Have you ever, while working on your computer, felt the need for a little pampering moment? If this is the case, there is one tool that you should like: the lap desk, which allows you to use your device in the right conditions while relaxing.

However, when making your choice, you have to be very careful. Indeed, there are many parameters to take into account: stability, dimensions, etc. You get lost quickly. To make your task more comfortable, we invite you to discover five products together, adapted to different user profiles.

The best lap desks in comparison

The best product must meet a series of requirements so that it deserves the honour of being in your next purchase. Among these, we can point out that it is comfortable for your lap, since, if you are looking for this type of product, it is because you are going to use the computer for hours.

It should also be lighter than your laptop and sturdy so you can make sure it will not break in case of a fall. It has to be attractive, and we leave it to your criteria because it is much more subjective.

However, an option that you should not overlook if you want to prolong your laptop’s life is that this desk comes equipped with a fan, although they are usually less economical models. Similarly, if your laptop is your working tool, look for a desk with space for pens and others.

1. HUANUO Lap Desk for Bed and Sofa


This bed table is designed for small laptops (15-inch models hold but can protrude slightly at the edges) and does not include mouse support.

If that suits you, you can take advantage of a smart product: the top is a wooden tray, and the bottom is a cushion. It is super practical to place the support on your lap. Or to go directly from work to nap.

Thanks to the ledge, your laptop (or your book) does not fall.
You benefit from really above-average stability: it is possible to use the object as a passenger in a car without being disturbed.

It has a handle that makes it easy to carry and has another benefit: you can use it to hold the power cord, USB cable in place while you work or watch a movie.

2. LONGKO Foldable Lap Desk


The Longko is made for you. It is a very beautiful device presenting two trays, one for the pc proper and the second for a possible mouse. The dimensions are 59.9 x 27.2 x 4.8 cm for a weight of 1.76 Kg.

The 360 ° rotation of the tray offers an infinity of positioning options to allow you to relieve your muscle tension. The support incorporates 2 rather quiet fans, the latter being powered by USB. The cooling of your computer is therefore constant, which will obviously increase its lifespan. The two legs of the Longko LK-LT014-BK are made up of segments that make them foldable, so you can choose the most suitable height.

The Longko comes with 2 ABS card clips that you can use to “lock” your pc in an inclined position. You can then play or work as much as you want, in the most comfortable position possible.

3. SONGMICS Folding Laptop Desk


One of the best lap desks at the moment is the Songmics. A very beautiful mini-table of work in bamboo worked. The presentation will please you no doubt, with spaces for the screen, the mouse and other accessories, and the dimensions are 63.5 x 35 x 33.5 cm.

This magnificent device is the Songmics LLD006. Allows 5 levels of inclination to put you at ease. Numerous wedges are placed here and there to prevent any fall. Also, there is a notch for your Smartphone and your pens.

Nothing is likely to fall thanks to the metal clips placed at each foot, and the
whole does not even waver under pressure. You will also appreciate the ventilation provided by an innovative system of hollows, and since it is wood, the heat released by your pc is only better evacuated.

Ecological, stable and recyclable, the Songmics can even be used in an inclined position. It truly is one of the best answers for anyone wondering which laptop stand to buy.

4. LapGear Mydesk Lap Desk

Image: LapGear

We show you this model of the brand Lapgear for laptops up to 15.6 inches, with handle, curved edge and soft cushion for your knees and legs. It has trays.

5. Bamboo Lap Desk Green Sphere

Image: Green Sphere

It is recommended for equipment up to 17 inches, with an opening to place the smartphone and cushion base that fits your body, of a smooth surface.

6. HUANUO Laptop Tray with Cushion


Large size for laptops up to 17 inches, with a beautiful smooth wooden surface, wrist rests and even a carrying handle. It is quilted and versatile.

7. Sofia and Sam Multi Tasking Lap Desk

Image: Sofia and Sam

Includes adjustable LED light so you can work better at night. It has a cup holder, foam cushion and even an opening for pencils or a mobile phone.

8.Elpine Laptop Desk

Image: Elpine

It is ergonomic so you can work more comfortably, lightly and with a carrying handle. It has a soft cushion, cup holder, telephone and LED light.

9. Honey-Can-Do TBL-03540 Portable Laptop Lap Desk

Image: LapGear

Of great durability because it is made of stainless steel. The surface is smooth and solid, in blue, with grip handle and space to write comfortably.

Reasons to use lap desk

The support takes the form of a raised desk whose height can be adjusted, not to be confused with the ventilated inclined support.

This stand can be used in the office to position the Laptop at a more suitable and comfortable height when the office is too low. Remember that it is recommended that the top of the screen is approximately at eye level.

However, the lap desk makes sense when we want to use our Laptop on the sofa, lounge chair, lounger or in our bed. In that case, instead of having the Laptop on your knees, which is uncomfortable and not recommended for the proper functioning of the device. That`s why the computer is placed on the support set at the right height.

Like a meal tray for the bed, the laptop stand offers real additional comfort when you regularly use your PC in one of the cases we have just mentioned and more particularly in bed.

A laptop PC weighs on average 3 kg, and even ultra-portable computers often weigh more than 2 kg. Placed on the thighs and knees, the Laptop is quickly uncomfortable, heavy, and blocks blood flow. We often have to take a break in the middle of our favourite series or at work to stretch our legs.

In addition, the ventilation of a laptop is mainly located on the bottom. By placing the PC on our legs or the sheets, the surface is not flat, the risk of obstructing ventilation is high. As a result, the laptop overheats and the components wear out significantly faster.
The laptop stand helps to get around these two big drawbacks when using your PC in bed.