6 Best Irrigation Controllers for Everyone to Envive Your Garden

Some people have a couple of hours a day watering the garden and do not always have time to do it. You could, instead, sit on a lounger to see your incredibly green lawn or read something. Sure, that’s if you have the best irrigation programmer, because if not, you will also have to use the hose for a long time.

To be the envy of your neighbors with precious plants and very well watered, automatic irrigation equipment are ideal. Have you seen them before? These systems, when well designed, bring a variety of functions so you do not have to worry because it has not rained. Do not distress yourself when you go on a trip for several days.

Forget about asking someone to water the plants while you are away, because the technology solves that problem.

Now, to choose a good irrigation timer, you have to take several things into account. That it is of good quality is very important, so that there are durability and better functions. If the price is affordable or affordable, it is a great advantage.

The question is to find an efficient model among the variety of these that are in the market, because they are many and of different brand.

What is the best irrigation Controller?

More and more irrigation system controllers are seen in the gardens, especially for the summer season. That is why many people have tested with this equipment and it is possible to know their opinion about it.

Based on this, we have prepared a short comparative list with the best irrigation programmers that are currently available.

Checking it, you will not have to look so much and you will know a little more about the main characteristics that one of these devices must have to do its job well.

1. Automatic Programmer For Irrigation Systems Orbit 94469

Of 9 stations and 3 programs

Orbit 94469 - 9 Station Outdoor Slide Controller
1 Reviews
Orbit 94469 - 9 Station Outdoor Slide Controller
  • Orbit developed the Outdoor Slide...
  • Programmable station delay (soak) -...
  • Capable of watering Odd, Even, Day of...

It is an automatic irrigation programmer that has 9 stations and 3 independent programs. You can graduate your work for days of the week and intervals of even and odd days.

The duration can be set from 1 to 120 minutes, each time. It has a delay function in case of rain with sensors that detect it. It is resistant to the weather and easy to program.

2. Claber Multipla DC 9 V Programmer

Bring an instructional DVD

Claber Multipla Dc W/lcd Water Timer
  • 6 Way Electronic Programmer
  • Programmes...
  • Immediate or delayed start 6H

This model works with 9 V DC and includes a practical LCD screen to visualize what is being programmed.

It comes with 6 irrigation stations and control of days from 8 hrs, 12 hrs, 24 hrs until 7 full days of the week. To not get lost during installation, bring an instructional DVD and also has accessories for oscillating tools.

3. WaterMaster Orbit H-AP2326055

Very water resistant

Orbit 94162 Buddy Single-Port Digital Tap Timer
211 Reviews
Orbit 94162 Buddy Single-Port Digital Tap Timer
  • Say good-bye to manual watering and turn...
  • Large LCD Screen with Easy-Set Logic...
  • Watering duration from 1 to 240 minutes...

Small but compliant, this timer is built to withstand water and weathering. It is very easy to use and runs on batteries with a pair of AA.

The frequency and duration of the irrigation can be programmed, in addition to the precise moment for it to do so. It includes the best function of these devices: the delay due to rain, to conserve the water and not to drown the plants.

4. Gardena Flex Control Water Computer

With battery level indicator

Gardena Water Computer Flex Control
54 Reviews
Gardena Water Computer Flex Control
  • Flexibility when adjusting the settings
  • Automatic and time-saving irrigation
  • Water-saving operation

It makes irrigation with sprinklers or the drip system easier. Its control panel is removable to facilitate programming and not bothering to do so.

It is a robust faucet programmer with 4 functions that include pre-selection of time, confirmation, duration and frequency. Connecting it to a rain sensor interrupts the cycle. It incorporates a battery level indicator to replace it when required.

5. Water timer Kärcher 2.645-219.0

Your screen is removable

KAER5 Kärcher Lose M-Box 219.0 Bewaesserungs...
2 Reviews
KAER5 Kärcher Lose M-Box 219.0 Bewaesserungs...
  • Choice of day of the week and exact time...
  • Removable display.
  • Battery status indicator and memory...

With this timer you can select without problems the days of the week, the right time and the duration for each irrigation cycle. It has automatic on and off function.

The screen is removable to program the functions with greater comfort. Includes battery and memory indicator to remember to change it. The maximum pressure that tolerates is 10 bar. It can water up to 120 continuous minutes.

6. Hozelock HOZ2700 AC Plus irrigation programmer

Colorful and analog

Hozelock Automatic Water Computer Timer Plus -...
276 Reviews
Hozelock Automatic Water Computer Timer Plus -...
  • BSP tap adaptors
  • AC plus water computer
  • Threaded outlet and quick connector

Many programmers are digital but the analog dial of this model is very easy to use and has several options. Includes buttons to confirm the selection.

You can regulate the current time, the start time, the frequency and the duration of the watering. It is battery operated and requires two alkaline batteries. Its design is colourful and pleasant. It allows programming once a week up to 4 times a day.

How to choose the best irrigation controller?

The first thing that should be considered before buying any system for automatic irrigation are your particular needs.

Do you own a large garden? Maybe you have a small garden with vegetables? Is the place with plants roofed or roofless? These and many other things can influence the choice.

There are people who enjoy watering their plants by themselves, so maybe they prefer to share the task with the programmer and make it work less often. But if you are one of those who like green and beautiful gardens and do not have time for their care, you should leave everything to the timer.

It is important to review several possibilities so that you determine your true requirements. Take note:

What do you want to water?

You have to go out to observe the garden and see what kind of plants you have and the dimensions of that garden. In some cases they are “gardens”, that is, in the same house there is a front and back patio. They can be small or very large.

If there are many flowers, they may require moist soil once a day. The grass can stay beautiful with that same frequency or a little less in spring. Pine trees need a lot of moisture and flowers like coves too.

If you have olive trees, fig trees, cypresses, among other trees like these, they do not need much water. Less still the cactus and the aloe.

Just watching you will know how varied of needs is your garden and how many functions the programmer should have to take you home.

Duration of irrigation

It is a function that all tap programmers usually bring. It can vary, of course depending on the model, in terms of the time range. You choose the one you want from the options presented. These can be from one hour to 4 continuous hours. Everything will depend on the needs of your plants and how the weather has been on the days in question.

It is not the same to water in the summer for one hour than for four. Nor in spring. You have to be careful not to drown the plants and not leave them without enough water. In addition, in order not to exceed and be able to conserve water, it is important to determine the time that an irrigation cycle will last.

Irrigation frequency

The possibility of establishing the frequency is one of the great advantages of these tap programmers. Depending on how dry or wet your plants are, you can make a plan so that the water falls once per hour or the opposite end, once a week. In the intermediate, there are options of 3 and four times per day, on even or odd days, etc.

The most sophisticated equipment has sensors of automatic activation, to moisten the garden twice a day. In the mornings and at night. Of course, these can be deactivated at the discretion of the user.

Programming of watering in different parts of the garden

When the space is very large and with different plants that demand different amounts of water, a complex programming must be done. Yes it is possible, but with well-equipped timer models.

Remember that flowering shrubs may require more moisture than grass. There you have to make more connection of faucets and establish several different irrigation intervals.

Although to do with a programmer so may not seem the least expensive, the low price you will find later in the accounts for the use of water. It is much easier to save money if you have control of the water you use in your patio or terrace.

Manual shutdown

You have guests for a barbecue in the garden or you just need the hose to clean something in the house. Surely you do not want the programmer to start a cycle at the wrong time. For that you can press the manual shutdown button.

The problem with doing this is that, depending on your watch for irrigation, the rest of the plan you had established could be completely erased.

However, the most advanced do not have this conflict and once a cycle is suspended, the following can still be programmed.

Postponing watered by rain

The rain delay is wonderful. It is absurd to water if it is raining, it is a waste of water and damage to the plants. Likewise, if the rain has stopped and the soil is humid, why water? Then this option must be looked for as it is.

It is a great tranquility and savings, as well as a benefit for your garden.

Water outlets

Several are necessary if you want to do that to irrigate separate areas of the garden, with different frequencies and durations. Of course, if the program does not require so much complexity, but only irrigate two sectors at once, it will require only a connector with double water intake.

Technical characteristics that you should consider in the best irrigation programmer

All of the above was about watering the garden, how to do it and with what frequency and duration. But there are other issues related to choosing the watch for irrigation that you will want to analyze before buying one.

These are technicalities that may affect the price of the appliance but which, in the long run, will help reduce water costs or not.

Type of batteries used

They can be alkaline and AA. Excellent is choosing those that last longer. The good thing is that most programmers bring an indicator of the level of batteries, so you do not catch one day with the dried plants.

Once the device warns, you must change the batteries so that everything runs its course and your garden remains beautiful and enviable.

LCD screen

That the device includes a digital display can be very convenient to know what is being programmed. Even to remember what was programmed. It would be bad not to know and that the water will surprise you in the middle of the garden.

Of course, those who do not have this characteristic are still equally efficient as systems for irrigation. But maybe you need to write down what you program or review the instruction manual from time to time to configure everything correctly.

Water saving

It is important that the device you select is the jet regulator that will go to your plants. You have to know if you work with or without very intense pressure.

This is relevant, in part so as not to damage those plants that are more delicate. On the other hand, to prevent the device from being damaged by inadequate pressure.

In addition, by regulating this, there will be greater savings in the amount of water used, and in euros!

Do you feel like analog or digital?

As we said before, an analog timer can be equally efficient, especially if the place to irrigate does not have too many requirements. For more complex gardens, maybe you need to do with the digital version, for the amount of orders that you will give.

Do not forget that this makes the price vary.

Is it waterproof?

The most suitable is a water resistant equipment. However, since these are almost always out in the open, they will have sun, rain and probably snow. Seek them to be waterproof and keep them when they are not needed, to protect them.

All this may not be necessary if the tap you are connected to is indoors, but since it is not always the case, do not forget to check your weather resistance.