The majority of people spend several hours a day sitting behind the office desk, which can bring a number of ailments which include back pain, muscle pain, etc. Usage of the inflatable footrest can reduce these ailments, thus leading to employee health, which results in better productivity and job satisfaction. An inflatable footrest provides the much-needed support for the limbs and lower back we need when we sit for a long time.

What is the best inflatable footrest?

A selection of what is best does not always mean the same thing to different people. While for some the best is the price, for others it is comfort, so choosing will depend on your purposes.

Some qualities can be useful: soft and resistant fabric, compact padding and portability are characteristics to consider. If you or one of your children is allergic, you must ensure that you have a hypoallergenic cover.

Checking the size and also for the sofa can be useful. A comparison between manufacturers is never over and if you have doubts you can take a look at this list and clarify:

ATKKE Inflatable Foot Rest 

Here we have an inflatable footrest that can be used in your workplace. It is convenient to use it since it allows to elevate the legs in order to relieve them.

However, this product can also be used to prop up your back properly by taking a sitting position as a pillow as needed.

It remains light and portable ensuring the user comfort which is due to him after a tiring day. By regularly putting your feet on this article, you will be able to relax while improving your blood circulation.

You can also compress it until you get a small size and even facilitate its storage when you have your massage session. According to specialists, this article helps to combat the risks of deep vein thrombosis which often occurs during your travels.  

Inflatable pillow footrest for Xiaoya travel

The Xiaoya brand has placed at your disposal this pillow suitable for adults and children.

Travelling with the kids will no longer be a nightmare and you can sleep comfortably with one of these. It is multifunctional, resistant and portable.

Inflatable resting pillow FengNiao

Manufactured in high-quality PVC, this footrest is ideal not only for trips but also to have in the office or at home.

It is multipurpose, easy to inflate and will help you rest on long trips.

Homyl travel footrest pillow

Made in flocked material this inflatable footrest can be used as a chair while you wait at the airport, it is portable and robust.

It is an easy device to inflate, soft and ecological. A great ally for rest.

Travel footrest pillow HR-7300 ObboMed

After walking for hours while you are camping, get to the store and put your feet in one of these will improve circulation and provide a real rest.

It is comfortable, compact and even serves as a car.

SP103 Skypal footrest cushions

This striking model of two styles in ones will serve even for the hotel, after long walks and tours by tourist sites.

Resting your feet on these ottomans will improve your circulation. Ideal for those who have chronic pain.

SYCOTEK 3 Height Adjustable Inflatable Footrest

Benefits of using an inflatable footrest

An ergonomic or inflatable footrest is an absolute necessity when sitting for long hours. It keeps legs and feet in motion, raised, and in addition, they are very comfortable!

Provides better sitting posture

A footrest located under your desk and adjusted to your body shape will give you the best posture and optimal alignment of your spine when you are sitting in your chair at your desk or at your computer.

When you do not use a footrest, the following phenomenon occurs: your lower back is bent forward, which creates muscle tension and therefore back pain. Footrests have this ability to place your lower spine in a balanced position, which will relax your lower back (lumbar) muscles while distributing your upper body correctly.

using inflatable footrest for travel

What to look for when choosing an inflatable footrest

Before buying one of these for travel, it is essential that you look at certain details that will help you choose just what you need, so before deciding anything, you should try to make your footrest:

Compact, portable and lightweight

If something characterizes these accessories is its versatility, in addition, you must be sure that you can take it everywhere. The recommended thing is to select one with a travel bag and check that it is an inflatable that can be compressed or folded in a simple way to be taken wherever you want. With these qualities, you will ensure you have a compact inflatable.

Easy to inflate and deflate

Nobody wants a difficult accessory to inflate, it is a nuisance and it stops being completely practical. I suggest a model with a pump, either separately or included. What you should be aware of is that it is easy to configure.


Nothing will be too great for your purpose, so one of the main things you should notice is that it fits perfectly in the leg space so that children can travel comfortable and quiet. The perfect fit is indispensable, more than one economic model will give you this and more.


If you want to get an accessory to which you can get a maximum of use what I always advise you is to make sure that it is something multipurpose. It is not only as a footrest, but it can also be useful for the legs. A good accessory can be used as a pillow if needed or as a seat while waiting for the flight and even as a bed for the children of the group.

Quality and materials

Although they offer you will find good products at a reasonable cost you will have to understand that the quality costs, so the ideal thing is to choose something resistant and durable that will hold a lot of travel with you. It will not come cheap, but it will be a good choice.


Nothing will serve you an accessory as hard as a stone, the important thing is comfort. Soft, thick covers will be comfortable for hours of travel.


In the market, you will find everything and for all tastes. So you will not find it very difficult to select something whose colours and design go with your preferences. From the soberest to the festive.


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