For the primary heat source in winter, you can use an indoor gas heater, air conditioning or even those small fan heaters.

If you have chosen the first option, then you will like this article. Here we will offer you some of the best gas heaters on the market, as well as a purchase guide to make your choice easier.

What type of heating is a gas heater used for?

An indoor gas heater is an appliance that is very often used as additional heating. There are several types on the market, and each of them is a good option when it comes to the efficient heating of your home.

In any case, this is a very easy to use device that has highly effective safety systems. Gas heating is an alternative to electric heaters, oil radiators and allows you to reduce electricity consumption and save on monthly costs.

This type of heating, dissipating gentle heat, is usually designed for heating small or medium-sized rooms at home. It is also possible to find gas heaters specially designed to heat large open spaces such as warehouses and halls.

What is the best gas heater for home?

To choose the best indoor gas heater, it is best to know the basic features and how they guarantee you use that is practical and safe at the same time.

We want to help you choose. Therefore, we will offer you several models and share the important aspects you should pay attention to when making your choice.

In addition, we will answer several questions related to the operation, advantages and disadvantages of a gas heater for heating.

1. Indoor gas heater Progen red color 4.2kw

PROGEN New 4.2kw Calor Gas Heater Free Standing Butane Gas Heater Portable Heater with with wheels...

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A very interesting model that is offered at a low price, according to the quality it provides. Progen heats standard rooms without any problems thanks to its power of 4200 W. It works with propane-butane and can be easily transported. It has a triple safety system. The power can be adjusted in 3 power settings: 1.63KW, 2.7KW and 4.2KW.

2. Phonix portable indoor gas heater

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This one has a power of 4,200 W and ceramic heating plate. Combustion occurs at high temperatures, which leads to higher heat capacity with lower fuel consumption. Recommended for rooms with a volume of 84 m3, but can also be used for larger rooms. It works with propane-butane.

3. Marko indoor gas heater

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Marko has a design that gives a modern touch to the room in which it is used. This indoor gas heater has a flame control system and can be adjusted with 3 power levels according to the desired room temperature. With its maximum power of 4.1kW, it heats up quickly and holds up to a 15kg cylinder.

4. Generic GSH942 Gas Heater

Generic GSH942 Gas Heater, Portable Freestanding Heater on Wheels, 3 Heat Settings, Gas Cylinder,...
  • 3 Heat Settings
  • Suitable for LPG and natural gas
  • Fitted with castors to make it portable
  • Cylinder capacity up to 15 kg
  • Oxygen Depletion System

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This simple indoor gas heater has an adjustable temperature that will help you use it more efficiently in case of temperature changes on cold days.

The heater has a power of 4200 W, achieving fast heat distribution in a homogeneous and efficient way, enough for rooms up to 40 sq.m.

Generic GSH942 has automatic ignition via a button, transport handles and multi-directional rotating wheels. This is a model with an average price compared to the other indoor gas heaters on the list.

5. Calor Provence 3kw Portable Flueless Gas Stove Heater

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Easy to install and turn on, thanks to just one button. With an excellent design that is suitable for any decor and has a power of 3000 W.

It is reliable due to its security system and three power levels. It is also easy to handle, thanks to the side handles and wheels that the model has.

The advantages of indoor gas heaters

Indoor gas heaters have many advantages, so they are attracting more and more people. They offer benefits in terms of:

  • Convenience in use: In principle, they are equipped with wheels, so these heaters can move easily and comfortably in the rooms where they are needed. They are also easier to ignite and operate as they do not need to be charged like other types. Depending on the model, they can even be used outdoors.
  • Heating comfort: Even if it is more expensive than wood heating, gas heating is less polluting and heats the room faster. Indoor gas heaters provide quality heating, a pleasant atmosphere for living almost immediately after turning on the appliance.
  • Affordable price: In addition to the most luxurious models, you can equip yourself with a gas heater for less than £200.

The disadvantages of indoor gas heaters

However, gas heaters have some disadvantages, especially in terms of:

  • Design: In most cases, they are made of stainless steel, less noble and thin than cast iron, for example, and the visual quality of their flames can not compete with that of fireplaces, but it depends entirely on the model.
  • Safety: Possible gas leaks can cause poisoning and explosions. Therefore, this equipment requires strict adherence to the rules of use, even if an emergency detection and shutdown system is available.

Use of gas heater

It is very important to know that they are not designed for too small rooms or places without ventilation.

Combustion of gas always generates carbon dioxide and reduces oxygen in the room, which can affect us if we do not take the necessary precautions.

To get the idea, for each kilogram of gas burned, the heater generates 1.5 litres of water vapour in the air.

These heaters must not be used in rooms with an area of ​​less than 20 square meters. Always make sure there is ventilation or a small draft.

And the good side of these heaters is the price of heating, a radical difference compared to electricity, as well as the rapid heating of large rooms.

There are three types of gas heaters for heating.

There are three technologies that differ in the type of heat produced, consumption or carbon monoxide emissions.

With a blue flame

In this type of heaters, the gas burns at a higher temperature, so the heat it radiates is higher, and they heat up enough to heat up to 40 sq.m. room.

And because they also have two heat outlets (front and top), heat dissipation is faster and more efficient.

According to most experts, this gas heater has the longest useful life and heats more space at a lower cost.

The infrared gas heater

This type of device uses a refractory infrared ceramic plate on the surface of which the gas burns to produce progressive heat, which settles longer but more homogeneously than in the previous type. In contrast, this species does not dry the air in the room.

Combined with electric

One of the significant advantages of this type is that it can run on both gas and electricity. This species can be the saviour in certain situations.


How does the indoor gas heater work?

Its job is quite simple. This is a heater equipped with a flexible hose with a regulator for connection to a gas cylinder. This hose allows very low-pressure gas to enter the gas heater system.

In most cases, the start is done by pressing the start button. We are talking about piezoelectric ignition. The ignition can also be manual, and in this case, it will take a long press of a button on the machine to work.

No matter what ignition system your gas heater has, it will run very quietly. This is one of the things that many consumers like.

Models with infrared heating, the flame is produced after the gas has spread to the refractory ceramic tiles. All this happens in just a few seconds, and a slight heat gradually spreads throughout the room. In infrared models, heat retention is maximum, but unfortunately, we have the right to emit carbon dioxide.

The gas passes through the small calibrated burner holes in stainless steel burner models to transform into blue flames. The heat dissipates quickly in the room. However, the retention time of this heat is not as long as in the case of an infrared gas heater. This species also produces poisonous gases.

As for the gas heater with a catalyst works at a lower temperature and does not produce a flame. The heat is produced by a catalyst. It is then dissipated thanks to one or more radiant ceramic panels. It has optimal autonomy of up to 120 hours with full cylinder! Due to its nature of the operation, it does not form carbon dioxide while the device is in operation.

Our purchase guide will help you find the best indoor gas heater for your needs.

Purchase guide

Do you want to buy a gas heater to improve the comfort of your home in the winter? Let’s look at the features you need to keep in mind when choosing a gas heater to determine if it will be able to meet your needs for your situation effectively.

Device type

There are three types of gas heaters for indoor use: gas heater with metal burner, infrared gas heater and catalytic. Depending on your situation and your budget, one type will be more appropriate than another. For example, those with a metal burner and infrared models are effective, but they also form carbon dioxide during operation, which remains in the air of the heated room. For this reason, it is recommended that the room be always ventilated.

If you are particularly sensitive to such fumes, choosing a catalysed gas heater will certainly be preferable, as it does not produce harmful gases.

Provided you use gas heating as a backup heating method, it is a good idea to actually calculate your needs. Ask a professional, he can help you determine your exact heating needs.


In order to have an appliance that can heat the room properly, it is essential to choose a power that suits your needs and the size of the room. You can usually calculate this, keeping in mind that 100 watts per square meter are recommended. For a room measuring about 30 square meters, you will need an appliance with about 3,000 watts.

In case you want to move it to different rooms, then choose a gas heater that is powerful enough to heat the largest room. Depending on the size, you can buy two small ones instead of one large one for maximum efficiency.


Safety is essential no matter what type of gas heater you use. The best way to check that the device is safe and reliable is to make sure it is marked with EN 449 (European standard for special devices for liquefied gas). Therefore, you will have tilt protection, thanks to which the device stops in case of impact or fall and a safety device with a thermocouple, which interrupts the gas supply in case of the abnormal extinguishing of the system or the flame. It is also appropriate to have an oxygen sensor. In addition, for greater safety, some models have an overheating protection device.

Always remember, regardless of the heating system you use: convectors, electric heaters, oil radiator, pellet heaters: Nothing makes a gas heater safer than others.



Several very interesting features can improve the use of your gas heater. It is not necessary to have all possible, but some are very practical. Temperature regulation saves energy. With the help of a thermostat and remote control, you will be able to adjust the heating level according to your needs, but several heating levels must be available for this purpose. On the other hand, the wheels give mobility to the gas heater.

Consumption and maintenance

Choose a device whose consumption will not increase your bills. In terms of energy consumption, the most economical gas heater is the catalytic gas heater. It can reach up to 120 hours of heating with a single cylinder refill.

It can be said that even with other species, you can have acceptable autonomy. At a consumption of 250 grams of gas per hour with a cylinder of 13 kg, you will have a freedom of about 52 hours, which is not bad at all.

Precautions to be taken

All gas heaters do not require a vent or a chimney connection. This means that the infrared model evacuates carbon oxides into the air of your home.

That is why it is important to make sure that the room where the heater will work has enough ventilation. Good ventilation allows quality combustion and prevents carbon monoxide production, a colourless and odourless gas responsible for hundreds of deaths from poisoning each year.

Note! The gas heater must comply with the European standard EN 449 to ensure your safety.

Also, be sure to close the gas cylinder when not in use for a long time and check your gas heater regularly with a professional who can perform a complete and adequate inspection of the appliance.

These devices are usually equipped with a sensor to prevent gas evaporation in the absence of flames. Some of them are also equipped with an anti-tilt and fall system. Unfortunately, they are not usually equipped with a carbon monoxide detector. Therefore, we advise you to equip yourself with such a detector if you plan to use a gas heater for heating.


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