When your children are grown up they just want to play and enjoy, and in summer what better option than an inflatable baby pool, easy to inflate. Nowadays we have electric pumps that inflate any pool in a few minutes, and simple designs, for the little ones, or amazing designs with a multitude of toys and accessories so they can spend the summer without stopping to play.

I recommend you to start with an inflatable baby pool where you have enough space like in the garden, so you can have a good time with your son or daughter, cool off and be attentive at all times that he is well and make sure who does no mischief in which harm can be done.

What is the best inflatable baby pool?

If you want to know which is the best, you must identify some details before choosing, which I list below:

  • Specify the number of children who will use it. This condition will affect the size to choose.
  • The average age of the children. Younger people need more security components.
  • Type of use: frequent or sporadic.

Once you know your need you can select the design and colours of greatest pleasure for your kids. We also recommend that you verify if you have a quick valve that facilitates the inflation and deflation process.

If you want to have a complete inflatable choose those that come with a compressor or an air pump to not overspend.

1. Jilong playground type pool

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It is a great option for children to enjoy a sunny summer day. It is made of PVC plastic to guarantee durability. Bring a slide, 8 balls, three rings and three starfish to increase the fun. It connects to a hose to activate the spray option.

2. Double pool Intex with Rainbow play centre

Intex Rainbow Ring Play Centre
  • Suitable for 3 Jahrenin. Includes Water RUTSCHE2POOLS4 inflatable rings
  • '297 x 193 x 135 cm (L x W x H); "phthalate-free seal of approval. (indication of environmentally friendly, health-conscious...
  • With great Rainbow Shower Drain Valve

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The manufacturer made an extraordinary design of two pools in one. They are joined by a fun inflatable slide that contains padded carpet for added security. The upper ring in the form of a rainbow offers the possibility of spraying the water when connected to the garden hose. Bring game accessories.

3. Pool with Intex Dinosaur Game Center

Intex Jurassic playground
  • Approximate inflated size 249cm x 191cm x 109cm
  • Pool includes slide, water sprayer and waterfall
  • Water sprayer and water fall attach to garden hose
  • Landing mat for extra padding
  • Suitable for ages 3+

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This is the third and spectacular option offered by this leading brand in the market. It swells by parts and the dinosaur can be placed in the place you want. Includes game accessories and slide with padded base. Easy to assemble and deflate. It is recommended to adjust the air periodically.

4. Intex Summer Lovin

Intex Summer Lovin' 1.70m x 1.50m Inflatable Beach Play Spray Childrens Pool 57421NP
  • Countryside Play Center water toy. Water-spraying rim.
  • Control valve to adjust water flow rate. Includes inflatable tree, rainbow shade, toss ball game, six (6) 3-inch plastic play...
  • Dimensions: 155cm x 130cm x 84cm/61" x 51" x 33"
  • Recommended for ages 3 years and older

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With these bright colours and playful designs, this little baby pool has something for the little ones. Besides, we can rather speak of a paddling pool as it is intended for the little ones. It has a roof that protects from the sun and funny water jets to connect to the garden hose. This inflatable children’s pool is easy to install. It is equipped with a drain plug for simplified storage. A set of 6 plastic balls is also provided. Dimensions: 170 x 81 x 150 cm.

5. Pool with sprayer and Intex game accessories

Intex Dinoland Play Center Inflatable Water Play Center, Assorted Model (with and without volcano),...
  • Matching model with and without volcano.
  • Inflatable slide with padded base and side barriers, inflatable dinosaur figures, inflatable rings, water sprayer and colorful...
  • It incorporates 6 balls of various colors to play, to slide them or to pass them through the dino arch and 2 inflatable rings to...
  • Made of sturdy vinyl, center arch has water sprayer with garden hose connection, includes drain plug and repair kit.
  • The play center supports a maximum weight of 81 kg and is designed for outdoor use by children over 2 years old.

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For the little ones, Intex presents this option with which they can enjoy great summer days. All its accessories are swollen and because they are made of PVC they are guaranteed of resistance. The air and water connections are easy to use. It is cheap and of good quality.

6. Intex shark baby pool

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It is a smaller item than those presented above and can be used on the terrace. If you want you can also wear it on the shore. The original mouth of the shark serves as a parasol so that the child has greater protection during the fun hours of play. Made of vinyl.

7. Intex John Adams Sun Shade Pool

Intex Sunshade Aquarium Pool, Multicolored, 157x157x122 cm, 57470, Assorted colors, 1 piece
  • The Sun Shade Pool comes with an inflatable removable shade
  • Color: Multicolor
  • 57470NP
  • A repair patch is included

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Leading brand in inflatable pools, Intex offers a children’s model equipped with a detachable sun visor using Velcro. The pool is quick to inflate, especially if you are using an electric inflator. No need to fill the water to the maximum, especially in the presence of young children. Just remember to slide a tarp underneath to avoid punctures. Perfect to introduce toddlers to the pleasure of paddling! Dimensions: L 30.5 x D 10.2 x H 35.5 cm.

8. Intex 57122NP Baby Pool Royal Castle

Intex 57122NP Baby Pool "Royal Castle"
  • Royal Castle paddling pool with built in sun shade.
  • An excellent first paddling pool. Perfect for use in the garden.
  • Windows and large openings for added visibility and easy access.
  • Approximate size when inflated: 48" x 48" (1.22m x 1.22m).
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings,...

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Perfectly suitable for children from one year old, this baby pool has the advantage of being equipped with a fairly effective sun visor. It also offers an inflatable bottom, comfortable for the little ones. Obviously, its water capacity is limited to 74 litres. But this volume is more than enough for a baby pool.

9. Intex Seahorse Inflatable Baby Paddling Pool

Basenik dmuchany z daszkiem 188 cm x 147 cm
  • The Seahorse Baby paddling pool is a bright and colourful baby pool perfect for your baby or toddler on a summer's day.
  • Built in padding pool with shade. This Intex Paddling Pool keeps your baby protected from harsh UV rays.
  • The Seahorse Intex Baby Pool has a 114 litre water capacity. Measures 188cm x 147cm x 104 cm, 114 L,
  • This Intex Pool is suitable for children aged 1-3 years. Paddlng Pool can be used as a babies ball pit.
  • This paddling pool baby small is made from PVC Vinyl, weight 2.7kg. Repair patch included with this baby pool.

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This beautiful and innovative inflatable pool is one of the best sellers for babies, this largely due to its striking design in the shape of a sea horse and which is made of ultra-resistant vinyl to ensure a longer product life.

The pool measures 188 x 147 x 104 cm and has a capacity of 114 litres of water. It has a parasol to protect children from strong sunlight.

It is recommended that children 2 years of age or older enter, always under the supervision of an adult. The inflatable baby pool in the shape of a sea horse has a repair kit for any puncture.

10. Bestway round pool for children

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Parents love it because it can be easily assembled and dismantled. It is tubular structure, metal, with capacity for three children. It is the most economical of the list but it is of great benefit in case your kids want to practice some movements of their swimming lessons.

inflatable baby pool

What is an inflatable pool?

As the name suggests, these pools are inflatable structures made with several layers of PVC that guarantee their durability and resistance.

They are designed to be easily installed on the floor. The structure must be inflated with an electric pump that will fill the air chambers to the top, giving it the firmness and solidity it needs to support the weight and volume of the water.

In addition, it is the perfect alternative to enjoy a refreshing dip that will help you combat the powerful summer heat.

Benefits of having Inflatable baby pool

Swimming has many advantages from an early age. The pool games allow children, boy and girl, grow and develop at several levels: 

  • Coordination of movements: swimming develops muscles, motor skills and helps to improve the coordination of children’s movements. He learns to synchronize his movements to advance in the water. The simple fact of making him dance, swim or advance in the water contributes to the improvement of his capacities
  • Balance and tone: aquatic games improve the child’s balance and tone. Playing in the water makes them discover a new field of experimentation, where the simplest activities, like clapping or jumping, offer a different sensory experience. The child can experiment without worrying about falling or falling on a hard surface. Water also offers resistance to movement, which helps strengthen tone. Moving around in water requires more energy.
  • Exploration and learning: water is a new element for the child which offers an incredible source of experimentation and play. Your children have certainly already discovered sand, earth or stones. But what about the water? Children occasionally discover the movement of water, the volumes. Finally, in nature, water is also a habitat for frogs or fish: a source of discoveries more exciting than the others!
  • Socialization and communication: outdoor games allow children to explore and interact. Having new experiences and discoveries in the pool is a way for them to socialize. Children love to share their new discoveries. In addition, water games often involve sharing the limited space of the pool and having to share the play accessories found there. Children are therefore brought to collaborate and share in play. There are many opportunities to exchange and share when swimming!
inflatable baby play centre  pool

Reasons to buy an inflatable baby pool

It is economic

Inflatable baby pools are affordable for many families. Cheap and easy to maintain. You can save the structure to preserve it during the winter months, extending its useful life, and install it again during the summer days.

It is easy to install

Inflating and filling an inflatable pool takes only a couple of hours if we talk about large designs. If, on the other hand, we refer to a children’s pool, the installation time is considerably reduced.

Easy to move

They have lightweight and durable designs that allow them to be easily moved when filling or emptying them.

Easy to clean

Keeping the pool clean is an easy task that will not take much time or effort.

What to look for when choosing an inflatable baby pool?

Manufacturer recommendations

Choose a pool compatible with the ages and heights of your children. The right size will be a determining factor to ensure the safety of your little ones.

Materials and design

Several layers of high-quality PVC, a flexible and resistant material that can easily withstand the summer heat.

You will find a wide variety of designs, pools with slides, sprinklers and play stations to amuse the little ones.

Construction and resistance

A pool made of several layers of PVC passes the resistance and durability test. Choosing a model of this type will make your children enjoy it for longer.

Colour and appearance

Hundreds of colours, shapes and themes that will awaken your little one’s creativity.

Filling and maintenance

The size of the pool determines how easy it is to fill it, drain it and keep the water in good condition.

The small inflatable pools do not represent any problem, however, if you choose a model with the greater capacity it will be necessary to be very attentive to the purification and cleaning of the water.


Inflatable pools are susceptible to punctures with stones and sharp materials. If you want a quality product it will be necessary to invest more money to acquire a structure with several layers of vinyl or PVC that offer more durability.


It will depend on you to choose the preferred design, it exists among a great variety: Circular, oval and rectangular designs.


  • 90 cm in diameter: They are compact designs, perfect for fun for a couple of small children.
  • 1.50 meters in diameter: They are medium-sized design, for larger children. It is important that adult supervision always exists when using them.
  • 6 meters in diameter: They are the largest designs, can be enjoyed by children and adults. Ideal for family fun.


According to all the opinions made based on the safety of inflatable baby pools, it has been expressed that the safety used in the manufacture of an adult pool cannot be compared to one for babies since the measures must be completely rigorous.

The same is true in the sense that no parent can choose a baby pool that does not comply with such measures, or that buys inflatable pools for older children, as this would be a very large negligence.

Baby pools are designed exclusively for them, with all the safety parameters included, also taking into account their height, which is vital.

inflatable kids pool

Accessories for baby pools

  • Slide: Many slides are integrated into the inflatable design of the pool. You can also find independent models, made of hard or inflatable plastic that will complement the fun of your children.
  • Sprayer: A hose and a sprayer will take the fun to the limit.
  • Sun shade: This cover will help you protect the sensitive skin of the little ones. Many designs bring a built-in.
  • Inflatable Base: Your children will jump for joy while playing in the pool, many designs have an inflatable base that protects them, to prevent them from hitting while doing stunts.
  • Toys: A kit of toys can make the experience unforgettable for your children.
  • Play centre: They integrate different play areas into their designs that will keep your children entertained for hours.

Maintenance of inflatable baby pool

It is useless to have the best quality baby pool when nobody is based on the maintenance of it, a pool will have durability thanks to each type of maintenance that is carried out. And this really is a crucial point, considering that babies could be exposed to anything and being so susceptible they could get sick.

The most important thing regarding maintenance is to change the water constantly, as well as it is vital that it is collected after it is used, to avoid any puncture in the pool.

Many recommend that the pool need to dry before being stored, and this sounds logical enough to avoid any kind of moisture in the plastic of the pool.

Where can I buy a baby pool?

Baby pools can be bought in many places, the first thing we must check is whether it is safe and complies with the safety standards, so we will get a product with complete safety for our little ones.

You have very reliable brands, such as Costway or Intex, where you can see that their inflatable baby pools are the most sold, and that is not by chance since they are companies that are concerned with manufacturing high-quality products and accessories.

How much should I spend on a baby pool?

The money to be spent on an inflatable baby pool can never be based on what it will cost, how expensive or expensive it can be. It must be based is that if the disbursement of that amount of money will be worth it if the pool about to buy is of the best quality.

It is not the same to buy an adult pool as a baby pool, because normally these types of baby pools have a slightly higher value. Indeed, there are too many models and the size may also vary a bit, although it is not very common considering that almost all baby pools are small.

The price of them can be between £10 and £50, clearly, these costs are based on the simplest pools. Other higher quality models may exceed this range.