In recent years, drinks of detox water, infused water or flavoured water have become very popular. To be able to consume and prepare many different delicious recipes, there has been the appearance on the market, bottles with fruit infuser, also called fruit infusion water bottle.

What is the best infusion bottle?

This is a question that has an easy answer. The truth is that when we buy products, we always have to look at our own needs and what we want to do with that product.

That said, I recommend you always look for a bottle of the size that you like, that is comfortable enough to carry to the office, yoga, gym or even to load your bike, but also have enough capacity to carry the amount of water that you usually drink.

In turn, I always look for it to be easy to clean because, unlike ordinary water bottles or even those that we usually buy in the market when we ask for flavoured water, these are made to be reusable. That is to say, it is the same bottle that you will take for several months, so you better be clean to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and even fungi.

But come on, not everything has to do with functionality, there are also many designs to choose from and it is also important that you bring a bottle that you like because you will see it every day. Oh, and if you are environmental and natural advocates, I recommend you look for one that is free of highly polluting plastics such as BPA. There are also glass ones.

Well, later I will comment on other things about this, but for the moment, I will share the comparative list that I have made with the best infusion water bottles that are availible on the UK’s online market.

1. Infusion water bottle with Cortland Infuser

You will love this bottle of the famous Contigo brand with a locking system that does not allow a single leak or spills, as well as a comfortable clip and capacity for 0.77 litres.

2. ACQUABLEND fruit infuser bottle

For those who care about the environment, I recommend this bottle without BPA. It comes with removable infuser to wash easily, is leak proof and even includes various recipes. You can wash it in the dishwasher.

3. Bottle with fruit infuser from Aquavera

Why does a bottle have to be just boring plastic? This model solves that dilemma with an excellent motivational message for when you drink your infusions in the gym. It is 800 ml, easy to wash and reliable.

4. Bottle with Duronic infuser filter

I present this bottle with an excellent capacity of 800 ml and a very cool design. You can make fruit infusions or teas or even remove the infuser and use it as an ordinary bottle.

5. Water bottle with Omorc fruit essence infuser

If you are in the ecological wave, I recommend buying this bottle without BPA and 900 ml that also has the infuser throughout the length of the product, which ensures that you will not lose the flavour.

6. Water bottle ROC Titan fruit infuser

Very resistant bottle, because it is made with tritan plastic. At the same time, it has a capacity of 750 ml, it has a removable infuser and fits in practically any car or bike holder.

7. Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Protectors of the environment, I tell you: this bottle is perfect because it comes without BPA and uses ecological plastics. It has an amazing capacity of 946 ml and very easy to use an anti-leakage system.

8. Bottle with fruit essence infuser AVOIN Colorlife

Its design is very cool, but also has advantages such as being made with the ultra-resistant plastic known as tritan and that can be washed in the dishwasher or placed in the car holder.

9. Water bottle for Grst fruit infusions

It is an ideal bottle for exercise because it has a total capacity of 1L. It is also free of BPA and is made with tritan, so you will know that it will last you for a long time.

10. Infusion water bottle of SLOMG

Enjoy the fruit-flavoured water or tea with this excellent BPA-free bottle and a high capacity of 750 ml. At the same time, it has a very attractive design and can be easily cleaned.

fruit infusion water bottle

What is a fruit infuser?

As the name suggests, a fruit infuser is a bottle that allows you to mainly infuse fruit, but also vegetables and herbs to create your own flavoured water without any additives.

You want to take care of your health, it is advisable to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day or 1.5 litres of water. If you have a weight loss goal, you should also know that good hydration is essential. The latter would offer favourable conditions for fat burning.

However, despite the benefits of mineral water, you may be tempted to flavour it by adding sugar or syrup.

Worst! You can buy industrial drinks like sodas or even drinks masquerading as healthy but which are full of sugars and additives. Since you know the health damage of these added sugars, you would like to find a way to hydrate yourself with a drink that is both tasty and rich in micronutrients.

This is when you should think about brewing fruit in water with an infusion bottle. It is the perfect way to facilitate your water consumption.

On the other hand, making flavoured water is another way of consuming your fruits and vegetables while fully benefiting from the nutrients they contain. Indeed, this transfers almost all the nutritional values ​​and the natural flavour of fruits and vegetables to obtain a drink with detoxifying, toning or even slimming properties.

With this kitchen utensil, you will, therefore, drink water differently and comply with an important dietary recommendation: consume fruits and vegetables daily.

This utensil will give you the opportunity to create many detox water recipes and vary the taste according to your mood. In addition, the fruits used only to lose their flavours after a few hours, which makes it possible to produce a good quantity of infused water.

Why buy infusion water bottle?

Drinking fruit-infused water is a very easy way to increase your daily water intake, especially if you want to increase your weight loss. The infused water, also called fruit flavoured water or detox water, is tasty and brings a lot of health benefits.

Infused water can be prepared with many fruits, vegetables or herbs, by combining them with water. Notably, cucumber and lemon which are the most popular ingredients for making detox drinks.

If you’re still wondering why you should buy an infusion bottle, here are some of the benefits you can get from consuming these kinds of drinks.

Metabolic stimulation

What Happens When Your Metabolism Rises? You will just burn more fat. The active components found in fruits speed up the metabolism, which causes the body to burn more calories throughout the day.

Among all the recipes, lemon infused water will have the most stimulating effects on metabolism. The other citrus fruits you can use to boost metabolism are oranges and lime.

Increase your energy level

I am running regularly, I tended to opt for an energy drink during and after exercise, which may seem legitimate after a 15 km long outing, in which I burn more than 1000 calories, but what about all the extra calories? Because yes, these drinks give energy, but they are high in calories. So that a glass of infused water has a high content of vitamins and provides enough energy, without calories, making it the perfect drink for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

So I replaced my energy drinks, consumed several times a week with infused water and I was able to say goodbye to these extra calories. The infused water contains significant amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which not only boost your energy level but also hydrate your body.

Has little or no calories

Infused water is an ideal ally for weight loss, as it contains little or no calories. We are not going to lie, losing weight is not always easy, and it becomes even more restrictive when we have to spend the day counting calories and reading the nutritional values ​​on the labels of beverages sold on the market.

By preparing your flavoured water yourself, without preservatives and no added sugars, you will know in advance that there will be no excess calories.

Easy to store and transport

Thanks to a bottle with fruit infuser, you will have flavoured water available daily. Water keeps very well in the refrigerator and can generally be kept for 24 hours, even several days for certain fruits. When there is no more taste, just prepare a new recipe, and it’s off for several days.

The best bottles of infused water are perfectly waterproof, light and easy to carry, you can just take them with you when you go to the office, car or sport to enjoy the benefits of water all day long and drink enough.

Time saving

Just wash and cut your favourite fruits and vegetables and let the aromas infuse inside your fruit infuser bottle, it couldn’t be easier. While preparing fruit juices and smoothies requires more effort and time, remember that you usually have to invest in a juice extractor or blender which are much more expensive than an infusion bottle. You understand it saves time and money.

In addition, the infused water can be stored for 1 to 3 days in the refrigerator, unlike fruit juices and smoothies which keep less.

Vary tastes during a diet

Going on a diet and restricting yourself to just drinking water is ideal, but it quickly becomes boring. Fortunately, with the infused water, you can change taste and flavour frequently, using different ingredients, an easy way to vary the pleasures and avoid boredom.

Prepare different recipes every week, buying different fruits and vegetables from your supermarket that you can incorporate into your drink. Apple, cucumbers, lemon, strawberries, orange, blueberries, cinnamon, etc. are some of the ingredients you can use. The possibilities are almost endless, so it’s almost impossible to get bored.

infuser bottle

How to choose the best infusion water bottle?

Well, it’s not physical space, but I tell you that choosing a bottle of infusion is not something as simple as buying a simple thermal bottle to bring coffee to the office, but there are a couple of other things you’ll have to consider. Anyway, I leave you a short list of those things that you should look before acquiring one:

  • The lid, which can be threaded or under pressure.
  • You must choose the size depending on how often you take it. It also depends if it is a bottle for the gym, running, yoga, office, bicycle bottle, car, motorcycle or any other use you plan to give.
  • Check if you bring juice juicer or not, depending also if you need.
  • Where is the basket of infusions? It can be at the bottom or above and that could affect the taste of the mixture if, for example, you do not carry too much water.
  • Check if you bring a cord or holder that makes your use comfortable and always at hand. Also, check if it is non-slip.
  • Take into account if it fits well in your backpack or even in the holder of glasses of the car or bike.
  • Look for any type of leak to know if it is reliable or not.


In general, they are not expensive. In fact, you will not have to spend much, since they are a simple, practical and economic solution to maintain good hydration at home, the office or even the gym. Neither do they require anything sophisticated to operate nor do they have electronic components.

Fruit infusion recipes

Fruit infusion is certainly the most effective method to create a detox drink and the arrival of the fruit infusion bottle has simplified its preparation. We are currently at a stage where it is now possible to personalize your drink by combining different fruits (or even other foods) in a single infusion. This combination not only allows you to vary the taste of your drink, but it also allows you to benefit simultaneously from the different nutritional benefits of your fruit. Here are some recipes that could inspire you in the preparation of your infused water.

Flavoured water with mango and ginger

Before you start preparing, take care to wash your mango and ginger thoroughly. Peel and cut it into small pieces (5 or 6 pieces will suffice). Then wash and chop your ginger (5 or 6 pieces also). Alternate the arrangement of the mango and ginger pieces in the fruit compartment of your fruit infusion water bottle. Once it has been replaced in your fruit infusion water bottle, pour in the water then shake lightly to start the infusion then let it sit for a few hours in the refrigerator before fully enjoying your drink.

Flavoured water with strawberry, mint, watermelon

Cut 5 to 8 watermelon pieces beforehand. You will need some strawberries (6 or 7 will do the trick) which you will cut into quarters and a dozen (or even twenty) mint leaves. Put everything in the fruit compartment of your fruit infusion bottle, taking care to alternate them gradually. Replace your fruit compartment then pour your water. After a few hours of rest in the fridge (2 hours minimum), your drink will be ready to be enjoyed.

Apple, cinnamon flavoured water

Cut one or two apples into quarters, taking care to remove all the seeds. Place your pieces in the fruit compartment of your fruit infusion water bottle and then introduce your cinnamon stick. Replace your fruit compartment and start pouring the water. Let the fruit infusion bottle sit for one or two hours in the fridge and you’re good to go! Note that it is essential to use a cinnamon stick because the cinnamon powder does not mix in water.

Orange, pineapple flavoured water

Always take care to wash your fruit well before use. Cut half of a pineapple into quarters and half of an orange into slices (cut each slice in half if necessary). Superimpose the pineapple and orange pieces in the fruit compartment of your fruit infusion bottle then replace the compartment in place. Add water and shake your fruit infusion bottle moderately to start the infusion. Let the bottle sit for a few hours in the fridge (one or two hours will be enough) before fully enjoying your detox drink.

Lemon, banana flavoured water

First, remove the skin from your bananas then cut one or two bananas into slices. Do the same for your lemons (one or two will be enough for 1L of drink). Alternate the arrangement of the banana and lemon pieces in the fruit compartment of your fruit infusion water bottle. Put it back in your fruit infusion water bottle and start pouring water. Always gently shake the bottle to optimize the infusion, then leave the fruit infusion bottle to rest for a few hours in the fridge (2 hours minimum).