5 Best Laundry Bags

Washing clothes is a difficult art to master when we just moved alone, as we ruin soft clothes, stain white clothes and even leave some clothes with a bad smell. This happened to me until I tried the best laundry bag and since I bought it, I can not live without it.

Previously I did not know these products able to protect the new clothes in the washings and to provide a fine treatment to weak tissues.

I no longer have to spend a pack on fabric softeners or spend boring time washing clothes by hand because these bags organize and take care of clothes from the time they are in the laundry basket or in suitcases during trips.

What is the best laundry bag?

We know that having branded clothes is not cheap and that stretching or breaking in the first wash is very frustrating. However, the bags avoid these damages.

For this reason, the market of these products has grown so much lately, until turning them into articles of necessity in all homes and that can be obtained at a very economic price.

When you have several meshes it is possible to put in the same wash blouse, stockings, underwear, bra, lingerie. Introducing each type of piece in a separate bag can save on the number of washes and energy expenditure.

So when buying you should look for a good protection net that is reusable for many washes and resistant to heat or strong drying.

1. Ellie’s Best laundry Bags with Zipper

5 bags in 3 sizes

Delicates Bra & Sweater Laundry Bag Set of 4...

They are made of polyester mesh that facilitates the flow of the rinse. This model I love because its smooth zipper prevents hooks and stays closed during washing thanks to a pocket that secures it.

2. Set of 5 laundry bags from Tamengi

Double protective layer

Tamengi Set of 5 Mesh laundry Bags Double-Layered...
  • Material:Mesh
  • Set of five of different size,please see...
  • Zippered design,convenient for you to...

The resistance of this type of bag allows it to be used as a travel organizer. In addition, its reinforced fabric makes them perfect for washing a padded bra or a swimsuit without deforming it.

3. BAGAIL laundry bag set

They last several washings

Eono Essentials Mesh Laundry Bags - Pack of 5 (1...
222 Reviews
Eono Essentials Mesh Laundry Bags - Pack of 5 (1...
  • Durable and breathable polyester...
  • Protects expensive bras, hosiery and...
  • These bags easily double as handy travel...

This laundry bag I loved to wash baby clothes without being mistreated even in industrial machines. In addition, its large size accommodates thick winter and wool sweaters.

4. Pack of 7 Ecooe laundry bags

With reinforced and fine mesh

Ecooe Mesh Laundry Bags for Machine Washing,...
21 Reviews
Ecooe Mesh Laundry Bags for Machine Washing,...
  • Durable & Breathable: Adopting densely...
  • 4 Fine Mesh Bags: Different-sized bags...
  • 3 Reinforced Mesh Bags: Comes in 3...

Its fine nylon mesh fabric is great for sequins, beads or applications. While its reinforced shoe model works perfectly with any tennis without taking off the soles.

5. Laundry bag set from LIEBLINGSDING

Wear safety

With these bags you have three thicknesses of network that allow you to experience different types of treatment in washing and drying, the largest variety of this comparison. In addition, they are super useful to wash stuffed animals, cushions and even backpacks.

Why use bags for laundry?

The functionality of these covers is maximum because not only takes care of delicate clothes but also prolongs the life of the washing machine and dryer itself.

And surely it has happened to you that the thread of a nice fabric has come loose when hooked with a clasp or button, because this can be avoided with a laundry bag. The same as stretched, amorphous or weakened clothing.

They are also very useful for washing new clothes, natural fibers and for categorizing the closet or a suitcase. Also, avoid losing small items such as socks or baby monkeys.

What to consider when buying a laundry bag?


Resist many washes and large weights is important if you intend to get a good return on your investment, so better to choose well made bags.


The capacity of the bag will determine the amount of clothes you can wash and its volume. So consider the size of your delicate pieces so they fit well.


I advise you to opt for polyester and nylon mesh because these resist better long and hot cycles in the wash.

Avoid the ropes

The zipper closures are always better options to keep the bags sealed and that the fabric that we want to take care of does not come out.


Avoid putting the capacity of your bag to the limit, this will surely cause it to yield faster and will not allow the detergent to properly penetrate each garment.

Diversity in size

When buying a set of bags you will have several sizes of mesh that will allow you to place each piece in a bag that best suits your needs.

In addition you can have the bags in simultaneous use. Some in full casting while others are drying and an extra you can use to store the “intimates” in your drawer.

Video with Laundry Bags