Are you interested in the world of fitness and physical training? If so, you are surely in search of your ideal sports equipment to complete quality training routines. Today, you can buy practically everything to have at home. For example, weight benchdumbbellsresistance bands,  etc. Another possibility and the one that we are going to talk about here is the kettlebell.

Although these are somewhat different weights than we are used to seeing, kettlebells are indispensable in many types of training for strength, muscle flexibility and also cardio.

They are a kind of heavy balls that have a handle on the top to catch them. Next, we tell you everything you need to know about them before buy one. In addition, we tell you about the best models on the market.

What is the Best Kettlebell Weight?

If you want to include them in your exercise routine to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle, it is important that you know that the variations between one model and another can go from the weight to the material and even the diameter of the handle or handle.

To choose the best kettlebell in your next purchase, we have made for you the best comparative list with the highest quality models and the best price in the market:

Adjustable Kettlebell Weights

Kettlebell Adjustable - Weight Equipment
  • Weight with adjustable wings
  • 7 pieces in 1
  • Ranges from 4.5 a to 18 kg
  • 6 Metallic plates of 2.27kg
  • Measurements: Approximately 20 x 23 x 27 cm (height)

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It is an adjustable hand weights model. It is equipped with various metallic weights in the form of discs that can be integrated manually to adjust the weight desired in the exercise and according to the resistance of the user.

Allows adjustment from a lightweight to a much stronger weight (from 1 to 18 Kg), which makes it ideal for various routines within the house and outdoors.

Rubber Kettlebell by Escape Fitness

Escape Rubber Kettlebell (8 Kilograms)
  • Sturdy but comfortable stainless steel handle
  • Strong and they won’t chip or rust.
  • Permanently engraved numbers in hard-wearing, easy-to-read urethane.

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In the second position in our selection, we find the kettlebells from Escape Fitness. Recommended for bodybuilding and CrossFit at home, they are available in a variation of 7 different weights. Beginners will orient themselves towards the 8 kg kettlebell in order to learn how to use this reinforcement accessory well with correct movements, and confirmed practitioners will be able to turn to the 20 kg model which is intended for a regular practice of cross-training.

Visually, these kettlebells are one of the few models offering a handle entirely in steel. Moulded in a single block, the latter has no joints and is therefore perfectly smooth. This detail is important because it will allow you to use these Russian dumbbells without damaging your hands in the long term. The sufficiently large and thick handle also allows a very good grip and prevents the accessory from slipping during your sessions.

Always in terms of comfort, each Escape Fitness rubber kettlebell has a rubber coating and a completely flat bottom. This aspect of the dumbbells is appreciable for sports training at home where you are always afraid of damaging your tiling or parquet by dropping cast iron on it.

York Fitness Kettlebell Weight

York Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell, Dark Green, 10kg
  • York Fitness vinyl kettlebell is ergonomically designed for whole body functional training.
  • Weights for home gym fitness with colour coded design.
  • Come with instructional workout wall chart for Weights Strength Exercise Training
  • Work out broad range of muscle groups.
  • Hard wearing vinyl coating.

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Available in a high variety of weights, this model has a good quality that makes it ideal for home routines and within the gym for its durability, which gives it a long-term use.

It is made entirely of steel and has a handle of 35 mm, with a diameter of 210 mm and a height of 280 mm. In addition, its handle is not coated, which guarantees a better grip.

Kettlebell weight Gorilla Sport

GORILLA SPORTS® Kettlebell - 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 14kg, 16kg, 18kg, 20kg, 22kg,...
  • 💪 GUARANTEED SAFETY: Our kettlebells contain a neoprene coating that prevents floor damage and provides reduced noise when...
  • 💪 DURABLE: These kettle weights will be by your side for a long period of time thanks to the high-quality, durable materials...
  • 💪 VERSATILE USE: Choose from a wide variety of possible exercise that our strength training weights provide you with and start...
  • 💪 CREATE A PERFECT SET: Pick from a diverse weight choice and combine multiple kettlebells in order to create a perfect...
  • 💪 SIMPLE TO USE: Unlike the other pieces of home gym workout equipment, our kettlebells are really easy to use and are...

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As in many of our classifications dedicated to bodybuilding equipment, there is an accessory signed Gorilla Sports. And for good reason, these are simply kettlebells offering the best value for money on the market.

A total of 9 different weights are offered by the brand, ranging from 2 to 26 kg. If you are doing your first CrossFit WODs at home, or if it is your 100th, you will inevitably find a weight adapted to your level.

We like the aggressive and raw look of Gorilla Sports products and it is no exception to the rule. The kettlebells have a red neoprene rubber coating with the brand logo attached to it. Visually, these kettlebells are enough to motivate you! This coating is also a strong point of these dumbbells which makes it possible to spare the coating of its ground in the event of falling of the object.

The grip is very good thanks to the wide and thick handles, so you can easily make swings with two hands without worrying about anything because the grip is perfect.

Kettlebell POWRX

Competition Kettlebells For Building Strength, Increased Endurance and TONING UP- Gym Quality (28kg...
  • Product - 1 x Powrx Kettlebell Competition Kettlebell Orange 28kg I Link Interactive Workout Poster in Your Shipping Confirmation
  • Training options - The POWRX kettlebells are very suitable for general strength training, body shaping and cardio training. The...
  • Training Effects / Success - In kettlebell training, different muscle groups are activated and stressed at the same time. The...
  • Product features: the kettlebells from Powrx are made from a metal core and are therefore very robust. The non-slip handles ensure...
  • Tested quality - The product is regularly checked and tested by our team. All kettlebells are the same size and have different...

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This is a cast-iron kettlebell with neoprene coating that you can find available in a wide variety of weights. It is one of the least expensive models today and is designed for the practice of functional training and muscle strengthening in your own home.

In turn, its flat base makes it the favourite to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

Kettlebell #DoYourFitness

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It is a weight that is available in presentations of 2 to 20 kg and its range of cheerful and fun colours are what identify what weight has. It is the favourite of the users because it can be used both in high strength and resistance exercises and in muscle rehabilitation processes

At the same time, it has a low price and has a 100% iron finish with a neoprene surface.

Kettlebell weight

What is a kettlebell?

These are a kind of ball-shaped weights with a handle to hold. There are two main types of kettlebells, one is the competition and the other is the Russian or classical style. The Russian increases in size with the weight and some offer colour coding to guide you better, but not all.

These are usually made of cast iron and are suitable for home exercise routines. They are very popular in CrossFit practices for their work with the whole body.

Why train with a kettlebell?

These weights are an excellent idea, especially to train at home. And is that if you are a person with a tight schedule or who simply do not like the ties of a gym, but you can not live without exercising, these can be an excellent option for you.

There are millions of exercises and training available on the web and on DVD that you can do with these hand weights, in case you do not know how to use them. In addition, these devices are easy to store, usually have an affordable price, and are an efficient way to work almost all parts of the body in a short time.

Different type of kettlebells

There are four major kettlebell types. Here is a presentation of each of them.

Sand Kettlebell

This is the type to which beginners mainly buy. It consists of a mixture of gravel and sand wrapped in a bag. In most models of this type, the handle is slightly curved.

These are the cheapest type of kettlebell. They are available in all weights from 2 to 20 kg. Be aware that you will not be able to perform all of the exercises with it because of their fragility and the lack of ergonomics of the handle.

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Cast Iron and Vinyl

As its name suggests, it is a whole cast iron weight with vinyl protection which softens its cushioning. According to the manufacturers, its handle is either flat or curved. This type of kettlebell is available from 4 to 32 kg, for all multiples of the number four.

If you climb the weight scale, also be aware that the size of the kettlebell of this type will change, which will require you to readjust all of your movements. In use, they prove to be very solid and compact.

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Unlike the previous type, the dimensions of this type of kettlebell will not vary depending on the weight. It is only the thickness of the inner layer that will change. It will suit all practices, but its relatively high cost is a major obstacle. Also, this type of kettlebell will really be suitable only for those wishing to do Girevoy Sport. It is available from 8 kgs.


Their major advantage is undoubtedly the fact of being able to modify their weights. In fact, with this ingenious system, you save not only financially but also space if you train at home. Unfortunately, they are not very handy due to the weight remains very close to the handle. In addition, this type of kettlebell often falls in a high price range.

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kettlebell set

How to choose your kettlebells?

For all the benefits that they can offer, such as improving strength in all parts of your body, kettlebells are an excellent tool that can not miss in your home when doing your home training.

They are excellent for training the entire body, especially in areas of greater impact such as the shoulders, legs and lower back, without hurting them. However, there are a couple of things you need to know in order to make an intelligent purchase and choose the best model for you:

Kettlebell grip

We refer to the upper part of the kettlebell, it has a semi-circular handle shape, and it serves to hold it during training. It is important that you know this important part of the weight so that you can make the best choice when you go to buy your hand weights.

  • Sewing the handle (intermittent): during the casting of the kettlebell, it is normal to have a kind of sharp seam in the middle of the handle. However, this must be removed in its last finish so that it is a completely comfortable and comfortable surface for its grip. Make sure that the handle of your Russian weight does not have it to avoid injuries and even bleeding from your hand.
  • The diameter of the handle: pay special attention in this aspect depending on the size of your hands. And, although some companies do not specify the size of the handles, a standard size is 30 to 31 millimetres and can go to 38 millimetres in the heaviest. It is important that you keep in mind that the higher the weight, the bigger the size of the ball, that is why you should also make sure that the size of the handle increases. Avoid skinny handles.
  • Width of the handle: The first thing you should know about the width of the handle of your Russian weight is that it has to fit your two hands without being too tight or too far away, at its midpoint. Also, as in the previous item, the choice will depend on the thickness of your hands. And even the higher the weight, not only increases the diameter but also the width of the handle in most brands.
  • The finish of the handle: the finish varies slightly between one model and another. You will find them with enamel, vinyl, powder coating and bare steel, and sometimes the most beautiful will not necessarily be the best. 
    For example, the enamel finish is fine, but not the vinyl finish. While powder coating and bare steel are the best options.


These weights are usually made through complete casting or through the assembly of two pieces that are the handle and the ball. Particularly we recommend that the model you are going to acquire is made by casting the whole piece, it is safer to use.


Getting a kettlebell with a base at ground level is not a problem when we are looking for a good quality brand. However, when you look at the cheapest ones, you will find that very few have the ball base flush with the floor and this will be problematic when you go to perform routines in which you need to do exercises that require the ball to be balanced in the floor.


A very common problem with unrecognized, cheap and low-quality brands is that the difference between the weight they point to and the net weight of the device is really abysmal and this is a serious problem because it directly affects the optimization of your routines and you can not the effect you seek. In this case, it is better to go for a range a little more expensive than the rest, but that belongs to a brand of proven quality.

Kettlebell set

How many kettlebells should I buy?

Two kettlebells of the same weight?

Many exercises require only one kettlebell, including the swing kettlebell. To start a single kettlebell is therefore sufficient. After having mastered the exercises with a kettlebell you can consider the exercises with two kettlebells. In reality, it is even advisable to start kettlebell exercises for beginners. This allows you to become familiar with the object, to master the technique and to strengthen your muscles. Starting directly with two means increasing your chances of making a wrong move and getting injured. Do not skip the steps! So to start a single kettlebell may suffice.

Kettlebells of different weights?

If you can afford it, buying kettlebells of different weights may be worthwhile. This allows you to adjust your weights according to the difficulty of a workout. It can also allow you to work on a wider spectrum of exercises and consider “controlled” exercises for example. Working on different types of exercises will allow you to train a wider variety of muscles and to work on your technique more precisely. You will, therefore, progress more quickly with kettlebells of various weight. In this case, I would recommend choosing three different ones:

  • For women: 6kg, 8kg, 12kg
  • For men: 16kg, 20kg, 24kg

Kettlebell exercises

If you are just starting out and want to do exercises to improve your strength and resistance, starting with the swing is ideal. You will work all parts of the body like the back, abs, legs, glutes and shoulders.

Exercise only requires the use of one kettlebell and you can progress by increasing the weight of your training equipment. But you can also make it more difficult by using two kettlebells at the same time. By performing a pendulum motion, you can hold a kettlebell in each of your hands.
Example routine for two-handed swing: 20 seconds of exercise / 10 seconds of pause, repeat up to 8 times.

But the kettlebell allows a multitude of exercises, of which the main ones are: Swing, squat, clean, strict press, Turkish get-up