You have previous experience with Apple products, or the bionic A11 chip of the new generation impressed you, we have made a comparative article with the best cases that will protect this latest release of the Steve Jobs company. But buying them is quite an odyssey, even if it is a bit easy action.

For example, some brands have such bad quality casings that fused with the heat causes the plastic to detach from the unit adhering to the back of the phone, damaging the great aesthetics of the mobile phone. Others have so little resistance that they end up detaching without even having a single fall.

Some use a semi-rigid plastic, and with an insufficient thickness to show the necessary strength in case of an impact. However, do not worry, we have designed alist that includes 11 different affordable, economical and less expensive good quality protectors from the market.

What is the best iPhone 8 case?

Apple’s iPhone 8 includes the A11 bionic technology that provides maximum performance in the use of the device. Also, its innovative way of charging allows us to have the battery always complete without having to use cables. It can play videos in HDR10 and Dolby Vision quality.

Take care of it to the fullest! Protects your back glass with a good protector. Check out.

1. Case 8 iPhone Caseology Parallax series

Caseology Parallax
Caseology Parallax for iPhone 8 Case (2017) / iPhone 7 Case (2016) - Award Winning Design - Ocean...
  • iPhone 8 Case for Apple iPhone 8 (2017) - Compatible with most 3rd-Party iPhone 8 accessories
  • Slim protective case with shock absorbing design, high-quality build and dual layer protection
  • Thin dual layer phone case made with TPU & PC material for twice the shock protection
  • Textured cover with 3D geometric design for enhanced grip and increased shock absorption
  • Responsive button covers with crisp feedback, precise cutouts and raised lip protection

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This model will fit perfectly to your mobile, designed with a protection system resistant to very strong falls. In addition, its protective frame will be ideal for lateral blows. Flexible covers will make pressing buttons volume or power much easier. And it has a 3D design to offer even more care.

2. Aclouddate

black iphone 8 case Aclouddate
Aclouddate [2019 New] Wireless Earbuds, x11 Bluetooth Headphones
  • Triple Protection: Anodized aluminum frame protect your iPhone against scratch and dropping. Raised corners help to protect your...
  • Zero Interference: Upgraded material and design, protect your iPhone 7 & iPhone 8 effectively while not causing interference to...
  • More Slim: 2.11 mm material tightly fit for your iPhone 7 & iPhone 8, which give you a good hand feeling and original experience.
  • Back Shell Paste Leather Process: Not just for the protection, but for the material texture. Defense Lux's layered approach to...
  • Perfect fit and Only fit for iPhone 7 & iPhone 8! Considerate Gifts to all occasion. (Different batches of product packaging will...

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It is made of anodised aluminium that will add a higher degree of protection to your device. The integration of raised corners will protect at all costs the expensive screen of your phone. The pockets have been compressed to allow more cushioning. It has an exquisite hard metal finish.

3. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen Ultra Hybrid silicone iphone case
Spigen Ultra Hybrid case compatible with iPhone XS compatible with iPhone X - Crystal Clear
  • Hybrid technology made of tpu bumper polycarbonate back
  • Air cushion technology for all corner protection
  • Raised bezels for screen and camera protection off flat surfaces
  • Pronounced buttons for tactile press and quick usability
  • Cutouts for optional functions to be accessible

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This unit has been manufactured with one of the best plastics that will give you the greatest satisfaction. Made with TPU, it has a transparent design and includes a cushioning technology for air. The construction is crystal clear and has raised lips that add greater security to the lens of your camera and the screen.

4. Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case
Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case compatible with iPhone XS, iPhone X | 2-3 Card Pocket, 1MM Protective...
  • MUJJO'S BEST LEATHER WALLET CASE for IPHONE XS / X - Integrated card pocket holds 2-3 cards. Full leather wrapped case profile...
  • FULL LEATHER WRAPPED PROFILE, SCREEN EDGE PROTECTED - Made out of Mujjo's signature premium quality leather. Super slim profile...
  • LUXURIOUS FULL GRAIN LEATHER - Soft to touch tanned leather that breaks in & acquires unique patina. Rich color enhanced with...
  • MUJJO IPHONE XS / X CASE - Mujjo is the creator of world's first leather wallet case. Praised in Forbes, New York Times,...

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Manufactured in original leather, this traditional but very authentic equipment will give that Tejano touch that many appreciate. You can also store your cards and ID card in your integrated pocket. The edge is moulded which guarantees greater durability and resistance over time.

5. Speck case

Speck iPhone XS/X Case, Protective Grip Ultra Thin Slim Hardshell Anti Scratch Presidio Cover Case -...
  • Impaction shock barrier for impact protection
  • All Speck cases are lab tested for scratch resistance, chemical resistance, and precision fit
  • Scratch resistant matte finish
  • The case’s hard exterior also works to disperse shock away from your phone
  • Absorbs 52% more shock from impact than traditional TPE rubber

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This equipment provides an innovative barrier-style protection system to ensure the equipment against any forceful impact. It has been tested in laboratories to test its effectiveness against scratches, its chemical resistance and the precision with which it fits the contour of the phone. It has an absorption capacity of 52% higher than other brands.

What is the best protector case for iPhone 8 Plus?

The adjective “plus” indicates more and better functions. Fully protect your phone with these incredible housings, some with military-grade anodised aluminium that will cushion high-impact falls. Secure your expensive mobile of almost 1,000 pounds with good housing, which also provides a better grip experience.

Do not leave in the hands of inexperienced the care of your appreciated device, always see professionals like us.

Case iPhone 8 Plus Caseology Skyfall series

Caseology Skyfall
Caseology Skyfall for iPhone 8 Plus Case (2017) / iPhone 7 Plus Case (2016) - Clear Back & Slim Fit...
  • iPhone 8 / 7 Plus Case for Apple iPhone 8 Plus (2017) / iPhone 7 Plus (2016) - Compatible with most 3rd-Party iPhone 8 / 7 Plus...
  • Ultra clear transparent case shows off & protects your phone
  • Thin protective dual layer phone case with clear TPU cover and impact resistant PC frame
  • Durable scratch-resistant clear cover is perfect for customizing and offers long-lasting clarity & protection
  • Responsive button covers with crisp feedback, precise cutouts and raised lip protection

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The same series above explicitly designed for this phone. It has been designed with a transparent cover to maintain the aesthetic Apple, with a reinforced frame to provide the necessary protection against any fall. The buttons have their perfect fit in special rubber to facilitate the touch.

i-Blason iPhone 8 Plus Case

i-Blason iPhone 8 Plus Case
i-Blason Armorbox Heavy Duty Full Body Protector Case for iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus, Black
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus. NOT compatible with iPhone 7 / 8 .
  • Polycarbonate exterior combines with soft TPU core to make a completely drop resistant home for your device
  • Detachable belt holster keeps device secure when you're on the move
  • All iPhone 7 Plus /8 Plus features fully maintained while housed in case
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings,...

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Are you looking for the highest quality and care experience? Do not say more, thanks to this Armorbox series your phone will look like protected inside a safe. Its revolving clip of three hundred and sixty degrees will allow a much more comfortable transport of the unit. It has a sporty design ideal for more fitness.

Apple Leather Case

Apple Leather Case (for iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone 7 Plus) - Taupe
  • Made for iPhone 8 Plus, these cases fit snugly without adding bulk
  • Crafted from specially tanned and finished European leather that’s soft to the touch and develops a natural patina over time
  • A microfiber lining on the inside helps protect your iPhone
  • The metallic button covers match the finish of your iPhone
  • And you can keep it on all the time, even when you’re charging wirelessly

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Create your style with this red colour protector that will give that chromatic homogeneity that you need so much. Its moderate protection is suitable for those who are not so rustic in the treatment of their electronics. Original Apple company will fit perfectly with your needs. What do you expect to have it?

Humixx iPhone 8 Plus Case

Humixx iPhone 8 Plus Case
Humixx iPhone 8 Plus Case, iPhone 7 Plus Case, Slim Fit Skin Cover Anti-fingerprint Anti-scratch...
  • 🌻 【0.5mm Thin & 15g Light】The iPhone 7/8 plus case is only 0.5mm thick and 15g in weight. If you buy a thin iPhone7 / 8...
  • 🌻【Screen and camera protection】Raised edges of the 7/8 plus case can effectively protect your phone's most expensive camera...
  • 🌻 【Will not fade and deform】The 7/8 plus cell phone case and its packaging are made of safe and odorless, environmentally...
  • 🌻 【Silky touch】The iPhone 7/8 plus case is made of micro-matt material. The silky touch with the comfortable grip of the...
  • 💝 【Humixx Guarantee】Humixx offers a 180-day quality guarantee, 7 x 24-hour customer service for the case 7/8 plus. Please...

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This compact and ideal design will keep the entire shape of your mobile device. This case has a thickness of 0.5 millimetres, without this means sacrificing care. It has four layers that will avoid the typical and fast wear of most other models. You will have easy access to all the ports of the phone.

X-Doria, Compatible with Apple iPhone 8 Plus

X-Doria, Compatible with Apple iPhone 8 Plus

No products found.

Keep protecting your valuable device at all times, thanks to its frame reinforced with anodised aluminium that will make almost impossible the penetration of any blow. It has a thickness of 2.12 mm that will fit compactly to your mobile. Besides, it has the property of enhancing the beauty of your iPhone.


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