In the summer I used to hang a hammock and enjoy the day among the trees in the garden, but over the years my back is not the same and after a few hours there I had an annoyance of the ciborium.

The truth is that I do not like anything to rest in one of the tiny chairs of the patio so I decided to look for the best inflatable sofa available on the market. There I can lie down to enjoy the wonderful weather.

What is the best inflatable sofa?

A good model of these inflatable sofas should have qualities that make it comfortable and durable, for example, selecting something with repair kit, travel bag and good weight capacity is a good option because you know what to do in emergencies.

If you do not have anything clear yet, this comparative list may be able to give you some lights.

1. Inflatable Sofa AeroBed

Large, comfortable and complete

If you want to enjoy a pleasant summer day in the garden, the inflatable deckchair by AeroBed is the most recommended for you to take a nap and read a book.

It has a parasol that will protect you from the wind and will shade you. It comes with a manual foot pump.

2. Bestway Inflatable Sofa

Spacious and comfortable

Made of high strength material, the inflatable bed of the brand Bestway is ideal for home in summer, you will lie comfortably to sleep or watch a movie.

It is made of flocked material easy to inflate and of great durability. Ideal for leisure moments. It comes with a repair patch.

3. Vango air mattress

Strong and easy to inflate

With a robust construction in coil beams that reinforce comfortable support, this inflatable mattress from Vango is one of the toughest mattresses on the market.

It is made of PVC that resists up to 150 kg in weight, it has repair patches for emergencies and it will be very easy to inflate.

4. Best 5 in 1 Inflatable Sofa

Safe and foldable

Equipped with safety valves, sturdy structure and comfortable folding design, this multifunction bed is ideal for the bedroom or for comfortably sleeping guests.

It will also serve you if you are one of those who sleep at work and take turns. It can be enjoyed as an armchair or bed.

5. Langria inflatable sofa

With integrated pillow

Ideal to be on the beach or for camping, outdoor events, picnics or even at home, the sofa of this manufacturer brings travel bag, comes with an integrated pillow and is water resistant.

Do not lose air, it is leak-proof and inflates it will be really simple.

6. Inflatable sofa corner Inflatable Sofa

Comfortable and easy to wash

Made with a comfortable, smooth surface and light texture this inflatable corner sofa is quite versatile as it can be assembled in different positions by removing the corner. It is made of non-toxic non-slip PVC.

It has no leakage nozzle and is a good option to buy if you have enough space.

What to look for when choosing an inflatable sofa

When choosing inflatable sofa you should take into account a series of qualities that will ensure your choice as the most suitable. So before taking anyone home it is important that you notice:


You will do nothing with a very heavy article that you can not move anywhere. Something that you can take from one place to another and that is light is ideal.


It will not be cheap for you if you spend a lot of money on a nice article but do not resist it very much and if you use it a third time, this is a quality that you should look at before choosing. Look at resistant material and easy inflation.


A good product is not only that you can inflate and lie down to enjoy, make an investment for something with extra features is also good: side pockets, inflation pump, waterproof, leakproof, all are qualities of great interest.


As these mattresses are usually used on the floor, outdoors or on trips to the beach is essential materials that are of good quality, resistant and preferably waterproof, it will not be especially economical, but it will be a good investment. Polyester, nylon and PVC are ideal.


Selecting something that is easy to wash and store is what I always recommend. You should make sure to keep it dry, in places far from humidity and away from materials that can puncture them.

Weight capacity

You will not want to buy something that does not resist, so before selecting you must ensure that it is a resistant mattress. Of course, this will depend on the width and the number of people who will normally use it. I do not recommend those that resist 100 kilos or less, you should go for more.


It is not pleasant that in full rest the product begins to deflate, so this point has to do mainly with the time that lasts the air inside. I recommend those that are leak proof or with double cameras that do not deflate easily.

Choice of colour

In the offer, you will find everything. Sober tones that combine with any home decor or festive beach tones that go with summer. It is your choice.

Air pump

This quality is essential, inflate quickly and is a useful tool in case of deflation.

Travel bag

For better portability a mattress that brings travel bag is better, it will be easier to move and store.

Repair kit

Even the toughest inflatable can suffer an accident, so one of those repair patches and the complete kit is definitely a good option.


It will depend on how many people decide to use it at one time, there are individual ones, large for two people and large for more than three. Choose accordingly.


A product that you can use both inside and outside the house and as an armchair or bed is ideal.

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