6 Best Ironing Boards That Will Make Your Homework Easier

Some of the most exhausting domestic activities is the task of ironing, and more if it is a Sunday, and you have all the clothes clean and dry, and you know that you must iron it for the beginning of the week, for the days of work.

Many times the art of removing wrinkles from clothes is annoying, because you do not have the right place to iron, either because it is too high or you have to tilt a lot, so we have looked for the best ironing boards in the market.

What is the best ironing board?

1 Minky Board Minky Board 1215 Reviews from £39.00
2 Brabantia Titan Oval Ironing Board Brabantia Titan Oval Ironing Board 1837 Reviews from £63.00
3 Beldray Ironing Boards Beldray Ironing Boards 162 Reviews from £10.99
4 Vileda Smart Ironing Board Vileda Smart Ironing Board No ratings yet from £30.00
5 Minky Expert Ironing Board Minky Expert Ironing Board 241 Reviews £29.99

Ironing boards are not essential, but they are items that will facilitate your ironing process and reduce your trips to the laundry to remove wrinkles from clothes. They are a product that allows us to connect the iron with more comfort and makes it easier to flatten clothes in annoying places, such as shoulders and neck, in the case of shirts.

1. Rolser KS Vintage K04004PLATA

Comfortable and practical

ROLSER K-S Vintage - Ironing board, green colour.
  • Specially perforated structure for...
  • Ironing surface dimensions: 32 x 110 cm.
  • 6 Adjustable positions

With a silver colour and easy handling, Rolser is a comfortable ironing board with a good price and quality ratio, according to the opinion of its users.

It has a special perforated structure for the steam, tubular legs to give great stability; Its height can be regulated, which as a maximum point is 91 cm and a minimum of 76 cm. It contains six adjustable positions and a board lined with 100% cotton fabric. It does not include a plug, however it will give you a comfortable and practical domestic experience, as well as include a cast.

2. Jata Hogar 848S Ironing Board


JATA Step Ladder Ironing Board with Narrow End -...
13 Reviews
JATA Step Ladder Ironing Board with Narrow End -...
  • Easy change Ironing Board / Ladder...
  • 100% cotton case with 5mm felt underlay
  • Ironing board measures 107cm x 34 cm

Multiplicity of functions is the main feature that describes the Jata ironing board, which is perfect if you have a business idea that is based on undertaking an ironing center, because it also has a flat iron with a safety rail 32 centimeters, which will make this activity very simple.

It has a maximum height of 70 cm, although it is fixed. However, this board is stable, beautiful, picks up very easily, has unbeatable qualities and excellent durability. It also has a 100% cotton cover.

Another feature of this table dedicated giving an elegant touch to wrinkled clothes is that it contains a ladder easy conversion.

Its measurements correspond to 22 mm of the tube, 5 mm of the plush fleece, while 1 mm of the thickness of the mesh.

3. Leifheit AirBoard Compact M

To save time

Leifheit Air Board Compact Ironing Board for Steam...
183 Reviews
Leifheit Air Board Compact Ironing Board for Steam...
  • Light surface and sturdy frame weighing...
  • 33 percent faster ironing with a...
  • Surface area of 120 x 38 cm and 3 mm...

With this product manufactured by a trusted brand, such as Leiftheit, you can save time and at the same time get shirts and blouses with a perfect ironing. This table is ultralight thanks to its plastic surface measuring 120 x 38 cm, this material does not make it very heavy so it can be transported by hand. It has great stability and a height that is adjustable up to about 98 cm, so that anyone of any stature can iron in it.

This board that helps remove wrinkles, is ideal for an ironing center, because it has a special cover made with Thermo Reflect technology, which allows the reflection of the steam and heat of the iron, which will give us a result of ironing in both faces, since the clothes are ironed simultaneously above and below.

Leiftheit makes the annoying experience of ironing shoulders of blouses and shirts comfortable. It also includes a cable that connects to the power outlets comfortably. That electric channel will not serve to light the iron and work with it, keeping it fixed and secure in a tray that is attached to one side of the table.

When you finish using this ironing board, you can save it in a very simple way, since it is foldable and fits in a little corner of the closet.

4. Orbegozo TP 1000 Ironing Board

The most economic

One of the most attractive points of the ironing table Orbegozo is that it includes a steel grid, which is something very different from other boards that have a not so cheap price. This product has an adjustable height of up to 88 cm, also includes a cover made of cotton.

His measurements are 110 x 33 cm and the length of the thickness of his pad on which the wrinkled clothes are stretched is 1 cm.

Its way of opening and closing is very comfortable, as well as its way of storage, since it can be stored even in narrow places because it is foldable and is easy to load.

It has a low price and its quality is equivalent to its monetary value.

5. Philips GC240 / 05

Expensive but of quality

Philips GC240/10 Ironing Board with Ear Blue
  • This table includes 8 malignant...
  • Easy to iron shirts: Retractable pot...
  • Iron more once - XL

The Philips is an ironing board, resistant, stable and easy to store, although its price is not the least expensive, includes eight smart solutions, counting its comfortable and robust system of ironing of shoulders, which is very useful at the time of ironing shirts.

It is made of plastic, but it is supported with metallic material, its layer is made of 100% cotton and covered with felt, additionally it contains a cover, a hanger for shirts and a storage basket, these elements differentiate it from other articles of this type.

With the Philips table it will be quick to iron that large amount of wrinkled clothes that you accumulate. It will also give you a comfortable domestic experience because it is of a wide size that corresponds to 45 x 120 cm, it is also a board so solid that it can hold up to a boiler plate.

Another advantage is that it is easily folded and stored.

6. Premium Plus Vileda Table

Resistant and durable

Vileda Solid Ironing Board
16 Reviews
Vileda Solid Ironing Board
  • The extra wide surface of 44cm helps...
  • Adjustable height
  • Non-slip feet

Vileda is a board for ironing of varied characteristics, it is manufactured with materials of great resistance and durability, its height is extendable from 80 and up to 97 cm, it comes with an outlet to connect the iron, it has a cover that is composed of three layers, this is a peculiar point compared to the previous tables described, this set gives greater speed and convenience when it comes to removing wrinkles from garments.

Its legs are very wide, which provides stability to the user, its surface is also of great length, counting with measures of 165 x 44 cm. Its folded size corresponds up to 97 – cm high and 44 cm wide.

If you have children somewhat restless and curious, you can stay calm with the Vileda ironing board, since it has a security system that blocks it from closing. It is also easy to open, since it includes a device on the side that helps us with this.

What to look for in an ironing board?

If you are thinking of buying an ironing board, you should take into account a number of items, such as size, as the ironing tables sell them with various dimensions, which are intended for people who like to iron on their feet or for other that rather choose to do it sitting.

There are also other points that you should consider, and that is if the table is rotatable, removable and collapsible.

Below, we detail the set of features so you can find an ironing board that lightens your domestic tasks.


The ironing tables come in five sizes, such as: 110 × 30 cm, 124 x 38 cm, 124 x 45 cm, 135 × 45 cm, 135 x 49 cm. If you choose one of 110 and perhaps 124, it will be easy for you to save it.

Most of the ironing boards that are sold are foldable, which is the most common alternative and offer the customer the option of adjusting their height. There are also pendants, which can be hung on the wall in a simple way.


Many of the ironing boards are adjustable in height, which can be adjusted depending on the opening of their legs.

Filling and covering

The layers are made of cotton, metallic material, silicone coating. Some are thick corking that will give us a soft ironing, instead a metal cover, will bring more heat so it will be faster to iron the shirt, pants, or blouse. On the other hand a mesh board will allow the transport of the steam to the solid plate, where the humidity can accumulate and the cover is soaked.

Reposa irons

We recommend you look for ironing tables with arm that can support the iron, evaluate very well the size and weight of it, in addition to if it includes a plug that is connected to an outlet, in order to install your iron there and have an activity more comfortable The plate rest is made of plastic, metallic material or steel.

Other features

Do not forget this series of points that you should take into account when purchasing an ironing board:

  • Height adjustment
  • Durable, lightweight frame so the table can easily be stored.
  • Evaluate if it is a wooden surface, which provide high robustness, are heavy and accumulate heat. But on the other hand if the upper layer is breathable, which will allow the steam to escape through ventilation holes.