Seeing your child take its first steps is a pleasure that all parents feel. Dads relive these moments of happiness when their little ones succeed in the first few meters with their children’s bikes. This success, however, requires a learning moment during which kids trikes are of great help. Thanks to the presence of its three wheels, the kid’s tricycle allows children to develop the pedalling reflex and acquire coordination of their movements on a solid and stable support.

When scalable, baby tricycles offer the advantage of adapting to the child’s morphology. The latter will be able to be guided by his parent’s thanks to the directional cane, but also to walk alone once he is more autonomous. So what are the checkboxes in the list of parameters to remember when buying a kids tricycle?

Choose the best toddler tricycle with a handle

For you to avoid all those problems, our suggestion is that you look for products made of very durable materials such as metal and not plastic. This greatly guarantees the safety of your child. You will also need a helmet and belt. Apart from that, it is essential that the infant reaches the pedals and the handlebars because, if he is not capable of activating them, the toy will not fulfil its purpose and there will be no fun.

In addition, you can not leave aside the choice of the right type of tricycle, since there are traditional 3-wheel regular that controls the child; with a large wheel on the front, which are economical, plastic and very stable. The other type is the one that is pushed, which is perfect for parents who want to have their children safe at all times because it allows them to have full control over the tricycle.

1. Folding baby trike 4 in 1 Fascol

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We started our comparative list with plastic folding kids trike designed for babies and children from 6 months to 5 years and a maximum of 30 kg. Apart, it is golden in colour and has 3 positions. It has a harness, parasol and is quite light.

2. Little Tiger T400 Kids Tricycle

Little Tiger T400 Rotating seat Reclining backrest Kids Children Trike Tricycle, Lime Green
  • Rotating seat and 3 position reclining seat back rest, sliding seat: seat can be also push forward or backwards.
  • Pedal engage/disengage switch(free spin or pedal spin front wheel switch): this switch allows front pedals engaging and...
  • Rubber air filled pneumatic tyres (not plastic, not EVA), Back wheel double brakes. Anti-Slip foot pedal.
  • Removeable and washable padded seat cover. Folding removable open top canopy (peekapoo flap). Extra extension hood visor of...
  • Easy clip open guard surrounding arm rest. Double safety padded 3 points seat belt. Telescopic parents padded handle bar with...

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Made of metal, this kids tricycle will catch your attention by the quality of its finish. With a rotating seat and a 3 position reclining backrest that changes with the age of the child, this tricycle has a canopy that will protect it from the aggression of UV rays. Safety is reinforced by the presence of the 3 points seat belt, the roll bar and the cane which allows parents to guide the vehicle. It is suitable for children at least 18 months old.

3. Body Trike Max Injusa

INJUSA - Body Max Orange Tricycle for Babies 10 Months and Up with Parental Steering Control, Colour...
  • The body max orange trike is the improved version of the body trike, as it has an extendable sun canopy for added sun protection...
  • For the best parental control of the tricycle, it has a height-adjustable steering handle
  • Features front and back baskets and bag for storage, plus a bottle holder
  • It has folding footrests and free wheel that facilitates the parental direction of the tricycle
  • Offers complete safety thanks to its 5-point safety belt and its decoration is permanent and waterproof (iml labelled)

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Recommended for its quality and because it allows controlling the direction with ease. It has a comfortable seat with removable cover and the handle has an adjustable height. Comes equipped with front and rear baskets. It is for babies from 10 months to 4 years.

4. Ferrari Tricycle (Famosa) FEBER

FEBER – Ferrari Tricycle (Famosa 800005840)
  • Ferrari Safety Evolution Tricycle for Toddlers
  • Folding footrest and wheels with rubber band
  • Comfortable 3-position push handle, adjustable seat in 2 positions
  • Steering wheel and gear lever for child entertainment
  • For boys and girls from 1 year

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Buying a great tricycle for children is very easy thanks to this Ferrari-inspired model with a sturdy frame, high backrest, seatbelt and rear basket. It is suitable for children from 1 to 4 years old and up to 25 kg.

5. Trike Urban Trike Easy Control MOLTO

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It is very easy to manoeuvre by its smooth direction and has a tray and belt. An advantage is that the forefoot is removable. Besides, the rubber-coated wheels are silent and come with a carrying bag. It’s very tough.


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Of the most comfortable for its ergonomic and flexible seat. It has pedals for the baby to push, sun canopy and 3 integrated songs. For children 12 months and older and has side protectors so they do not fall.

7. Besrey Kids Trike 4 in 1 Tricycle

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Besrey presents us with an evolutionary 4-in-1 kids tricycle that our children will be able to enjoy from 12 months to 6 years of age. In addition to its four ways of driving, it is capable of transforming in a matter of seconds and go from a children’s tricycle to a classic trike.

It has a seat with a backrest so that the baby stays safe and sleeps comfortably on its breathable cushions. In addition, it has a large waterproof basket where you can store everything you need for your little one.

It is complete with reflective belt, removable armrest, non-slip handlebar with a bell, adjustable seat, secure wheels, non-slip pedals and adjustable putter at different heights so that parents can control the direction of the trike. It supports a maximum weight of up to 55 kilograms and is available in red

Benefits of kids trike

This 3-wheeled bike offers many advantages, each as beneficial as the other for your little one.

Learning coordination

The advantages of the tricycle for your little one mainly concern its psychomotor development. These benefits are usually weighed based on your child’s age and size. Often children of the same age have different skills and abilities. Even if each child has his own rhythm, the tricycle can teach him a sense of orientation and coordination. Indeed, the pedalling system facilitates the synchronization of your child’s body movements and motor skills.


This also allows him to acquire asense of balance since he must learn to stabilize to properly hold the tricycle in place. During their first years of existence, your child tends to assimilate things more quickly. Exercising regularly on a tricycle allows you to sharpen your reflexes. It also helps tone your muscles. Note that you should not force things either. Your child will learn on his own and be independent when he is ready. His physical and mental health is to be preserved.

Aspiration for independence

The tricycle not only serves as an instrument for learning but it is also a game for your child. And that makes him do a little exercise each day which allows him to strengthen his independence and his self-confidence. Once he can pedal without any help, he will feel freer and will ask you less. He knows he can do things on his own and will be more independent. In addition, with your encouragement, he will tend to put in more effort and be more persistent in his tasks.

Things to consider before you buy kids tricycle

Child Age, Height and Weight

When it comes to tricycles, you have to adapt to the child. For this, three parameters must be taken into account: age ( see box ), height and weight. Make sure that the target kids trike matches your toddler’s abilities and psychomotor development (age). Also, take into account his comfort: he must be able to reach the pedals while being comfortably seated and put his feet on the ground (waist). Evolutionary tricycles are the most practical, since all the elements are adjustable and can be adjusted to the child: the seat, handlebars, pedals, backrest, etc. Finally, remember to inquire about the maximum weight that the tricycle can support for safety reasons.

Size of the trike

The weight and size of a tricycle determine its size, an essential parameter when it comes to transporting the machine (for long walks in the forest or in the countryside). Especially if your offspring refuse to do without their three-wheeler when going on vacation! Standard tricycles are approximately 90-100 cm long and 50-60 cm wide and are thought to fit in a reasonably sized car trunk. Some models (plastic or metal) can be folded for easier transport, sometimes at the expense of robustness. As for weight, this is also an important criterion. Between 1.5 kg (for the lightest models) and over 9 kg (for the heaviest), there is a difference in weight!


If the tricycle you are buying is going to last, it is better to invest in quality materials. You have three options:

  • The plastic tricycle. Lighter, easier to use for toddlers, stable without being bulky, but less resistant.
  • The metal (aluminium) tricycle. Slightly heavier while remaining practical and handy, strong enough to initiate several generations of children, but less easy to use for toddlers.
  • The wooden tricycle. More aesthetic, more robust, usable indoors, but also heavier and more difficult to handle. The wooden trikes, offering few adjustment options, are rarely upgradeable.

Also, consider the robustness of the wheels – that they can absorb shocks on uneven terrain.


Another key element that must be monitored is safety. If this is largely ensured by the very stability of the tricycle, the fact remains that it is desirable to choose a tricycle with a harness to obtain an additional guarantee that is always welcome when it comes to children.


Many accessories complement the different models of tricycles. Among the most interesting: the removable cane which is grafted onto the classic tricycle to give parents control. The storage basket (or nursery bag) to store all the essentials. The canopy to protect from the sun or rain. Non-slip pedals. The power steering system (Touch Steering technology). The horn integrated into the handlebars. The interactive steering wheel offering games and music to give a fun side to the tricycle. Etc.