There are many variations of making juice: whether we are talking about kiwi, apples, pear, carrot juice or any other fruit and vegetable juice, this is an opportunity to give you energy in the morning. For this reason, manufacturers like Kenwood, KitchenAid, Philips, Aicook or many others come to your rescue, by offering you powerful juice extractors. Capable of attacking all fruits, they will replace those long hours with your kitchen utensils, trying to extract all the juice possible from different foods.

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Comparison of the best blenders and Juice Extractors

It’s the first thing I want to make clear to you, there are many similar terms and people tend to confuse them all. If that is your case then I will address you exactly to the article you are looking for. If you are clear about the differences then you can continue reading below where we go directly to the point.

A juicer or juice extractor is an appliance that serves to separate the juice from the pulpof fruits. While a blender mixes all the ingredients without separating the pulp from the juice.

In many places they tend to confuse the term “blender” of the “glass blenders” if that is your case, nothing happens, I invite you to read our guide with the best glass blenders.

Then it is likely that the differences were well marked. In this article, we will talk exclusively about blenders or juice extractors. We will show you the different types of blenders that exist, tips before buying one and finally we will give you our recommendation with the best 10 current blenders.

Types of Juicers and which one to choose?

We are already clear that we want a blender but the unknowns are not all resolved yet.

It turns out that there are two different types of juice extractors(blenders). They differ basically in the way they perform their action of separating the juice from the pulp. This can help you make a better desition. The juicers are a type of juice extractor, however, on our page, we have a section dedicated exclusively to them. We recommend you to see our guide with the best orange juicers.

  1. The juice extractor of the cold pressalso called cold press blenders or cold press blenders is an apparatus that performs its work by one or two rollers that when turning “chew” or press food to extract juice from them.
  2. A centrifugal blenderis an appliance that performs its work by rotating the food at high speeds in order to separate the juice from the pulp.
Centrifugal Juicer Machine

Which is the best juicer machine to buy?

Although both perform the same action, the way in which they do has great repercussions on the final result and on the characteristics of each team.

The points in favour and against the cold press juice extractorsare the following:

  • Healthier juices: When performing juice extraction at slow speeds, oxidation of fruits is avoided. This increases the retention of vitamins in the juice, producing healthier juices
  • Higher quality juices: Different tests have been carried out and in all of them it can be observed that in juices prepared with cold press extractors a more homogeneous juice is maintained and in this way it can be concluded that it is of higher quality
  • They are quieter: In general, the cold press juice extractor motors have lower power than their centrifugal pairs. The noise they produce is much lower, here we have a guide with the best silent blenders currently
  • Easier to clean: Often the parts of a cold press blender are few and very easy to clean, a crucial point for some people
  • More expensive: These teams have a higher technology associated with what is reflected in higher prices
  • Slower: In general, they are slower than their centrifugal counterparts.
  • Less Variety: The cold press blenders are quite scarce because the most popular and economic are the centrifuges.

It seems that the cold press blenders have everything in their favour, however, do not rush, here are the advantages and disadvantages of centrifugal blenders:

Cold Press or Centrifugal Juice Extractor?

Philips juicer
  • Wide variety: Being the most common you can choose from hundreds of different models.
  • More economical: Although there are expensive centrifugal blenders, in general, this type of blenders is cheaper than those of cold press.
  • Simple to use: Prepare juices with this type of blenders is quite simple
  • Faster: Thanks to its centrifugal action, preparing juices is much faster than with cold press juice extractors.
  • Some process whole fruits: Some cold press juice extractors have rather small feed nozzles, whereas most centrifuge blenders are capable of processing large fruits.
  • Less healthy juices: It’s spin at high speed and the heating they produce results in greater oxidation of the juices so many vitamins and enzymes are lost.
  • Noisier: The motors are generally larger so they produce a greater amount of noise.
  • More complicated cleaning

1. BioChef Atlas Whole – The best Cold Press Juice Extractor

We started our list with the best juice extractor of cold pressing that exists. It is the Atlas Whole BioChefthat with its 250 W of power its extra large mouth, besides being made of a PBA-free plastic make it undoubtedly one of the best.

Is cleaning important to you? This is the easiest-to-clean cold-press blender. Just add a couple of glasses of water and your equipment will be completely clean.

One of the keys of this juice extractor is that it has a lifetime warranty on the engine and 5 years on the parts. Which means then that you’ll be buying a blender for the rest of your life.

2. Philips HR1947/31 Best Blender Quality/Price

If we had to choose the best quality/price blender then we would necessarily have to choose the Philips HR1947/31 cold pressing blender.

It is a vertical juice extractor with apower of 200 W and quality that stands out for the rest of similar equipment. It has two different filters so you can select how you want your juices to be.

Another thing that has this blender in its favour is the ease of cleaning with which Philips has designed it. It is very easy to disassemble and all its parts are easily washed without practically any effort.

The disadvantage of the Philips HR1947/31 with respect to the previous one is the size of the feeding mouth. It is probably very small for most foods so they should generally be cut prior to processing.

3. Philips HR1863/01 Best Centrifugal Juice Extractor

The Philips has put two blenders one after the other on our list. In this case, it is the best HR1863/01 centrifuge blender.

A 1000 W power blender has an extra large mouth so you can process almost any fruit or whole food. A novelty is that it has an inverted filter that allows extracting up to 10% more juice than similar blenders.

One disadvantage may be its large size. For some buyers, it is too big and heavy so you should keep that in mind when buying it. The cleaning curiously is not as complicated as the rest of centrifuge blenders, however, with the filter you should invest a little more time than normal to get it completely clean.

4. Aicok AMR-521 – Best Selling Cold Press Blender

If we have to talk about the best selling cold press blender then it is the turn of Aicok AMR-521.

An excellent juice extractor with a more than acceptable quality/price ratio. It has amotor of 150 W of quiet and high-performance power, the blender is compatible with the dishwasher (easy cleaning) and produces juices of the highest quality.

The disadvantage of this blender is its size. The feed is quite small so you should make sure to chop the food properly before processing. In addition to its small size, another disadvantage of this equipment is its processing speed, which is quite slow as well.

5. Bosch MES3500 – Juice Extractor

If we have to recommend another centrifuge blender then it would probably be the Bosch MES3500 that for all its benefits and the price we can say that it is one of the best quality/price ratios of its kind.

It is a blender of 700 W of power, a filling mouth large enough to process whole fruits and two pitchers of storage of juice and pulp of 1.25 litres and 2 litres respectively.

The disadvantage of this blender is its extraction, many buyers complain that the resulting pulp ends up a little wet so it probably is not too efficient. Another disadvantage, as with most centrifuge blenders, is the difficulty of cleaning them.

Despite these two disadvantages, its low price has placed it in the position that we present it to you.

6. Panasonic MJ- L500SXC – Slow Juicer

It is amazing to take a look at the evaluation of the Panasonic MJ-L500SXC and see that virtually all buyers are satisfied. It cost us to find a disadvantage for what is undoubtedly one of the best juice extractors of today.

The Panasonic MJ-L500SXC has amotor of 150 W of power, helice of stainless steel, system anti-drip and two containers of 1.3 litres to store the juice.

Another advantage of this blender in addition to its price is its accessory that allows you to process frozen fruits to prepare your juices without having to defrost your food.

7. H.Koenig GSX12 – High Power Cold Press Slow Juicer

If we have to talk about the most powerful cold-pressing juice extractor, then we have to refer to the H.Koenig GSX12 blender.

It has a powerful motor of 400 W of quiet and efficient power, two storage jars of 1 litre and as is the case with the best cold press blenders of today, its cleaning is quite simple.

One disadvantage of the H.Koenig GSX 12 is its small power. As with most blenders of its kind, you should cut fruits and foods into small pieces so they can be processed efficiently.

Probably the best of the H.Koenig GSX12 is its price. For the associated technology and all its benefits, the truth is that the price is a real gift.

8. Moulinex Infiny Juice – Best Moulinex Blender

The Moulinex brand is quite renowned for its appliances. This time we present your best cold press blender: Moulinex Infinity Juice.

With a perfect engine of 200 W of power whose special characteristic is its super silent design. It has two storage jars (for juices and pulps).

It is really an excellent option if you decide to buy a cold press juice extractor. The only disadvantage of this equipment is its great weight and size. You should probably open a large space in your kitchen to store it.

9. Cecotec Cecojuicer – Cheap Blender

If you want the best cheap blender then the Cecotec Cecojuicer is for you. The best thing is that for very few euros you will get a cold press blender with everything that implies.

It is an excellent cold pressing blender with 150 W of power. The great quality of this blender, added with its gift price make it one of the best options for your kitchen.

10. Kenwood Citrus Juicer

This Juicer is in the last position of our recommendation of the best juice extractors of today. However, the Kenwood citrus juicer is one of the most reliable equipments on our list.

It has a motor of 150W of power with two speeds, anti-drip system, a tank of 1 litre.

It is probably very expensive for the equipment you are buying, besides being centrifuged has the disadvantage that it is difficult to clean and its efficiency in extracting the juice is not too high.

Do you already have your decision taken? If that is the case then we give you some tips that can be helpful when choosing the best juice extractor for your kitchen.

Tips to Buy the Best Juice Maker or Juice Extractor for your kitchen

Here we present some tips that will be useful when buying the best blender for your kitchen:

  • Define your requirements: It is quite simple, before buying a blender we recommend that you keep in mind the demands that will be subject to it, specifically take into account: The time of continuous use, the frequency of use and the types of food that you want to process
  • Pay attention to the cleaning: Preparing juices is nice but if before doing so we are worried about the cleaning of the extractor then we have made a bad decision, think about the time you have to wash it and if you think it may be an impediment to use it or not.
  • There is no perfect equipment: It is likely that there is no perfect juice extractor, however on this page we are convinced that we can help in the task of choosing the best extractor for your needs, we have practically all the blenders reviewed one by one (and every day we add more), we recommend you look for the equipment you have in mind and read your individual analysis before making your purchase.
  • Warranty and support: In every purchase you make, you should always be aware of the attention to the user and issues such as the guarantee of the blenders should not be a minor issue. In our page, we show you the prices and offers of Amazon because we consider that they are the most serious page with the best user service in the UK.