TVs, however, the integrated Triple Tuner is standard. In older models is usually only the so-called dual tuner available with which you can only receive DVB-T and the even older DVB-S. You should not confuse the Triple Tuner with the Twin Tuner. With the Twin Tuner, you can watch TV and record at the same time.
With a twin tuner but you can not record DVB-T2 and cable simultaneously.

Receive encrypted programs

There are stations you cannot receive without a key. For the decryption, you need aCI + slot, which belongs, however, today to the basic equipment of the TV sets. In this slot, you only have to use the corresponding smartcard. Encrypted programs offer the private programs in the cable network as well as the HD + programs via satellite.
However, there are disadvantages with the CI +. The individual broadcasters can prevent them from recording programs or from preprocessing individual commercials. So far there are no alternatives.