Whether it is to host a friend and offer him a good mattress for sleeping or for camping in the great outdoors, an inflatable mattress is one of the most practical options.

Having the air bed at home is always useful if you have guests to sleep at home, if unexpected visitors arrive or if you love to be travelling and embarking on all kinds of backpacking adventures.

One of the main advantages of this kind of mattress its ease of storage: foldable as desired, it can easily be stored in a corner of the house or in a closet.

With this ease of storage comes the ease of transport and use. In addition, these also have an advantage in terms of budget: they are the cheapest of all present on the market.

They are designed to provide comfort, are usually soft, durable and you can rest as well in them as you would in your own bed, so buying one can be an investment that will get you out of trouble.

What is the best inflatable mattress?

Currently, these mattresses are equipped with a series of qualities that you should know to choose the one that best suits your needs. There are many types and forms of design, even the most specialized ones come with an anti-bedding system.

You must do a test of what you need and establish a comparison between what is available for you to choose the one that best suits your pocket and your tastes.

Having a guide is never over, so we make this for you to select yours.

1. Active Era King Size Elevated Inflatable Air Mattress

A very good and practical addition, Active Era King Size is an excellent choice for making a sleeping bed when travelling, going out in the countryside or camping. Provided with a waterproof, flocked face, this provides you with maximum comfort and ensures you a sweet sleep, in complete peace of mind. Indeed, its flocked top makes it soft and pleasant to the touch and prevents you from slipping during your sleep. With a dimension of 152 cm in length, 203 cm in width and 56 cm in height, it also includes 56 cm hight, which makes it even more comfortable by offering more convenience.

To inflate it, simply connect the electric inflator which is integrated in the package to the mains. This filter pump allows quick, easy and effortless inflation of the mattress, you will not need an additional pump or other tools. Like inflation, deflation is also quick. Once deflated, it can be stored in a shoulder bag, delivered with the mattress and making it easier to transport. Indeed, foldable at will, it can be taken wherever you go.

2. Intex Inflatable Bed

Elegant and durable

Made of durable vinyl, this inflatable mattress supports a maximum weight of 136 kg in its individual version and 273 kg if it is large. It is stable, light, compact and you will rest in it as in your own bed.

It has a built-in electric pump, so you can inflate it effortlessly in less than three minutes and get the air out it will be enough to turn the pump valve.

Its construction with thousands of polyester fibres and finishes in flocked material prevents wear, provide comfort and make its structure solid, stable and resistant to pores and stings.

It is high cost, however, its users say it is a good investment and that resting in it is even better than the beds of some hotels.

3. Intex Pillow Rest Raised Air bed

Solid and portable

The manufacturer Intex puts in our selection this model of a blue inflatable mattress with grey, made of vinyl with classic design in the form of a pillow and high sides for greater rest and comfort.

Its internal structure is made with PVC sheets that favour healthy rest, has flocked base that offers greater comfort and built-in pump with an electric motor for easy inflation. It is portable, stable and high, which provides a good rest.

It is not cheap, but it is a resistant product, with a guarantee, good air support and easy to transport.

4. Pavillo Camping Air bed

Simple and resistant

Equipped with a low profile that facilitates rest in camping or outdoors, the manufacturer Bestway offers you this ideal mattress for travel.

Those who already have it claim that it is a durable and resistant product, made with soft and delicate materials that allow you to relax comfortably.

It is light, easy to store and carry and inflates in a short time. It retains well the air and supports up to 227 kg, so you will rest as if you were in your own room.

It is economic and its cost varies according to its size, always staying at reasonable standards. You get it in a unique size and in an elegant navy blue colour.

5. Coleman Comfort Air Bed

Comfortable and compact

The Coleman brand, traditional in camping goods, puts at your disposal this model made of ultra-resistant PVC with separate air cylinders and double lock escape valve that allows you to share the mattress and that each user inflates according to their comfort.

Those who already bought one, say that this quality is ideal when sharing the bed in trips and camps because when one user moves to sleep the other stays still and comfortable without bouncing.

It is easy to transport, inflates quickly and is made of solid and durable materials that are leakproof. It has alow price, you get it in a sober green colour and includes repair kit and carrying bag.

6. Milestone Camping Air Bed

Waterproof and easy to store

With a rapid inflation and deflation system thanks to a super safety valve that will allow you to put air in less than two minutes, this inflatable mattress is made of firm grooved vinyl structure that guarantees durability and resistance.

Its flocked structure provides a velvety softness that will give you a comfortable rest, it is also waterproof which gives you a warm dream feeling.

It is low profile, measures 1.91 meters. high by 1.37 meters. wide and folds easily for storage and travel, so you can use it without problems both inside and outside the house. It is the least expensive of our selection and you get it in an attractive olive-blue.

7. Outwell Flock Excellent Double

Firm and ideal for camping

The inflatable mattress of the manufacturer Outwell is at your disposal in a version for two people with dimensions of 2.5 meters. high by 1.35 meters wide.

It has a ribbed, velvety structure, solid and easy to inflate that give you greater comfort when sleeping and make it resistant to any type of puncture, a quality that makes it the ideal mattress for camping trips.

Its structure is foldable and very easy to store. It is affordable, available in black with grey and includes a bag to pack and transport.

8. Zoiibuy SUV Double Air Bed

Elegant and functional

It is one of the most competitive inflatable beds among the available offer. It is designed especially for SUV or sport utility vehicle and is also compatible with almost any vehicle model.

It is equipped with five independent air chambers to give greater comfort to those who use it, it is easy to fold, store and store and, for its use, can be placed perfectly in the trunk of the car or in the back seat.

It has breathable fabric, resistant, of good quality, respectful with the environment, with PVC flock quality that gives a sensation similar to that of suede leather

It is equipped with sealed air nozzles that prevent the air from returning and is capable of supporting up to 300 kg of weight.

Its price is high, but in the opinion of those who already have it, it is a worthwhile investment. If money is not a problem for you, this may be a good option. It comes with a storage bag, electric pump and repair kit.

intex inflatable mattress

Inflatable Mattress – Buying guide

There are a lot of features that will make your sleep experience more comfortable on an inflatable mattress. It is necessary that you know them and takes them into account when making your purchase so that you can select what best suits your needs. Here we leave the most outstanding:

  • Of high thickness: They come in different heights and thicknesses, but the most common is a raised type that looks like a normal bed, they are designed to keep users away from the floor and offer a more traditional experience. Its disadvantage is that they occupy more space both inflated and deflated and, therefore, are more difficult to store.
  • Low profile: They are available without the added base, which means they are slightly cheaper, smaller and more compact. This makes them ideal for camping trips, as they can be easily deflated, rolled and packed in your car or backpack.
  • With external pump: There are several types, those that operate manually or standing, those that are used with batteries and those that are powered by electricity. They are usually cheaper than the internal pump, although over time they have become uncommon.
  • With built-in or internal pump: They are the most common nowadays due to their popularity and ease of inflation, which makes them practically automatic. These models carry the inflation pump on the same mattress and do not need adapters or additional devices. They are extremely fast and use electricity or are powered by batteries.
  • Comfort and structure: The comfort and ability of the mattress to retain air and stay stable are qualities to consider so you must verify these details. None of these products feels like a standard mattress, we know, but some are remarkably more comfortable to sleep than others.
  • Ease of use: You do not have to have a PhD to use an inflatable mattress, but the fewer complications you get, the better! Mattresses should be easy to unfold, inflate, deflate and store and with this, you already have an easy to use and save the product.
  • Air retention: This quality is essential. No one wants to inflate a mattress and dawn sleeping on the floor, so it is important that you select one with proven safeguards capable of holding the air with a specific weight over for several hours. The material from which the mattress is made such as vinyl, polyester and PVC helps to improve this quality.
  • It provides a lot of support: A well-made air bed will distribute the air in the mattress equally, so there are no lumps or “bubbles” that make you roll. Look for them with a network of internal air coils or cameras that help the air to circulate evenly.
  • Small to deflate: These mattresses are often used for trips, camping or temporary situations so that, when not in use, we can easily store them. So they should be compact and light enough to carry and pack both in the home or a trunk of the car when camping.
  • It comes with a guarantee: The best guarantees will cover both the bed and the pump, in case it is included, for at least one full year.
  • Additional features like raised bumpers or built-in pads: Some air mattresses are very basic, but other air mattresses have additional features, such as raised bumpers or built-in pillows. Sometimes users prefer these features because they help to keep the body comfortable and without falling risk, in case it is not stuck against the wall, this applies, above all, to small children. Parents often seek this quality because they feel that buffers can give their children a sense of security.

Is inflatable mattress good?

Elevated Inflatable Air Mattress

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air bed

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How big should the inflatable mattress be?

Air mattresses are not always as big as a regular mattress. Check the mattress measurements to make sure it is big enough so you can fit comfortably, the same applies if you have a partner. This is especially important if you (or your partner) are taller than average. It is also useful to check the weight capacity of the mattress, so you know if you can support your weight or both if you use it as a couple.

How will you use the air bed?

If you will use the mattress for guests or as a temporary bed, a double-height one may suit you so that you feel as if you were in a traditional bed. However, if you plan to use it for camping trips, the best one will be a simple height that fits well with your tent and is easier to inflate, fold and carry.


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