Very often found in homes, the medical thermometer is an accessory used to measure body temperature in case of fever. Practical equipment that has evolved a lot in recent years. Indeed, with the evolution of technology and needs, the thermometer market has seen the arrival of different models including the infrared forehead thermometer.

Modern and practical, it can accurately measure the baby’s temperature from a distance. A little gem of technology that we will make you discover in all its aspects.

What is the best infrared forehead thermometer?

The rectal thermometer can in some cases be painful for your baby, especially if it is an infant. to make sure it hurts as little as possible and can stay calm, remember to lubricate the tip of the tool. use a little petroleum jelly: this presentation will not modify the heat and will help the penetration of the rectal thermometer for the care of your baby.

A cold or inevitable teething will quickly be associated with an increase in the child’s body heat, which is a natural reaction of the body to act against infections. in all cases, you must be competent to take the net measurement of the heat of your child, this is the role of the baby thermometer.

While ago, only the mercury rectal thermometer garnered parental confidence for its severity in the event of fever. yes but here, unhygienic not frankly practical and dangerous, it has gradually lost its aura in favour of other copies of electronic or infrared thermometers, simpler to use. the thermometer is mercury is also now prohibited for sale.

Keeping your family healthy and safe is surely one of your highest priorities. Having a reliable, easy to use and an excellent quality thermometer is important and that is why you have been reading all this article.

However, choosing the right one for our family may not be so simple, since there are many models that do very different things. Some are better for babies, others take longer to measure, some are more expensive and others are ideal for teenagers and adults. In the following comparison list, we help you choose among the best infrared forehead thermometers for you and your family.

Medisana FTN 76120 Infrared forehead thermometer

This infrared forehead thermometer has an excellent precision of 0.18ºC and is really fast: it takes the temperature in just 1 second. You only have to place it 5 cm from the forehead of the person at the height of the eyebrow and going through the area that goes to the temple.

Among its features include the useful memory technology that stores the last 30 measurements so you can track the temperature of your baby or anyone; the large screen with large digits and light to see well in the dark comes up with date and time, and a soft beep that indicates when the measurement begins and ends.

It is perfect for babies and even to measure the ambient temperature and the water of the bath or bottles. It is available at a good price for everything it offers.

Infrared Forehead Digital Thermometer – WEALLNERSSE

This brand offers an excellent infrared forehead thermometer of great rapidity at a really affordable price. Only 1 to 5 cm of the forehead should be placed and press the button to give measurement with an accuracy of ± 0.3ºC.

One of its best features is the ability to silence the thermometer and avoid awakening babies. Otherwise, it can be kept active to know when the measurement is ready. It also has a wide LCD screen that lights up to see in the dark and turns off after 15 seconds to save energy; memory function to remember the last 20 measurements and is able to measure liquid temperatures between 0 and 100ºC.

It is one of the least expensive thermometers with the best price-value ratio in the market.

Digital Forehead Thermometer – Hermano

It has a good precision of ± 0.3ºC and high measurement speed of 1 second, besides that users, love it for the features and functions it offers and for its ease of use, as well as the versatility of being able to use it on the forehead, heard, armpits and orally.

Among its most used functions are the memory of 20 measurements that allows monitoring the evolution of fever; the ability to measure objects and liquids between 0 and 100ºC, which makes it ideal for babies, since it allows measuring the temperature of bottles and water; the large backlit LCD screen for night viewing with automatic shutoff; and audible alerts and notifications.

It is definitely a good quality forehead thermometer at a more than convenient price.

Non-Contact Body Thermometer TempIR

It is the most affordable on our list. And the TempIR brand has one of the fastest thermometers at the best price: it is capable of making measurements in 0.5 seconds with an accuracy of ± 0.2ºC. In addition, it is able to display the results on a large backlit LCD screen.

This model works at a distance of between 1 and 5 cm; its screen automatically turns off after 18 seconds to save battery; has several colours of light and notifications to warn about moderate or high fever, and can measure liquid and food temperatures between 0 and 100 ºC.

For all this and the option of silencing it, it is ideal for babies, although it can also be used by children and adults.

Ear and Forehead Digital Thermometer – WEALLNERSSE

One of the particularities of this model is that it should be aimed at a distance between 5 and 15 cm from the forehead, which can be an advantage since it allows taking measurements at a greater distance to avoid disturbing a possible sleeping baby. The other is that it has an excellent memory of up to 20 measurements to monitor the progress of the fever.

Of rest, it is a versatile and comfortable forehead thermometer that offers a precision of ± 0.2ºC, a speed of measurement of 1 second and a backlit screen that allows seeing at night with ease. It also has the option to deactivate the sound so as not to wake the babies or small children and allows to take the temperature of food and food.

Its price is quite convenient for the functions it offers.

Digital in Ear and Forehead Thermometer – Deyonce

Its accuracy is remarkable since it offers a margin of error of ± 0.1ºC, which tops the list of infrared thermometers without contact. It also offers a measurement of just 1 second, which makes it, in sum, the fastest and most accurate in the market.

It also has a memory of 30 measurements to evaluate the evolution of fever; beeps and colour changes on the screen to notify if the temperature classifies as a fever; selection of ºC and ºF for greater comfort and versatility; it can be used at a distance of between 5 and 10 cm; and has the capacity to measure food and beverage temperatures between 0 and 100ºC, making it ideal for babies.

Something that should be highlighted is that there is no silence mode to turn off sound notifications. However, several users have claimed that the sound is low enough so as not to disturb babies or children sleeping.

infrared forehead thermometer

Things you should know

Remember that one of the first things you should keep in mind when choosing a thermometer is the comfort, ease of use and precision it offers. There is nothing worse than a very invasive thermometer, complicated to use or too slow to take temperatures. For this, it is important that you know how to choose the appropriate thermometer according to age:

For babies under 3 years old

Although measurements in the armpits are more comfortable, they are less precise, so rectal thermometers are recommended for their reliability and accuracy.

For children 3 years and older

For this age group, oral measurements are sufficient, but some children find it difficult to keep the thermometer in the correct position. Ear measurements can also be made, but finding the exact location can be difficult, and sometimes different measurements are made in each ear.

Another option is to use a thermometer of the temporal artery, which is placed on the temple, but this is only valid for initial monitoring. It is always advisable to use the rectal thermometer for greater safety.

For teenagers and adults

Oral or infrared forehead thermometers are preferred for their great comfort and reliability.

Types of thermometers

There are several types of thermometers that vary in size, accuracy, mode of use and comfort. However, we recommend you get rid of your old glass thermometers and take a look at mercury-free digital and infrared forehead thermometers.

Digital thermometers

They have become the most popular for their ease of use, convenience and low price. Find one that makes things easier for you by having an easy-to-read LCD screen, an easy-to-use power button that emits a sound when you complete the measurement.

You will also have to choose between rigid or flexible type. The seconds are the most comfortable, but they are generally not good for rectal measurements, while many rigid thermometers can take oral, rectal and underarm temperatures. Make sure you know what you need and read the labels to see if the model you want to buy can do what you’re looking for.

Infrared forehead thermometers

They work by measuring the heat emitted by the body and, although sometimes not so easy to place, take the temperature of a lapse of 1 to 3 seconds, so they are the fastest. However, they are also the most expensive. Non-contact infrared works by colouring the thermometer to 3 or 5 cm from the forehead and pressing the power button so that the thermometer projects two red circles of laser light on the forehead. Keep in mind that you must zoom in or out until the circles are aligned in one and you have the reading, so if the child moves a lot, it will be difficult to make the measurement. You can also measure the temperature of your infant’s bath or bottle.

There is tympanic infrared that is placed in the ear and is quick and easy to use but is not preferred by children. In fact, they prefer those that are placed on their foreheads because they are more comfortable.

What to look for when choosing a forehead thermometer?

The following is a list of things you should consider before buying a forehead thermometer. They have to do with the ease of use, reliability and others:


Some have soft or rigid tips, which may be convenient depending on the use you give them. Remember that the soft ones do not work for rectal measurements. They also have sounds that warn when the reading has already taken place.

Screen with light

Look for an infrared thermometer with light and large digits to be able to see in the dark or in low light.

Memory and auto-off

Find one that stores the last temperature taken to track and automatically turn off to save battery.

Age and temperature technology

Some temperatures are more harmful to certain ages. A thermometer with this technology allows you to place the age range of the person and tells you if your temperature is dangerous or not.

Response time

The infrared forehead thermometer can take between 10 and 80 seconds to take the temperature depending on the model, while the infrared only takes between 1 and 3 seconds, but they are still just as accurate.


There are models that come with plastic caps or small accessories to protect the thermometer but that represent a risk of suffocation. If this is the case you decide to buy, keep it away from small children.

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How does the infrared forehead thermometer work?

Although it is the most advanced form of a thermometer, it is based on a relatively simple operating principle.

Indeed, the contactless thermometer captures infrared radiation through its lens which amplifies the signal that will be received by the sensor and then the calculation unit to deduce the temperature. It should be remembered that anybody (inert or not) gives off infrared radiation whose power determines its temperature.

The tool is therefore satisfied with measuring the length of this wave and deducting the temperature of the object from it proportionally using its calculation algorithm. It then displays the result on an LCD screen.

In general, non-contact thermometers are programmed to capture wavelengths between 7 micrometres and 15 micrometres. In degrees Celsius, this is equivalent to a range of -60 to 450.

How to use infrared forehead thermometer?

It is very easy to use. To obtain a reliable result, simply place the lens directly in front of the body being measured. The latter must also be within easy reach of the device (ideally 5 cm). It is especially important to ensure that no obstacle is between the body and the device, at the risk of distorting the measurement.

To obtain an accurate reading, the measured body must completely fill the surface of the lens which represents the field of vision of the thermometer.

Another precaution of use, always take care that the lens of the thermometer is clean as well as the surface of the body to be measured. This is to avoid any measurement error.