You probably know how uncomfortable a person can feel when working on a computer for a long time. If you are tired of being hunched over during the daily workday, then you need a good laptop table that will give you the comfort you have been looking for so much.

You have to be very careful when making your choice. There are important parameters that must be taken into account: stability, size, etc. To make your task more convenient, we invite you to look at several products with us, adapted to different user profiles.

What are the best laptop tables?

The best laptop table will be suitable for your specific needs, only in this way it will deserve to be one of your next purchases. Among the requirements, we can note that it should be comfortable on your lap, as you will most likely use the computer for hours.

It should also be lighter than your laptop and sturdy, stable to ensure it won’t fall.

A feature that should not be overlooked if you want to extend your laptop’s life is to have built-in fans, although these models are usually more expensive than standard ones.

If you will use the stand for a workplace, it is good to look for a model with a product for pens, a drawer and others.

We will leave it to you to choose the look because this is a much more subjective criterion.

Laptop table Cooper Desk PRO

This multifunctional laptop table is all you need to maintain the correct position of your body and work comfortably. With it, you will be able to work upright as you wish, thus avoiding lumbago and other diseases of the lower back.

Thanks to the adjustable legs, you can quickly change the height of the stand, and the handles on both sides will allow you to choose the angle that brings you the most benefit.

Its construction is robust, but at the same time quite light, it can be folded, its materials are of good quality, and you can transport it anywhere easily and conveniently.

It is practical, comfortable, adaptable, and its dimensions are 61 x 45.7 x 25.4 centimetres.

NULAXY Laptop Stand

This cradle is designed for laptops with 10-15.8 screens and does not include a mouse cradle.

If this suits you, you can take advantage of a clean and stylish product made of aluminium. It is convenient when used on a flat surface, desk or table.

Thanks to the curve at the bottom, your laptop or book will not fall.

Laptop Table Armyte

Armyte is made for you. This is an efficient model, representing two work surfaces, one for the device and the second for a possible mouse. The dimensions are 60 x 26 x 46 centimetres.

Tilt settings offer an endless range of positioning options that allow you to relieve muscle tension. The stand also includes a built-in fan, which is powered by USB. Therefore, the cooling of your computer is constant, which will increase its lifespan. The two legs of the Armyte are made of elements that make them foldable, so you can choose the most appropriate height.

You can play or work as much as you want, in the most comfortable position possible.

HANKEY Bamboo Laptop Desk – Side Table

One of the best laptop tables. A beautiful mini-table made of bamboo, which you will undoubtedly like. With a separate desktop for laptop, mouse and other accessories, the dimensions are 56 x 5.5 x 36 centimetres.

This model is HANKEY allows 5 levels of tilt adjustment for the most convenient setting. There is also a drawer that is suitable for your smartphone and pens.

You can also level it thanks to the metal brackets placed on each leg.

You will also appreciate the ventilation cooling system, as your device must work without overheating.

Environmentally friendly, stable and recyclable, HANKEY can even be used in an inclined position. This is truly one of the best models for anyone who prefers a laptop stand made of natural material.

Newoer ultra large adjustable laptop bed table

This model from the Newoer brand is designed for large models, with edges that are gentle on the hands, a cooling fan and laptop and mouse stoppers.

Jiodux Laptop Stand

This beautiful laptop table is made of natural bamboo, has an excellent coating, is strong, durable, and easy to clean. It is very flexible, practical and not only can you use it to work on a laptop, but you can also read, study and have a comfortable breakfast in bed or on your favourite sofa in front of the TV.

It can be folded to take up less space when not in use. The ability to adjust the angle will give you a better visualization. Its original design, which includes a small drawer, will allow you to place small documents or your mobile phone.

Laptop table ZOLDA

Suitable for large laptops, with a beautiful smooth wooden surface, wrist pads and height adjustment. Its versatility is also ideal for many other tasks such as reading, writing, drawing, etc.

WonderWorker Einstein

This folding table is very easy to use and store. The materials with which it is made are high quality and durable. You can configure it at many different heights and positions, as the base and legs allow height adjustment.

You can use it both for placing your laptop and for comfortable reading or even eating. It is quite spacious, has two fans for extra cooling, and a small stand for a wireless mouse or place your favourite drink while you work.

Also, it is offered at an affordable price, and its dimensions are 27 X 42cm. It is made of aluminium, which makes it easy to transport.

Adjustable Laptop Stand for Bed

This model is large enough for you to work comfortably. There is a part with adjustable tilt and a mouse, cup or phone stand.

Monadikos Laptop Stand

This stand is very durable because it is made of aluminium. Suitable for 17-inch models and desk use.

What is a laptop table?

A laptop table is an auxiliary product that you can place on any surface, such as a table, desk, sofa or bed. It is specially designed for more convenient work with your laptop.

It is usually in the form of a raised deck, allows height adjustment, and has cooling fans, a USB hub, and more.

Does it affect the performance of the laptop?

The harder and smoother surface of the stand provides better airflow, as it is less likely to clog the vents.

In addition, most models include fans or vents. This will help cool your laptop, which in turn contributes to its performance.

Reasons to use a laptop table

This stand can be used in the office to position the laptop at a more appropriate and comfortable height when the desk is too low. You should know that it is recommended that the top of the screen be approximately at eye level.

It is very comfortable, and when you want to use your laptop on the couch, deck chair, or bed. In this case, you will not hold it in your lap, which is not inconvenient anyway and is not recommended for the device’s proper functioning. This puts the computer at the correct height and allows you to use it for a long time.

Like a dining tray in bed, the laptop table offers real extra comfort when you use your computer in one of the cases we just mentioned, especially in bed.

The laptop weighs an average of 3 kg, and even ultra-light models often weigh more than 2 kg. Placed on the thighs, the laptop quickly becomes uncomfortable, heavy and blocks blood flow. We often have to take a break in the middle of our favourite show or at work to stretch our legs.

In addition, the ventilation of each laptop is located mainly below. By placing the computer on our feet or sheets, the surface is not flat, and the risk of ventilation obstruction is high. As a result, the device overheats and the components wear out significantly faster.

The laptop stand helps to avoid these two major disadvantages when using your laptop in bed.

Advantages of the laptop table

A good, ergonomic, and adjustable laptop table can make your work easier, as the screen will be correctly positioned at eye level, and the keyboard will be at a much more comfortable angle than if it is in a horizontal position. Less strain on your neck and wrists.

Another advantage of using a portable table is that it also serves as a cooler. When the laptop is placed on a flat surface of the stand, there is no obstruction of airflow.

In short, when the stand is used, the air passes and cools optimally. Some of the higher quality models also include additional fans that dissipate heat away from the device, thus helping to cool it.

A laptop table can also be used in the workplace. It has been proven that a comfortable posture improves both efficiency and productivity of workers. Some stands also include a USB hub, which allows you to connect other devices such as printers, external hard drives ( see best models ) and more.

When looking for a laptop stand, be sure to check the size limits of each one very carefully. For example, if you have a 15-inch laptop, you need to buy a table that is made for that particular size.

Working girl

Who should buy a laptop table?

It is recommended that anyone who works long hours with a laptop buys one of these comfortable stands. Keep in mind that a good posture should be able to position the screen so that the eye level is about 2-3 cm below the top of the screen.

We also recommend that you do not use the original keyboard or touchpad on your laptop when using one of these tables, it is best always to use a wireless keyboard as well as a separate mouse.

How to choose?

Since we are all different and have different bodies, it will be very difficult to recommend a specific stand with a fixed height that is comfortable for all users. If your usual workplace is on a desk, you need a model with which you can adjust the screen’s height so that it reaches the level of your eyes and does not take a hunched position on your desk.

This means that it will be advantageous for most users to order a laptop table that is adjustable to be adjusted to the height required.

Another thing to keep in mind is the material from which the stand is made. It must be durable, so quality materials are very important. When using it, it should be stable and not shake while typing and maintain the weight of your computer without any problems.

For those who have little storage space, we recommend folding models, which are also very light and functional. They are both quite stable and durable, the exact product you need.

If you’re using a heavy-duty gaming laptop and an optional mouse, you’ll need a sturdy stand that includes both a fan and a mouse pad.


The laptop table can offer many benefits at a very reasonable price.

It will allow you to use your laptop from the comfort of your bed without neck pain or eye fatigue, and you will avoid discomfort and health problems.

In this guide, we have presented a wide variety of products, each with different characteristics. We hope this list will be useful to you in choosing the best laptop table. However, it all depends on your specific case, the device’s size with which you plan to use the stand, your budget and your aesthetic requirements.


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