5 Best playhouses for kids

Choosing one of the best toy houses with the children to install in the garden can be as exciting as the first day of games. The kids love to pretend to live in them, imitate their parents in housework, among other creative scenes from their imagination. If houses are like fortresses, much better. These serve to recreate the most incredible fantasies.

As parents nothing better than watching the smile of the little ones while they enjoy the game. If you have kids you know that’s the way it is. These little houses are very convenient and even educational. They are perfect especially in seasons with mild climates, such as spring. There is not too much heat or cold outside and you can form an environment conducive to play.

Do you want to buy one? The amount of options is infinite, there is even enough variety in processing materials. Designs? Countless In fact you can find some themes, with the cartoons that they like so much. There are many things to take into account to select the most appropriate one.

What is the best toy house?

To get the perfect garden house, you should look for the best price or at least that it is affordable. If it is of good quality, of course you have to give it priority in the list of options. The brand often helps, because there are toy manufacturers specialized in their manufacture and guarantee their durability. The most important thing is that the children like it, so it must be pretty and with attractive colors.

You will not be the first or the last to buy these great children’s toys. There are a lot of users who have acquired hundreds of different models and have tested them. Your opinion is valuable and it would be advisable to take it into account to make a good decision.

Here we offer a brief comparison with the best toy houses that are currently on the market. They have been very well valued by users. By taking a look, you will know more or less what are the prices, designs and materials that people prefer. You can then decide which one is best for you and your kids.

1. Smoby toy house – Friends House 310209

With Anti-UV treatment

Smoby Kids Playhouse and Kitchen | Quick & Easy to...
9 Reviews
Smoby Kids Playhouse and Kitchen | Quick & Easy to...
  • Spacious, outdoor Smoby Wendy house with...
  • This playhouse for kids has 6 windows, 2...
  • Also includes some extra accessories 2...

This cute little house comes with a practical picnic table that has 2 external or internal positions. Bring two folding doors one front and one back. The back is divided in half to challenge the kids to crawl out. It measures 217 x 171 x 172cm and the processing material has an anti-UV treatment for durability and resistance.

2. Feber – Grand Villa

With bright colors

2 Reviews
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 200 x 154 x 180...
  • Playhouse with doors and windows
  • with windowsill, garden balcony and...

It is special for children between 2 and 3 years old. It has different bright colors to awaken the creativity of the kids. It is spacious inside and has folding doors and windows.

Includes two stools to sit on. It is very quick to assemble, it is also resistant to sunlight and changes in temperature.

3. Little Tikes toy house

The one with the country aspect

little tikes Picnic on The Patio Playhouse Natural
7 Reviews
little tikes Picnic on The Patio Playhouse Natural
  • Picnic table two stools
  • Food accessories
  • Magic doorbell with six sounds

Simulates a rustic forest cabin. Its design is very beautiful with bright colors. It is made of resistant plastic and includes a door and 6 windows.

It comes with an outdoor table and two stools for the kids to enjoy a banquet. It is suitable for children over 18 months.

4.LittleTom children’s Playhouse

For fans of the cartoon

LittleTom childrens Playhouse incl 1 table 2...
12 Reviews
LittleTom childrens Playhouse incl 1 table 2...
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: our little cottage...
  • FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR: the playhouse is...
  • HIGH QUALITY: stable, the rounded edges...

It comes decorated with the characters of this famous children’s caricature. Special for those little ones who do not miss a chapter of the well-known pig.

Measures 84 x 103 x 104 cm so it is suitable for over 2 years. It is made of resistant and durable plastic and allows its continuous use outdoors.

5. FEBER Famous 800010237

For fantasies

  • Colourful pretty garden house, equipped...
  • Minimum Age: 2 years
  • Dimensions: 85x108x124 cm

It is a simple and affordable but very beautiful house with bright and vibrant colors. Although it is not very high, an adult enters sitting on it.

It has no floor so the children would be in contact with the lawn if it is placed in the garden. It has 4 windows and a hinged door. It allows the use to children between 24 months and 6 years.

Benefits of playhouses for children

Nowadays, it is very common for children to seek to play with electronic equipment. Tablets, computers, laptops, smart phones and game consoles are the delirium of many kids.

But everything has its moment. In cold seasons like winter, they are the most expedient entertainment solution, because obviously you can not be outside much. However, when spring arrives and on cool summer days you have to go abroad.

Enjoy the environment, the radiant sun and nature are good for the development of children. In addition, they can run and exercise if you have a relatively spacious patio. An ideal toy for that moments are the little garden houses. Especially for those who are between 24 months and 6 years.

They become a distraction that they love because they can give free rein to their imagination. Some spend hours creating sympathetic and creative scenes and have a great time.

If you have any doubts, you can look at this list with the benefits offered by a toy house for the little ones in the house.

Strengthens bones and muscles

When they bring folding doors, of those that have to cross crouched, slides and small stairs, they are magnificent. Then they strengthen bones and muscles by the exercise they do, going in and out of the small house. More happens if several children do it, because they are more intensely stimulated to run and move.

Keeps the kids healthy

Obviously, that constant exercise keeps them active and in shape, oxygenates their brains and other organs of the body. There will be no need to worry about childhood obesity or other health problems that result from a sedentary lifestyle. This activity even makes them more creative and intelligent. He invites them to consider situations and solve problems. It is exercise for the body and the mind, adding the enjoyment of the natural environment, which also does a lot of good.

They stimulate the coordination of movements

Crawling, climbing, jumping, running, in and around the house, helps them practice their movements. It favors them in understanding each step, how they should move arms and legs. Even learn to avoid falls and blows.

They sleep like babies

You can imagine how tired they will be after a day of games like that. The energy totally burned and exhausted. They will be more than in need of a good rest and soon. That is more than convenient for parents, who tired of their daily work, need their special moment of stillness. True or false?

On the other hand, a long and restful sleep for children is very important. Contributes to the growth and fixation of your memories and learnings of the day. So do not just think about those moments of peace, scoundrels! It is also good for your children.

Improve their social skills

Both when playing with your brothers and with friends you invite, children will learn to improve their relationships with others. Strengthen friendships, know values ​​of respect and tolerance and also have fun.

Learn to fulfill your responsibilities

Caring for their toys is the first lesson they will learn. In addition, while they play they can establish rules for the good coexistence of all those who use the house.

Be aware of the others and notify the parents if someone falls or hurts (which will be the least, because the houses are very safe). Even, estimated play times can be agreed so that the children can meet certain standards.

How to choose the right playhouse?

There are many factors that must be considered to buy the most appropriate option. If you need guidance in this regard, with this guide to buy a good garden house, you will not make the wrong decisions. Take note:

Space matters

Of course it matters! Not only the one in the house itself, but also the space that you have to assemble it. If you have a small patio, you can not do with a castle or fortress, but with a simple house. It is very important to keep this in mind.

In addition, the height of the doors and the roof should be in line with the size of your kids. The idea is that during the first years of use, the children can enter the house.

Where can it be located?

It must be borne in mind that most of these small houses do not have a flat, so the place where they are located must be firm, flat and safe for children.

If it is on the lawn, avoid places where there are stones, anthills and other risky things. Also, it is necessary to prefer places where you can always have a look at the children. They should not be left unattended.

It is not good to place them under the trees, because birds can make theirs on the roof and damage the paint and the material. It is preferable under the sun and in places with drafts of fresh air.

Almost always, these super toys bring a special treatment to withstand the onslaught of the weather. However, an occasional rain is not the same as an automatic garden sprinkler, which shoots repeatedly to the same point. Avoid those places where water is constant.

Ideal size

When we talked about space, we mentioned that the size of the house is very important. There are different areas of play, slides, bridges, stairs. You can also find them simple with a couple of doors and benches to sit on. All provide fun for children, you can be sure of that. The question is the space you have to locate it and the size of your little ones.

You will almost always find that the internal space exceeds one meter in height. The rest of the centimeters is what you need to check. Some will measure only about 20 cm above the meter and others up to 70 cm. If you have enough place and you have a high budget, you can afford to buy the biggest ones.

How it looks?

This part has to be reviewed with the kids. If you have children of both sexes, those that come with vibrant and striking colors are perfect. They look fun and beautiful. Some bring motifs of their favorite cartoons, so it is not advisable to consult with the guys about this particular issue.

For girls, there are usually special designs with pastel colors. Very pretty that simulate dollhouses.


Everything will depend on the material with which the house has been manufactured and painted. You will find that there are models of plastic, resin and wood. Many parents now prefer plastic. The reason has several aspects. The first is that it is much more resistant to rain.

The second is that its smooth and blunt surface is less risky for children. Third, it is easier to clean and also includes a very important quality: be portable.

You can change it as many times as you need it, disassemble it and store it in cold weather. This will last much longer. This will not be possible with a wooden one, for example.

What will you use it for?

If it’s just to play, you can relax. If you plan to use it as storage and leave toys inside, the weather can be an inconvenience.

When they do not have a floor, the grass gets wet with the rain. If you have many windows, water, wind and even snow will enter. Therefore the purpose of the house is a point that you must evaluate before making your decision.

Age ranges

The labels usually bring these specifications. Depending on the height and complexity of the house, it may or may not be recommended for younger or larger children. Some recommend ages over two years. Others, ages under 6 years old and so on …

Do not forget to check this to avoid coming home with the wrong toy.

Number of children who will play

The capacity is important. If you have more than two children, you will not want fights because they do not fit all. Especially when you have guests at home. Always take into account the number of kids who might want to use it at the same time to avoid inconveniences.

What is it made of?

As we mentioned before, the most frequent options are plastic and wood. The wooden ones are very beautiful and elaborate. Maybe not so safe for the kids if they are not well sanded.

In addition they are usually quite expensive depending on the model. Almost always above £300 and can reach £3000. If your budget does not come close to this, it is better to opt for plastic ones that are also portable and easy to disassemble and clean.


The best thing is that it is easy to assemble and disassemble. An included instruction manual is always appreciated. Do not forget to verify that you bring it to quickly assemble and disassemble the toy house.