In order to maintain a good physical balance, reduce pain, stretch your back, and relieve the pressure that is often faced with the spine, it is a good idea to have equipment allowing you to do exercises. The inversion table allows you to benefit from inversion therapy at home, it is the ideal equipment for this purpose. And it must be chosen taking into account various criteria.

What is the best Inversion table?

Buying an Inversion table involves looking at certain factors in addition to looking for the cheapest since you must remember that we are talking about health. However, there are options that are very cool to have an excellent price and be of excellent quality.

When choosing a table you must consider your height, that has an ergonomic design, that the material they are made of is comfortable and does not cause irritations on the skin, you can also see how much is the maximum weight they resist.

1. Inversion Table YOLEO

YOLEO Adjustable/Foldable Inversion Table with Triple Safety Lock, Gravity Fitness Body Inverted...
  • Precision rotation for total control: It's easy to do - Shift your body weight with just simple arm movements for easy return to...
  • Easy reach adjustable ratchet ankle locking system. Precision chuck buckle + safety lock Pin system makes the table more secure...
  • 3 Angle position adjustable rear cross bar for easy inversion angle adjustment eliminates the typical strap system. Certified for...
  • Heavy duty EXTRA WIDE tubular steel frame with 300-pound weight capacity. Accommodates users 4ft-10in to 6ft-6in in height
  • FOLDABLE & PORTABLE: Convenient, foldable design compactly folds for storage into a closet, or against the wall.

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Aside from getting rid of your back pain in a big way, how could a reversal table satisfy you better than offering you exercises that are just as effective as each other at a practically given price? Is this your lucky day with the YOLEO model from our professional inversion board ranking, which represents an excellent economic option?

YOLEO does a lot better than fulfilling its primary function of a classic inversion table designed to reduce your back pain. It also allows you to do some exercises that you need to build and stretch your back, both at home and in the office, or when you want to keep in shape in winter.

2. Zero Top G410 Inversion table from BH Fitness

BH Fitness Unisex Adult Zero Adjustable Foldable Inversion Table - Black/Red, Unique
  • 🚩 Relieves the back, especially the lower back, and strengthens the abs.
  • 🚩 It helps to stretch the spine and the muscles.
  • 🚩 You can adjust the inversion table to each user making its use very easy.
  • 🚩 Quick adjustment of maximum tilt angle without outside assistance. It has a maximum vertical inclination of 92.
  • 🚩 Foldable, so you can store it anywhere.

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To help stretch the spine and align the intervertebral discs this inversion table will be of great help. The brand BH Fitness offers this stretcher of the highest quality, with adjustable control of both the height and its level of inclination.

3. IT300 Inversion table from Sportstech

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Back pain is a pain well known to athletes. They are usually not enough to stop them but rather push them to look for an option that combines both therapy and fitness to correct the problem. Choosing a multifunctional inversion table is effective against back pain like Sportstech IT300 is more than recommended for a sports enthusiast like you.

If the sport were to be practiced under medical advice, Sportstech IT300 would probably be the most popular and best-selling inversion table both on the market and at Decathlon. You actually have a 6-in-1 device to perform all kinds of exercises: from inversion, dips and pumps to pull-ups. This, in the most efficient and correct way possible, by avoiding you and correcting back problems.

4. Inversion table SF-1210 of Skandika

Skandika Gravity Coach Foldable Inversion Table Gravity-Trainer/Heavy-Duty Trainer, Reduces...
  • Foldable inversion bench with frame made of a very sturdy steel tube
  • Ergonomically designed Foot Brackets with safety levers for comfortable locking of ankles.
  • (0°, 20 °, 40 °, 60 °) via fuse pin or free inversion (+/- 90 °)
  • Easy to adjust for body sizes from 147 to 198 cm. Max. User weight 135 kg

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If comfort is your primary factor, you will love this investment table, as it has padded surfaces and an XXL size backboard that will give you all the necessary space.

You will feel very safe when using it thanks to its frame made with a steel tube.

5. SixBros. Inversion Table 06B/260

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To ensure that you are applying the most effective therapy for back disorders, you must at all costs choose the most versatile and best-equipped inversion table to make you as comfortable as possible. To do this, trust the advice of professionals who are particularly experienced on the subject by opting for the high-end SixBros model from our comparison which can only satisfy you.

You have enough to treat your back pain in the most comfortable way possible with the 20 possible settings of the inversion table. The product test did not fail to mention that you can control the speed and the rotary movements of the board in 3 positions. To provide you with maximum stability and security during your manoeuvre, you have ergonomic safety handles with a robust steel frame.

6. Relax Zone investment table by Klarfit

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A table made of steel that is suitable for different types of exercises has anti-slip legs for greater stability and will be perfect for relieving pains and problems related to the spine and neck.

7. TEETER EP960 Inversion Table

TEETER EP960 Inversion Table Unisex Adult Blue/Black
  • Re-hydrate discs to expedite repair for better shock absorption and flexibility
  • Reduce nerve pressure
  • Realign weight bearing skeleton
  • Relax tense muscles
  • Improve joint flexibility

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No matter what type of back pain you may suffer from, nothing can resist an excellent inversion table which is as simple as it is ingenious a method to get yourself back on track. If your problems are much more serious, do not hesitate to use the big means by choosing the best Teeter EP960 inversion table from our comparison.

Whether you want to buy Teeter EP960 for exercise or stretching, you will quickly notice that it is undeniably beneficial for the back. This inversion table accumulates positive opinions due to its high-end components and accessories specially developed to give you maximum comfort. In addition to its elegant design in blue and black, you actually have something to have fun with the 11 pieces of the model.

What is inversion table therapy?

First of all, you should know that inversion therapy is a method of care used for several decades. It mainly involves relieving the spine through an inverted position of the body. To do this, you need to put your feet up and your head down. That is to say, you take a vertical position opposite to the normal position of your body. This position allows you to counter the negative effects of gravity so as to relieve back pain.

Then comes the inversion table, the most common tool used for this unique therapy. This table includes a swivel board which is connected to a metal frame. You just have to lie down on this board and tilt your head down without forgetting to fix your feet on a system specially designed for this purpose. You should know that the therapy of the inversion table allows relieving 3 main pains namely those of the back, herniated discs and that of the sciatic nerve.

Inversion Table

Benefits of Inversion tables

Many people are turning to the use of an inversion table because of its multiple benefits. This therapy has the reputation of being very beneficial whether it is for the mind, the muscles or the organs. However, it is necessary to specify each type of advantage in order to convince those who are still in doubt. As the practice is to put the body in an inverted position, there are some who are afraid of its effectiveness. Our team has therefore decided to identify all the beneficial effects of this method. You will then easily know what a reversing table is for and how you will be able to benefit from the equipment according to your situation.

Relief of back pain

It is a pathology that affects many people. Its cause can be of different natures if we only mention bad postures, repetitive movements or fatigue. Landing on an inversion table reduces the pressure on the pelvic bones, decompresses the nerves and relaxes the muscles. This equipment is specially designed to realign your spine which helps in relaxation and makes the pain go away. By finding yourself knocked over in a certain tilt, diseases such as fibromyalgia syndrome are treated. This is why you are invited to choose your inversion table carefully so that it meets your expectations.

Improvement of physiological functions

We can cite for this the lymphatic function and the blood circulation. It has been proven by research that being upside down helps detoxify the body. This is a strengthening of your lymphatic system. Likewise, blood flow will be optimized. The blood will be irrigated more easily than usual from the head held down and the feet up. Varicose veins will be reduced and heart function will be improved. This sports and therapeutic equipment will help your body gain flexibility. Your joints will become more flexible and their alignment will be corrected. This is especially the case for people who always tend to use only one side. Practised for hours before a meal, you can also count on reverse training to aid digestion. By performing breathing exercises, you can also improve your respiratory health.

The appeasement of the mind

These are the relaxing effects of an inversion table. By modulating the incline yourself, you will find yourself in an optimal comfort zone. This posture will help calm your mind. This is why a large number of individuals opt for this practice to get rid of stress and forget the pressures of everyday life. It also helps the practitioner to increase his alertness and vitality. In other words, it is possible to qualify these benefits as anti-ageing effects.

It is also important to note that by choosing an inversion table, you will no longer be forced to take medication. This is especially the case for your back pain. You just need to do regular sessions for a few tens of minutes. Besides, you no longer have to go to a gym since you have the equipment at home.

Anyway, do not hesitate to consult the advice of a doctor for more safety and efficiency. Like any other therapy, it is important to follow instructions to enjoy the benefits of an inversion table. Indeed, the risk of side effects remains to be feared if you do not apply in moderation. All practitioners are affected by the recommendations, not just pregnant women or other special cases.

More advantages

  • Keeps discs hydrated: The position that we take when using the inclination of these tables promotes the passage of soft tissues to our vertebral discs and keeps them hydrated.
  • Improves blood circulation: The use of these tables makes the blood go in one direction and scientific studies have shown that being in a head position, our circulation improves as the organs decongest.
  • Improves the lymphatic system: These tables help to improve the arthritis pains, to be in head our body eliminates lymphatic waste, as is the lactic acid that accumulates in the joints and causes pain.
  • Relieves muscle tension: The muscular tension can be quite annoying, it can appear after intense training and to eliminate it you can use an inversion table since this help to stretch the muscles.
  • Increase flexibility: Our flexibility is also benefited by using these inversion tables since all the muscles and joints are stretched.
  • Improves the immune system: Having a better lymphatic system leads to improve the immune system since our body has discarded a lot of toxins, which will make you sick less.
  • Improve and maintain posture: Adopting a bad posture brings as a consequence frequent pains, these tables align our spine again and in this way, the posture is improved.
  • Reduces fatigue and increases energies: By having better circulation and a better oxygen input in your organisms, you will have much more energy during the day to perform all kinds of activities.
  • Help against depression: When in the head position cortisol levels fall, which makes us in a better mood, in addition to increasing the production of endorphins.

How to use the inversion table?

To use an inversion table, all you have to do is stand upright against the wall and immobilize your feet using the foam toe clips. Once the feet are immobilized, the user will rock backwards, thus overturning his body. Depending on the angle of inclination chosen when acquiring the table, the user creates a traction force on the spine in order to reduce pain. To get up, he will use the drawbars on the sides of the device. Some more advanced and motorized models have a pressure button which, if pressed, restores the normal position.


What should you look for when choosing an Inversion table?

There are factors that you can not ignore when choosing one of these tables, among them are:

  • Weight capacity: These tables hold us ankles, so you must be very sure that the model you are going to choose can support your weight.
  • Framework: The frame of the inversion tables should allow you to control your level of inclination to adjust it to your convenience.
  • Handles and platform: The platform where you will place your feet and their handles should be your size or easy to adjust for comfort.
  • Portability: A good idea if you do not have much space to save the Inversion table, is to opt for a model that has a folding frame.
  • Manuals vs. Automatic: There are models that are automatic and work with electricity, while others, being manual, require muscle strength to make them change angles.
  • Flexibility: If you want more freedom when doing exercises on the table, you should look for models that are more flexible.
  • Comfort: These tables are designed to improve the health of our backs, so it is highly convenient and necessary to choose a model that is comfortable to use.
  • Backboard: There are padded and other fabric models, both are great options to provide comfort to your back.
  • Material: You must keep away from abrasive materials, with sharp points and uncomfortable bulges, instead seek strength and durability.
  • Stability: It is very important that you opt for a model in which you feel safe, so flee from those who are not stable because you can end up falling from them.
  • Easy to use: Remember that it is a team that you will use without help, so you should look for those that are easy to use.
  • Grips of the ankles: You must also remember that you will be supported by the ankles, so it is advisable that you choose comfortable grips that support the weight.