Cleaning your garden of dead leaves is vital not only to avoid the proliferation of weeds but above all for the beauty of your rest area.  The best way to do this seemingly difficult task is to opt for a leaf blower. Indeed, depending on its type, it allows you to simply blow and suck up the dead leaves scattered in your garden. Some models are even capable of shredding the leaves of your garden.

Although the leaf blower is generally very practical, the choice of a model must be made according to very specific criteria so that it can meet your expectations. We invite you to discover these different criteria in order to choose the model that suits you. We will also take the opportunity to answer some questions that some users have about this practical device and its use.

Comparison of the best leaf blowers

If you already know that you need a good blower that will facilitate your work, the next thing is that you have clear what to look for before buying the product.

There are some essential considerations for you to choose well and cheaply. If you do not have that much strength, you could use something lightweight laptops.

But if you work hard in the garden maybe a fuel model is the most recommended.

Another issue is the noise, if you do not support the scandals much, you should review this quality. A comparison will give you clarity about it.

The types of nozzles are also useful. Some are flat-tipped, for loose leaves and other rounded loose those that are stuck in the lawn.

Looking at the brand will give you other ideas on what to look for: closing switches, power, double handles, blowing speed, suction volume and weight are some. In this list you will find all those qualities.

1. Makita BHX2501 petrol leaf blower

With a four-stroke engine, specially designed for piling, leaves and nuts, this blower works with petrol and has a capacity for 520 cubic centimetres of material.

It is a powerful device, with low fuel consumption; It comes without a nozzle or tank backpack but, with the right accessories, you can turn it into a vacuum cleaner with a bag.

Those who already have affirmed that you can use it several hours without hardly spending the fuel, it is also comfortable, it has an anti-vibration system that will make your work easier.

It is made of high-quality materials, it is very efficient and powerful, while the electric versions can last an hour and even less, with this you can do really long jobs.

It is ideal for large patios or for professional use. It is quite silent and works quickly. Some users consider that their 4.5 kilograms of weight, in the long run, can make you uncomfortable work.

2. Einhell Expert GE-CL 18 Li Leaf Blower

If your budget is limited, but you want something practical, quality and good for simple use, this is an option that you should consider.

Those who already have it claim that it is ideal for collecting the leaves of the patio and for small gardening jobs. It is essential for domestic use.

This blower is lightweight, small and easy to use, it will be great for you to collect the leaves of your garden, so if you have a little basket to the hat, then the model GE-CL18 Li from Einhell is just what you were needing.

It has output power that reaches 18 volts and a blowing force of 210 kilometres per hour.

It is equipped with an ergonomic soft-grip, made with quality materials that allow secure grip with one hand.

It works with battery, charges quickly and has LED indicators that determine the remaining charging time. It is a cordless model.

3. Dewalt Cordless Leaf Blower

DeWalt is a manufacturer which has a great reputation in the field of DIY and maintenance devices. These are known for their power and practicality. And here, the brand invites you to discover a blower that certainly has these qualities. 

This 20V brushless leaf blower requires a 5 Ah battery (not included). It is important that you charge this battery before using it. To perform this operation, you will need a charger which you will connect to the mains. With a full charge, you can use the device for a period of 15 minutes. Which is quite short. For the best practice is good to have two batteries. 

When you want to activate the device, all you have to do is pull the trigger on the machine. A blast of 144 km per hour will then come out of the tube. This blow is powerful but it also has its limits. In this regard, it is especially efficient for collecting the leaves on a hard surface. On grass, the result is less efficient. In addition, its weight does not exceed 4 kg. Which is light.

4. VonHaus 3 in 1 Leaf Blower

With 3000 watts of power and adjustable airflow, this small machine will allow you to eliminate leaf litter from your garden in less time than you were weighing.

When you start using it you will find that it has several functions in one: it is a blower, shredder and vacuum cleaner.

One of the most striking qualities of this tool is that it is equipped with a pivoting wheel that you will see placed at the end of the blower which will allow you to dodge obstacles without having to lift it

It is made with a system of easy storage and the best, with it you can reach places of difficult access. It is an electric model manufactured with resistant and durable materials. It is an option that you should not stop analyzing.

Those who already bought one praise its ease of storage, strength and capacity of the waste bag, however, claim that the cable is somewhat short in large spaces.

5. Bosch ALB 18 LI Battery Blade Blower

Looking for a small, simple leaf blower that will facilitate your work in the garden does not have to be an ordeal if you know exactly where to go for the right device. The Bosch model is one of the most efficient you will find in the market, it is made with lithium technology and without cable, you will work with comfort!

Those who have used it, point out that it is an efficient device, made of very resistant plastic that works both as a blower and as a vacuum cleaner and also shreds! You must be careful with very hard objects that can damage the crushing system.

One of its greatest qualities is the power it has in relation to its size, using it you can blow in a few minutes to stack in one place and then aspirate and grind. Does a job in small and large spaces. If you like to work quickly and comfortably, this is your device.

6. WORX WG518E Air Turbine Leaf Blower

The Worx brand offers one of its models here. It is called the WORX WG518E. This leaf blower requires electricity to operate. It will, therefore, need to be plugged into an outlet when you are using it. You will need an extension cord at this time. Besides this small drawback, this blower is really powerful. In fact, it is capable of producing an air force of 120 Mph. This is its maximum power. This value greatly exceeds the power of pneumatic blowers on the market. However, you can very well vary this speed depending on the surface to be treated.

What is a leaf blower?

For those who do not know, there is a device that can vacuum and blow dirt from your garden and around your home. It is the leaf blower vacuum cleaner. As the name suggests, the leaf blower vacuum is ideal for picking up leaves and cut grass from your garden. It is more effective than a broom and shovel or a rake and guarantees a quick cleaning of your garden. In addition to the shredding function with which some models are equipped, there is no need to pick up the waste, they take care of shredding it and store it in bags connected to the appliance.

Benefits of using a leaf blower

If you have a large garden at home which is full of dry leaves that fall from all the trees, a blower can become your best ally, especially in the fall season, where cleaning and maintenance of the yards can become a tedious task.

By having a leaf blower you can enjoy great benefits, such as cleaning the drainage channels, equipment used for the garden, cleaning your garage and even remove the snow, in case you live in a place where you have snowfall.

leaf blower

Types of leaf blowers

That’s it you have finally decided to leave your broom and your shovel for a much less tiring and time-saving tool? Know that you will have the choice between a blower, a leaf blower and vacuum cleaner and finally, a blower, vacuum cleaner and shredder.

I explain them to you so that you can make your choice with full knowledge of the facts!

The blower

It is the simplest tool. It allows you to clean your driveways, your lawn, your gutters and all the space around your house. You will be able to gather in heaps in record time all your leaves and your plant litter.

Once you have piled up all the leaves, you just have to collect them. Depending on the power you choose, it is able to peel off wet leaves that are stuck together or on the ground.

It is a simple but effective tool that will prevent you from raking your lawn in the fall for example.

The blower and vacuum cleaner

This type of tool is the one for you if you want to avoid the drudgery of picking up your leaves in heaps or plant litter lying around the house. He will, therefore, blow the leaves to make piles and then vacuum them. The leaves go directly into the tool bag which you will only have to empty.

Save time and effort guaranteed with the leaf blower and vacuum cleaner.

The blower, vacuum cleaner and shredder

It is the must and the most versatile tool. The chore of collecting leaves in the fall becomes almost a pleasure in the end.

This type of tool will blow the leaves to gather them, suck them up and then grind it. The shredder allows you to reduce your vegetable waste up to 16 times and why not make compost. It also saves you from buying a grinder separately.

If you have a large lot, I advise you to opt for this type of leaf vacuum cleaners. You will save a lot of time and your garden will become neat and clean without effort.

leaf bloewr stihl

What to consider before buying a leaf blower

If you have doubts about how to choose the best option when it comes to a leaf blower, you can look at basic features and other additional features that all good quality equipment will have, in this way you can guarantee your investment.

Among these factors are:

Cubit feet per minute

This is the way to measure the amount of air that the equipment can emit and is an important factor to consider before buying.

Miles per hour

Another of the necessary specifications to know about a leaf blower is the speed of the air that leaves the equipment, which is measured in miles per hour.


In this factor you have two options, choose a cordless blower or look at the number of amps that the equipment has, to know the amount of electrical energy consumed.


The watts are the measure used to know the amount of power generated by the equipment, where, with more watts, it will be a blower with more power.

Radius of leaves

This measure indicates the amount of space you will save by using a blower to collect the leaves of your garden, instead of stacking them in a bag.


It is important to consider the weight of the equipment, since you do not want it to be uncomfortable when working with it.

Noise level

These equipment are known to be somewhat noisy, however, it depends on the model and brand you choose, since there are quieter blowers to operate.

cordless leaf blower

Battery level

Cordless leaf blowers have great advantages, such as not having to carry a cable when you are using it, but it is necessary to charge them and the battery level will depend on the space you are going to clean.


The voltage refers to the level of power that a battery has, where, in small models, they have a standard measurement of 20 volts and, higher capacity batteries have a higher voltage level.

Collection bag

The collected leaves must go to a site and that’s where the collection balls make their appearance, they exist in different sizes according to your needs and can be easily cleaned to be reused.


This is a possible factor in hybrid models, where you will easily change from a blower to a vacuum cleaner easily.


There are models of blowers faster than others, so you should consider this factor before buying and verify the measure in miles that we have already talked about.

Environment friendly

Many teams have the advantage of being friendly with the environment, this not having to use gas to operate.

Mixed fuel

But, if you need a gas blower for its great power, you can choose a model that works with mixed fuels, such as gas and oil, for example.


The maintenance of a leaf blower is not complicated especially for those who are electric or battery because it is enough to clean the turbine from time to time in order to remove the leaves which can remain sticky.

For the thermal blower, it is a little more complex as it is the case with all thermal tools. You must regularly check the spark plugs or the air filter, clean the cylinder fins or check and replace the air filter or the fuel filter if necessary.

It is advisable to have a thermal leaf blower serviced by a professional every year. If you do not use it for several weeks, remember to drain all the fuel that is in the tank.

How to store leaf blower?

You bought a leaf blower, and now you want it to last as long as possible. Prudent and respectful storage is a key element. First, invest in a cover for your leaf blower so that ambient dust in the shed or garage does not clog it.

Then make sure to store it properly. For heavier portable devices, especially gasoline blowers, it is best to opt for a shelf so that the device does not have to support its own weight.

Otherwise, if your device does not have a specific hanging point, hang it with two supports through the handle and one under the tube, so that the weight is well distributed on the wall and on your device. Never hang a leaf blower by the power cord, as this will stress the electrical point, wears it down faster, and may break the cord and create an electrical problem.


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